Best Pool Brush – Which One Is Good For You?

Which is the right way to manage pool algae growth in your swim pool? Nay, the answer is certainly not adding a ton of chlorine to water…..

Though there are robotic cleaners and some perfect pool shocks or chemicals that make the pool cleaning task a lot easier. But let us talk about the basics, as brushing the pool surface on a regular basis is very essential.

And pool scrubbing with a good brush holds its own importance.

best pool brush

You need to go for a right model for your pool, spa, or hot tub depending on their material type such as fiberglass, concrete, vinyl, gunite, and more. All materials call for a different brush type.

Keep in mind that a wrongly chosen brush could make you land up with a lot of worse problems. Even infection and bacteria could spread around the tank.Do not get tensed!! We have sorted the best pool brushes for you that your money can buy.

Let as run down the details of all:

Top 5 Pool Brushes - A Quick Comparison

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Best Pool Brush For Multi Purpose

Premium Choice

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1. Lalapool Swimming Pool Wall & Tile Brush

The Pool Wall & Tile Brush by Lalapool is crafted with superior-quality premium materials that clean the pool wall and tiles brilliantly. For extra-strength and durability superior-grade aluminum and ABS material is used and this nylon plastic brush helps in scrubbing your pool walls, bathroom floors, and removing roof rakes.

Even the toughest corners can be reached with the poly bristles while the metal backing offers enough strength for a thorough clean.

This comes with an 18” wide brush which is capable enough to target large areas for cleaning. The pole shows adequate compatibility with the standard extension poles.


  • Premium quality with multi-scene use

  • Flexible and strong

  • Wide sweep area

  • Easy-to-use

  • Great customer care


  • The metal stem may get rusted if not taken care of

Best for Vinyl Pools

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2. Poolmaster Deluxe Vinyl Pool Brush

Every pool doesn’t demand a heavy-duty brush for cleaning but if there are delicate surfaces then a softer touch is what is required.

If you have a Vinyl or fiberglass pool surface then a special brush type will be required. Though you need not sacrifice quality for this. The Polypropylene curved design enables proper cleaning of any pool crevice and the design withstands high-temperatures too.

The lightweight pool brush promotes easy navigation especially on fragile surfaces.


  • Lightweight, makes navigation easier

  • Good for cleaning vinyl-lined pool or spa surfaces

  • Polypropylene body withstands high temperatures

  • Soft, non-abrasive bumper


  • The curve design needs to be used with care

Best for Concrete Pools

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3. Milliard Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Wire Pool Brush

This product from Milliard is a fabulous brush designed for concrete pools. The heavy-duty pool brush is constructed with robustness and this is a notable candidate if you are looking for a pool brush that’s going to last long.

The bristles are hard enough and great at scrubbing away pool surfaces. If you have a pool with a tough surface then this will brush off stains quickly and will lift off grime too.

The brush comes with a width of 10 inches for an easier and stronger clean on stubborn build-up.


  • Stiff stainless-steel wire bristles are extremely effective

  • Attaches to standard 1 1/4″ pool poles

  • Made from aluminum and ABS plastic

  • Handle is angled at 45- degree for easy and effective pushing


  • Not designed for use with vinyl pool liners and delicate surfaces

Best for Round Pools

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4. Blue Torrent -AC 88072 360-Degree Brush

If your pool needs a 360 degree cleaning, then this is a brush which is crafted to navigate the rounded edges, several corners, and hard-to-reach spaces.

Any strangely shaped designs or the crevices, the Blue Torrent makes its way like a pro.

This fits a standard telescopic pole, cleans under steps & corners. Apart from Vinyl pools this one works wonderfully and simplifies the cleaning process.

The pool cleaning becomes super easy with the 360 degree brush.


  • Cleans under steps & in corners

  • Fits standard telescopic pole

  • 12″ power bristle brush

  • 360 Degree cleaning

  • Built-in corner brushes


  • Unsuitable for vinyl pools

Best for Algae

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5. The Wall Whale Classic- Swimming Pool Brush

Fed-up with the algae in your pool, then this pool brush should be on your radar. The brush is made using high-grade nylon bristles. These are sealed to the brush firmly and drop-off would not be a problem.

The tail holds the brush against the wall with more than 10x the force. This is so comfortable to use that you can just brush with one hand. The Wall Whale Classic is in a tail design which helps in cleaning and scrubbing in a simple sweeping pattern.

A great downward momentum is offered you by this feature. You save a lot of time using this unique pool brush.


  • Great brush for routine washing

  • Can be easily used with one hand

  • Tail design gives downward momentum

  • Attaches easily to any pole


  • Needs to be used carefully for best results

For Above & In Ground Pools

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6. Milliard Pool and Spa Vacuum Head – 13”

You get effective suction action with scrubbing as the Milliard Pool & Spa works brilliantly in conjunction with your vacuum hose. This stays weighted and easy movement is promoted by the spa vacuum head.

The excess suction is released by the air-relief valve to give you optimal cleaning performance throughout the entire pool floor.

The brushes that run along the entire edge of this 13” wide pool brush are made using polypropylene bristles that are firmer than nylon and softer than steel.

This boats of premium construction as the vacuum head is molded from ABS plastic making it comfortably light weight, extra durable, and resistant to typical pool chemicals.


  • Enables easy cleaning

  • Soft brushes

  • Universal fit

  • Premier construction

  • You get 5-star customer service


  • Slightly flimsy as complained by one user

Most Versatile Pool Brush

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7. Aquatix Pro - Heavy Duty Pool Brush 18"

The Aquatix Pro – Heavy Duty Pool Brush is designed for cleaning pool walls, tiles, steps, floors, etc. effortlessly.

This is certainly known for its versatility and the pool brush glides and cleans even the hard to reach places. Even the built-up algae is cleaned in minutes.

A deluxe wall brush with aluminium top, mega strong bristles that won’t damage your pool lining and hardened plastic frame. Ideally designed to be compatible with most standard pool poles. The brush will last longer than its counterparts.


  • Saves time

  • Enables effortless cleaning

  • Built-to-last

  • Designed to be compatible

  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Metal bristles may come after time and use

Buying the Strongest Pool Brush for Deep Cleaning

Consider the following to ensure you buy the right product according to your pool cleaning requirements.

1. Pool Size and Shape

A pool which is designed interestingly catches a lot of attention but cleaning could be a great hassle for this.If your pool is having crevices or is designed in an unusual shape, then a brush type that will able to reach every nook and corner needs to be chosen.

wire pool brush for concrete pool surface

Pick a pool brush that will be able to maneuver in the best possible way around the indents or any strange corners. The brush should be in a condition to reach every space and corner otherwise some spaces may be left uncleaned.

2. Know Your Pool Surface

All the swim pools do not come with a same shape or size. Each one varies from the other. For e.g. If it is concrete surface then a lot of algae and bacteria gets attracted.

For cleaning this a thorough scrubbing will be needed by a brush type that is made with stainless-steel or a brush with a combination of nylon bristles.

Whereas for swimming pools made of resin or fiberglass a stainless steel or wire brush won’t be suitable option though. As cleaning may end-up with scratches on the surface.

pool brushes for algae

3. Nylon is a Safer Option

This will not leave any scratches and does a perfect job when it comes to pool scrubbing. Nylon is soft enough to be used safely for concrete or vinyl liner pools.

4. Be Careful With Bristles

how to clean pool liner stains

Be it a pool brush of wire or stainless-steel they tend to leave bristles on your pool floor. In comparison to the nylon models, the stainless-steel or wire brushes tend to leave sharp bristles yet are good at scrubbing.

Note that if your brush starts losing or shedding its bristles, then it is the time to change or replace your brush.


Pool cleaning will come out to be completely handy and an easy-to-do task when you use the right brush. Go for the ground basics and features of every brush that we have reviewed and select accordingly.The rightly selected model will surely not leave you disappointed. So, start enjoying!! Cleaning your pool surfaces from now.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Can I know the major benefits of using a pool brush?

Ans1. The primary benefits of using a brush include:

1. Prevent the growth of algae- Before the algae develops you can scrub off using the right brush.

2. Scrubs off debris and dust – Pool brush helps in cleaning the dust that was not able to pass through the filter.

3. Removes stains- Taking out stains from the pool become extremely easy.

Q2. Will a pole be included when I buy a pool brush?

Ans2. It is not necessary that the pool brush you buy will comprise of a pole. Some models may need a unique pole to work. To be on a safer side, select a brush that can compatibly attach to all standard pole types.

Q3. Which is the best pool brush to use?

Ans3. Not all pools are same or the brushes too. You need to select the right one according to your pool shape, size, surface, etc. For more details you can refer our all-inclusive buying guide above.

Q4. Is it right to brush the pool prior to vacuuming?

Ans4. Yes, a brush should be used to remove any unwanted dust, debris, algae or more from the pool walls or fixtures.

The pool bottom, sides, ladders, slides, or any other accessories may have dirt build-up, hence brushing it with the right type is quintessential.

For easy vacuuming, brushing the residue towards the main drain is advised.

Q5. How often should I brush my pool?

Ans5. Brushing your pool once a week is the minimal you should perform. If the requirement or weather conditions need more cleaning then twice or thrice a week is also recommended. This won’t consume much of your time as 10-15 minutes will be sufficient. There may be some areas that may not require scrubbing or pool brushing.