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Unwind your stress and feel lively once again by rejuvenating in luxurious Aquaterra hot tubs. Its size, design, and elegance will surely make you go aww. A convenient choice for both outdoor as well as indoor spas, it comes with easy installation. If you are on a constrained budget, you can easily afford this beauty.

The advanced technology, hydrotherapy jets, adjustable waterfall, and innumerable other sophisticated features are truly everything you would need to bring some peace and tranquillity into your home.

Aquaterra Spas is a brand manufactured by Watkins Wellness who is known as one of the biggest hot tub manufacturer businessmen. Apart from this, Watkins Wellness also owns multifarious other brands too enlisting Hotspring, Caldera, Fantasy, Freeflow, Limelight, and Endless Pools.

A Quick Look Comparison

Best Overall

Aquaterra Spas Chesapeake

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Aquaterra Spas Grayson

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AquaTerra Spas Harmony

Detailed Reviews Of Aquaterra Spas

1. Chesapeake 81-Jet Aquaterra Spa

Capacious enough for 6 people, Chesapeake 81-Jet Aquaterra Spa is placed along with the stainless steel trim. Equipped with amazing features, it is simply worth your investment. Here are some of its features.

  • It comes with 2 exterior lighting points and 8 different interior points to set your mood and add vividness to the ambience.

  • It offers the facility of Bluetooth system so that you can enjoy your favorite music while soaking in the tub.

  • The foam insulation equipped inside the tub makes it completely energy efficient.

  • Its Thermal Locking Covers make it a great option especially for those who inhabitants of cold climate regions.

2. Grayson 17-Jet Aquaterra Spa

If you are in a search of small hot tubs profused with excellent features, Grayson 17-Jet Aquaterra Spa can be the right pick for you. Have look why you should consider buying it for small get together.

  • Though small in size, they are pretty solid impeccable for 4 people and comes at a fraction of price.

  • The exquisite LED lightening leaves no stone unturned to set an amazing mood.

  • 4 different comfortable bucket seats, digital control system, 17 sizzling jets, and thermal fiction heating system will surely make you fall in love with this tub.

3. Aquaterra Spas Harmony LX Ozone Spa

If you are a luxury seeker, then this piece of Aquaterra Spa is for definitely for you. 78 inches in diameter and 35 inches in height, it offers comfort to 6 people at one time. Rational molding technology is employed in the construction of this ozone spa. Let’s have a closer look at its pros and cons.

  • It comes with safety cover along with the locking clips.

  • It is are portable and the most durable model.

  • With 17 stainless steel jets, massage can be an ultimate experience. In addition to this, you can also enjoy aromatherapy thereby venting off your weariness.

  • The built-in ozone in this Ozone Spa lessens the use of the chemical.

4. Newporter 22-Jet Aquaterra Spa

This amazing Aquaterra spa model is designed to offer comfortable seating to 5 people. The powerful 22 jets will keep your warm throughout your hot tub bathing. What makes it a good buying option? Have a look at its specifications.

  • The stainless steel work adds a touch of durability implying that the owner doesn’t have to incur a repetitive operational cost.

  • It easily goes with any standard outlet.

  • It utilized plug and play technology and Ozonator to minimise the chemicals.It utilized plug and play technology and Ozonator to minimise the chemicals.

  • LED multi-colored lights and a digital LCD panel simply add feathers to your bathing experience.

Aquaterra Spas Hot Tub Buying Guide

Appealing Aesthetics

With the attractive look and classy display of Aquaterra Spas, the stress melting is even better. Its cabinet comes in diverse colors namely white, opal, black, and grey. The stainless steel body equipped with powerful jets is simply an added benefit. The plush seats and opulent hydrotherapy cab will offer you unparalleled calm and peace.

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High Strength and Effective Performance

The Aquaterra Spa’s cabinet is constructed using durable RokSolidTM. This gives the owner peace of mind that they don’t have to incur a repetitive operating cost. Apart from this, the synthetic wood skirt and sophisticated Polymer shell serve the strength. Its adjustable flow jets and aromatherapy system is something which guarantees its effectual performance.

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There are a plethora of Aquaterra Spas models available. Profused with outstanding features, it can be a tough choice to select the one. You can make the decision depending upon your requirements, personal preferences, and the specifications of each model. Let’s have an in-depth look at the features of some of the great models with high utility.


Bearing the aforementioned reviews in mind, it is apparent that Aquaterra Spas are unquestionably one of the best hot tub brands that one can easily afford to buy even when on a budget. Unsurpassable features, lifetime warranty, appealing design, and comfortable seats can’t make you resist from buying this powerful hot tub.

If buying a hot tub is on the charts, don’t forget to consider Aquattera Spas for the utmost pleasant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is Aquattera a good and reliable hot tub?

Ans: Aquaterra is a hot tub brand that is manufactured and owned by Watkins Wellness. It is a subsidiary of the Masco Company who is renowned as one of the leading hot tub manufacturers in the world today. Therefore, Aquattera is undoubtedly a good and reliable hot tub.

Q 2. If I want to enjoy the bathing experience with my large group of friends, which Aquaterra Spa model should I opt for?

Ans: If you want to enjoy hot water bath with your large group of friends, you can either go for Aquaterra Spas Harmony LX Ozone Spa or Chesapeake 81-Jet Aquaterra Spa. Both are capacious enough to accommodate 6 people. They feature LED lighting, Bluetooth System, and foam insulation to make your experience more amazing.

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