5 Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Why should we go for a pool vacuum? The answer to this is simple – a pool needs to be taken care of like a child. Personally, I feel that owning a clean pool is not a luxury but a necessity. Everyone loves to be in a clean, sparkling and pool that exhibits freshness. We tend to spend the best and cherishable moments with our friends and family in a pool. It is certainly a pool owners’ pride to own a pool that is full of life, healthy and hygienic to use.

There are several options available in the market these days which make the pool cleaning and maintenance easy and convenient. Just thinking of cleaning your pool manually, the thought makes me feel tired. But just don’t worry and go through the easy to use pool vacuums featured here. Let’s ponder a few as owning a pool vacuum is a good idea.

Specially Designed For Intex Pool

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Best Vacuum For Above Ground Pool - A Quick Comparison

Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000

Pool Cleaners For Above Ground

  • Quiet
  • Energy Efficient
  • Powerful Suction Cleaner

XtremepowerUS 75037

Above Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum

  • Durable
  • Smart Design
  • Easy Maintenance

Hayward 900 Wanda

Swimming Pool Vacuums Above Ground

  • Unique Turbine
  • Advanced Technology
  • Trouble Free Operation

Top 5 Above Ground Pool Sweepers

Pool Cleaners For Above Ground

The Zodiac Baracuda is one of the best and handy above the ground pool cleaners. This pool vacuum does effortless cleaning in no time. It is a powerful suction cleaner, low speed pool pumps and makes very less noise.

This pool vacuum helps in demolishing debris (large & small), cleans pool bottom, walls and even the steps of your entire pool. It works with the utmost efficiency with the flow keeper valve, which helps in automatically regulating the water flow for peak cleaning.

The lower horsepower pumps give the best cleaning results with the valve. This one enables the cleaning of tight corners with the powerful wheel deflector. It comes with easy installation and the 36-finned disc helps in giving it a good adherence to pool bottom, which prevents getting it hung-up on pool lights, fittings, drains or other pool accessories.

It also features a reliable and one moving part technology, which eliminates the need for wheels or gears, assisted with a durable long-life diaphragm. It comes with easy maintenance with the quick release cassette feature. This uniquely designed pool vacuum owns scuff-resistant long-life hoses, which helps in eliminating scrap on the pool surface. Certainly, a great one to own. It can be used in easy steps and is a great one which is compatible and helpful in cleaning all types of above ground pools. Check out our extensive Baracuda Pool Cleaners reviews for more options>>>>


  • It comes with an advanced suction, automatic pool cleaner.
  • Helps in destroying debris of all sizes, on the pool bottom.
  • The 36-finned disc gives adherence, avoids hitting.
  • Long-life hoses which are scuff resistant.
  • Works with low-speed pumps for best results.


  • A little absurd design.

Above Ground Automatic Pool Vacuum

The XtremepowerUS Automatic- 75037 is manufactured in the US. This suction pool cleaner comes with a unique design that helps in cleaning twigs, bugs, leaves, debris, dirt, pebbles, giving your pool a neat and tidy look. This is an eco-friendly electric pool vacuum for above ground that comes with low maintenance and peak performance.

It’s a smart choice to use, saves your time and energy giving excellent results. A very durable one with a thicker texture, as compared to the ones with a thinner PVC. The no wheel and no gear feature give it no chance to jam or break respectively.

In just minutes the water can be filtered with the help of this, as it facilitates the attachment to your existing filtration system. No additional tools or electricity is required for this pool cleaner. This item can navigate on the pool floor on its own, without your drags.

The Xtremepower US cleans gently and thoroughly, as a soft and thickened pleated seal base plate, works smartly. For proper functioning, at least a ¾ hp swimming pool pump or 1600 GHP is required. It is inclusive of 10 hoses for up to 30’ pool. It is recommended to use this one for a pool size of 16’ x 32’.


  • It’s a durable cleaner.
  • The design is simple that saves energy.
  • There is no need for any extra tools and energy.
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee.
  • Low efficiency and a high maintenance product, works gently and thoroughly.


  • Doesn’t work so smoothly and clogs sometimes.

Swimming Pool Vacuums Above Ground

The Hayward 500 Aquabug is an amazing above-ground pool cleaner. It works with ease and efficiency. It possesses an exceptional turbine, gearing system which provides a balanced water flow, with gentle movements on the pool surface, without creating noise.

The task can be completed in minimum time as it features an advanced contour head design with a steering pattern. Without the help of any extra tools, it can be installed within minutes (10 mins). It can clean all surfaces like vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, tile pools and more.

The Hayward 500 is one of the finest, as the company is the pioneer in automatic pool cleaning technology. You need no replace bags to be emptied, as this Aquabug works with the filtration system which is already present in the cleaner. It doesn’t consume any extra energy or requires a booster pump.

Its circulation is great and keeps on circulating on the pool bottom, which it actually loves to do. It helps in improving the water circulation by acting as a moving main drain, as the water is pulled along with its movement from the base.

A big no to manual cleaning as this aqua bug gives a fresher and a cleaner feel to your pool, preventing the use of chemical sanitizers. The deluxe bumper ring helps in minimizing friction as it includes easy movements. This one also comes with a 1-year warranty and stands out of the crowd.


  • One of the best from Hayward.
  • Can clean all surfaces like concrete, pool tile, vinyl and fiberglass.
  • Unique turbine helps in gentle movement and circulation.
  • Very less installation time.
  • There is no need for emptying debris bags.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Doesn’t work as expected.

Above Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The Pentair K50600 is another suction side pool cleaner which is one of the best. This Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner gives optimum vacuuming cleaning, as is assisted with the superior hydraulic design. It shares a little similar design with the Zodiac Ranger.

This is a hassle-free cleaner with minimum maintenance. It owns only one moving operational part i.e. the flapper and no wheels or gears are required to be replaced or serviced, as it has none.

It also includes 32ft. hose, and is designed looking into the time-tested patterns for suction vacuum cleaning. The Hayward 500 is one of the finest, as the company is the pioneer in automatic pool cleaning technology. You need no replace bags to be emptied, as this Aquabug works with the filtration system which is already present in the cleaner.

It doesn’t consume any extra energy or requires a booster pump. Its circulation is great and keeps on circulating on the pool bottom, which it actually loves to do. It helps in improving the water circulation by acting as a moving main drain, as the water is pulled along with its movement from the base.


  • It is a very economical one to choose.
  • The superior hydraulic design gives optimum cleaning.
  • It skims the pool floor wonderfully.
  • It is an automatic one with suction.
  • Comes with 32 ft hose.


  • Only caters for small pools.
  • The pool conditions should be absolutely obstacle-free, otherwise, this one cannot work properly.
  • The hose doesn’t support a medium-sized pool.

Electric Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac Ranger automatic suction side pool cleaner is intelligently designed and works effectively. This one features one moving part technology, is a very quiet one (no hammer or flapper noise), as compared to the other pool vacuums.

The deflector wheel is uniquely manufactured, which supports the smooth functioning of the cleaner, prevents getting it caught on steps, ladders or any corners. It is pre-assembled and comes with easy installation along with a 32 ft hose.

The Zodiac ranger requires no tools, and the extra-large wheel deflector helps in easy navigation, assisting the cleaning to be performed uninterrupted. It also has a convenient skimmer connection for the hose. It also comes with an AG-disc which supports the ranger to glide smoothly, be it the surface of the pool or the steps of the pool, giving it a clean look.

It owns a diaphragm, the only moving part of the cleaner, which averts the need of wheels, gears or any flappers. Isn’t this so easy! It comes with a comfy operation and minimal maintenance. It features 72 inches sized dished out items. The flow keeper valve along with the Insta-Skim compact (self-adjusting) automatic valve which leads to excellent performance and also regulates the flow of water.


  • It has only one moving part, diaphragm, which makes it easy to use.
  • Works very quietly and efficiently as compared to its competitors.
  • It is automatic and works with suction.
  • Easy installation without any extra parts (gears, flappers), etc.


  • After collecting large debris, declogging is required.
  • Doesn’t work for Intex/soft-sided pools.
  • After 1 to 2 years of use, the need for replacing the diaphragm arises.

Why Buy an Electric Pool Vacuum For Above Ground?

Electric pool vacuum for above ground works with a dedicated suction line that is fixed to the main filtration pump. It sucks the debris and returns it to the pump basket. The suction drives the cleaner throughout the surface of the pool, scrubbing the pool and eliminating the settled sediments. They have a peculiar feature of suspending the skimmer action when in operation.

They are designed such that they work well for removing leaves and grime. They operate well in small and medium size pool with many layers and curves. They require less number of supporting devices, least maintenance for the next use; thus making them absolutely cost efficient.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Tips To buy

To make your purchase a successful one you should go through the points mentioned in the article. It becomes very potent for the pool owners, whether they are veterans or newbies, that they invest in the right type of above ground pool vacuum.

There are certain criteria attached to any product. The key factors are here that will give you confidence and freedom to choose the best above ground pool vacuum.

The Cleaner Type

The above ground pool vacuum cleaners come with different construction. The cleaners can be robotic based, suction or turbulence based. The robotic based cleaners are controlled by software and microprocessor, while the suction-based ones use the pool’s filtration system and the turbulence-based use pressure to dislodge dust or dirt.

The Size And Shape Of The Pool

The pool maintenance is directly related to the size and the shape of your swim pool. Pretty obvious, that a large sized pool needs more time for cleaning, filtration or maintenance than the small sized ones. The energy, power and efforts are required along with the necessary cable length for best outcomes. The ideal cable length should be 32 versus 40 feet, and the pump should possess requisite strength for ensuring proper cleaning. The robotic cleaners featuring brush heads (powerful) are more flexible and help the owners in keeping their pools well maintained.

The pools possessing different shapes or hurdles like ladders, curves etc. need to be cleaned with great care. The smart path technology is quite easy for robotic cleaners to follow than the suction-based ones.

Filtration Rate

This is again one of the most important things as forms the base of measuring the water quality standards of the pool. If we consider the right filtration rate then, 70 -75 gallons per minute is the ideal one. a good filtration rate lets the pool breathe healthy and gives a sparkling look.

The Consumption Of Power

The power consumption of a pool vacuum has to be maintained parallel along with the operative time by the pool owner. The pool owners have to strike balance between the two in order to keep maintenance costs low. Robotic such as Aquabot and Dolphin cleaners comes with a rate of 180 watts, and this surely matches with their advanced software.

Furthermore, the suction-based pumps require more powerful pumps to support a low power rating.

The Weight Of The Cleaner

About to 10 to 50 pounds is what these automated above ground cleaners possesses in terms of weight. The appropriate mobility and stability are provided to the cleaner with an ideal weight or weight distribution. It is obvious that, if the cleaner is strong built then regardless of weight you would prefer a quality cleaner that performs in the best manner. Even, I consider that a cleaner should be robust enough to bear the heavy-duty usage and should have good wear and tear.

The Clearing Of Debris

Anyone who uses a pool vacuum looks for the peak performance for filtration and pool cleaning. From fine dust particles to pieces of large debris, anything can enter your pool irrespective of the season. An above ground pool vacuum should cater to this by cleaning and clearing the debris of your pool. Suction based pumps are more suitable for cleaning smaller sized elements and the robotic ones work well for clearing large debris.

Easy Application

If the cleaning is not perfect by the pool vacuum and you have to go for manual cleaning to give a perfect clean, then it becomes so much annoying. The pool vacuum should be user friendly as you will have to undergo the pool cleaning process many times as the need be.

Furthermore, a pool cleaner should be able to provide you with enough flexibility and easy operation. It’s natural for any machine to fail or break down at any point of time and you might get stuck in the middle of the work. Some points that may have to be asked by you in case things go astray:

1. In case the cleaner sticks to the pool ladder or walls.

2. The cleaner stops functioning suddenly.

3. The cleaner is unable to clean the pool completely without your involvement.

4. If the cleaner doesn’t move in the right direction as promised by the company.

The Price

The price factor is always of great concern, but should never be confused or compromised with quality of the product. Since, you have to work with that and the solace comes only when the product performs with efficiency and reliability. You should always invest in a premium quality pool vacuum as you will have to face any sort of malfunctioning or replacement due to a not so good machine.

How Do They Work?

Above ground pool vacuum are specifically designed to take the debris off from the swimming pool. They work in a similar fashion as that of cleaners. They have a hose attached to the skimmer. The cleaning mechanism starts with the activity in the pool. As the pool gets active, the pump power generates a vacuum in the filtration installed. This vacuum sucks up all the undesirable material from the pool.


Pools frequently accumulate leaves, debris, pollen and other filthy material in them. They require constant cleaning and maintenance to retain their sparkling look. Check out the some benefits of above ground pool cleaners.

They comes with a host of devices that scrub out the dirt from the pool surface efficiently and effortlessly. Compared to other devices, they are less labor-intensive and highly economical. They save on energy, time and money involved in cleaning the pool.

The above ground pool vacuum cleans the pool without much labor. They come with devices such as the host and brush attached to them. These devices get functional as soon as the pool becomes active. Once they are active they clean all the leaves and twigs, eliminating the requirement of the manual skimmer, which otherwise requires a lot of labor for cleaning from the owner.

The cleaner not only saves the owner from manual labor but also saves time and money involved in cleaning and maintaining the pool with their inbuilt mechanism.The cleaners inbuilt filtration system operates with the pump power that can run throughout the day for cleaning without costing much. Usually, due to the high cost of pool filters, owners resort to manual skimmers. These manual skimmers take a lot of time to remove the dirt.

The best suction pool cleaners eliminate their need. They come with a filtration mechanism that starts working as soon as the pool starts running and remain operative until the pool is active. This saves a lot of time and money for the owner. Also as the cleaner works with the pulse of the pool system suction pool cleaners do not need separate boosters to pump and timer.


Pressure side pool cleaner requires separate pump boosters to get sufficient pressure to start cleaning. However, in the suction pool cleaners, the suction created in the main filter mechanism eliminates its need. As the cleaners work in accordance with the pool system, they do not require a timer, as required by Robotic pool cleaners. They become functional the movement your pool starts running.

The above ground pool vacuum does not require a timer to be installed. The less moving parts make the maintenance of the device easy. These things make them cost-efficient and economical for the owner than the other cleaner.

Secondly, the suction pool cleaners are feasible with every type of pool system and design. The cleaners have the ability to adjust according to the hose buoyancy and main flow of the pool. This makes them work in any pool system. The pump of the pool powers the filter to create suction. And the vacuum sucks all the grime and slime settled at the bottom and sidewall. The large one gets accumulated in the pump while the tiny ones keep collected along with the filter.

As it works in tandem with the pool system, every pool system can easily adapt them and keep the dirt out. The pool with a curvy design and many steps can easily be cleaned with the navigation ability of the suction lines. They drive well across the steps and curves, making pool dirt free and ready for a swim.


So, before buying just prioritise and that will help you in narrowing down your search for choosing the right above ground pool vacuum. You should evaluate everything from value, prices and trade-off along with choosing the product that features everything as per your needs. After reading the factors mentioned in the above buying guide, you will be able to choose the best that is worth the price.