Top 5 Best Inground Pool Covers Reviews 2021 Updated

in ground solar pool cover

Fed up of the unwanted twigs, leaves, and debris that make your little paradise, your own swimming pool a complete mess. We know everything and using the best swimming pool cover is a must-have thing for pool safety and maintenance.

How to select the best? This remains an important question as there are winter pool covers, mesh, hybrid, solid, automatic, and solar pool covers with their own benefits and downsides.

We have explained all the types in the easiest way for you. Select a pool cover that will save your time, cut-down energy use and costs, reduce water evaporation, maintain heat retention, is durable, and more.

So, are you ready to make your lives easier by selecting a pool cover that takes all your workload away …? Read further

Best Hard Pool Covers For Above Ground Pools: A Quick Comparison

Best Overall

Blue Wave BWC752

pool cover you can walk on

Most Affordable

Blue Wave 24-ft Round

best inground pool covers

Premium Choice

Robelle 3524-4

best automatic pool covers

Best Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

Winter Swimming Pool Covers

These covers are similar to giant traps that sit comfortably on the pool water surface and remain secure with a series of water-bags. These are made of non-permeable material and debris tends to remain away, and that’s actually the main concern.

These covers are a great option as they can withstand weight but for tackling more of it some kind of fence is advisable.


  • Solid material/blocks UV rays/good for algae prevention.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

  • Initial cost is low.


  • A bit lesser lifespan than the others.

  • Extreme large weight is not supported.

1. Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Above-Ground Pool Cover

The winter pool cover by Robelle is made with the sturdiest polyethylene material and suitable for round shaped above-ground pools. The top of the cover inhibits the harmful UV rays and the bottom of the cover prevents the growth of algae.

A heavy-duty winch and all-weather cable are included to secure the grommets that are placed every 4 ft. on the cover. The above-ground pool cover binding is 1.5”. Just ensure that the pool cover should be made to float loosely for the best outcomes. The cover’s scrim and weight specify durability and strength.

This is the best pool cover for above ground pools and keeps your pool completely protected during those winter months and is one of the best winter pool cover.


  • Best suited for traditional above-ground swim pools.

  • The solid material doesn’t let water pass through.

  • Pool Size: 24 Foot Round – Cover Size: 28 Feet.

  • Includes tools to secure the cover.

  • 10-year warranty.


  • A bit high-priced according to the product.

2. Blue Wave BWC752 Rectangular Winter In-Ground Pool Cover

This is called a winter defender cover that comes with similar features, strength, and durability like that of covers that may come at double the price.

Since it is constructed with rugged polyethylene scrim and coating that enables it to stand the toughest of winters. Even in the worst winter this keeps the pool protected and this also has loops at every 4 ft. to secure water bags. The presence of corner grommets allows for extra tie-down in the windy areas.

These are UV protected too and will last for longer even when kept exposed to direct sunlight. This is available in dark navy blue color and black inside with a warranty of 8-years and that’s pretty huge I guess!!


  • This protects against sun, snow, ice, and wind.
  • The cover features a 5-foot overlap to prevent ripping or stretching.
  • Integral cover loops to secure water tubes.
  • Pool size: 20 feet x 40 feet.
  • Cover size: 25 feet x 45 feet.
  • 8-year warranty.


  • The duty-tarp is a bit light.
  • May not go for 8 years or more.

Mesh Safety Pool Cover

These are truly unique as they last-long, support large amounts of weight, and stay intact with robust, heavy-duty anchors. Since these are tightly woven and walk on pool covers but unlike winter covers may let the rain or snow to seep through.

The lifespan of the cover is prolonged as there is no need to drain, clean, and the stress on the cover is reduced due to its make and material.


  • Extremely lightweight.

  • Traps debris and lets water through.

  • Supports huge amount of weight.


  • Mesh material is not made to block UV rays.

  • A bit expensive than winter covers but worth.

3. Blue Wave 24-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above-Ground Pool Cover

This is a great defender mesh pool cover that is specially designed for above-ground pools. No gaps or holes tend to develop as it features a tightly woven scrim that holds it together.

Made from lightweight mesh this stays rugged and allows only very fine silt or rain eater to seep through. If its spring you can easily lift it off without any troubles. The Blue Wave 24-ft cover also allows rain and snow to fill your swim pool slowly.

The scrim is woven tightly and no sunlight will pass through and thereby keeping the pool algae-free. Be it the high winds, snow, sleet, or ice this mesh cover stands strong as this owns strong double-stitched hems that are triple reinforced. Along with the big 8-year warranty this includes a cable and a winch tightener too.


  • A rugged mesh cover that allows only rain or silt to pass through.
  • Adequate protection against sun, snow, ice, and wind.
  • Pool size: 24 feet (round).
  • Cover size: 28 feet.
  • This comes with a 4-foot overlap that ensures that there is no stretching or ripping.
  • 8-years warranty.


  • Suitable only for leaves and debris stoppage in the pool.

4. Blue Wave BWC564 Leaf Net In-Ground Pool Cover

This Blue Wave leaf net cover is surely one of the best inground pool cover that will make the fall and spring easier to cope up with. Even the smallest of leaves are trapped with this and brings a lot of protection to your winter cover.

All are made from durable woven polyethylene and the mesh is sturdy enough to prevent debris from falling on the winter cover. This is extremely easy to install and maintain.

You can place it easily over your winter cover and can remove it before the snow falls. Just relax as this will help you get rid of the messy swamp of leaves.


  • Best suited as an inground pool cover.
  • Eliminates the mess caused by leaves.
  • Features a 4-feet overlap to fit most coping.
  • Made with durable woven polyethylene.
  • Pool size: 20 feet x 40 feet.
  • Cover size: 24 feet x 44 feet.


  • A wonderful net does a great job.

Solid Safety Pool Cover

These solid pool covers are similar in features like the mesh covers mentioned above. But one major difference separates them from them and that’s the material used.

Non-permeable vinyl material is used to make the solid safety pool covers but unlike the mesh covers the snow and water can’t pass through them. pump is used to drain out the collected water from top. They are great UV inhibitors and offer good insulation too for the water.


  • Contains dirty water.

  • Provides UV protection.

  • This prevents the ultra-fine debris to seep into the water.


  • Lesser life span than the mesh covers.

  • Water needs to be drained by a submersible pump.

5. Intex 9.3 Foot Easy Set Above-Ground Pool Vinyl Tarp

This solid safety pool cover allows you to spend more time in your favorite pool as less time is needed to clean it. This pool covers above-ground pools and retains heat to keep water at a consistent temperature.

Drain holes prevent water accumulation and this pool cover fits a 9.3-ft Intex easy set swim pool. Since there is less evaporation of water so you will save on chemicals and water on a regular basis.

While your pool is not in use then all sorts of debris, insects, and dirt will be kept away keeping it clean and healthy. This also features drain holes, a UV-resistant PVC vinyl, durable 7-gauge that prevents water accumulation on top.


  • Retains heat to keep water at a consistent temperature.
  • The drain holes prevent water accumulation.
  • Reduces water evaporation by 95%.
  • UV-resistant PVC vinyl.
  • Floats on the water surface.


  • Suitable for Intex pools.
  • Less durable than the mesh covers.

Hybrid Safety Pool Covers

These types of covers are a perfect combination of mesh and solid safety pool covers. so, it is obvious that you get the best. This includes a series of vinyl patches along with a very small mesh section.

This is designed to allow draining of water like the mesh cover but blocks the UV rays and the finer contaminants like a solid safety pool cover.


  • Offers sensitive filtration.

  • This can support huge amount of weight.

  • Drains like mesh covers.

  • Offers UV protection like a solid cover.

  • A hard pool cover you can walk on.


  • An expensive option than the mesh/solid covers.

  • Initial anchor installation required.

6. Lacuna Swimming Pool Safety Cover

This hybrid pool cover by Lacuna is an improved variation of the mesh and solid pool cover, probably the best pool cover in the category. This is made from premium grade material, excellent workmanship, and appreciable customer service.

The safety cover you receive includes the complete set of hardware for installation. The material is designed as such to keep the pool water crystal clear. This meets the industry safety standards ASTM F1346-91. The cover provides your pool superb protection against intrusive sunlight.

Since this is a hybrid so it includes the qualities of both a solid pool cover and a mesh cover and that too in perfect combination. You get a 2-year protection against manufacturing defects along with 12-year pro-rated warranty.


  • Uniquely designed to keep pool water clear.
  • Meets the industry standards.
  • Made with quality premium grade material.
  • You get the complete hardware with this.
  • 2-year protection against manufacturing defects.
  • Great customer service.


  • A premium quality product with no cons as such.

Automatic Safety Pool Covers

These types of covers incorporate the advantages of the material they are made from. Easy draining and clean-up are offered by these.

No anchors, no lifting, no water bags, these are the easiest to apply and remove as the process is controlled by a button and the cover gets unrolled. Though, the initial cost is higher as these luxurious covers require professional installation.

But, worth enough for your swimming pool automation and your comfort.


  • These feature automatic deployment quality.

  • Offer ultimate comfort.

  • Match with the materials they are made from.

  • Visually appealing.


  • Most expensive.

  • Needs professional involvement.

  • Difficult to remove/not portable.

7. Automatic Pool Roller – Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel

This automatic pool cover for inground pool rolls off electrically with absolute ease. With the least of efforts you can unwind your pool cover and then dump the blanket at the edge of the pool or deck.

The speed controller is adjustable and allows you to keep a complete control on the speed and this can be done with ease by using a push button. This is perhaps the latest electric drive system and features a built-in microchip controller.

Easily plugs in to standard 115 VAC GFCI outlet and comes with a 22 ½ ft cord that has a low voltage transformer. This superior quality automatic pool roller includes heavy-duty aluminum tubes and is self-contained that can be assembled and attached with ease.


  • Best automatic pool cover.
  • Automatically rolls your pool cover off.
  • Adjustable speed controller.
  • State-of-the-art electric drive system.
  • Can accommodate longer pools.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Difficult to remove after installation.

Solar Pool Covers

These pool covers function mainly to insulate the pool rather than just shielding it. It creates a good barrier between the sun’s heat and the pool water and reduces evaporation by locking the heat.

All those pool owners who are looking for an affordable option to retain the pool’s heat by reducing water loss then these solar pool covers prove of good worth.

These Are Different Due To The Following Reasons

  • They can be applied and removed easily.
  • These covers float on the top of your water just unsecured.
  • They can’t support much weight.

8. Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover

The Sun2Solar Blue blanket is made from thousands of tiny bubbles, and these work well to retain heat on chilly winter days and night alike. The blue color is quite appealing and 95% of pool water evaporation is prevented with this.

You need to fill less and can enjoy more and to put on and take off the cover is extremely easy. The vast amount of water loss that could have happened in the environment is lessened by this 16-foot pool cover.

The heat is captured by the air bubbles and then transferred to the pool down and that makes your swim more enjoyable. The unwanted debris, dust, and dirt are kept away from the pool with this cover. This solar pool cover is made with durable resin material. Whatever is pool shape you can trim this cover and make the right fit for your pool.


  • This comes in an attractive blue design.
  • Reduces water evaporation.
  • Heat is retained and water is saved too.
  • The cover protects your pool form unwanted debris and dirt.
  • You can enjoy the warmth of the pool.
  • Trim fits according to your pool shape.


  • Great value, customer service could be better.

What Aspects Should Be Kept In Mind Before Selecting A Pool Cover?

best pool covers for above ground pools

Pool Cover Type

As discussed above there are many types of pool covers available in the market. You can pick the one that is best suited for your swim pool needs.

If looking specifically for a winter cover then you should select a winter pool cover only for your pool.

If you are looking for hard pool covers for your inground and above ground pool then select those. Even you get automatic pool covers that you can walk on and solar covers for retaining heat and minimizing evaporation.

There is hybrid, mesh/leaf net covers to provide adequate protection to your pool from debris, leaves, and dirt. See all the benefits and downsides of every type of cover and choose wisely.

Size And Adjustability

Most of the manufacturers keep this thing in mind that the covers should be of appropriate size be it they overhang on each side. This is not that we are wasting the pool cover material but excess tightening may rip or destroy the pool cover.

The pool cover should be such that it covers your entire pool conveniently without the need of tightening it much. There are 15-foot round pool covers, 16-foot rectangular pool covers and many more sizes from where you can make a choice, so get the one that will fit perfectly.

You should check the size specs provided by the manufacturer and order accordingly. In case of solar covers, you can trim them and turn them into an appropriate size as per your pool size and shape. From inground pool covers you can walk on and aboveground pool covers you can walk on the variety is huge and you can pick the one you prefer.

Winter or Summer

The places which are blessed with ample sunlight can make use of solar pool covers to retain the pool heat. These solar pool covers are easy to set-up and remove too.

winter pool covers above ground

If it’s too cold then as mentioned above in the pool types the winter pool cover works out as the best option.

You need to go with the weather constraints of the terrain you stay before you select the finest and the best cover for your inground or above ground pool.

Budget and Durability

Automatic pool covers are probably the most expensive of all pool covers but offer you ease and comfort that’s beyond comparison.

There may be pool covers ranging between $70 – $2500 or more, and this depends on your budget which one you select. You may also need to incur additional expenses on the installation too depending on your pool cover type. For the pool longevity and durability, there are many factors like the material, fabric, seams, and reinforcements that make a huge difference.

So, go for a product which is robust and backed up by a good manufacturer warranty too. Buying a superior quality product and one-time good investment will keep you away from the hassles of buying or replacing a new pool cover every year.

Mesh Vs. Solid Cover

best pool covers

The mesh and solid covers have been discussed in detail above and both of them are pretty similar in their function as they let the water, snow, and fine silt pass through them slowly.

But both are constructed with different materials, mesh and vinyl respectively. The solid covers are sturdier and block the sun rays along with algae growth prevention.

The mesh is lighter and can guard your winter cover too, while the solid covers are heavier and not like mesh that are much easier to install.

Wrap up

The right pool cover will certainly work wonderfully for pool maintenance and keeping it clean and hygienic. Be it the mesh covers that keep away the leaves or a thick safety cover that you may use for winterizing your pool, these are a must-have for pool health and safety. If you still don’t have one then get the best pool cover for your swim pool and feel the difference!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Is The Best Way To Keep Water Off The Pool Cover?

Ans1. A manual siphon pump or a cover pump can be used to remove the water that gets collected at the pool cover center. It becomes extremely essential to remove the standing water from the pool cover for eliminating the chances of any damages. Some people use submersible pumps too to remove excess water from the pool cover. With water and snow on the top, the cover may become heavy and a roof rake is a good idea to remove extra snow from the cover.

Q2. Can Bubble Wrap Be Used As A Solar Pool Cover?

Ans2. If you go to the technical side of it then you can use a bubble wrap but this won’t turn out to be much effective for pool cover use. For best results and durability go for real solar blankets rather than using a bubble wrap. And the wrap won’t last long in the sunlight and we advise you not to use it.

Q3. Which Is The Right Way To Clean A Pool Cover?

Ans3. After you select your pool cover and overtime use may turn it dirty. Hence, a garden hose, pool brush, cover pump, and a mild detergent will do the job. If any kind of mold, mildew, or algae you see should be scrubbed properly, and in the end, the cover should be made to dry in the sun. Maintaining the pool cover well will add life to your pool cover.

Q4. A Solid Pool Cover Or A Mesh, Which Is Better?

Ans4. Both types of pool covers come with their benefits and advantages. Mesh is a reasonable option to go for then the solid pool covers. Even these are lighter than the solid covers. But for sturdier use and better results, solid ones are better. More details can be checked up from the write-up above.

Q5. Should The Pool Be Covered Every Night?

Ans5. Though, it is not necessary that you cover your pool every night but doing so in a way is good too. The pool will remain free from debris, leaves, dirt, and the water will retain its suitable temperature too. Besides these benefits, you can enjoy a warm and pleasant swim in the morning too.

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