Best Permanent Above Ground Pools Of 2021

Splash This Summer In An Above Ground Pool!

Summers and pool splashing go hand in hand, providing you unmatchable hours of fun and relaxation. Be it kids or adults they are the best pass time on hot summer noon which can keep you cool. Affording an in-ground pool is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the market today offers a wide range of best permanent above ground swimming pools, which can fulfill your dream of owning a private pool. The article focuses on many above ground pool options according to your needs and requirements.

Top 10 Deepest Above Ground Pools[Detailed Review]

The Intex metal frame above ground pools set are engineered for power and is a well-constructed one. This one is strong, durable and has robust steel frames, which are corrosion resistant and are powder coated adding elegance to them.

This one adds aesthetic to your backyard making your summers cool and enjoyable. The PVC walls are triple strong super tough and possess an all-around band to keep the frame legs firm. The pool gets ready as quickly as 45 minutes.

It has a capacity of 4,400 gallons (90%), including a crystal-clear cartridge filter pump of 1000 GPH (110-120 V). The drain plug is a convenient one that can easily drain water and is also connected to a garden hose. The dual suction outlet fittings are appreciable which helps in improving water circulation, keeping the pool water clean and hygienic.

Though, this one is not the biggest but one of the strongest and with the easiest setup features. The pool pump helps in keeping the water clean while the ground fault circuit interrupter keeps it safe to use. A debris cover and ground cloth (3 ply material). This one comes with easy assembly and is for ages 6 and above. Install it on a leveled surface.


  • It requires no extra equipment

  • Comes at an affordable price

  • Easy to set up kit with all accessories

  • 8 people can easily enjoy

  • The PVC walls and outlet fittings with dual suction makes it unique


  • The pool pump (530 GPH) is not so big for regular use, up-gradation required

Bestway Pro year round above ground pool is a remarkable family pool that makes you enjoy it in the best way. Not a very deep pool and built to last for seasons. Serves best for swimming, spending time with friends and makes summer cool and enjoyable.

The steel frames are corrosion-resistant, durable and fitted with ‘T’ and ‘C’ clips. This 12 ft pool requires no extra tools except a screwdriver. This one comes with a 330-gal filter pump. This amazing adult and kidie pool provides super summer fun.

An affordable pool as compared to the complicated steel-walled pool. The PVC (3ply) support band surrounds the pool providing it with extra stability. A pool featuring structural integrity is tear resistant and won’t fade with time.

It also possesses a chemical dispenser, that omits the need for a traditional floating chemical cleaner. The flow control valve facilitates easy draining, empties the pool easily when required and a DVD can be used to see the pool set up maintenance. A filter cartridge is also a part of the pool.


  • A basic pool and comes at an affordable price

  • Provides endless fun from summer to summer

  • A pool which is durable and steel build

  • Comes with easy assembly

  • Is corrosion resistant and doesn’t fade early


  • This one doesn’t have accessories

  • A smaller pool

The Intex Ultra frame pool set provides you with enough space to have a gala time with your friends and loved ones.

This ultra-frame pool set is durable, sturdy, powder-coated providing rust resistance and a beautiful one that adds beauty to your backyard. You can have endless floating fun in this amazing one. It is designed with style and has a redesigned frame structure.

It boasts of Hydro aeration technology which helps in extra circulation, filtration and clarity. This one features a 110-120 V cartridge pool filter pump along with a flow rate of 1000 GPH.

Unlike the other ones, it looks wonderful in the backyard and just by hooking up the hoses, clean and clear water makes you refreshed. This pool stands out due to its impressive features and a wonderful capacity of 3,357 gallons (90%). A ladder for convenience, ground cloth, debris pool cover, dual suction outlet fittings from a part of it. It takes just 45 minutes to set the pool, the DVD can be used for that.


  • Comes with an easy setup

  • An adequately sized pool for families to enjoy

  • Features a newly designed, ladder, debris cover, dual suction outlet fittings with an instructional DVD

  • A powerful 1000 GPH pump


  • The warranty is from 15 days of purchase, avoid buying it in off season

  • The ladder is a little shaky

The Intex easy set pool is an amazing one that can be assembled with ease. A good one to relax in your backyard in summers, with family.

It is easy to install a filter pump of 110-120 V by just hooking up the hoses, and can enjoy refreshing clean water. It takes just 10 minutes to set up the pool.

It can be spread on the level ground, then the top ring can be inflated, the pool can be filled with water, and then it’s ready to splash and have fun in it. The PVC sidewalls are super tough and durable.

The Intex has a capacity of 639 gallons of water (80%), and a 330 gallon per hour flow rate. The water drag plug helps in the draining of water that connects to a garden hose. This one is best suited for ages 6 and above accommodates 2 to 4 persons. An instructional DVD can be used for details. A low-priced pool that measures 8ft x 30 in. Avoid setting up on sand, mud or loose soil conditions.


  • Can be easily assembled

  • A pump is included when you buy

  • Comes with a low-price tag

  • New dual suction outlet fittings form a part of it


  • Small in size

  • Will last only a few seasons

This one is the best hard sised above ground swimming pool designed and manufactured with uniqueness. The pool frame is made with premium quality galvanized steel and also features a locking system.

The impressive features of the pool enhance overall stability, durability, and quality. This one is corrosion resistant as it possesses an encapsulating inner and outer powder coating.

The pool remains clean and fresh with a high-end Intex sand water filter. It is a powerful pool and can manage a water capacity of 4,545 gallons (90%).

It takes about an hour to set up the pool, and also includes a filter pump of 110-120V, with a per hour flow rate of 1,200 gallons. Supposed to be one of the most expensive options of the above ground pool, but the pool and its components are true to its value. A rectangular pool and is powered with strength.


  • It has a solid galvanized steel frame

  • A filter of premium quality

  • Is backed up with a 2-year warranty

  • Features a powered coating that keeps it corrosion free


  • This one is a bit difficult to assemble

  • A high-priced option

This Intex pool is the one that can be installed very easily. You can make your back-yard place all summer with this beautiful pool. A good option for a family to relax in summers.

This is equipped with a ground fault interpreter, which keeps it absolutely safe in case of any accidental current, as it shuts off on its own.

It can be made ready in just 15 minutes by spreading on a leveled surface. After spreading, the top ring should be inflated, and the pool can be filled to have endless fun. The PVC sidewalls are super tough and the convenient drain plug helps in draining excess water as is connected to a garden hose.

It has a water capacity of 3,736 gallons (80%), and a filter pump of 1,000 GPH (110-120V). This one is accessorized with a ladder, ground cloth, and a debris cover. The dual suction fittings keep the water circulation improved, leading to clean, clear and hygienic water. The pool should never be set up on loose soil conditions, sand or mud. The pool parts replacement can be done during a limited warranty period. Serves good for ages 6 and above.


  • This one comes with an easy setup

  • A good option to relax in summers with your friends and family

  • Can hold a capacity of 3,736 gallons

  • It is equipped with a pump


  • This one is not durable

  • Expensive for replacement

The Bestway pro rectangular above ground pool is an excellent option for small spaces, families and young children. This one features a shallow depth that is safe and comfortable to use. Children can easily learn to paddle in it. It is extremely easy to set up this pool in just minutes.

The pool frame can be easily made by joining ‘T’ and ‘C’ connectors quickly. This holds the PVC walls properly and keeps the pool shape intact.

The sturdy side walls are made of 3 separate layers of material. It also has a polyester mesh lamination which is attached to the 2 outer heavy gauge, making it quite safe and comfortable to use.

The metal frames are corrosion resistant and can be easily set up and stored when not in use. It has a flow control drain (in-built), which facilitates the easy draining of water by connecting to a garden hose. This is an inexpensive above ground pools with no added accessories.


  • Comes at an affordable price

  • A safe one to use

  • Best suited for small places

  • It features generous dimensions


  • This is difficult to set up

  • Sidings require maintenance in routine

  • This one doesn’t include any accessories

The Coleman 22’ x 52” is one of the most preferred due to its structural integrity and durability. This hard sided above ground pool is manufactured with a premium quality steel frame design.

It requires minimum tools for assembling and a good option for your backyard space. It is accessorized with a ground cloth for lawn protection, pool cover which keeps the dirt or debris away while not being used. The ladder can easily let you enter or exit the pool.

It also owns a pool pump of 2500 gallons which helps in maintaining the pool water and keeps it sparkling. Its metal frame is rust-resistant and has a flow control valve to make the draining process easier.

It has a rust-resistant metal frame and a flow control drain valve that makes the draining process easy. If maintained well this can be a part of your family fun for years. You can easily enjoy the summer after summer. A complete set that has a maintenance kit with it.


  • It features a ladder; pool cover and pump

  • A comprehensive one at an affordable price

  • This one is manufactured and designed uniquely

  • The metal frame is rust-resistant

  • Very fewer assembling tools required


  • It might leak

  • Can corrode with time

  • This one is hard to assemble

The oval deluxe pool is everything that you need in your summer to have loads of fun. This one is biggest above ground pool and is an excellent choice for a family.

The pool dimensions are 30’ x 15’ x 52” in size. This pool is a special one as it is equipped with a hot-dipped galvanized G-60 steel wall measuring 52 inches.

This one is a robust one with zinc-coated hardware and has a deep corrugation built. It possesses 2 piece molded resin covers of 7 inch and a molded resin bottom pedestal.

The resin ladder is strong and has a removable outside staircase. It features a 1 horsepower pump and motor. This one comes with easy and quick assembly, providing you thrilling splashing moments. The all-weather Vinyl liner (20 gauge) has lap-welded seams, a cartridge skims filter system (attached pool skimmer) and a structural foam of heavy-duty.


  • It features a quality ladder, skimmer, and a pump

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • A durable option

  • Very huge in size

  • It comes with deep corrugation and a removable ladder


  • It can suffer leaks

  • This one comes with serious value concerns

  • A high-priced above ground pool

The Bestway power steel above ground pool can let you have immense fun in the sun.

This one is more stable and durable than other inflatable pool options. This one comes at an economical cost as compared to a more complicated steel-walled pool.

It is designed with a superior frame which is corrosion resistant as is protected with a coating. This one is strong enough to bear the UV rays and the coating doesn’t let it scrape.

It features strong PVC sidewalls (3 ply), that surround the pool giving it more firmness.

This one boasts of an amazing seal and lock system, can provide enough security by preventing bends and leaks as is connected so well. The pin clip feature also ensures stable connections of the joints. It doesn’t need any chemical floaters as is equipped with a chemical dispenser providing you more space to swim comfortably. It is attached to the pool wall with a valve. The Bestway comes with an easy assembly and doesn’t need any extra tools. The excess water can be easily drained with a flow-controlled drain valve.


  • It comes in a stainless- steel frame

  • Features an amazing seal and lock system

  • A stable and durable one

  • Strong PVC sidewalls

  • It comes at an affordable price


  • This one is difficult to assemble

  • Doesn’t include a ladder

  • Customer service is not so good

Choosing The Right Above Ground Pool

Ensure it with conviction before choosing the right above ground pool. Before going for your purchase a few things should be considered properly so that you go for the right product. This way you will have no regrets later. A few easy steps to ponder before choosing the right

The Pool’s Budget

To start with, budget is not the most important thing but still has to be thought of as it is one of the factors. If you see the market trends you land up spending 30,000 dollars to 70,000 dollars for an in-ground pool, a huge amount! Isn’t it! Alternatively, above ground pools cost you around 5000 dollars at the max. You can even get a pool for 500 to 1000 dollars if we talk about the above-ground pools.

We can see how much difference in the amount and the affordability of the pool; comparisons are for you to decide. Still, we cannot ignore the price tag, as we have to see our own pocket without stressing out. The above-ground pools range varied from low to higher ranges according to their size and capacity.

The Space For A Pool

As you are at the buying end you need to see all the parameters minutely. The location of the house where the pool will be placed has to be decided prior. You will be in a better state of mind if you pre-decide the place and space, as the size and type of your new pool should support it.

The safety factor should be kept in mind as no obstacles should hinder the pool. They should be placed at least 3 to 5 feet away from any object or furniture. Unlevelled surfaces come with a big no, as they seriously affect its functionality. There should be no dry wells, septic tanks, roots, tree bottom, etc.

The Area Should Be Measured

You should be in a comfortable position to roam around the pool, proper measurement should be done prior to setting the pool. The above-ground pools come with a height of 36 to 54 inches. The pools may be shaped oval, round or rectangular.

Without measurement, the pool cannot be set up.

Type of pool

Before doing your purchase, the pool type should be decided. You can opt for steel, aluminum or a resin pool.

1. Steel Pools

These are supposed to be the strongest, and are corrosion resistant and come with a galvanized coating. These are cost-effective pools.

2. Aluminum Pools

These pools are suitable for places with inclement weather. They can have a bit of pitting issues that could be caused by oxidation. The exposure might lead to a layer formation of aluminum oxide that prevents rusting and aging.

3. Resin Pools

Thick plastic is referred to resin and the pools made with this are resin pools. These pools are common ones and have steel walls. These pools are cost-effective but tend to crack or fade when exposed to extreme weather conditions or harmful UV rays.

Where to buy the best pool?

You are free to buy a pool from a nearby store or online, as per your needs. On a personal note, I would like to suggest going for online purchases due to a few reasons. Like the online vendors come with free shipping offers, and the variety is so much for you to choose the best. Discounts and free returns around the year are also a part of online shopping. And if we compare with a nearby store, then the options are very less and are available in summer or spring season only sometimes. Buy a pool of a good brand to avoid maintenance hassles.

Maintenance and safety are two more aspects you should look for before buying an above ground pool.

In the last

With so many options and guidance, I think you are ready to buy your type of pool. Make your summer as cool as the winter breeze, and have loads of endless fun in your backyard. Research religiously for doing the right purchase. ‘Fun in the sun’ and ‘feel relaxed this summer’. I hope you will benefit from this article mine. Bye for now!

Few Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Right Time To Purchase An Above Ground Pool?

If you purchase online then the pools are available throughout the year. Most of us plan to buy a pool before summer, but as they come with easy installation, the months after summer are apt to buy. You will be able to save money this way, prefer to buy in the month of September or onwards.

Why Should A Leveled Surface Important To Place The Pool?

If the surface where the pool is supposed to be placed is not smooth or even then the pool might get damaged or even collapse. The size, capacity of the pool should always be kept in mind, as gallons of water has to be managed. Avoid uneven surfaces and loose soil conditions to place the pool.

What Is The Depth Of An Above Ground Pool?

The depth of an above ground pool is affected by many factors. It depends on the size, shape, materials used and dimensions. These pools are not very deep, and an average depth might be 46 inches to 60 inches. The depth varies from pool to pool depending on its structure and specifications.

Why Is There A Need For Pool Water Circulation?

It is extremely important to keep the pool clean and clear. The pool water circulation helps in keeping the flow of water improved and prevents the deposits of algae, dirt, debris or any other sort of contaminants. This process keeps the pool water absolutely hygienic. The water follows a circular fashion in order to keep it perfect for use, keeping infections away.

Is An Above Ground Pool A Safe Option For Children?

If we compare then above ground pools are a much better option as compared to the in-ground pools. The above-ground pools have a higher entry point, that prevents children or adults to accidentally fall in the pool. These are safe for children, but that doesn’t eliminate the need to monitor, adults should take proper care while the children are in or around the pool.