5 Best Inflatable Pool Slides For Inground Pools – Reviewed (2021)

Splash and fun are one thing I have always cherished since my childhood. Water sports give me a complete package of entertainment + fun + enjoyment. Life becomes more interesting and livelier if we engage ourselves in more games. Sharing my personal experience, I always had a great fascination for swimming since childhood but somehow couldn’t learn it properly till I grew up.

I use to go with my parents on holiday and the seaside and water parks with inflatable pool slides for inground pools were always my dream destination. But when I had my first child, I started learning the proper swimming strokes with him. I think its never too late to learn anything, I hope you all agree with me, don’t you? Even the sliding fun gives immense fun and excitement.

In modern times we have all the things readily available what we can think of. Similarly, having a personal pool is also not a luxury these days. Inground pool slides are so much fun…… seriously they add so much attraction, color, and amusement to the pool. The variety of slides we get in the market is worth the cost and just adorable. We can add more happy hours for our family and friends.

Top Inflatable Pool Slides for Inground Pools - A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Intex Water Inground Slide

slides for inground swimming pools

Fun Wave Graphics

Heavy Duty Handles

Rainbow Design Ring

Best Overall

S.R. Smith Typhoon Right Slide

water slides for in ground pools

Long Track

Fastest Large Slide

High Water Supply

Most Affordable

Swim Line Super Slide

portable pool slide

Long Lasting

Heavy gauge Vinyl

Adjustable Spray Head

Best 5 Inflatable Pool Slides For Inground Pools [Detailed Review]

1. Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center

This is a very compact slide with which your child can have amazing fun during the summer months. It comes with 5 air chambers, fun wave graphics, 6 heavy-duty handles. It is made up of durable 20-gauge vinyl.

The dimensions which these beautiful slide offers are 10’11” L x 6’9” W x 3’10” H, and 176 being the maximum weight limit. For adding more fun the garden hose can be attached with sprayers to make the slide surface wet. It also includes a repair patch.

In case we don’t want a permanent pool slide, then this one serves the best.The best part of an inflatable slide is that it can be inflated and can provide great fun to kids. After using this slide, it can easily be kept indoors, and deflating this slide makes it a compact one.

This slide comes with seven chambers and makes it quite safe to use, as it can still be used despite a puncture. It’s an easy setup slide even for a small backyard. After the water is hooked up to the slide, the sprayer works and the kids have loads of fun by soaking themselves. This one is great fun for the kids of ages six and above. A compact one with low costs.


  • It is an inflatable slide. A great one in which children can have loads of fun.

  • A very compact slide with easy maintenance

  • The storage of this slide is very easy.

  • As far as the cost factor is concerned it is a reasonable one.

  • Can be easily placed in small backyards.


  • Inflating every time when we use is an additional work

  • Only little ones can use

  • Not a lifelong slide

2. S.R. Smith Typhoon Right Curve Pool Slide

This is another poolside which makes thrill rides more entertaining for kids. This is specially and specifically designed for pools with limited deck space. It comes with curves and dips. This one is very durable and sturdy, with an elegant rotomolded design.

The measurements of this slide are, 7 feet, 4 inches tall with flume length of 9 feet, 10 inches. It is also backed up by a 3-year warranty and requires installation. It can accommodate children and adults up to 275 pounds.

There are some set standards for the swimming pool slides by the CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION (CPSC), and this one meets all those standards. It is a salt pool friendly also. It is right curved pool sli.de and comes in gray granite. A slide with a deep and wide flume is one of the strongest and safest of all.

As it is rotomolded so slide is tough enough and few pieces have to be assembled together. The slide is quite steep and offers amazing thrill and fun. It is with a steep slope but the footprint is small. It comes with a three-year warranty.

There is an enclosed ladder on the backside of the pool, with a handrail for extra stability. The wider front flume can deliver 25 gallons a minute. A wonderful slide for kids and adults to have fun in the sun and otherwise. It comes with easy installation and can be done by us without facing any problems.


  • This slide has a high weight capacity

  • It features steepness

  • One can have so much fun and thrill with this amazing one

  • Very durable and a sturdy slide

  • Offers warranty of 3 years and meets the CPSC standards


  • A little bit pricey as compared to others

  • Small children might face a little problem with climbing

3. S.R. Smith Left Curve Pool Slide, Sandstone

This is again a beautiful rotomolded kiddie pool slide that offers hours of endless fun for adults too. It comes with a left curve and a color that matches the surroundings, sandstone color.

It is a very sturdy and durable slide, as very few pieces have to be put together. The maintenance also becomes easier. The accommodation capacity of this slide is 275 pounds, many kids can hang on this and enjoy together.

An amazing one measuring 7 feet 4 inches (tall), and a flume length of 9 feet 10 inches. It comfortably measures the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards.

The installation has to be done by you, and once the anchors are in the ground then the installation is just straight forward.This one is very safe to use and as the kids use it, satisfaction regarding security prevails in our mind.

It has curves and dips and is best suited for pools with limited deck space. If the pool water is salty, in that case also it is quite pool friendly. Per-minute 25 gallons of water can be delivered with the help of the wide flume in front.The 3-year warranty feature also gives us peace of mind. For extra stability, it comes with handrails and an enclosed ladder. It can be considered one of the best pool slides.


  • This is a high weight capacity slide.

  • A deep and steep one designed for more fun

  • A very safe and durable one

  • This left curved option helps in fitting when the right curved one doesn’t fit in the space provided


  • It might be a little inconvenient when kids climb it

  • Comes with a little high price

4. Inter-Fab WRS-CR-SS Water Pool Slide

This is a lovely wild ride pool slide and comes in a radiant white shade. There are more color options like the classic blue. This slide stands quite tall with 6’5” and offers 11 feet long and a deep flume to ride on, just a wonderful runway.

It is available in the left and right curve both. The curves give us ample fun to change the direction while riding and cutting down on the slide’s footprint. The handrails of the slide make climbing very easy and safe for small kids.

This fun-filled slide has many safety features included in it. This pool slide is specifically designed for fast fun with extra safety. The enclosed stairs of the pool are large enough and are perfect for wet feet.

It comes with a high-flow water rate, giving the rider an extra push to slide into the pool with more excitement. A garden hose or an existing water delivery system of the pool can be attached to the slide. This option is a great one for children of all ages.Just looking at this slide only, one feels like riding it and having fun with family and friends.


  • It comes in a good size for more people to enjoy

  • It is 11’ long and 6’5” tall

  • The high-water flow of this slide gives a great thrill

  • It’s a very sturdy and durable one

  • The safety feature of this slide gives enough mental satisfaction, especially when it comes to kids


  • The water hose might require an adopter, in addition

5. Swim line Super Slide

As the name suggests, this one is a super slide with super fun. This option is again an amazing one for the younger children. It supports endless fun with a continuous water stream.

It is an inflatable one and its storage becomes very easy. In case, when not in use it can be deflated and kept aside properly. It doesn’t take much of your time to set it up and takes very little space when deflated and stored.

It is designed with heavy-duty vinyl to resist any kind of punctures or tears. A garden hose can also be hooked up to the slide for extra slickness.The weighted base gives it more strength and support.

Many times, I have seen that the inflatable slides shift while being used, but this doesn’t happen in case of this particular one. This slide stays intact where you put it. This one is great fun for children of smaller ages.

Definitely, the younger ones would love to slide on this amazing one on a hot sunny day. In case you have small children in your house then do buy a new one, if you haven’t. It comes in pleasing blue and red colors that attract kids. An inflatable landing pad is also attached to it, giving it more firmness.


  • An amazing one which provides endless fun to little kids

  • Easy storage as we can deflate it and keep aside

  • The weighted base makes it more unique

  • It is made up of heavy-gauge vinyl

  • Absolutely safe for your little loved ones

  • A super fun slide, absolutely


  • Inflating every time, we use involves time

  • Might tear or puncture

  • Only meant for younger ones

How To Choose Perfect Inflatable Water Slide For Inground Pool

As we have discussed above pool sliding is a direct way to fun and enjoyment. The thought of a slide gives you a sudden feeling of joy, it takes you to another level of happiness. Be it kids or adults it is a charm for all. They make the kids go crazy and wild. The pool enjoyment can be felt with just simple slides in a nice and safe way. Just imagine a hot summer day and the kids and adults will just wait for their turn to ride and glide on their favorite pool slide. However, buying a slide for your pool is a little typical task. So, here we will be going through a few points which will make our choice to slide a little bit easier. A systematic approach should be followed for this so that we buy an appropriate slide for our lovely pool. Pool sliding will become more fun if we choose the right one.

swimming pool slides for inground pool

There are many long-term benefits if we take the right decision at the initial stages before doing our purchase. The points discussed will certainly help us in deciding the right things.

Pool Slides And Their Types

We treasure life long memories with the moments we share with our friends and family, isn’t it!!!!

So, one should make the most of it with these cherishable moments in your backyard pool. Memories last forever, just choosing one perfect slide will surely enhance your happiness. Let’s take a quick look at the slides and their types

Straight Leg Slide

This is a slide that is straight at the top and exhibits a curve at the lower side (bottom). The entire family can use this one, as it features an open and closed stairway making it spacious. The height offered by this slide is 12 to 8 feet. A ladder-like staircase is also attached to it.

If you have a small pool then this type of a slide is the right one for you, in short, a simple slide with simple shape and features.

Molded Slide Leg

This is a slide with curves and steep design, making sliding a lot more exciting. It might be a left or right curved slide, depending on the placement of your pool. Normally, this slide comes with a height of 8 feet, along with a closed stairway. This option is a safe one for kids, as they can easily climb it without supervision also. It has a stairway which makes the climb easier. This slide is structured to make everything so adventurous; the curves make it more exciting.

Elephant Leg Slide

This is a unique one, which is one of its kind. It comes of two kinds of stream design and a G-force pattern, each one of them provides maximum excitement and fun. The G-force design comes in a curvy design, resembling a DNA strand. This uniquely slide is about 9 feet tall and large in size. The streamlined one is a molded one like a leg but is steeper at the top.

Though there are many slides available in the market these days, the simplest way to choose your slide is to compare and search the best. A few details should be studied properly in order to buy the best and the perfect. Just consider the following points before you choose; –

Consider Footprint

The first and foremost thing that should be considered is space around the pool. Your slide should comfortably fit into that. Firstly, measure the space and then go into the product specifications. Space which will be required by the climbers should also be kept in mind while measuring. A simplified outline of the width and length is also specified properly by some manufacturers. Just go through every detail properly before buying your product.

Material And Surface

The longevity and durability of a slide are of great concern. One should aim for the most durable and hardwearing one. The best-suited materials for the slides are rotationally molded polyethylene plastic or fiberglass coat. A friction-free and strong surface is provided by these ones. These are rust and chemical resistant and last for years. Protection from UV rays is also taken care of. So, buy the best one along with your affordability.

Location Is Crucial

It becomes extremely important for the pool owner to get the slide installed at a proper place. According to the recommendations of the slide owners, installation should be done near a depth of approximately 44-48 inches of water in the swimming pool. If the slide is a steep one, in that case more depth is required. The narrow or shallow end of the pool should be avoided, as the sliders might hit the surface thereby losing all the fun. There are certain standards provided by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for the slide providers and should be strictly adhered to.

A Lovely Curvy Slide

We are in an era in which we can get 360-degree curved slides. Thinking of this gives me goosebumps. How much thrilling the slide would be? Just can’t resist sliding on one. If one has space and money to accommodate this, this is certainly not to be missed.

Size And Color Of The Slide

The size of the slide should also match your requirements. Inflatable ones are good for younger kids and steep and curvy ones prove excellent for adults. A product should be able to hold about 200 lbs.

These days pool slides are available in varied options. You can match your pool color or yard color with the slide. White will look good with the pool and will get less heated up during summer months giving you a cool feel. Earthy colors are a good option that can contrast with your yard decor.

The Water Feel

The water flowing along the slide flume gives you added excitement. It’s just worth it if water hook-up is there with it, as water will increase the thrill while sliding. A garden hose attachment can also help out alternatively.

Easy Installation And A Safer Slide

Ease of installation gives the slide owner a lot of freedom. Only if a professional’s help is required then only should be taken for installing (drilling, setting, etc.). One should always go for a CPSC approved pool slide. As the standardized slides are safe and secure to use. Secure handrails, wide ladder treads should be checked for. Safety first! should be considered.

The Cost Factor

A slide that can accommodate elders comes in a range of as low as $2000. It’s just your personal decision, how much you can spend?

Concludingly, we can say that after discussing so much in detail about slides, we can easily buy a good pool slide option. The price, safety, size, color, material, etc., should be thoroughly thought of before buying your favorite one. After all, one buys a pool slide for a lifetime. Go for an option which suits your pocket and will certainly be fun for your family. After reviewing everything get the perfect slide to add aesthetic to your backyard. Summer days and a beautiful slide are an added attraction for you and your pool. If you haven’t bought one just get it fast to experience the excitement.

Few Frequently Asked Questions For Inflatable Slide For Inground Pool

Q1. How Should I Maintain My Discolored Pool Slide?

As the slides are located outside so they can lose their color. One can preferably use a polish or glaze kit to restore its color. Since, the slide is exposed to harsh elements so paint on the discolored or damaged area should be totally avoided as it might lead to powdery steaks, giving it a shabby look.

Q2. Where Do Pool Slides Get Water From?

There is two ways from where the pool slides can get water from, the pool plumbing system or a garden hose. A pool has its own pool plumbing system to provide water while constructing the pool this set up can be done. If case the installation is done later then a garden hose will also prove sufficient and will be of great benefit for enhancing sliding fun.

Q3. Can An Adult Slide In A Pool Slide?

I think age doesn’t matter as every person has a child inside. We as adults can also have all the fun and thrill on a pool slide. Only one thing has to keep in mind that while installing the slide which is chosen should be able to handle about 200 lbs weight. So, just go ahead and enjoy your pool ride.

Q4. What Are The Major Surface Options For Swimming Pool Slides?

The market offers many surface options these days. The most common of them are rotomolded/prefabricated polyethylene and fiberglass chutes. It depends on your budget, which slide surface you prefer. Polythene is supposed to be the best but is more expensive than fiberglass. You can get your slide surface customized by using concrete, pebbles or tiles as the surface material. Wax resins also can be used to provide additional safety to your pool slide surface.

Q5. What Can I Do About Rust Spots On My Stainless-steel Rails?

Everything which you buy needs maintenance, especially which remains exposed in open. Routine cleaning is advisable for stainless-steel rails also. They can be cleaned with detergent, soaps or a mild mixture of ammonia. Even the toughest of stains, spots or discoloration can be removed with the varied products available in the market like Reverse Ware Cleaner, Bon Ami, Cameo, 3m stainless steel cleaner, etc.

Q6. Which are the most common slide shapes?

The common pool slide shapes can be generalized into three categories:

  • Straight pool slide

  • Curved pool slide

  • Corkscrew shaped pool slide

The above three are the most common ones, and the longer the slide will let you have a longer ride, and more fun it is going to be. The pool slide height should also match the size of the pool. Whichever pool slide matches your pool space should be opted for.

Q7. What should be put on the pool slide to make them slick?

It is always important to be clear about one thing that pool slides should be polished rather than scrubbed. Harsh cleaning may lead to scratches, cracks on the slides. Windex, Formula 409, Fantastik are some of the recommended polishing and cleaning products which can be safely used to clean pool slides. Proper cleaning and maintenance of the slides will add more life to them. Abrasive cleaning comes with a big no, when it comes to cleaning pool slides.

Q8. What should be the pool depth for slides?

An ideal depth for installing a pool slide is 32 inches. It also depends on the height of a person, 50 inches or taller ones the pool depth can be roughly 3 feet to 4 feet. Where the slide is installed the other end of it connected to the pool is known as the drop, and that distance between water and slide should be at least 2 feet. Some more factors like footprint, shape of the slide etc. which determine the pool depth.

Q9. Can a playground slide be used for a pool?

Using a playground slide for a pool is not a good idea. The playground slide can be used for a pool, but won’t give you good results like the pool slides do. It might not match the parameters for an above ground pool. Personally, I feel playground slides are meant for playgrounds and not pools, as they are manufactured and designed specifically for that, and same goes for the pool slides.

Q10. How can one get water to the slide?

Water can be made to reach the slide with the help of a pump. The pump functions to draw the water from the pool slide base, and further the water is pushed with a pipe to the slide top. Then the water goes down making your ride more exciting. In this whole process the pump facilitates the recycling of water also.

The Last Word

Choose a perfect slide which is safe and is fun to use. Add thrill and enjoy your pool rides at home. Hundreds of options are available in the market today, so Choose right!!!
Happy sliding & gliding!!

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