The 8 Best Pool Basketball Hoops : Top Picks

Just a simple swimming pool in your house may turn monotonous and the novelty may fadeaway with time. This results in the family using the pool less and less!!

But these fun-filled poolside basketball hoops tend to add much more moments of thrill, excitement, laughter, and exercise too.

Want to add more amusement to your pool?

You should definitely give a try to the best Pool Basketball Hoop that suits your pool and experience the difference. This gives an awesome feeling when all the family members be it the teens or the elderlies spend some real and quality time with this fun new pool addition.

These hoops are designed to take away your stress and make you comfier while partying or spending weekends with loved ones. You can make the pool hangout more enjoyable by having a match sometimes.

So, lets get straight to some of the real full enhancing basketball hoops available in the market.

Heavy Duty Pool Basketball Hoops - A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Dunnrite Splash (B600)

best poolside basketball hoop

Worth The Money

Easy To Assemble

Vibration Resistant

Best Overall

Lifetime 1306

basketball hoop for pool deck


Weather Resistant

Height Adjustment

Most Affordable

Intex Floating Hoops

best pool basketball hoop for saltwater

Highly Durable

Easy To Inflate

Very Lightweight

Available For Floating, Inflatable, In & Above Ground

poolside basket ball hoops

This product is best saltwater pool basketball hoop  because of its durability and adjustability. It features a shatterproof fusion backboard of 44”, and the playing surface is polycarbonate.

This inground pool basketball hoop with a pro glass look has a durable and an unbreakable frame made of polyethylene.

The pole has corrosion resistant feature and is protected from ultra violet rays. The 27-gallon base provides immense stability along with easy movability, and you use water or sand to fill it.

This one comes with height adjustments like a telescope, and can be adjusted from 4 ft to 6.5 ft (incrementing 6 inch).

The Lifetime pool side is a beautiful hoop that exhibits screen printed graphics and has a supreme quality color, that provides security from any outside elements. The pole is round, powder-coated and is made of steel. This one is all weather hoop system, and owns a basket rim that is original. The measurement of the basketball rim is 5/8-inch steel ring and braces being ½ inch. This is well built pool hoop and has a weather resistant nylon net.


  • A durable and an adjustable lifetime pool hoop

  • Features a shatterproof fusion backboard

  • This comes with a portable and a heavy-duty base

  • This is weather resistant and made of premium quality steel

  • The graphics are fade resistant

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

  • Has telescoping height adjustments


  • Rusting might take place, better to coat it with spray for protection

  • Sometimes the parts are missing from the factory

above ground pool basketball hoop

You can just have a blast in summer by dunking basketballs. So just chill in with your Pool master Pro Rebounder. This above ground pool. basketball hoop brings lot of action to your pool, and can easily be placed on the deck of any in-ground or

This one is manufactured with materials that are weather resistant and extremely durable.The dimensions are 34 inches W x 25.5 inches high of the hard body backboard. The game base can be made stable by filling water or sand and is made of polyform.

The net is hand woven and has an inflation needle and is all weather too. The shades might differ from grey or blue of the backboard. The base is durable and requires deck space of 18 x 21 inches. The company Pool Master is a leading brand of spas and pool products since 1958.

Being in water becomes more fun with this amazing pool master basket-ball game. This can be used and enjoyed by adults, kids and basketball enthusiasts. It doesn’t let you miss any shots and might bunch up badly, its better to zip tie it.


  • The Pool master is an amazing Pro rebounder

  • This brings lot of action to your pool space

  • Can be enjoyed by adults, kids, basketball enthusiasts

  • Features a hardbody backboard

  • The netting is white and long

  • They just sit on the pool edge on a solid surface


  • Doesn’t feature adjustable height

  • The rubber ball is not a quality one

basketball hoop for pool deck

The Dunnrite Basketball Hoop is again a marvellous basket ball pool side that adds enough charm to your pool side. The complete hardware of this pool hoop is constructed with premium stainless steel.

The base dimensions are 17 (W) X 19 (D) X 38 (T), and the weight of base is 115 lbs (water filled). The rim is also constructed with stainless steel and is coated with vinyl and features a height of 36 inches (above deck).

The Dunnrite is best basketball hoop for pool deck which is uniquely designed for giving you maximum fun. It can be used to play for full space. Comes with easy assembly with the least efforts and just a few connections. This can stand still and firm irrespective of the way you play. It completes itself in a midsize with a diameter of 7 ¾” and also features a matching ball and hardware, gives it a cool look.

The net and rim are 22” x 31” and the backboard is silk-screened. You can enjoy 3 years of warranty. This facilitates a great rebound and is vibration resistant too, as stands firm. The extended rim gives you flexibility and eases to play while you are a bit away from the pool edge.


  • The backboard is shatter proof and is made of polyurethane

  • This is corrosion resistant and all weather

  • Features a strong rim and durable hardware

  • This one showcases great construction

  • Has a good rebounding quality

  • This one is firm and can stand the shocks of shots

  • The base and stand both are sturdy


  • A higher priced one

adjustable basketball hoop

The Swimline heavy duty pool basketball hoop comes with impressive features and is true to its value, quality, reliability and durability. This is an adjustable hoop and stand comes with multi-height feature.

This commercial quality poolside basketball features a great width, with a body board of 44” (W) x 32” (H) and has a hard body, that is tough and can withstand adversities.The Swim line is available at a customer friendly price, and is very easy to assemble, as already in shape, only few connections of small parts required.

This stays for seasons giving you enough fun with dunks and action-packed play. The net is a heavy duty one along with a metal hoop and also has a game ball. This features a shatter proof backboard.

This one possesses good absorbing power and can stand jerks and vibrations easily. The base can be filled with water and comes at a price that suits your pocket. This is certainly a product of high quality that is manufactured with commercial plastic. The rim is constructed with tensile steel to give strength. If you buy this you can certainly have some professional game time with your friends.


  • This one is built to give reliability and sturdiness

  • The base and stand both are strong

  • The backboard has a good rebounding quality

  • This comes at an affordable price as compared to its competitors

  • A high quality built with commercial plastic

  • An all-weather product


  • This one doesn’t last long

dunn rite basketball hoop

This out of the box swimming water basketball hoops provides you with a twin facility of basketball and volleyball. This is a great product at an affordable price.

his combo set equipment comes with durable construction and can make you play two games, though not at the same time. After some forceful shots, the base can still stay strong and firm.

Both the bases are tall in structure with 17” x 19” x 38” in measurement. Without the use of tools, you can easily switch over to the other game.

Backboard and rim both are strong as made of polyurethane, and you have a play time according to your choice with no vibrations while hitting with the ball as this possesses absorbing qualities.

The base of this combo set weighs 115 lbs (water filled). The rim measures 13.5 inch and is of stainless steel with a vinyl coating. This owns a fixed height of 36 inches (above deck). The net is all-weather and comes in white color. The hardware is completely manufactured with stainless steel. The volleyball net is 16’ and can arch over up to 22’.


  • A combo pack with which you can play 2 games basketball and volley ball

  • This has sturdy backboard and it rebounds well

  • This is built with excellent quality construction

  • Features a strong base and stand

  • Corrosion resistant and can withstand temperature

  • Comes with a 3 years warranty


  • This is a bit expensive

water basketball game

This Dunnrite splash and shoot basketball hoop for pool deck can just make your pool look like an aquatic basketball court. This is a durable hoop that possesses rim made of stainless steel and is coated with vinyl. This features a backboard of polyurethane and measures 43-inch x 28.5 inch.

It also possesses a basket ball net that is weather resistant and white in color. The pole is round in shape, powder coated and is heavy duty in a one-piece size of 2 3/8 inch.

The pole comes with multi adjustment features like a telescope and can be raised to height of 56 inches above the pool deck at boundless increments.

The basketball hoop base can hold 200 lbs of water (25 gallons). This super tough basketball hoop features a 40 W x 24 L x 10 h base.This one is corrosion resistant and again an all-weather product. You can easily assemble in minutes, as very few parts have to be connected. What else one can think of? An amazingly reliable product that can give you loads of fun.


  • This one is well built with a Polyurethane backboard

  • The stainless-steel rim is coated with vinyl, all weather net

  • The material used for construction is corrosion resistant and all weather

  • Comes with easy assembly

  • It features a telescoping pole that can easily adjust to different heights

  • Certainly, a super tough basketball pool hoop

  • Comes with a strong base and stand


  • A quality product but a little high priced

inflatable basketball hoop for pool

This Intex floating basketball hoop for pool is incredibly attractive and designed uniquely to play inside the pool. This product comes with jaw-dropping awesomeness. Once you see this, you just can’t resist buying one.

This one is a durable basketball game pool hoop and is constructed using vinyl of 10- gauge. This also possesses an inflatable ball and a repair patch, in case of any puncturing. The base can be filled with water for providing great stability to the pool hoop.

This one is suitable for hot summer days, and can provide you with cherishable moments of fun and action with your family and friends.

It features dimensions of 26.5 L x 21.5 H inches. This is a very colorful one that is loved by people of all ages. This provides you with fun-filled sports activities while staying in the pool. Though it stays for seasons might need repairs, and that could be handled easily by you.


  • This basketball game hoop is incredibly attractive and designed in a unique manner

  • Provides you with quality time to spend with your family and loved ones

  • The construction of this pool hoop is durable

  • Comes with an inflatable ball and a repair patch

  • You can enjoy staying in the pool along with playing

  • A good option to buy for making your summer days fun filled and cool

  • Possesses a stable base when filled with water


  • The ball is not of good quality

  • Not so durable for long time

pool basketball game

The Dunnrite Junior pool hoop is uniquely designed and is light in weight. The pool hope base is sturdy and stands firm while you play. This one doesn’t degrade with time and remains same throughout, a product worth appreciation.

The base of the pool hoop measures 17 W X 19 D X 38 T along with a weight of 115 lbs (water filled). The adults can play with full space as this possesses good dimensions.

This features a rim that is constructed with stainless steel and is coated with vinyl (13.5 inch). This possesses an apt height of 36 inches above deck. It also comes with a matching ball of 7 ¾” in diameter.

The product is manufactured with good quality hardware, net and rim.The backboard is robust and is durable and silk-screened with 22” x 31” dimensions. This one holds good in summer and in all weather.

The whole body apart from the rim is constructed with polyurethane of high density. Heavy shocks of pool shot basketball hoop can be easily handled by this durably built pool hoop. Not much of assembling required practically, as this one needs no efforts, except a few small parts to be connected. Three years limited warranty is what you get when you buy.


  • Uniquely designed pool hoop and is light in weight

  • This is sturdy and durable and doesn’t degrade with time

  • The rim is made of stainless steel

  • An all-weather pool hoops

  • The backboard is made of polyurethane

  • Can easily handle shots while standing firm


  • Gets rusted soon

What Is A Pool Basketball Hoop?

It is a basketball hoop specially designed according to the swimming pool so that we can play basketball.

The stand is made firm by filling it with water or sand. Unlike normal hoops, they’re light, made of plastics, and are low in height.

Some of the hoops are grounded and don’t have a stand. It all depends on what kind of hoop you want.

best inground pool basketball hoops

They come in all sizes and shapes. The basketball hoops for pools are made so that they can easily be carried and set up.

Where Basketball Meets The Swimming Pool?

A swimming bath is always symbolized fun and excitement. People always feel the need to play some sport when they want to have some fun.

Basketball meets the swimming pool when some adults want to burn some calories and have some fun.

best basketball hoops for pool

The sport relaxes everybody’s mind. The constant evolution of pool sports led to pool basketball. Slowly it was popular and people were into it. That’s how basketball met the swimming pool, and today, the industry is rising.

What Are The Different Types Of Pool Basketball Hoops?

Hoops can be of different types, depending on their size, the material they’re made of, or does they have a stand or not. But if you want to classify all with one parameter, then it has to be how they are fixed. Based on that, there are three types of hoops

Floating Pool Basketball Hoops

The pool hoops who remain on the surface of the water, and have to be tied in order to be firm, or have to apply weights to them to be still, are floating basketball hoop.

They basically float and don’t have a fixed base. They’re good for the kids because they don’t need to be fixed.

For the pool owners who don’t want to play the full-fledged game, these floating types are ideal for them.

The disadvantage is that, because they’re not fixed, shooting at them could not be enough fun. They can move here and there.

Affixed Or Poolside Hoops

Basketball hoop for poolside is properly fixed by bolts, or just by having weight on them. The main point to be noted that they’re fixed or placed on the platform, not in the pool.

So the thing is solid and you can play a good game. It is basically for adults to have some serious fun. To be noted that their base is fixed, you can’t adjust the height and angle.

which could be a problem because the sometimes pool is not fully filled, and since they’re on the platform, it can create height difference.

Adjustable Hoops

These hoops are the best of their kind. You can adjust heights according to the pool height. The angle can also be adjusted so that you shoot at the correct point.

Not only that, but you can also play multiple sports with the help of them. Some hoops are designed in a way where you can play volleyball with them, by having a pool basketball net.

The hoops which can be adjustable and easily moved fall into the category. They usually come on the higher end of the budget.

Points To Consider Before Buying Your Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop

inflatable basketball hoop for pool

The selection of a product should be perfect and everyone wants that for sure. So, prior to your purchase you should strictly adhere to some key factors:

The Size

The basketball hoop that you buy should match with the size of your swimming pool. Large sized basket ball hoops are not suitable for kids and vice-versa for small pools and adults. A pool hoop of a decent height should be chosen according to the age of people who are going to use it. The number of people who play should also be thought of before.

The material of Backboard

The backboard plays a vital role as it gives rebound to the ball. The construction of the backboard should be of quality material such as fiberglass, polyurethane or polyethylene. Though fiberglass is expensive but polyurethane constructed pool hoop is a good option to buy. This should have enough strength to hold the shocks of shots.

The height adjustability

If the pool is deep, then it requires pool hoop with a height adjustability feature. You can carry this to your friend’s place as well and can have loads of fun by adjusting the height of the pool hoop. This type of feature is convenient for adults also.

Portable and flexible

The angle adjustments become quite easy with a flexible pool hoop as the backboard should be sturdy enough to bear the shocks of shots. Portability or movability is only possible when the pool hoop is light weighted. So before buying you should consider the weight and the ones that have a plastic construction are extremely light in weight.

All weather

The pool hoops are supposed to be placed outdoors, and water splashes keep on making them wet, so they need to be weather resistant to withstand harsh conditions. Plastic pool hoops prove better that the steel constructed ones as the former type of pool hoop is bound to be rusted with time. The movement becomes easy with a plastic built pool hoop.

Strength and Safety

A pool hoop is supposed to be reliable only when it has strength to bear the shocks and safe if it is well built. As discussed above it greatly depends on the material used for constructing a pool hoop. The steel constructed pool hoops are heavy than the plastic-built ones. The steel material also degrades with time.

Strong Rim

The rim should have enough strength to stand firm while the others play and throw shots. A high tensile steel rim with a coating of vinyl proves best. Tilting might happen if the rim is not strong. Choose a pool hoop that is well built and has a robust rim in order to prevent problems.

The base of pool hoop

Base brings additional strength to the entire pool hoop as is the most important part. With a weak base the pool hoop can move from its place and can disturb the required stability. The base can be tank type or a fixed one. The pool hoops with a tank base can be filled with sand and water. The portability also depends on this.

Your budget

It all depends on your pocket and what you choose and buy. Low end pool hoops will cost less than the high-end ones.

Benefits Of Swimming Pool Basketball Goals

There are lots of benefits to playing basketball. You get good in the water and burn calories. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Pool Basketball Goals For Fun

If you’re feeling bored and want to freshen up, a basketball pool is a nice game to do. Just make a team and start playing it. You won’t even realize how the time would pass by. It is a perfect weekend plan with all your friends. It is the best pool sport so far.

Pool Basketball For Exercise

You vigorously move from one end to another in water and try to throw shots at the hoop. This can burn a lot of calories and actually a great way to lose weight. You can substitute it with cardio. If you seriously play, you’re going to see the difference in your body.

Organizing Ability

You organize the player based on their speed and reflex in the pool. You analyze which player is going to be where when the game starts. This makes your organizing ability a good practice, which can further enhance how fast you can think on your feet.

Team Unity

It teaches about how you can use each and every player for the result you want. You have to indulge in teamwork to get the desired result because a leader never does it alone, it is the collective efforts of the whole team. It teaches about the unity you should have to win

Easy To Play

The game is extremely easy to play, all you need to do is run and shoot the ball. However you’re doing it in water, which could make it tiring, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy it. The game is well planned and enjoyable.

Improve Swimming Skills Along With Water Basketball Game.

When you run in water, move vigorously and swim, this collectively makes your skills better in water. Your swimming skills are going to increase because of the efforts you’re putting in the game. It is a win-win situation, where you’re getting trained and exercising at the same time.

Become An Expert In Ground Court Game While Playing In The Water.

You can apply your skills to the ground game, and if you are good in the water, then you would have good stamina to carry on the ground. Comparatively, you will last more on the ground. This can develop your skill on the ground.

The Last Few Words

I hope this article of mine will make you choose wisely, the best basketball pool hoop. The fun begins with these amazing pool hoops. Even the kids or adults will love to take a break from their routine and relax and exercise with the basketball game while being in the pool.

Choose the best one that caters to your demands and add life to your pool with energy and action. If you haven’t got one, just grab your share and make the summers memorable. I have already started enjoying my pool hoop, so what are you waiting for!!

Lord bless us all.

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