Best Inflatable Bathtub for Adults

Having a pleasant and relaxing soak after a long and tiring day is what we all love to have!

So much fun and ease, along with relaxation, is exhibited by these inflatable bathtubs. These innovative and stylish tubs are specially designed to match your lifestyle and needs. In case you are getting your shower or washroom renovated, then also these are a good option. You can carry or transport them easily while you are on your favorite holiday or gift these amazing tubs to your friends and family, the choice is yours!

We have the best inflatable bathtubs, and the buying tips mentioned in the article will remove all your queries.

Best Inflatable Bathtub for Adults : A Quick Comparison

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Portable Bathtubs Adult Bathtub



Best Material

Best Overall

G Ganen Unisex Foldable Bathtub

Solar Torch Lights


ECO Friendly

Easy To Clean

Most Affordable

Penson & Co. Inflatable Bath Tub

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Most Comfortable

Uniquely Designed

Best Inflatable Bathtub for Adults

1. HIWENA Inflatable Bathtub, Durable Soaking Bath Tub

This inflatable and portable bath tub, is suitable for the family and allows you to have much fun and relaxation. This is simple, durable, and good option for camping outdoors if you want some serious bathing enjoyment and play.This provides enough space, with an internal inflatable size: Length of 48 inches, width of 23 inches, and height of 17.5 inches.

The external inflatable size: Length of 60 inches, width of 34 inches, and height of 27 inches.This enables you to stretch yourself in the water comfortably, the kids and adults can make the most of it for bathing.This also features an inflatable backrest which provides you with ample of comfort.This is an easily foldable bathtub that can be stored by folding and the spa can be enjoyed by you anytime and anywhere.

PVC material is used for its construction, which makes it 30% thicker than the other products available in the market. this boasts of durability and is less prone to punctures as the material is sturdy. Inflated and deflated with ease, this tub features drain valves on the bottom of two layers, this helps you in saving time and as the water discharge speed is doubled.



  • A sturdy inflatable tub, suitable for a family

  • Provides sufficient space with proper dimensions when inflated

  • This is super comfortable and durable to use

  • Made of thick PVC material

  • For easy drainage, drain plugs are present on the bottom of two layers

  • Includes an air-patch that can be used for emergency hole or leak


  • Drainage takes time

  • The product doesn’t include a pump

2. Penson & Co. Inflatable Bath Tub PVC Adult Bathtub

This is another inflatable bath tub which will increase your fun while you bathe. This is constructed with superior quality materials, environmental-friendly, and easy to maintain. The Penson tub is equipped with an armrest, backrest, and a cushion of sponge to provide ultimate full body comfort. Special cup and mug holder are a part of the simple drainage-hose which makes your work much easier.

The pump comes with the product for easy inflation anytime and anywhere. This is certainly a must-have item for every household and you can gift it to your friends and relatives too on any occasion. The PVC material is used for its construction, water temperature supported by tub is 30-122°F / -1-50°C & the water-capacity is of 25 gl.

The exterior dimensions are: 63 x 32.3 x 29.5″ / 160 x 82 x 75 cm and the inner dimensions are: 49.2 x 19.7 x 16.5″ / 125 x 50 x 42 cm.Those people who are less than 6 ft. in height and less than 220 lbs (100 kgs) can easily fit into it. It is advised that the children should be supervised by an adult when they are in, and this shouldn’t be used as a water floaty.



  • This is equipped with a backrest, armrest, and a sponge cushion

  • Constructed with a PVC material of high density, is non-toxic and environment-friendly

  • This tub can be folded and stored easily

  • This has an additional cup-holder where you can place your cell phone, beverages, etc.

  • Tub’s upper cover comes with a roll-up facility

  • 1 Bathtub, 1 Drain pipe, 1 Cushion, 1 Repair kit, 1 Foot air-extracting pump included


  • Leakage issues

  • The product isn’t much durable

3. Cho-Cho inflatable Bath Tubs for Adults Spa with Pump

This is an inflatable pool for little swimmers and a wonderful bath tub for adults. You can beat the heat in summers with this bath tub. This is an absolutely safe bath tub for 2 adults and kids. The headrest, spacious tub, and constructed with PVC material (BPA less European standard).

The PVC 3-layered (extra-thick) provides air-filled soft, comfy, and flexible bottom makes you feel luxury at home.The bath tub is suitable to be used outdoors and indoors, for your home, gardens, resorts, villas, and more.

You can pack it and pick it up easily, to carry wherever you want. It saves space, time, and your efforts. You can gift this amazing product to your family, friends, and kids.This comes in a nice pack with an inflation pump. The high-quality plastic material makes it more usable for transporting, when you are imaging a nice holiday place.



  • Package Includes: 1 X Bath Tub (8.5 ft), 1 X Electrical Air Pump

  • The bath tub is easy to inflate and deflate

  • Soft inflatable floor

  • The material is PVC, multi-color, and the package includes 1 bathtub

  • A great product which works well for adults and kids


  • The quality of the product is the only issue

4. Portable Bathtubs Inflatable Adult Bathtub for Adults

This is a marvelous large tub which suits perfectly for indoor and outdoor purposes. the twin-way drainage system helps the discharge of water, quick, easy, and effortless. The hose assists in draining the water to a specific area. The inflated bathtub measures from outer side: 160x84x48cm (63″x33″x18.9″), and inner size measurements are: 120x45x43cm (47.2″x17.7″x16.9″).

This tub is best suited for adults which possess a little less height than 6.06 feet (185cm) and suits kids (2) or one adult which weigh within 330 pounds (150kg).Like others this one is also constructed with durable and thick plastic. The best thing we appreciate about this inflatable tub is that it comes with anti-air and water-leak quality.

The tub bottom is comfy, cushioned, the back cushion is also high, and the zipper cover keeps it warm for around 1-hour for supporting you to have a 360-degree comfortable bath. An awesome gift for family or friends, that can make anyone relax after a tiring hard-day. In case your choice is an electric air pump tub, then after blowing 3 to 5 blow-up tubs this may get heated up, it should be turned on after it gets cold.



  • A brilliant indoor and outdoor bath tub which has two-ways to drain water

  • Suitable for lady, man, kids and all

  • This is foldable, portable, and durable

  • Can be perfectly used indoors or outdoors

  • Constructed with thick and durable plastic

  • A wonderful gift for your friends and family


  • May have leakage issues

5. G Ganen Unisex Portable Foldable, PVC Bathtub Freestanding

This is a happy life foldable and portable bath tub which is suitable for adults which weight up to 100 kgs and possess a height of 185 cm. A nice and comfy freestanding bathtub which is big enough for two adults also, provided they are of small size. This has enough room for you to stretch your legs and relax in water. The armrest and neck support are also inflatable, and the support is extended by them is extremely comfortable.

Inflating this is not a problem at all and it is easy to air with a gifted pump or you can do it with mouth also in few minutes. High-class material is used in 3 layers, in which 2 layers are of PVC and one layer of mesh cloth in the centre. This type of setting keeps the temperature in control, adds durability and firmness to the product. Much comfort is ensured by the sponge on the bottom and the material provides proper insulation.

The G Ganen owns a detachable tap for drainage of water after use. a tube of 75 cm in length can be installed. The inner structure of the tub is pretty good which avoids leakage.It is advised not to use bath oils, as this may make these plastic tubs slippery and Epsom salts are a better option for this.



  • Features generous dimensions 24 x 5 x 4 inches and weighs 7.35 pounds

  • This is suitable for small room, light, portable, and saves a lot of space

  • An environment-friendly tub made with imported non-phthalate PVC material with EN71-3, SGS, 6P Standards

  • This is a 3-layered, east-to-clean, water-proof and a resistant fabric

  • You can soak yourself and stretch your legs with ease

  • A functional design with side drainage and excellent insulation


  • It is a nice product to soak yourself but some may feel dizzy

Ultimate Buying Tips

If any kind of queries or doubts are still in your mind, then you can put your worries away! Just consider the following few things before you finally take a decision to purchase one bath tub for yourself.

Shape and design

First and foremost, this is your personal choice and preference for which you are planning to buy an inflatable bathtub. It depends whether you want to stretch your legs or enjoy a deep soak in water. In case of a rectangular or oblong designed tub, you can relax by stretching your legs and use an armrest and headrest for more comfort while lying in the tub. The round shaped will help you to have water till your shoulders, but this will require some knee bending, or you will have to sit cross-legged while you bathe.

The dimensions of the product should be checked by you before-hand, so that you can match it with your height and weight requirements. Round tubs have higher sides and entering inside and getting out of them is a bit tricky.

The oblong shape is easier to handle and helps your keep your legs straight.

If you are planning to place it in your washroom or inside the shower cubicle then measure the space for proper instalment.

Do you love to have a bubble bath!

Just make it sure that the soap solution added should get onto the lining of your tub. It should do the work properly without pouring out.

Epsom salts are much better than the bubble bath, as the latter may get slippery on the surfaces and may turn dangerous for you to use.

For a bath foam, if you are keen for it, then check the specifications of the product and use bath liners instead.

The Drainage System

The task doesn’t end-up by just filling water in the tub, rather it should be drained properly for refilling, hygiene, and maintenance purposes. The tubs tend to get heavier after they are filled, so make it sure to empty it through the drainage socket of the tub.

It may lead to flooding if you are emptying it in the shower tray, and the weight may overwhelm the pipes. One should be careful, and prefer a tub which features a proper outlet for water, in the side or the bottom of your bath tub.

Some of the models come with extended pipes also for making the draining task easier.

This is one of the potent factors which should be checked before you invest in the best inflatable tub.

Lastly, are you ready to choose?

We hope that you are pretty confident and clear about the best inflatable tub you want for yourself or your family. We like the bathtub by HIWENA and Penson & Co., because of their impressive features, quality, and durability. Though, the others on the list are also some great and quality bathtubs. Go for an option which is relaxing, safe, comfortable, and suitable for your style and requirements.

Have a nice and relaxing soak!