Best Propane Pool heater Reviews (Updated 2021)

Today’s article of mine highlights the best propane gas pool heaters. Pool heaters prove to be the most effective despite what the weather is. You can get a comfortable swim in your pool in winters as well. The pool heaters mainly use propane or natural gas in the form of fuel. The combustion energy is directly transferred to the pool.

These gas pool heaters just stand out of the crowd to deliver you the best in all conditions. Choosing the right type of pool heater is unlike buying fruits or vegetables, you have to really do research by probing into the features and specifications of each product. Today you are reading the right thing if you are going for your purchase, so let’s move ahead

Best Propane Gas Heater Reviews : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Hayward H400FDN 400,000 BTU Heater

propane pool heater reviews

Low Nox

Hydraulic Efficiency

Professional Installation

Best Overall

Pentair 460805 MasterTemp Pool Heater,

propane above ground pool heater

Heavy Duty

Fast Heat-Up

Rustproof Handles

Most Affordable

Raypak 406,000 BTU Natural Gas Pool Heater

propane swimming pool heater

Low pH

High Flow

Prevent Rust Stains

Top Natural Propane Gas Pool Heaters [Detailed Review]

hayward pool and spa heaters

The Hayward H400FDN is the perfect remedy for any pool or spa which you own. This one features an ultimate hydraulic design, which is capable of saving energy by 18% by reducing the circulation of pool pump run time.

It possesses a standard Copper nickel heat exchanger, making it more reliable to use. It is manufactured with perfection with a bypass valve design and a patented polymer header.

The Hayward Universal can be installed with ease and is a versatile pool spa heater. This one features an ultimate installation flexibility and shows compatibility with any existing or new equipment pads.

It is efficient and responsible enough to heat up a pool or spa for years. This one is environmentally safe and emits very low NOx, responsibly maintaining air quality emission standards.

It is considered to be far better than its competitors. The copper nickel alloy prevents rusting, less chances of getting damaged from salt, chlorine or high levels of ph. This one is an example of durability and is less prone to failure. The chances of the pool getting contaminated with copper becomes minimal, keeping it safe for use. This one is best suited for large pools.


  • This one meets the air quality standards
  • Features a copper nickel heat exchanger
  • Is a reliable, durable and a valuable option
  • This one is responsible for very low NOx emissions
  • A better option than other competitors in the market


  • While using this, your gas bill might show a rise
  • An expensive option to buy

natural gas spa heater

The Pentair 460805 is an efficient, reliable and a high-performance pool. This is an amazing pool heater which gets heated up in just minutes, for providing you a comfortable swim. Be it the largest or the coldest pools the Pentair gas pool heater works brilliantly, what else one can ask for.

This one is energy efficient, sturdy and a pool which possesses rust proof exterior handles. It has the ability to weathers the elements withstand heat. The Pentair is manufactured with advanced engineering, is energy efficient, constructed with premium quality and is a pride of pool owners.

If you are selecting this one then you are choosing the best gas pool heater. The Pentair 460805 boasts of heat output of 400,00 BTU’s, and harnesses the quick heating power of gas.Swimming pools having a capacity of 30,000 gallons or more can easily be heated with this gas pool heater. This is an Eco-friendly pool heater that possesses extraordinary capabilities.

It can be shut off manually whenever you get it serviced. Equipped with a rotating digital display, electric ignition, water power switch, stack flue sensor and easy controls makes this one stands out of the crowd. There is also mow NOx certification for this model which meets all the standard Industry procedures.


  • A fantastic and energy efficient option
  • Large and cool pools can be heated easily
  • A heavy duty one and has east to use digital controls
  • This one features a durable and corrosion free exterior
  • Certified with low NOx emission


  • As the BTU output is more, so operating it becomes costly

propane gas spa heater

The Sta-Rite SR400LP Max-E-Therm Pool and Heater is another great gas pool heater which provides heating enjoyment for years. It comes with a premixed gas combustion and technology, and is supposed to be one of the best gas pool heaters.

This igloo shaped gas pool heater, is light in weight and keeps the pool well heated for your use and enjoyment. This can be installed in or above ground pools and spa. The dual thermostat controls is present in the LED temperature layout. It also features temperature safety lockout and 6 position control panel.

The best part of this heater is that it has very low operating costs with an efficiency of 84% and is rated at the top. As it possesses PMG burner technology, it doesn’t require any outdoor draft wood. The PVC association associations, dura-glass rust-confirmation development with plastic complex. It demonstrates perfect for retro-fit establishment.

It is compatible with other systems and can fit easily. It has a matte black enclosure, a capacity of 400,000 BTU’s of heating power, that can heat pool or spa quickly. A highly recommended one and is a favorite of many pool owners. A good one to invest it, as its true to its reliability, efficiency and value. The unique design makes installation super easy.


  • This one is known for its compact and unique design
  • This is one of the most energy efficient heaters
  • Has low operating costs
  • Features a durable construction
  • The control panels are easy to use
  • It is eco- friendly with Low NOx emissions


  • As compared to other gas heaters this one is a bit noisy

propane swimming pool heater

The Sta-Rite SR333LP Max-E-Therm propane gas pool heater is compact, energy-efficient and a great one to use. The Sta-rite gas pool spa heater uses propane or natural gas.

If you buy this pool heater it won’t rust! This one comes with a blower assisted combustion chamber providing high-level efficiency.

This one can be linked up to 110 to 220 volts. A good option for installing outdoor or indoor spas, hot tubs, and pools. This one highlights a LED temperature readout alongside double thermostat controls and a 6-position control board also.

The temperature safety lockout makes it a safe one to use. This one is manufactured with PMG burner technology, which omits the need for an outdoor draft hood.

The PVC connections, dura-glas rustproof feature makes it the best option to go for. The compact design of Sta-Rite is an ideal one for retro-fit installation. This is developed with matte dark fenced in area and the material can deal with the warmth and climates the components. This one involves very low operating costs and offers 84% rating and is the best option to go for.

This eco-friendly pool and spa heater are certified with low NOx emissions. This also owns a cupro-nickel exchanger and is good for any application. The Sta-Rite is a heavy-duty unit and supports low pH levels. It can be directly connected to the system and has a 3-mod media filter. It is recommended to get it installed professionally for warranty and other purposes.


  • This is a compact and an energy efficient gas pool heater
  • Eco-friendly gas pool heater with certification of low NOx emissions
  • This one comes with low operating costs


  • A noisy gas pool heater
  • Not a suitable one for above ground pools

gas swimming pool heaters

The Raypak 406,000 BTU gas pool heater is a reliable and efficient one. It possesses everything which a pool owner requires. This one comes with thermal efficiency, 83% above, and Unitherm Governor which helps in keeping the water temperature above 105 F.

This one exceeds the topmost state and federal quality standards. It is equipped with a digital control LCD display for selecting temperature and heater settings.This one is manufactured uniquely with materials of high quality which can easily withstand the adverse or changing temperatures.

One of the most favored of gas pool heaters accessible in the market. The Raypak includes capron resin headers which keeps the pool surface without any harm and prevents rusting.Just extend your swimming season with this awesome gas pool heater. It has a polyester-coated, rust free cabinet which is very sturdy one.

The design is wind-resistant and protects itself, which the other pool and spa heaters are unable to. This digital pool heater is in need of external power, i.e. 120V or 240V AC. It works only when heat is required. The unitherm governor helps in preventing condensation. Designed with innovation, the stainless burners are built to last. The microprocessor controls diagnostic read out, that keeps this pool heater monitored properly.


  • This is a reliable and energy efficient pool heater
  • Designed with innovation has impressive features
  • Has Capron resin headers
  • Thermal efficiency of 83% and above
  • LCD display for temperature and heater settings


  • A bit costly

How To Choose Perfect Gas Pool Heater? (Natural & Propane)

If you are a pool lover, then buying a gas pool heater is an excellent thought. even the pool swimming can have extended months, with these energy efficient and affordable pool heaters.

Which one to buy? This question comes with an answer well in this article of mine today. Just follow some tips before deciding right. It becomes a little tough job to choose among many options, but if dealt with it patiently, then I am sure you will have an unbiased opinion.

What Do You Prefer?

The thing which is of prime concern here is that, you are the ultimate consumer, so all parameters have to be studied well before hand. Your preferences matter the most. Are you looking for an above ground or in ground pool? How much money you need to invest? An electric pool heater or a gas pool heater, these things have to be decided prior. Types of pool heaters are discussed in the buying guide later.

Once you have a clarity in your mind then this task becomes pretty easy.

Rust Resistance

This should be checked before hand that the pool heater you are planning to buy should have corrosion resisting quality. The more the pool heater is away from rust, the more years of hassle-free service it will provide you.

Energy Efficient Heater

This energy efficiency feature is very important to be considered, as it will really help you save a lot of energy. Energy saving keeps a check on the gas bills. Most of the gas pool heaters mentioned in the above article of mine are energy efficient ones. Ultimately, you need to have the value for your money.

Gas, Electric and Solar Pool Heater

Gas Pool Heater

The most common heaters are powered by gas, and many options are available in the market.

The first type of gas heater is the coil gas heater, where the water runs through a coil. The second type is the convention heater, and is preferred for small spas or pools.

gas pool heaters

A single large flame is used by them for raising the temperature, and they have a fast output. Then comes the tank heater at the third place, which heats up the water in the tank and is best suited for spas.If you are looking for a pool heater for larger pools then, coil gas heaters prove to be the best.

electric pool heaters

Electric Pool Heater

The first type of best-electric-pool-heaters has a heat pump and function like a reverse air conditioner or a refrigerator, despite the cooling they heat up the pool.

The other one works like an electric stove or oven, and the water directly runs on the heating element.

It keeps the water heated up, but in colder months it might take a longer time to heat. The electric heaters don’t produce any kind of emissions and that’s the best part of this.These are a bit slower as compared to the gas heaters. It might be a bit expensive where the electricity rates are on a higher side. Gas pool heaters is a more preferred choice.

Solar Pool Heater

Solar Pool Heaters harness the sun’s heat for pool heating, thereby having no operative costs. They are the cheapest as compared to the gas or electric pool heaters. But the biggest drawback is that they are not of much use, if the days aren’t sunny. They are solar blanket (thin plastic sheets) and solar system (with solar panels), the two of its main types.

solar pool heaters

Some other factors like pool size, durability feature and the brand choice should also be considered before buying.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Gas Pool Heater Last?

A gas pool heater has a life of about 8 to 10 years. As we invest in them, they have features to support their value. Its very rare to see that a gas pool heater breaks down in a span of 2 or 3 years. But that doesn’t rule out one thing, they don’t take care of them. Efforts should be put for their maintenance.

Which One Is Better Gas Or Electric Pool Heater?

The types of pool heaters are discussed in the above article, and you can refer to that. Gas pool heaters are a cheaper option as compared to the electric pool heaters. If we discuss the performance then also gas pool heaters are a more preferred choice as compared to the electric pool heaters as they heat up the pool three times faster.

What Is The Cost To Run A Gas Pool Heater?

The cost to heat a pool comes around 7 dollars per hour if natural gas is being used. It takes about 8 to 14 hours to heat up a pool of 10 to 12 gallons of capacity. Gas pool heaters are certainly an affordable option to go for.

Are Gas Pool Heaters Expensive?

The gas pool heaters are available in the market ranging between 1500 to 3000 dollars, along with some additional installation costs. They are affordable and the operating costs are also very low. If maintained well they can go for years without failing. Most of the gas pool heaters are energy efficient.

What Is The Time Required By A Gas Heater To Heat The Pool?

The time taken by a gas heater to heat the pool varies according to their features. It also depends on the pool size and water temperature of the pool. If we talk about hours then 24 hours to 72 hours is the ideal time required for pool heating by 20-degree F.

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