Best Hot Tub Sanitizers

Keep your hot tub running well!!

As your hot tub or spa needs to remain free from bacteria and other nasty stuff so using superior quality sanitizer becomes vitally important.

Wrong choice could be dangerous!!

As this could lead to skin irritations to harmful health issues. Most the people are well-versed only about chlorine due to a number of reasons. But apart from chlorine, there are mineral, bromine, saltwater, and biguanide methods that can help for your hot tub sanitation.

One more thing to note before choosing the right product is your skin suitability with it. For example chlorine may be allergic to some and then switching to bromine or any other chlorine-free sanitizer becomes necessary.

Henceforth, a sanitizer could be available in its various forms but the primary motive is to keep the water free from bacteria, algae, mold, etc. that could develop with time due to water stagnancy.

All the hot tub sanitization methods along with their related products have been explained in the best way possible.

Hot Tub Sanitizers - A Quick Look

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Detailed Reviews Of Hot Tub Sanitizers

1. Mineral Sanitizer

The mineral sanitizers are gaining much popularity these days. Basically these are copper based or mineral sticks for hot tub sanitizing use.

This is a chemical-free sanitizer that comprises of natural sanitizer properties. Though reacts slow, this uses silver and other minerals for killing bacteria in water. This is recommended to be used in tandem with a weekly shock or a chlorine.

Note: Ideal Chlorine level in addition to a mineral stick: 0.5-1 ppm.

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1. Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick -Mineral Sanitizer

A good sanitizer that can be used for short term and long term use. This is safe, easy to use, and a formula that is appreciated and liked by users without much negative comments.

This comprehensive spa sanitization is well-known for its speedy action in the water. Works fast and causes minimum skin irritation as this is absolutely chemical-free.

In case you witness any sort of rattling sound then just ensure that the stick has not fallen apart. The underlying reason could be excessive pressure in your hot tub/spa.


  • An eco-friendly sanitizer to keep your hot tub bacteria-free.

  • Works great with chlorine.

  • Least skin irritation.

  • Cleans the hot tub efficiently and quickly.

  • Extremely simple to use.


  • Excessive pressure may cause pressure on the stick and make it fall apart.

2. Chlorine Sanitizer

This is another trusted and widely used sanitizer used worldwide. This is affordable, incredibly safe, and reliable too.

You may be thinking about the chlorine smell, but let me make it clear a hot tub which is properly balanced would never smell of chlorine. You can get it in liquid, tablet, or powder form from any pool supply store, online, or else.

Note: Ideal Chlorine level: 1-3 ppm (parts per million)

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2. SpaGuard - Spa Chlorinating Concentrate

The SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate is an amazing product that works as two-in-one, acts both as a sanitizer and on oxidizer.

This may be directly added to the hot tub or spa without the need of any pre dissolving. The sanitizing power of this lies in the concentrated granules.

You should add it directly to the spa water while the pump is running. You need to maintain 3-5ppm (parts per million) for this formula. Using regular doses is recommended.


  • Fast acting formula.

  • You should add the appropriate required amount.

  • May be directly added to spa.

  • Quick dissolving.

  • Affordable and reliable.


  • Wrong amount may give distinguished smell.

3. Salt Water

This uses the salt in water in order to naturally convert salt into low-levels of chlorine sanitizer.

The process is absolutely natural which drastically reduces chloramines and eliminates the requirement to add chemical chlorine (so no strong chlorine odour). You get a product with reduced chemical costs which works wonderfully for sensitive skin by keeping the water silky soft.

Note: Ideal Chlorine level: 1-2 ppm

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3. Minera Dead Sea Salt

This is a 100% pure mineral-rich product used for hot tubs, spas, and treatment centres. This makes water absolutely silky soft and safe when you are in water.

Along with this Dead Sea, salt’s unique mineral composition gives this salt its therapeutic qualities for skincare. While most sea salts are primarily Sodium Chloride this is comprised of 21 beneficial minerals comprising of Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, Bromide, and Sulfur.

Just note that this is not a food grade salt and unsuitable for consumption.


  • A safe and natural alternative.

  • Includes high-mineral content.

  • Relieves psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

  • You get certified satisfaction.


  • Customers are absolutely happy and satisfied.

  • No downsides as such.

4. Bromine Sanitizer

After chlorine it is certainly bromine which works great as a hot tub sanitizer. This is quite effective and odourless too (until they receive direct sunlight as UV rays would burn off).

This proves even better than chlorine as kills’ bacteria and algae faster, long-lasting ability, and shows more tolerance to pH fluctuations.

Note: Ideal Tablet Bromine level: 2-4 ppm & 3-6 ppm

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Spa choice Bromine Tablets for Hot Tubs & Spas

This is an excellent bromine sanitizer for hot tubs and spas. This doesn’t have that irritating odor like that of chlorine.

The bromine tablets with the maximum potency are slow-dissolving and perform wonderfully in warm water. This adds to one more benefit and these bromine tabs are economical to use.

This is large, can be easily accessed, and owns a child-resistant lid. In comparison to other pails this stays much longer.


  • This is a 5 lb. bucket 1-1/4″ – Brominating Tabs.

  • Comes with higher 98% active ingredient than other brands.

  • No strong chlorine odor like other brands.

  • Large, easy-access child-resistant lid.


  • Stays fresh longer than larger pails.

5. Biguanide

A sanitizer which is bromine-free and chlorine-free is a biguanide. In case you are opposed to bromine or chlorine in any of the ways then the biguanides prove to be an ideal option for you.

This is available in liquid form, lasts longer, and remains odourless. As compared to the traditional sanitizers this is a bit more expensive and may prove to be harmful to your hot tub if used in an improper way.

Note: Ideal Biguanide level: 30-50 ppm

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Baqua Spa 88855 Sanitizer Chlorine-Free Cleaner

This is another superior quality product that helps in the perfect removal of germs and bacteria form your hut tub or spa. This is effective yet doesn’t cause any sort of discoloration or stain on the materials around the spa.

As already mentioned this is bromine and chlorine-free thereby remains the safest option to use if you have issues with them.

This is appreciated and rated by users and investing in this quality product gives value for money.


  • Controls bacteria effectively.

  • Easy to use and manage.

  • Protects against staining and discoloration due to metals.

  • An economical option.

  • Compatible with all biguanide sanitizer systems.


  • For maximum effectiveness this needs to be used every week.

Buying Tips before you select a Hot Tub Sanitizer

  • There could be various factors like your preferences, budget, and hot tub type. If you are not comfortable with your current sanitizer then changing it is the right thing to do.

  • There are different types of sanitizers (refer above) and you can choose whichever suits your parameters.

  • You should use granule form for bromine and chlorine sanitizers.

  • Any sanitizer that can be used is the long run and can be maintained withy ease should be your preference.

  • The sanitizers come for specific gallons and you should always go with the specified quantities to be used.

  • If you are confused then go for customer reviews or can also go for some honest opinion of people who have used sanitizers.

Sanitizing Spa Chemicals

Some Alternative Hot Tub Sanitizers

Some people who have extra sensitive skin may have chances of getting allergic reactions (due to bromine or chlorine). And this kind of experience should be avoided, and the other alternatives should be your choice.

Ultraviolet/UV Sanitizer

This sanitizer type makes use of the radiation of UV bulbs of high-intensity for eliminating bacteria or germs. Though you may require an extra sanitizer with it to maintain water clarity.

Hence, go for UV systems that can be used in combination with the other systems like chlorine, bromine, or intermittent shocks.

Hot Tub Mineral Sanitizers


This is another natural way that helps in killing contaminants. The ionization process leads to releasing of silver and copper ions inside the water.

Similar to the UV system this is dependent on shocks for maintaining an absolute sanitary environment. Just go with the shelf-life of ionizers and replace as and when required.

Their usage will depend on the contaminant amount in the water.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This is an experimental way to keep your hot tub sanitized, and falls under the home-made or DIY category.

You will definitely need some creativity, patience, and experimentation for this. At the same time this could save you some money too.


It’s all about your health and you should go for a quality product that gives you and your hot tub the benefits to remain healthy and safe.

Price could be one of the considerations but never compromise on the efficiency or product quality. Hopefully, now you can do some hassle-free cleaning of your hot tubs or spa for a brilliant experience overall while you soak in.

Compare all the alternatives properly looking into their plus and minus and select in accordance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How should I sanitize my hot tub?

Ans: You can easily sanitize your hot tub or spa by making use of bromine or chlorine on a weekly basis. There are some other methods mentioned above in the article that will help you keep the water clean and healthy.

Q 2. Can bleach be used to sanitize hot tubs?

Ans: Bleach is not a thing that should be used on a regular basis to sanitize your hot tubs. But yes, you can use them occasionally to shock your hot tub water. Bleach in a diluted form can be used for cleaning the shell of an empty tub. Ensure that you do not use liquid chlorine for hot tubs, spas, or swim pools.

Q 3. Which is considered as the best sanitizer for hot tubs?

Ans: The most widely used are chlorine and bromine for sanitizing hot tubs, spas, and pools. In case you are allergic then you can also opt for a biguanide cleaner also. There are tablets of bromine that can be loaded in a bromine feeder for mixing well in the surrounding water. Similarly, it is quite easy to use chlorine tabs or concentrate.

Q 4. How can bacteria be killed in a hot tub?

Ans: You can use a commercial hand sanitizer like chlorine or bromine (also others mentioned in the write-up) and add it to water as directed.

Q 5. Is sanitizer similar to chlorine?

Ans: There is a difference in them due to their sanitizing power and chemical strength. Chlorine sanitizers help in maintain a clear and clean hot tub or pool. And the sanitizers possess chlorine in lower-amount for killing parasites, bacteria, or viruses. They are said to combine with the non-living things too such as lotions, oils, etc.

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