The 5 Best Inground Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Looking for the Best Inground Pool Cleaner? Having a pool at your place is a wonderful amenity as it allows you to have fun at any time of the day but maintaining it might require more time than you actually spend enjoying it.

Using automated equipment like a pressure pool cleaner on a regular basis can keep the pool clean and help in reducing maintenance costs.

Inground pool cleaners use the power of the water pressure to gather debris and dirt and contain all of them in an attached bag. They do not use the pool’s filtration system to filter out the debris but might require an additional booster pump to run.

Best Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner Comparison Chart

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Top 5 In Floor Pool Cleaning Systems Reviews

If you compare Pentair vs Polaris pool cleaner then the ideal pool cleaners are Pentair they run automatically without any supervision, keeping the pool clean and bacteria-free.

Since they are attached to the pool’s filter and pool pump they can be operated safely without any vigilance. Also, they do not require any additional electrical attachments.

They offer superior all-around performance and are perfect for pools in leafy areas with heavy debris and usually work well with pools of all sizes and shapes.

in ground pool cleaners reviews

Specifications of Best Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

  • It has front rotating brush scrubs for deep cleaning of the pool surface.
  • It is easy to operate and use in all kind of conditions.
  • It has inbuilt Night Cruize LED lights that enhance looks and makes operation at night easy. The normal usage powers the lights and does not require any batteries.
  • An in-built handle to carry the Racer in and out of the pool.
  • With one button removal, an easy to put on debris bag with an attachment, secured with a snap.
  • The sleek design of the cleaner makes movement easier in the water.
  • It’s quick and easy to maintain due to its design.

The world’s well-known manufacturer of pool and spa equipment, Pentair Racer brings you a great robotic pool cleaner. The Pentair Kreepy Krauly Racer is a super-fast pressure-side that’s best for inground pools and in fact, a must for all pools.

Featuring four centuries, it delivers a 30% faster-cleaning speed and cleans the larger area in less time. Pentair inground pool vacuums are easy to operate and its faster cleaning will save your time and money.

Nighttime cleaning becomes easy with its ultra-bright LED lights that are built into the cleaner. It scores high on its design which is sleek, sporty, and technologically advanced. It does the cleaning like a professional and without any hassles.

Features of Pentair Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

  • It has front rotating brush scrubs for deep cleaning of the pool surface.
  • It is easy to operate and use in all kind of conditions.
  • It has inbuilt Night Cruize LED lights that enhance looks and makes operation at night easy. The normal usage powers the lights and does not require any batteries.
  • It can deliver non-stop cleaning by cleaning in forward and reverse modes which makes it an efficient cleaner.
  • Its wide tires make for better grip on the smooth pool surface. Besides, four tires help it stay upright under the water.


  • The front rotating brushes easily pick up fine debris and brush the pool surface evenly.
  • An extra-wide vacuum tube and a large bag to accumulate any debris lying on the bottom of your pool.
  • In comparison with any other pressure-side pool cleaner, it delivers a 30% faster-cleaning speed. Besides, an adjustable flow gauge makes it easy to regulate the Racer’s speed.


  • Just like every other pool cleaner in the market, it does not come with a booster pump; it is sold separately.


Specifications of Pentair Legend Pool Cleaner

  • Dimensions of the product are 23.5x 11 inches.
  • Legendary weighs 22.7 pounds.
  • Hydrodynamic body with treaded wheels for better traction and stability.
  • Large debris bag with lock and twist system.
  • Built-in back valve for efficient performance.

Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly is one of the best pool sweeps for inground pools and is an incredible innovation. The four wheels Pentair legend pool cleaner is a bigger filter bag for storing both big and small debris.

The pool is cleaned within 1 to 3 hours giving a shining and sparkling look. It comes with a booster pump that is sold separately, which enables Kreepy Krauly to use water pressure for moving and vacuuming the pool in just 3 hours. The legendary Kreepy Krauly is just right for an in-ground pool.

Features of Pentair Kreepy Krauly Legend

Kreepy Krauly Legend has a highly efficient booster pump for a super clean pool.

  • The large bag comes with a twist and locks feature for easy removal of waste.
  • Also, large bag means more collection of debris so you can clean the bag after the complete cycle.
  • Legendary comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Available in grey & white colors.
  • Four wheels provide full coverage cleaning.
  • The Kreepy krauly legendary pool cleaner has in-built pressure relief valve for regulating the flow of water and maintaining consistent travel speed.


  • Big storage bag for more debris.
  • Easy to install.
  • Runs on a very good speed with the help of a booster pump.
  • Do not tip like other pool cleaners.
  • Designed with 4 wheels for smooth movement in the in-ground pool.
  • Cleans the pool between 1-3 hours.


  • The long pool vacuum hose of Kreepy Krauly gets tangled which is a turn off.


Specifications of Polaris Sport Pool Cleaner

  • The dimensions of the Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner are 11 X 24 X 24 Inches.
  • The total weight of the cleaner is 22.6 Pounds (or 10.25 Kg).
  • The storage capacity of the dual chambered Superbag is 5 Litre.
  • The 3 Venturi Jet Cleaner circulates an extra 40 GPM through the filtration bag.

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 3900 Sport Pressure Side Pool Cleaner with its incomparable ease and tremendous performance places itself high in the category of surface pool skimmers. Compatible with all inground pools, these require a Polaris Booster Pump to operate influentially.

The dynamic appeal of the device can be witnessed by the exceptional body design and features which make it competent to produce maximum vacuum power and deliver increased torque to augment the cleaning rates.

It comprises an exclusive all-wheel PosiDrive System with a resilient stainless steel drive chain and its bigger filtration bag can collect debris and waste in heavy amounts, thus making cleaning an easy and effortless experience.

Features of Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner

  • Powered by a Booster Pump, however for maximum performance PB4-60 Booster Pump can be installed.
  • Ideal for all inground pool surfaces.
  • Includes advanced sweep pool vacuum hose accessory named as TailSweep Pro, which is capable enough to drag out the scuffs from all the hidden corners and edges of the pool.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • The booster pump is energy efficient and can be easily installed.
  • Even the largest of the debris can be cleaned by the filtration bags.
  • Maintains a dry environment by avoiding water spilling outside the surface of the pool.


  • Requires installation of booster pump (Polaris PB4-60) to provide best results.
  • High storage capacity filtration bag.
  • One year warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  • The improved hydraulic design of the booster pump is responsible for optimal cleaning performance.


  • The device is not designed for cleaning the step areas.
  • The filter bag needs to be regularly inspected, since it may obstruct the performance of the cleaner if becomes too heavy.


Specifications Polaris 65 Automatic Pool Cleaner

  • It is the best pressure side pool cleaner for above ground pools.
  • It’s dimensions are 22.5 x 7.5 x 23 inches.
  • The product weighs 22.5 x 7.5 x 23 inches but the shipping weight is 14 pounds.

The well-known brand of pool cleaners, Polaris cleaners are worldwide top pool cleaners. These are known for their top quality engineering and sturdy constructions and this automatic pool cleaner clearly proves this right.

The well-known brand of pool cleaners, Polaris cleaners are worldwide top pool cleaners. These are known for their top quality engineering and sturdy constructions and this automatic pool cleaner clearly proves this right. It is a pressure-side pool cleaner that uses Jet Sweep assembly to immaculately clean the bottom and sides of your pool.

Though it is meant for above ground pools up to five feet deep, it can also work for inground vinyl or fiberglass pools. It is easy to install as it does not require a booster pool pump which only increases the cost of a pool cleaner.


  • It is perfect for above ground pools that may have uneven bottoms.
  • It also works in most inground vinyl or fiberglass.
  • Patented Jet Sweep Assembly to handle stubborn debris.
  • A detachable drag bag to catch the debris.
  • Works with pumps and filtration systems.
  • For easy handling, it comes with large handles on both the sides.


  • The jet sweep assembly, which is patented, blows water against the pool wall loosening debris in difficult places and then sweeps it into an easy-to-remove filter bag.
  • It is powered by the clean water pressure that returns to the pool leaving both, the filter and pool skimmer, free to kill contaminants.
  • As it does not require a booster pump, it is affordable, easy to carry around and easy to maintain.


  • The long 24 feet long cord/ hose can get entangled if the cleaner goes too fast. You can release the pressure to slow it down.

Polaris Inground Automatic Pool Vacuum

Specifications Of Polaris 165 Pool Vacuum

  • The dimensions of Zodiac 6-120-00 Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner are 12 X 22.5 X 22.7 Inches.
  • The device weighs around 16.9 Pounds (or 7.66 Kg).
  • Equipped with a Pressure Relief valve that helps to regulate the movement of the pool cleaner.
  • The filter bag can be easily reattached after cleaning it completely.

Zodiac 6-120-00 Polaris Vac-Sweep 165 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner finds its application in all inground, vinyl or fiberglass surfaced water pools up to 8 feet in depth. It can be easily installed using a 1.5 Inch threaded return pipeline with 32 feet pool vacuum hose and requires a pool circulation pump along with the filtration system to operate.

Moreover, the booster pump is not a prime requisite for carrying out the operational task but a patented jet sweep is necessarily required which helps to loosen the rubble and accumulated debris with its strong and propelling water force against the surface of the walls.

All the pollens, leaves, dirt, etc. get collected in the trailing filter bag which can be easily removed and cleaned. This entire cleaning process requires a maximum of 3 hours for completion, thus providing sparkling clean and hygienic water.

Features of Polaris 165 Pool Cleaner

  • Idle for inground pools but can also be used for cleaning above ground pool surfaces.
  • Comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Easy to remove fine mesh filter bag.
  • Completely sweeps and vacuums the walls and the floor surface of the pool.
  • Can work efficiently and give impressive results for pools with uneven flooring.
  • Filter cleanings can be reduced up to 80% annually.


  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Cleans the entire pool surface within 3 hours.
  • 1-year warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Hose coiling can be easily overcome by placing it straight in the sun for a couple of hours.
  • Filtration bag is big enough and can collect all the debris in one go.
  • Storage is not a matter of concern for the users.


  • The pool vacuum hose may get tangled and this might affect the functioning of the pool cleaner.
  • It cannot be placed directly under sunlight in summers and for storage during winters, the device should be completely dried with hoses spread or hung straight.


By using the pressure created by the existing pool pump or by using a separate booster pump, inground pool cleaners are able to collect the debris from all over the pool and put them in their attached filtration bags.

Since they have their own filtration bags, they put less pressure on the pool’s filter, thereby prolonging the life of the filtration system of the pool.

Top inground pool cleaners are ideal for pools in areas where cleaning of large debris is required. If used regularly, they can reduce maintenance costs and cleaning times ensuring that the pool is ready to be used anytime.



If the pool is exposed to dense landscaping and surrounding trees which make it accumulate a lot of debris, one should think of investing in a regular inground pool cleaner instead of a smaller pressure side suction pool cleaner.

Since inground pool cleaners are smaller, they are usually lighter and do not have the same power as inground pool cleaners. They can handle only a small quantity of debris and dirt.

Inground pool cleaners have more suction power and can handle large quantities of unwanted debris resulting in better filtration and cleaner water. Due to this reason, at times, they might need a booster pump for cleaning the swimming pool.


There are different models in the category of inground pool cleaners. Some of them might have an internal booster pump and some might require an external booster.

If the model has an internal booster, one still might need to ensure that they have a booster line that they can get it connected with. If the model requires an external booster, one needs to contact a pool professional to get the booster pump installed in order to operate the machine.


Most of the inground pool cleaners do not work on an above-ground pool. In such cases, it would be better to consider an inground pool cleaner. Most of the pool vacuums are built for a surface area of 10×10 feet and 8-foot deep ends.

If the pool is larger, then a pool vacuum hose extension is required so that the vacuum can reach all the corners of the pool.

If the pool floor has a vinyl surface, one needs to check with the manufacturer whether the cleaner is suited to that type of surface or not as some rotary brushes might damage tile or vinyl.


Best inground pool vacuum usually takes one to three hours to clean the entire pool by using the water pressure to move and vacuum the entire swimming pool.

There is an inline back-up valve or a hydro timer device in the feed hose which activates every couple of minutes to ensure that the cleaner covers the entire pool and avoid getting stuck at steps or in corners.

It has four wheels that prevent tripping and a front-wheel-drive that gives it maximum traction. A built-in pressure relief valve helps in regulating water flow and ensures consistent travel speed for optimum performance in cleaning.


Inground pool cleaners are long-established pool cleaners which function well and clean the pool effectively. They are often used by owners who have a pool with a built-in pressure side port.

There are two kinds of inground pool cleaners – one with an internal booster pump and the other uses an external booster. Inground pool cleaners use the pressure of the water to clean debris and dirt.

Some of the dirt is sucked by the filtration system of the pool and some of it goes into the attached filtration bag of the inground pool cleaner.

This does not clog the main filtration system as bigger debris like leaves and flowers goes to the filter bag, hence reducing the wear and tear of the filtration system of the pool substantially.


Inground pool cleaners attach to the pressure or the return side of the pool’s circulation system and the water which is pumped back into the pool propels this unit.

Inground pool pressure cleaners are helpful in circulating clean filtered water in the pool and their independent debris bag ensures that the lifespan of the filtration system of the pool is prolonged by not bringing the debris and dirt to the pump basket and the pool filter.

Following are some of the benefits of the Inground Pool Cleaner:


An inground pool cleaner comes with its own debris bag. It collects leaves, small pebbles, dirt, and other debris and does not allow it to go to the pump and filter of the pool so they don’t have to be cleaned often.


The pre-programmed automated steering system allows the inground pool cleaner to turn and move in another direction. This feature ensures full coverage and efficient cleaning of the pool.


The pressure relief valve in the inground pool cleaner regulates the pressure flow to the pressure pool cleaner. It does so by opening the bypass water when required. The pressure relief valve ensures consistent travel speed for optimum cleaning performance of the inground pool cleaner.


An inground pool cleaner scrubs and sweeps the bottom and the walls of the swimming pool. It captures the debris before it reaches the pool filter and the pump basket of the pool which reduces the filter cleaning substantially and prolongs the life of the pool filter.


An inground pool cleaner enhances the swimming experience by maximizing circulation of clear and clean filtered water throughout all the areas of the pool.


It cleans the corners, steps and the bottom of the pool thoroughly and reduces algae and bacteria growth hence providing a cleaner and a healthier swimming experience.


The inground pool cleaners are very thorough at cleaning large floating objects such as flowers, blades of grass, pine leaves, dead bugs, etc. They are ideal for mid to large size pools and where there are large surrounding trees.


If the pool is around big trees or if it accumulates a lot of debris then an inground pool cleaner will be a great option to choose. The biggest advantage of the inground pool cleaner is that it doesn’t let the debris go into the pool’s pump basket or the filter which allows for more time in between the cleanings.


Most of the inground pool cleaners are very durable and can last for many years. The main advantage of the models that come with a booster pump is that they come with a time clock and can automatically turn themselves on and off thus saving energy and wear and tear of the unit.


Good inground pool cleaners can be easily installed and maintained in existing as well as new pools. Also, most of the parts of the best pressure pool cleaners are readily available in the market.


The responsibility of keeping the pool clean all times can be quite taxing as one needs to spend a lot of time cleaning it. The inground automatic pool cleaner is a great option as they keep the pool clean with little or no effort.

They put less pressure on the pool filter and help in prolonging the lifespan of the pool’s filtration system.

Best Pressure-side pool cleaners are ideal for people who have pools with built-in pressure ports or those pools which accumulate a lot of debris due to its surrounding area or ones which get low flow from their main filter pump.

If you are going to buy the inground pool cleaner, we recommend you to first make the difference of pressure pool cleaner vs robotic pool cleaner and then buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How Does Robotic Pool Cleaner Work For In-Ground Pool Cleaning?

Ans: The robotic pool cleaners have a motor that supplies power. It works in the same way as robotic vacuum cleaners work. It is plugged at low voltage and because of this; it is safe to use the product. The suction of the motor sucks debris and dirt from the pool and re-circulates water.

Q 2. How Long Is The Life Of In-Ground Pool Cleaners?

Ans: The life of in-ground pool cleaners differ in every brand and is dependent on the cleaner that you are choosing and also dependent on the type of technology being used to clean the pool. Purchasing a pool cleaner that comes with a warranty period is a better option compared to non-warrantied cleaners.

Q 3. How Cleaning Is Carried Out With A Robotics-Based Cleaner?

Ans: To get maximum efficiency, make sure that you prevent dirt from getting back in the pool. After cleaning is over , take out the cleaner and clean the filter otherwise it becomes dirty. The brushes are to be scrubbed so that there is no debris left.

Q 4. State The Difference Between The Above-Ground And In-Ground Pool Cleaner?

Ans: The above-ground pool cleaners clean the surface above the swimming pool whereas in-ground pool cleaner is more powerful and helps in cleaning the floors and walls of the swimming pool.