Best Inflatable Hot Tubs With Seats For Winter 2021

The blow-up hot tubs as the name suggests are the ones that can be put to use by inflating. Be it outdoors or indoors you can use them with utmost ease and convenience.

The soothing water bubbles, your loved ones near-by and relaxation after a hard day’s work, what a luxury these hot tubs exhibit? They are perfect when the outside temperatures are a bit low and the heated tub can bring immense enjoyment and refreshing feel to you and your mind.

They are worth the investment and are available in wide variety according to shapes and sizes. The article focusses on their impressive features and we aim to provide you are inflatable hot tubs worth it or not.

Best Deals On Inflatable(Blow) Hot Tubs

1. Intex 77in PureSpa Portable

The ultimate way to relax and this is possible with the Intex PureSpa which is a wonderful spa set for bubble massage. Soothing bubble jets and heated up water, what a pampering one can have while being in this pool. The control panel of the spa comes with an easy controlling feature and has the ability to activate 120 high- powered (bubble jets) that facilitate a massage that is refreshing and relaxing. The spa features a hard water treatment system (in-built), that provides an experience that is safe and gentle for your tender skin.

how to move a hot tub on grass

You can adjust the temperature settings according to your preference and make your entire experience stress-free.

A portable spa that is easy to maintain and is resistant to any punctures due to the quality fiber-tech construction and laminated material (3-ply). Absolute durability, comfort and support is what this assures. The cartridges of this are also easy to replace and this one is suitable for the use of four persons at a time. The lock and insulated provides security and also reduce heat loss for maximum enjoyment. Can be easily inflated with an inflation hose and the storage is easy with the carry bag and can also be transported hassle free.

The Best

  • Features a water treatment system for making the water gentle and soothing
  • A great pool spa for ultimate relaxation and luxury
  • The heat loss is minimized and is safe to use as insulated cover and lock are a part of it
  • Can accommodate four persons, and has the water capacity of 210 gallons
  • Cartridges can be easily replaced

The Worst

  • Heats slowly
  • The base isn’t sturdy

2. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

This is another pampering spa by Coleman, that can make you feel the ultimate luxurious comfort. After a long and a tiring day, you can just get refreshed in this hot tub spa. The bubbles are released by the air jet from the pool bottom and making the pool comfortable to sit with the appropriate warmth. The pool walls are constructed with tri-tech material, is robust, puncture and UV resistant and remains intact even after inflating or deflating after a number of times. The Coleman spa makes you unwind and puts your mind to ease.does a hot tub heat faster with jets on

Extra insulation is provided with a reinforced cover and safety clips and features a pump for insulation, inflating, water filtration. This also helps in controlling the massage system and balancing the pool chlorine levels as features a chemical dispenser (chem connect). The water remains clean and safe for your use and is absolute healthy when we use this hot tub spa. You can just sink in the pool tub and get a perfect massage on your shoulders, back and neck. This hot tub is easy to operate and is a construction that is innovative and durable. This also features a digital control panel with a power saving timer. This comes with easy assembly, without the need of any extra tools.

The Best

  • You can have a great experience when you sink in this amazing pool spa
  • The Coleman is easy to operate and features a digital control panel
  • A construction that is durable and innovative and saves your time and energy
  • A portable tub with easy to use handles, for transportation
  • The cover keeps it safe and prevents any debris to fall into it

The Worst

  • The pump may have issues

3. Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub for 6-Persons

When you want to unwind, relax and feel the ultimate luxury then sink into this hot tub by Bestway. This is a durable and best portable hot tub and is puncture resistant, UV resistant and is made of quality Tritech material. This features an air jet that provides bubbles from the pool bottom and be it inflating or deflating it this keeps it size and shape intact. The soothing bubbles make you relax and pamper yourself whenever you are tired. The pool environment remains suitable for you to spend time with your loved ones. This one has the capacity to accommodate 6 persons, quite spacious indeed!Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub

The chem connect chemical dispenser stabilizes the chlorine levels and the pool pump provides proper inflation, heating up, filtration and also helps on controlling the massage system. This comes with digital control panels that help in dictating temperature levels and the changes in temperature can be made up to 104 degrees F. you need not step out of the tub for these changes, as it is so convenient. The power saving timer mode helps in saving energy and costs and can automate temperature for about 72 hours. This unique design provides strength along with comfort. The set-up is absolutely simple and easy to maintain.

The Best

  • A hot tub pool that provides utmost comfort and luxury at your home
  • This is simple and easy to maintain
  • Features digital control panels for dictating temperature levels
  • Also comes with a chem connect chemical dispenser
  • Can easily accommodate 6 persons
  • This also features Led light bulbs for changing colors at night

The Worst

  • Issues relating to the durability of the hot tub

4. Intex 85in PureSpa

 Six people can easily enjoy in this massage spa and relax. The Intex provides soothing bubbles for your relaxation and comfort. This is constructed with quality Fiber Tech construction and includes strong polyester fibers (thousands) that provide optimum support, stability and comfort with convenience. The fibers do not stretch like that of tubs that are constructed with vinyl inner-beam material. For a refreshing massage the bubble jets are designed with control panels that are easy-to-use and have the ability to activate bubbles at 140 high-powered. The jet is placed at the interior of the pool with a heating system that can adjust according to the temperatures you require.Intex 85in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

You can experience a complete stress-free experience and feel relaxed. Even the hard water of your spa can be treated with in-built system, making the water softer and gentle for a feel that is refreshing. The pool filter cartridges can be easily replaced and the complete set-up can be maintained with utmost ease. This is puncture resistant as is built with 3-ply laminated material. More security and reduction in heat loss is provided with insulated hot tub cover and lock. This can be stored and carried easily in the carry bag that comes with it when you buy.

The Best

  • Can accommodate 6 people
  • Water system can make the pool water softer and safe, refreshing for your skin
  • This has a capacity of 290 gallons
  • The water temperature range that is offered by this is 68-104 degrees F
  • Features a floating chlorine dispenser, filter cartridges, inflation hose, insulated cover and more

The Worst

  • Doesn’t come with a durable base

5. Bestway Hot Tub, Miami

The Miami hot tub by Bestway is a great spa that is just like your dream pool. This has the capacity to accommodate 4 persons (adults) at a time and comes at an inexpensive price tag. The inflatable and portable hot tub is suitable for outdoor and indoor use both. The professional installation isn’t required as no tools form a part of it. The soothing temperatures that it provides are perfect for you for relaxing, unwinding, soaking sore muscles.

Bestway Hot TubJust imagine, how refreshing it is after a day’s hard-work you spend time in the tub with your partner experiencing absolute luxury. You needn’t move out of the tub as this feature digital control panels for setting the temperatures. The Miami prevents the heat loss from the hot tub as comes with a cover. This also has a maintenance guide, chemical floater and a twin pack of filter cartridges. The tub when inflated measures 71” x 26”. An optimal temperature is maintained by this for you to enjoy and feel the awesome experience. This has 120 bubble jets for making your tired muscles relax and feel the luxury. This features easy lift handles for holding and transporting with convenience. The Miami’s power saving timer helps in saving your energy and costs.

The Best

  • A great hot tub to experience luxury and comfort
  • The digital control panels help in dictating the pool’s temperature as per your convenience
  • This is a robust and a durable hot tub
  • Can be stored easily after deflation and transportation is of utmost convenience
  • Comes with easy assembly and maintenance

The Worst

  • Doesn’t include a filter

The Ultimate Buying Guide – Best Blow Up Hot Tubs

Many key points should be gone through before you actually spend money for your dream hot tub. Whether its regarding the space, maintenance, price and more, a detailed study remains potent.All the standard requirements should be fulfilled by the product you invest in. you should be able to place them inside or outside with ease and convenience. Your thoughts will move in the right direction after the points we have tried to list and gist up in this. After all, you should be able to benefit from the tub you like and buy.

Let us dive in to have a better understanding of the hot tubs and their key factors.

The Size

Size does matter, when it comes to placing the tub or its capacity to accommodate people. Henceforth, you should have the required space to keep it indoors or outdoors before you enjoy staying in it. The size after inflating the pool should be adhered to and the inbuilt features should also be considered. Most of them can accommodate 4 to 6 adults according to their size and design. Bigger tubs are more expensive and in turn may need extra maintenance along with the area. Large tubs need more time to fill and heat up.

The Space

Your backyard or the interior space where you will place your hot tub should match the   measurement dimensions. For proper installation this is a must, as you might not touch the walls while stepping inside it. Some extra area should be left on sides for walking with ease. Before installation the floor’s evenness should also be considered. Rough spaces don’t let the installation smooth. Since, you invest your hard-earned money, the satisfaction should come to you completely. The uneven spaces can damage your pool, and the water level can also get disturbed. Measure the space properly before you install your precious hot tub.

The Plug Socket

The tub has to have a proper connection established with the proper water fixture, for the pump to operate. Extra tools or wiring is not required for the tub, so you should have only a proper plug socket near it for proper connection. Proper connection is must for a long-term use, and extension leads or cords should be avoided as they may cause many hassles in future. A proper socket ensures safety too.


You should ensure that the hot tub you are investing is made of quality material and should be puncture resistant for long-term use and benefits. They are blow up and inflatable pools so hard and sharp objects should not damage them, and a premium quality material will show some resistant for the same.

Ease of Installation

Though most of them come with easy installation features and doesn’t require many tools, you should try to opt for the one that does not require professional involvement.

Portability and easy storage

These are added advantages when the hot tub can be stored easily when not in use and doesn’t require much maintenance. A carry bag make sit more comfortable to store and transport. Added handles gives more convenience while shifting them.

Proper heat-up

Since we are talking about hot tubs here, if they don’t heat up properly then their entire purpose will not be complete. They should provide you with ultimate luxury, relaxation and enjoyment. Proper bubbles and soothing ones should be made by the air jets.


Digital control panels, power saving timer mode, cartridge filters, chem connect chemical dispenser and more make your tub function perfectly while saving your time and energy costs too. The water if hard, should be made gentle for your body, and these additional things make it more complete.

Before diving in your favorite hot tub just remember these points

  1. Heat up your tub before-hand, as most of them require a time of about 12 to 24 hours to heat up
  2. Plan properly before you get in the tub
  3. Keep yourself hydrated before you step into the tub and after coming out of it
  4. The ideal temperature is 104 degrees F (40 degree C) and for a woman was has conceived it is 100-degree F (safe temperature)
  5. Going beyond 106 degrees F may lead to heat stroke, so be careful with the temperature settings
  6. Kids are tender and infants and babies, a big no for them for these hot tubs. The children should always be checked and monitored if around
  7. In case you are suffering from any ailments theses hot tubs should be used after the doctor’s consultation (diabetes, blood pressure, heart ailments or more)
  8. Any kind of drink or eats that may cause drowsiness shouldn’t be consumed before going or while being in the hot tub as you may feel dizzy or drowsy (e.g. tranquilizers, alcohol in excess amount etc.)
  9. Safety first, and enjoy your hot tub following the instructions and restrictions

The Crux

Hot tubs are fun and full of enjoyment and relaxation for your body and mind. Invest in a hot tub that matches your style, home decor and requirements. Use them following the important tips mentioned in the article and adhere to the valuable buying tips too.

Invest in the best and feel and luxury at your door step. Ultimately you will be benefitted with this in the long run. Make the most of the precious moments with your family, friends or loved ones when you dip into the soothing waters of your lovely hot tub.


Q1. What is the cost of these hot tubs?

Ans1. The cost of the hot tubs may range between 400 dollars to 800 dollars. According to their size and capacity the cost of a hot tub is dependent. They don’t require any additional costs or tools for installation.

Q2. What is the process of draining the water of the hot tub?

Ans2. Firstly, the power supply of your hot tub to be switched off. Jets or pumps shouldn’t be working while you drain your tub. Next, the drainage spigot should be attached to the hose and the ball valve to be opened for the water to drain. Avoid any cross-threads when your make attachments.

Q3. How long does a hot tub last?

Ans 3. Premium quality hot tubs have a longer life span than the low-quality ones. The maintenance and construction of the tub may make it last for 5 to 20 years. Though, low quality hot tubs may not be able to make it that much.

Q4. Do the hot tubs consume more electricity?

Ans4. The hot tubs don’t consume much electricity. If calculated on an average they may cost around 1 dollar per day and while the new constructed ones cost less than this even, 23 dollars a month. Unit price per KW and your hot tub temperature settings also determine this.

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