Best Battery powered Pool Vacuums 2021 – Top Pick Reviews

The pool vacuums can be referred as magical devices of modern times that can be used to make your pool sparkling clean and crystal clear. Swimming is therapeutic, refreshing, fun and healthy too after a tiring day or a week. The battery powered pool vacuums work amazingly towards keeping your dream pool absolutely healthy.

Pool time is something which every family welcome and these days owning a private swimming pool is a status symbol too. The routine maintenance task is made simpler and handy with this marvellous equipment that are battery powered.

Best For Both Pond And Pool

1. OASE 032232 Pondovac 4 – Pond Vacuum Cleaner

The OASE 032232 is a battery powered pool vacuum that is unique and operates efficiently for cleaning. This is a vacuum cleaner with two tanks and slits the water into the first tank after suction. When the water is being shifted automatically the vacuum shuts off for a moment when the valve changes the flow of the pump. The restarting of vacuum takes place after the water is drained from the first tank with the help of an exhaust hose. This cycle keeps on repeating simultaneously when the tank fills, pumps and drains water.

The confusion of any kind is removed if you are not prepared before-hand with the help of the instruction manual. The right information keeps you well prepared, and this is certainly an extraordinary cleaner. Fine silt and any small debris are easily picked up with this amazing cleaner. In case of large debris or leaves they should be scooped, mesh with a hand-held pool net can be used. This champ has the capacity to work to a depth of seven feet and requires nothing from your pool’s filter or pump. The water of your pool is not wasted while you use this excellent pump.

The Best:

This can pick up fine silt
Features a unique operation mode
Has the capability to preserve pool and pond levels
Offers a maximum suction depth: 7 Ft
Suction Hose Length is 16 Ft
Discharge Hose Length: 8 Ft, Max; Flow Rate: 1300 Gph
Power Consumption: 1800W and Power Requirement is 110-120V/60Hz

The Worst:

The instruction manual isn’t helpful

Most Compact And Handy

2. PoolSupply Town Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner For Pools, Spas , Ponds

The pool supply is a handy vacuum cleaner that makes your task pretty convenient and runs with the garden hose. A venturi effect is created when the suction is done by the pump for cleaning the debris and leaves from the pool. This equipment is suitable to clean spa, fountain or ponds too. The connection to a pole of standard size 1-1/4” can be done for best cleaning outcomes.

You can save a lot of electricity as this doesn’t require any pump or filter and thereby eliminating a lot of backwashing. May be a bit leakage from the connection hose but can be managed though. This when bought comes in parts and require minimal assembling, is easy to set up though. The pole and garden hose should be connected and you are right there to start vacuuming by turning it on. A cut-off stocking of nylon can be attached for capturing silt, dirt, debris. If the price factor is concerned this one is supposed to be the best. The vacuum works incredibly and is affordable to buy. This is a great pump in a small size and proves of great utility.

The Best:

This battery powered pool vacuum is easy to use and assemble
The pump of the pool is not used by this
This features a simple design and can fit a standard pole of 1-1/4” pole
Works perfectly for pools, spas, ponds and fountains
A venturi effect is created while the suction works collecting dirt or debris in the bag

The Worst:

Suction is moderate
Leaks may occur from connection hose

3. POOL BLASTER Water Tech Catfish Rechargeable, Battery-Powered, Swimming Pool Cleaner, Ideal For Hot Tub And Spa Cleaning

Looks like a toy this pool blaster works effectively and efficiently with an easy push on and off button. This works on lithium batteries that can be easily charged in about 4 hours and have the ability to provide a run time of forty-five minutes while being used. This comes with a white bag that may not be able to clean the silt or sand efficiently, so a stocking (nylon) can be cut for this purpose. The bags with which the pump is equipped are thick and the weave is such that may prevent proper suction.

Take proper care before you place it in the water and take it out of it, as this is small in size and is brittle. This equipment should be turned on and off before making it go in the pool and taking out. This will perform its job perfectly for a medium or a pool of small size. Large pond or spa can also be cleaned with this if you work patiently with this. A versatile cleaner that is cordless and is equipped with rechargeable batteries and a vacuum head of 7.5”.

The Best:

This is easy to use and is versatile too
Comes with rechargeable lithium batteries
The Catfish is designed to work for 45 minutes and can capture twigs, debris, acorns and more
This uses pool from the pole skimmer
Features a push button operation

The Worst:

A delicate equipment, requires much care
Silt and sand are not trapped

Strongest Battery Powered Cleaner

4. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum With Telescoping Aluminum Shaft And Two Interchangeable Brush Heads

The Intex handheld is one of the best and strongest vacuums that can-do spotless cleaning of your pool and spa. This has the suction cleaner like ability that is perfect and is a strong built. Full of convenience, portability and a self-contained equipment this features almost everything you require. This can keep your pools or spas easily that have a diameter of 18’. This is sturdy and light in weight too with an aluminum telescoping pole (adjusts up to 94”). This also features interchangeable brush heads and a tool that provides overall suction capabilities that are powerful.

This also includes an automatic shut-off feature that prevents and keeps the pump safe from being used while running-dry, when not immerged in water. With the shaft adapter this has the ability to accommodate aluminum poles of more length and width. You can recharge it easily in about 50 minutes and includes a USB cable too. this can be used with ease for cleaning Intex metal frame pools, pure spas, EZ set pools and more. The aluminum shaft is of 94 inches and should be submerged for proper operation.

The Best:

A pool vacuum that is strong built and has powerful suction capabilities
This is best suited for pure spas, above ground pools with a diameter of 18’
Has the efficiency to clear dirt and debris
Also features an IPX8 waterproof switch
The tool should be submerged properly for proper operation
This gets the job done well and has an automatic shutoff feature

The Worst:

Charging may consume more time

Considering Factors That Are Important And Comparisons Too

An unclean pool can become a permanent home of fungi, bacteria, that can affect the health of the swimmer. These battery powered pool vacuums are attractive and powerful too. you can perform the pool cleaning task with ease as home chores tend to occupy you all the time. We have tried to list a few factors here.

The Battery Type:

The battery packs are rechargeable or can be replaced I some if they are traditional in nature. We are in a full support of rechargeable batteries, as there are less chances to replace them if dead. Though the former is more expensive to maintain but they make the pumps work more efficiently and effectively when it comes to pool cleaning. The recharge time or the replacement time whatever the case may be should be discussed.

The Capacity And Run Time:

By run time here we mean that how long the pump can operate on single or more than single battery. When you buy the capacity of that model should be studied properly and the square feet coverage of the vacuum operation (per running hour) should be monitored. For example, a run time of 90 minutes may be provided and the area covered may be 500 sq. ft., this is of a good machine. The capacity may be as low as 150 sq. ft. per hour with a run time of 2 hours, so it is considerably important to follow this. Match your pool size with the run time, capacity and then make a decision to buy.

The Types Of Filter:

Some of the pool vacuums are equipped with the filters that have the capability to manage large debris and leaves. You should go for a filter that is able to clean the fine silt, sand or debris particles and should be emptied after cleaning. Proper cleaning is required for the pool and the filters play an important role. There may be a need to replace the filter after every season, so choose a product that has a good filter for making your cleaning process hassle free.

The Accessories:

A brush or broom may be required with attachments for powerful suction cleaning. If you want accessories to clean then look for a model that includes accessories. Though, many of the battery-operated vacuums come with tubes, hoses, brushes etc. They help in making your task simpler and convenient.

Warranty And Service:

The pool vacuums that are powered with battery are automated tools that require least manual intervention. In case of break down you need a technician or an expert to fix things. The repairs or damages if considered under the warranty or service give you a lot of support and confidence before you tend to invest in a product. A model with good warranty and service will keep your worries away and save your future costs too.

The Final Verdict:
After considering all the above you can keep your pool confidently dazzling throughout the year. Thanks to the latest technology that has made even the toughest tasks simpler like a breeze. The pool will breathe healthy like never before, when you use a pool vacuum of good quality on a regular basis. Any kind of dust, dirt, debris and even the bacteria can be kept far away from your functional pool. Keep your dream pool clean, clear and appealing with the best pool vacuums that are automatic. If you still don’t own one, order or buy quickly, as this a must have!

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