5 Best Electric Pool Heaters of 2021

Just imagine in cool winter months you just get a chance to go in your favorite pool, it feels awesome, isn’t it!

Thanks to the technological revolution as we are facilitated with a variety of electric pool heaters and you can choose any as per your needs or choice. These electric pool heaters work amazingly and efficiently to make your pool feel heaven. This article of mine today will provide you with great help by knowing the features of some of the best pool heaters and buying tips to make you choose right. You can just read and get to choose an amazing electric pool heater and extend your summer in winters as well.

Best Electric Pool Heaters [Detailed Review]

what is the best electric pool heater

The Hayward heat pro is an amazing above ground pool heater with an unmatchable performance. This works is the most adverse conditions also. The pool heater features an acoustic compressor cover and a fan blade, that makes it operate quietly and efficiently. The evaporator fin is a durable one and is also rust resistant. The scroll compressors are heavy duty and the body is durable and prevents from any harmful UV rays and also has body panels that are corrosion resistant.

The Hayward is manufactured with quality stainless steel hardware and the screen is made with polyethylene screen. This helps in providing protection to the evaporator coil from any sort of damage or destruction. This great pool heater is very light in size, compact and comes with easy installation. The titanium heat exchanger adds value to the pool heater, and makes maximum heat transfer possible. A very efficient and a durable option to heat any new pool, spa or upgrade any existing system. This is manufactured in a round design and can easily fit, as is compact so occupies very less space. It comes with easy service and maintenance too.


  • An electric pool heater with an unmatchable performance

  • An efficient and a reliable electric pool heater

  • This is rust resistant, as is manufactured with stainless steel hardware

  • The scroll compressors are heavy duty and has panels that are UV resistant

  • This can fit with any existing pool or spa or to a new pool

  • Features a polyethylene screen

  • This one comes with easy maintenance and service


  • The warranty service is a bit poor

gas vs electric pool heater

The Hayward Electric Spa Heater is of 11 KW with all the features and abilities that make this one stands out of the crowd. They possess the efficiency to work double than the other alternatives available. This one comes with easy installation and service. A pool heater manufactured with compactness to provide easy installation anywhere, even under the spa skirts or steps. This is again an electric pool heater that is constructed with sophisticated features, and durable components. It boasts of a stainless steel tank and a threaded head, a safety sensor along with electric heating elements. This also features an indicator light for ease.

This one is considered to an effective and efficient option for any in ground or above ground pools. Even in the deep winters, this one can turn your pool into oasis providing you endless swimming fun. This also possesses a safety sensor and is a maintenance free design. A time-tested electric pool heater with a stellar reputation gives you optimum comfort during freezing temperatures. Once the pool heater is switched on, after some time the water passes over it, heated and returned back to the pool. This one offers a powerful performance.


  • This one is compact and comes with easy installation

  • A very efficient electric pool heater

  • This one has low operating costs

  • A pool heater that is less costly as the other heat pumps or gas pool heaters

  • Works excellently for pools or spas (10,000 gallons capacity)


  • This one doesn’t prove very beneficial for pools of large size

electric in ground pool heaters

The FibroPool FH055 is manufactured with sophistic design to suit pools of larger capacities. This one boasts of an output of 55,000 BTU’s and can heat in ground and above ground pools. This electric pool heater features a heat exchanger of 100% Titanium. It is also equipped with high-pressure differential compressor (achieves COP of 5.92). This one has a digital display and controller, and the installation takes not more than 30 minutes.

The FibroPool runs on a 12 gauge and is compatible with 220-volt circuit. The way a table saw draws power, the same this pool heater does.

This comes with a complete metal enamel coated case that enables it to withstand adverse weather conditions. The dimensions being 16” to 40” footprint and has a sleek design with. It is designed wonderfully and also allows quick adjustments from the unit, is the most energy efficient according to the American Department of Energy (25 cents per hr). Also features 1 ½” PVC and a quick disconnect piping. You can just extend your swimming season with this amazing electric pool heater. This is environmentally friendly and causes no harm as the gas pool heaters. A flawless pool heater that can warm a pool of 10,000 gallons of water.


  • This pool heater comes with easy installation

  • Manufactured wonderfully for large sized pools

  • A well-built design

  • This one is durable pool heater with low operating costs

  • Features a digital display and controller and a 100% Titanium heat exchanger


  • A large one according to the BTU output

portable electric pool heater

The Eco Smart Pool heater as the name is a latest technological revolution and is a unique tankless pool heater. This one is compact in size and comes with an easy installation. You can easily set the temperature digitally, incrementing 1 degree gradually. This comes with a ‘Set and Forget’ feature and is compatible with Eco-smart remote control. This one works on a flow activation technology, and also works as an alternative to or a booster to pool pump.

This a pool heater that operates by using the latest flow sensor technology. This one doesn’t work like the traditional switch activation, which prevents the risk of burning of any elements. The impressive features of the Eco Smart pool heater make it more reliable and durable.

The digital thermostat control keeps you set up the temperature where you want it exactly.

This Eco Smart option to go for, that provides with ease and comfort to keep your pool in perfect warm condition even in the harshest winter months.


  • This one is a unique tankless heater

  • A very compact heater and comes with easy installation

  • Works on latest flow sensor technology

  • A very reliable and durable electric pool heater

  • This one is compatible with Eco Smart remote control

  • The best thing, you can just set it and forget it

  • This one makes it possible to set the temperature digitally, and the thermostat control helps in setting temperatures the way you want


  • Has a limited technical support

  • Doesn’t function properly sometimes as advertised

electric pool heaters for inground pools

The Happy buy electric pool heater makes anyone feel safe and comfortable to step into the pool in winter months too. This one is fit for thermostat with power of 11 KW and AC ranging between 220-240 V with current of 50 A. The Happy buy features an aluminum coated plate with a pipe diameter of 2” and net weight of 16.5lbs. The product package dimensions being 4.7″x 22″x 14.9″. This one boasts of an efficient control system which makes the monitoring and the status of all the functioning parts of the heater easy. In case of any incident it develops a rapid reaction and displays it correspondingly. In order to avoid any mishap, you can do the wiring yourself.

The HappyBuy is equipped with a constant temperature controller and sensor and makes the work absolutely trouble free and lets it adapt to the water environment. This is far better than the traditional magnetic flow switch, and is very stable to use. This is best suited for the small or kiddie pools that are less than 5 CBM. Also, can keep massage and hot spring pool warm. The temperature switch cuts off on its own if there is an unexpected rise 60 degree C (140-degree F) in temperature, and can assist heat pump in heating.


  • This one is a pool heater that is fit for thermostat

  • Has an efficient control system

  • Far better than the traditional magnetic flow switch systems

  • This can keep massage and hot springs also warm and works well for small pools


  • This one is expensive to run

Consider These Points Before Buying An Electric Pool Heater

Confusion prevails if so many options and we have to choose one. Though, these electric pool heaters work fantastically but some key factors have to be gone through before finalizing the product purchase.

The Pool Heater’s Efficiency

Efficiency is certainly a matter of great concern when we go for a pool heater. The electric pool heaters that are high on efficiency will prove the best while functioning. This helps in lowering the operational costs of the pool heater as well. The main thing is that go for an energy efficient pool system, that provides you with peak performance and satisfaction.

Though these electric pool heaters a bit lower than the gas pool heaters but one can opt for a pool heat pump to keep the pool warm and will cost about 200 dollars a month (5 times more energy efficient).

The Durability Factor

Once you invest in a pool heater, you definitely wish for the product to last long. You will be glad to know that the electric pool heaters are manufactured of components of premium quality that require least maintenance. These pool heaters last for long giving you more peace of mind.

The Size of Pool

The size of your pool is directly related to the pool heating. Larger pools take more time to heat up than the smaller pools. A pool with a water capacity of 30,000 gallons will heat slower than a pool with a capacity of 10,000 gallons. The gas pool heaters are more powerful of larger pools but the electric pool heaters are suitable for heating pools with a 10000 gallons capacity.

The Heating Elements

As the water flows over the heating elements the pool gets warmth and heat. Most of the electric pools work like this, and the quality and power of heating elements should be of good quality for best outcomes. Consider this factor seriously.

The Control Panel

This is also an important part to consider which we tend to overlook sometimes. The control panel makes our work easier by providing proper display for easy monitoring, setting and controlling the temperature levels. Some of the pool heaters are also equipped with indicator lights and have a digital control to make you alert about any malfunction or problem beforehand.

Warranty Of The Heater

The electric pool heaters just cost a fraction than the gas pool heaters. Some come with comprehensive warranties, and help you in the long run. Get a pool heater of good warranty, which can support at the time of any break down or repair of the machinery.

The Ownership Cost

We can take an example here; a 11 KW electric pool heater will draw about 50-60 amps at 220 V of electricity. Whenever you buy a pool there are a few more expenses apart from the price tag, such as installation, maintenance, bills, repairs etc. So, investing in an electric pool heater will give you true value for your money. Without any worries you can buy an electric pool heater for you sparkling pool.

Summing Up

Now I believe you might be ready with confidence to buy your own electric pool heater.

Your pool enjoyment in the winter months is just a click away. Choose wisely, considering the unbiased tips mentioned in this article of mine. Summer fun seems to be extended magically with the amazing electric pool heater.

Your backyard pool can be turned to an oasis gives you more moments of fun and laughter with your family and loved ones. Before the winter approaches you can invest in a pool heater of your choice, and this will certainly prove useful for you and pool for years to come.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Which Should Be The Ideal Pool Size, When We Choose An Electric Pool Heater?

The electric pool heaters are a good way to heat your pool even in a month like December. These are best suited for small or mid-sized pools. If the capacity of a pool is about 10,000 gallons of water, then these pools are best to buy. They deliver their best for an average sized pool.

What Is The Life Of An Electric Pool Heater?

If we talk about the pool heaters of today, they are built to last long. An electric pool heater can last about 12 to 20 years, depending on its maintenance, beach, sprinklers, the place you are located and others. You should go for a quality pool heater purchase for enjoying its long-time benefits.

How Many Hours Does A Pool Heater Take To Heat Up The Pool?

A few factors matter a lot such as the size of the pool, your location, climate of a place. The pool heater might take about 24-72 hours for reaching a Fahrenheit of 20 degrees. If the pool size is large then the heating is slower as compared to the smaller pools. An average sized pool works best in this concern.

What Is An Ideal Size Of A Pool Heater?

The pool size heater has to be chosen looking into the size of your pool, the climate where you stay. For smaller pool (rectangular) sizes of 14 x 28 ft, a pool heater of 80,000 BTU’s will be sufficient. And if the pool is 30 ft + then about 100,000 BTU’s is required.

What Is The Monthly Expenditure For Heating A Pool?

If you opt for an electric or gas pool heater then you will have to incur about 300 dollars or plus. The gas pool heaters are an expensive option though marvelous in performance. It also depends on the usage of the pool heater, like extremely cold climates can make you consume the electricity for a longer time than places with a normal winter temperature.