Do You Need Ground Pool Liners?

Pool liner is a protective sheet that is custom made, mostly of vinyl material and is a layer between the pool water and floor or the pool walls. This liner helps in holding water in an above ground pool, thereby giving shape and also holding the pool walls. 

The liners are supposed to be one of the necessary components for the above ground pools. It retains pool water, and also maintains the structural integrity of the pool. These liners work as protective barriers and should be installed in a proper manner. The pool liners also add aesthetic and style to your lovely pool. The feel of coolness in hot summers is what they give.

Let’s discuss the types of above ground pool liners and with this, you will also get the idea, for buying a pool liner that suits your above ground pool the most. 

Mainly there are three types of pool liners:

above ground pool liners

The Overlap Liners

The overlap liners are the ones that are used by many people for their above ground pool. These liners come at an affordable price and are the most economical. It can easily be hung on the walls of the pool. They are durable to use and also protect the pool surface. As the name overlap, so is its function, as it folds easily over the wall of the pool. Coping strips are used to clip this liner, though a little tricky to use and install.

Recommended Product

Swimline 24-Feet Round Blue pool liner

This blue pool liner is manufactured nicely and is very sturdy to use. The material used is a standard vinyl gauge. It comes in a bright blue color, and also features double-welded seams. It comes in a 24 ft size and is round in shape. It can fit a 48-inch or 52-inch sidewall with ease. It is rugged enough to withstand extreme winter temperatures also, as is manufactured with double-welded seams. This comes with a 15-year warranty, pretty long time and a good one to invest for.  

This one maintains its vibrancy for a long time, without getting affected by bad weather conditions. 

This one is recommended best when the ease and economy have to be kept in mind. When you want a very durable and long-lasting pool liner, then this one serves the best. It features a good size and can withstand tough weather conditions easily. If the shape of your pool is round, then this will work well. 

above ground vinyl pool liners

The Beaded Pool Liners

The beaded pool liners are named so as they hang on a channel, usually attached to the top wall of your pool. These pool liners come with easy installation. They can be further classified as J-Hook or V-Bead and a universal bead.

doughboy pool liners

1. J-Hook or V-Bead

They can be hooked onto the upper part of the pool. A bead channel is not required by them. The top rails can be installed without any coping strips. It comes with the rubber fold along with the edge and is slipped at the top edge of the pool.

Recommended Product

Smartline Mosaic Diamond Pool Liner- 24 Feet Round

This pool liner is uniquely designed with a mosaic diamond pattern with lines, and ornate tiles and a bed of pebbles are visible and seem very pleasing to the eyes. Before investing in it the proper measurement has to be taken for this. It’s a very durable one and is 24 feet with a uni-bead style. It is manufactured with excellent quality.

This product is recommended as comes with a warranty of 25 years, with complete protection of the material used. If your pool has a flat bottom and measures 52”, then this one fits well. As per your requirement, you can open the j-hook portion, in case the pool style is overlapping one, and the standard bead can be used for beaded style pools. A beautiful pool liner in a mosaic diamond pattern, which can make your hot summers cool and enjoyable. It doesn’t compromise with quality and durability. It comes with a pattern, so pleasing and is hand folded which keeps it intact, preventing wrinkles. Certainly, a good option for your summers.

doughboy pool liners

24 round above ground pool liner

2. Universal Bead

This pool liner can be installed on any set-up, also known as universal or a unibead liner. This one is also a J-hooked pattern and can be put in the same way. This universal bead liner can be trimmed as per need, and the top strip can be peeled off also.

Recommended Product

Smartline Stone Harbor 28-Foot Round Pool Liner- Unibead style

This pool liner is a beautiful one and looks identical to marble tiles. It is a universal gasket set, preventing any sort of corrosion of the pool walls. It measures 28 feet and is round-shaped. This one boasts of durability and is best suited for flat- bottom pools of 52inches. It comes with easy installation, and proper measurements should be taken before setting it up. They come in cool shades of blue. 

This one is recommended for pools with a flat bottom. A uniquely designed pool liner that looks like marble and has a classy shade and style. The liner can be kept in the sun before installing (vinyl will stretch), for perfect set up. The suitable installation temperature is 70 to 80 degrees. For beaded style ones the standard bead can be used, and for overlap style, the J-hook pattern can be opened. This works marvelous for making your summertime cool and helps in building lifetime memories with your friends and loved ones. The universal gasket kit supports the skimmers and any other wide-mouth versions. This pool liner prevents rusting on the pool walls.

in ground swimming pool liner

expandable pool liner

Expandable Pool Liners

Pool Liners are used extensively for above ground pools, these days, for they create a great ambiance and enhanced impression of cleanliness and freshness of the water. Stretchable pool liners go a step further for their ability to cover up better and expand as per need. They are similar to overlap styling but definitely work better for deeper pools that come with walls as high as up to 72″. The stretchable fabric ensures that you don’t tear it apart while trying to cover up beyond the usual size and is also durable while your kids do their things while in the pool.

Recommended Product

Smartline Sunlight Round Expandable Liner

This gives a sparkling or shimmering look when the sun rays fall on it, so attractive that one just can’t keep their eyes off. It comes with great quality and is very economical. This is 24 inches and round in shape, and works well for pools with a dished-out bottom. The material used is 100% vinyl (virgin). It is manufactured with lamiclear technology, thereby providing protection against any kind of harmful rays, chemicals and more. This durable one comes with a warranty of 25 years. 

It is the best and is recommended when you want to make your summers super cool, and helps in building the most cherishable moments with your family and friends. It is hand folded, which prevents wrinkles and maintains the proper crease. They are attached to the walls with coping strips and don’t require a bead receiver. When your pool has a dished out middle then this one proves great. This one is 24 feet and fits bets in a pool measuring 72 inches. Hot and irritating summer can become cool and a memorable one with this. When you want durability, warranty, quality at an affordable price, then opt for this one. It is designed with a heavy-duty material (100% vinyl), attractive looks and style then this one is the ultimate choice. This keeps you pool corrosion-free, chemical-free and gives protection against UV rays.

above ground pool liners

beaded liner for above ground pool

Choosing the best above ground pool liners

When anyone goes for a new pool liner, we look out for many things like durability, looks, style, utility and more. 

The Size of Your Pool And Pool Liner

The size of the pool liner and the pool should match, for proper setup. You have to choose among the different pool liner styles, such as the overlap, beaded or the expandable pool liners. The pool is flat bottomed or a dished-out bottom, just decide accordingly. The pool liners come with a good measuring capacity and can also be cut or stripped as per requirement.

A Durable Pool Liner

None of us want to compromise with durability, as the more rugged the pool liner the more longevity it possesses. The warranty period of these pool liners along with defect maintenance is for a good number of years ranging from 15 to 20. It is wise enough to choose a liner that comes with the boast of strength.

A Good Quality Material

As the durability can’t be compromised, the same goes for the material quality. A good pool liner is the one that is manufactured with heavy-duty material. Since the pool liner is submerged in water all the time, then 100% virgin vinyl works the best. The material should be attractive, stylish and act as a protective layer.

A Pool Liner With a Good Warranty

The pool liners come with a warranty of 15 to 25 years. The manufacturer takes care of the defects of vinyl seam separation. In case the pool liner gets punctured, then the care has to be taken by you only. Any kind of replacements is not possible in case of a puncture defect in the pool liner.

The Color Contrasts

It is a vital factor and completely a personal choice. I like glistening pool liners; you might appreciate a liner with patterns or shapes. Colors make the liners look stylish and attractive. You can add more fun to your pool making it shiny and bright. It should be kept in mind that colors don’t affect the pool functioning. 

More Determining Factors

The thickness of the vinyl is an important factor, which adds to its durability and robustness. Kids can accidentally puncture the vinyl with any sharp objects, so a thick vinyl is safer. How much is your vinyl thickness? Most of them come in a thickness of 20 to 25 gauge, and 20 gauge being the standard. 

Thick vinyl lasts for more years. Finally, the choice is yours!

inground vinyl pool liners

How to install above ground pool liner?

After discussing all this the pool liner should be installed properly with quick and easy steps. You can do it yourself easily. 

🏊 Just open the liner pack without cutting or using a sharp object, as it might damage the liner

🏊 Unfold and let it be in the sun for some time

🏊 Check for any cuts, tears or holes, inspect seams

🏊 Spread the liner, smoothen the wrinkles and place the curved part in the center

🏊 The floor of the liner should also be made wrinkle-free softly

🏊 Dragging should not be done, as it might give an uneven look

🏊 Draping of the pool liner should be done on the walls of the pool by lifting it up

🏊 Plastic strips help in proper placement and holding the liner, once the top rails are installed

🏊 Coves help in giving a cushioned slope and are installed at the pool bottom

🏊 In the case of beaded pool liners instruction manual can be referred to

🏊 Use of gaskets entirely depends on the skimmers and the return jet

🏊 The pool should be filled properly and the wrinkles should be made even

🏊 The installation should be carried on patiently as it will keep the pool liner intact

🏊 Let the water reach a 3 feet level because premature installation can damage or tear the pool liner

How to replace an above ground pool liner?

When or why do we replace a thing, it’s obvious that when anything gets old, damaged or cracked then is the time to change it. Similarly, if your pool liner is fading or is affected by the harmful UV rays, it has started wrinkling, cracking, tearing and more. Sometimes the pool liners start discoloration or even leaking, then an urgent need to change them arises. With time the vinyl material might contract or expand, and harsh weather conditions also affect it.

Time to Change And Replace

Whenever a need to replace the pool liner arises, don’t think, just change!

As the installation comes with easy steps, so is the replacement. Proper draining of the pool and a few tools are required for this, it can be done with great ease and comfort. 

1st step- Drain The Pool

Firstly, the pool should be drained properly, with the help of a pump. When most of the water is pumped out, the extra water can be collected in small pools or be drained in some field or down the hill area. Flooding should be avoided

2nd Step-Remove Liner And Prepare The Pool Walls And Floor 

After emptying the pool, a razor or knife can be used to cut the old liner. Handle the removing process properly as the coping strips might break. All the sections can be rolled over and can be tossed over the pool wall. The floor and walls of the pool should be cleaned properly, by giving it an even surface.

3rd Step-Install The New One

The easy installation steps have been discussed in this article already and can be referred to for this.

4th Step-Vacuum To Set Up The Liner 

Putting up the pool liner wrinkle-free is a task that requires a little effort with patience, though being optional but works well for setting up the liner keeping it wrinkle-free. 

5th Step- Filling The Pool

After the proper set up of the pool, it should be filled with water. the pool rails should be strong enough to hold the liner. The extra vinyl can be cut and kept for future use. 

6th Step-Reinstalling The Face Plates

After filling water, the vinyl takes time to stretch and set without wrinkles. Face plates should be reinstalled and the screws should be tightened properly with the skimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much pool liner replacement costs?

The pool liner replacement costs are different from above ground and inground pools. Above ground pool, liner replacement expenditure comes around 350 to 1600 dollars, with average spending of 700 dollars. On the other hand, in-ground pool liners replacement expenses range between 3000 to 4000 dollars. Some additional cost of labor and material has also to be incurred.

Q2. How long do the above pool ground liners last?

The above pool ground liners come with an attractive warranty period. These pool liners have a life of 6 to 10 years. The longevity of any product also depends on its maintenance and other factors, as anything which is well cared for stays longer. Factors like sun damage, weather conditions, material thickness, chlorination of the pool also affect the life of a pool liner.

Q3. How can you make your above ground pool liner wrinkle-free?

First of all, the installation of the pool liner should be done properly step by step. In the case of wrinkles, the water should be drained and wrinkles can be done with hands. Wrinkles don’t give a good appearance to the pool and might cause little injuries to your feet. The setting up of vinyl can be slowly done and the strips or screws can be set again on a sunny day, as it will work best when warm. It is always recommended to start from the center and move towards the walls.

Q4. What should be done if the liner is leaking?

While using the pool you might feel a little soft and squishy, adding food color can help to detect your pool leak. The leaking pool has to be fixed, by knowing the exact place and reason. Pool putty, butyl tape, cord stopper, and patching can be done to repair the liner leak. Be careful while repairing, and if required help can be taken from the manufacturer.

Q5. What are the accessories required for an above ground pool liner for installation?

These pool liners are mostly DIY ones. They feature easy installation methods. The accessories depend on your choice of pool lining. Coping strips, coves, gaskets, pool wall foam, adhesives, vacuum, skimmer gasket kits, and other fittings are required to set up a liner. A very few tools and screws are required to install an above ground pool liner.

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