15 Best Pool Floats for Heavy Adults 2021

The modern-day pool floats are trajectory of innovation!!! We bet that you were till now unaware of the myriad of floaties that can take your summer fun to the level next.

How to pick up the right one? Which one is the sturdiest?

Why worry when we have done the recreational research that will definitely put your queries to rest. Undoubtedly, these best pool floats for adults like us are a perfect way to relax and have fun in those dog days of summer. Ensure to buy the pool float that fits your type and style rather than going the random way.

From skinny, to people with a bit more weight, or the ones who are tall or short, we have selected the pool floats for all. Our choicest, comfiest, and colorful pool floats are here just for you…….If you love Pool cleaning equipments, check out our guide to the automatic pool covers you can walk on.

Best Pool Floats for Heavy Adults

Take a Quick Look at Pool Floats For 400 Pounds

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TOP 15 Heavy Duty Pool Floats - Detailed Reviews

Inflatable Swimming Pool Floats

1. Sable Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float for Swimming Fun

swim floaties for adults

  • Best Price: $14.99

  • Size: 48 in/ 122 cm diameter

  • Weight Capacity: 220 lbs

Why did we choose Sable Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float?

You can allow the good times to roll over this summer with this amazing inflatable pool floats for adults for your in and above ground pools. Made with high-quality PVC material this can easily withstand extreme summer temperatures ranging from -30 °C/ -22 °F to 40 °C/ 104 °F.

An ideal product to ride on the beaches or in the swimming pools. This is a solid built and features three separate chambers with air. Includes a repair lit in case of any leaks. This corroborates a fun filled and relaxing summer. This is high-density and 100% PVC design.



  • You get a touch of fun in the sun.

  • Solid build with superior quality.

  • Includes a repair kit for dealing leaks.

  • Withstands high-temperature.


  • A little big but nicely made.

2. Obuby Inflatable Avocado Pool Float Floatie with Ball Fun

lake floats for adults

  • Best Price: $25.99 and free shipping

  • Size: 64.96*51.18inch

  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds

Why did we choose Obuby Inflatable Avocado Pool?

When fully inflated this pool, this is perfect pool inflatables for adults. This can withstand weight, is large in size and has five times faster inflation and deflation. This is easy to wipe and store.

This swim pool float is accessorized with an inflatable ball (large brown) that will help you enjoy and play with kids in the summer at the fullest, at the beach. Made with high quality and comfortable PVC material, this avocado floatie is environmentally-friendly.

This pool float is non-toxic, tasteless, high-density, superb thick, with a long-life span. So easy to inflate with the hair-dryers and air pumps. The manufacturer provides you with 100% satisfaction.



  • Enables more than five times faster inflation and deflation.

  • Constructed with high-quality and long-lasting materials.

  • Easy-to-use, fold, and transport.

  • Non-toxic and super thick.


  • Smells strong after unpacking but it goes away quickly.

Double Pool Floats

3. Swimline Lotus Blossom - Double Comfort Lounge

pool float for heavy person

  • Best Price: $63.99

  • Size: 52 x 56.5 x 40 inches

  • Weight Capacity: Can manage two slim adults

Why we chose Swimline Lotus Blossom?

You can hang out with your loved one with this exemplary water accessory. This accommodates two adults with an average weight comfortably.

This is a luxuriously sized clamshell shape pool float that enables lounge, cuddle, nap, or sunbathe. You can use it in the small pool, lake, ocean, river, or even parties. This is a heavy-duty vinyl construction.



  • Perfect for all places of water fun.

  • Luxuriously sized and extremely comfortable.

  • You can enjoy with friends or your partner.

  • Heavy duty vinyl construction.


  • This may flip if you are not seated properly.

Party Pool Floats

4. Goplus Island Giant Flamingo Float, Swimming Pool Raft Lounge

giant pool floats for adults

  • Best price: $175.99 with free shipping

  • Size: 21.8 x 15.5 x 9 inches (packaged dimensions)

  • Weight Capacity: Easily accommodates 4-6 slim people

Why we chose Goplus Island Giant Flamingo Float?

This is good one to party and spend time with your friends, family, kids and more. This is an appropriate one to for 4 to 6 people. Constructed with a safe and durable PVC material which is odorless and non-toxic too. This is safe to use and doesn’t split even if fully loaded.

This comes with a good balance and buoyancy that keeps it floating. This is designed in detail beautifully in an attractive pink color. Features side wings and back tail that can be used as foot rest. Equipped with 6 cup holders, you need not hold the drink all the time.

This comes with independent airbags and handles that provides you with safety.You can use an pool pump to inflate it quickly, that saves your time too. You can add water to the inner loop to keep your feet cool.



  • Provides a large rest space.

  • Made from durable and safe material.

  • Appealing design with 6 cup holders.

  • Features independent airbags and handles.

  • Equipped with an electric pump for quick inflation.


  • This can’t handle overloading.

Tanning Pool Floats

5. Aqua 3-In-1 Roll-Up Pool Float, Padded Mat for Beach-Land-Water

 cool floats for adults

  • Best Price: $63

  • Size: 72” x 26” (183 cm x 66 cm)

  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

Why did we choose Aqua 3-In-1 Roll -Up?

This is a unique pool float with an air pillow head rest. This is a sand-free beach mat, padded lounger pool side mat and can be used as a general purpose out door mat too. Made with the nylon foam materials which may dry quickly.

If you want to go for some tanning lying on the beach side or in outdoor sun then this is probably a mat that will help you perform so. This mat rolls up easily with the two tie-straps along with a carry handle for ultimate portability.



    • A mat for camping, sleepovers, naptime, tanning, relaxing in the pool.

    • Comes with pack and go portability.

    • Comfortable padded mat.

    • Roll-up pool float.

    • Ultimate rest and relaxation mat.


  • No cons as such.

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Inflatable Swimming Pool Floats

6. JOYIN Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float, Fun Pool Floaties

fun pool floats for adults

  • Best Price: $26.95

  • Size: 74.75 inches (L) x 61.25 inches (W)

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Why did we choose JOYIN pool float?

You can enjoy your summer with this popular pool floats for 300 pounds that exhibits a realistic design. Looks like a real pepperoni topping pizza with a thick crust design at the end and a head comfortable resting. This includes 2 air chambers, 2 cup holders, and 4 raft connectors.

An ideal one for summer pool parties, and if you want to add-on to your enjoyment then join the pieces of this pizza float together with your family and friends. Made with thick raft material (0.27mm), this is more durable than the others. A pool floatie that is tear-resistant, UV fade resistant, non-toxic, and child-safe.



    • Features a realistic pizza design.

    • An ideal one small sized people.

    • Made with thick, tear-resistant, and UV fade-resistant qualities.

    • Safety test approved.

    • Child-safe and non-toxic.

    • 100% satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer.


  • Deflates slowly.

7. GoFloats Unicorn Pool Float Tube

pool floats that hold 350 pounds

  • Best Price: $19.99

  • Size: 45 inches (W) and 3 ft. (H)

  • Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Why did we choose GoFloats Unicorn?

Enjoy your summer with this affordable GoFloats Unicorn tube. Constructed with UV treated raft grade vinyl 25% thicker as compared to the other competitors. You can enjoy a day at the pool, beach, lake, or river.

The Rapid Valve Inflation allows 10x faster deflation and inflation than the traditional valves. You can yourself compare 2 minutes vs 20 minutes. The product is protected by US Copyright and Trade Dress.



    • A good-sized tube for all swimmers- adults and kids both.

    • Constructed with premium quality materials.

    • Comes with rapid valve inflation feature.

    • Product protected by US Copyright and Trade Dress.

    • Excellent customer support.


  • No cons as such.

Double Pool Floats

8. Face to Face Double Inflatable Swimming Pool Float

best pool floats for overweight adults

  • Best Price: $59.99

  • Size: 66 inches

  • Weight capacity: Handles 2 persons, small sized

Why Did we choose Face to Face Double Inflatable Pool Float?

You can relax with your friend or partner in the pool on this double inflatable pool float. This is comfortable, durable, with head rests. Equipped with dual drink holders for two persons. This can be used in the pools, lakes, and beach. An apt combination of relaxation and fun.

This is easy to inflate and you get value for money. Constructed with premium quality materials and easy folding feature to transport make it more useful. A balanced tube for partner.



    • Comfortable lounging for you and a friend or partner.

    • Easy to inflate and deflate.

    • Durable and sturdy.

    • Made with premium quality materials.


  • May loose air with heavy weight.

Party Pool Floats

9. Intex Marina Breeze Island

pool float for heavy person

  • Best Price: $184

  • Size: 8 feet wide

  • Weight Capacity: Holds four/five people

Why did we choose Intex Marina Breeze Island?

You can lounge in style with the Intex Marina Breeze Island on a beach, river, and have loads of fun with friends and family. This features a ladder, 4-cup holders, cozy backrests, armrests for added comfort and a mesh center to keep everyone cool.

This is an ultimate hang out with your friends and family on a hot day. This features a mesh lounging area to let water seep through. Equipped with Boston valves for rapid inflation and deflation. Also includes a rope ladder for easy access and anchor bag.



    • Comfortable lounging for you and a friend or partner.

    • Easy to inflate and deflate.

    • Durable and sturdy.

    • Made with premium quality materials.


  • May loose air with heavy weight.

Tanning Pool Floats

10. Swimline Suntan Tub ,70" x 46"

adult water swim floaties with canopy for adults

  • Best price: $225

  • Size: 70″ x 46″

  • Weight capacity: Good for small sized people

Why did we choose Swimline Suntan?

This certainly makes relaxing in the pool fun-filled, easier, and comfier!!! A versatile pool float that can be filled with water for cooling off on an extra hot day. you can relax with a book on this wonderful pool floatie sun tan lounger.

Enables you to have ultimate comfort. Available in a vibrant pink color and constructed with durable materials



    • You can fill it water with an extra cool ride

    • Provides ultimate comfort

    • For ages 13 and small sized adults

    • Sturdy and made with quality materials


  • If not maintained well can have hole in the seam

Inflatable Swimming Pool Floats

11. Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock XL (Longer/Wider) Inflatable Pool Chair

big pool floats for adults

  • Best price: $225

  • Size: 53″ x 33″

  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs. Suitable for tall and big people

Why did we choose Aqua 4-in-1?

This is an easiest one to get on or off with no jumping, no ladders, and no flopping. The seat rests in water with extra large plus size pool floats. This is 30% longer and wider than the other Standard Monterey. A product which is best suited for big and tall people, seniors, and expectant moms.

This comes with superior buoyancy and thicker material than other pool floats. A compact and quick to inflate float.A versatile pool float that converts to a hammock, chair, drifter, exercise saddle (4-in-1).



    • Easiest pool float to get on or off.

    • Extra large float – 30% wider and longer.

    • Comfortably suspends in water.

    • Pack and Go design.

    • Easily converts to a hammock, chair, drifter, or exercise saddle.


  • Fantastic for weekends, appreciated by the users.

12. Intex Unicorn Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float

water floats for adults

  • Best Price: $19.30

  • Size: 79″ X 55″ X 38″

  • Weight Capacity: Good for heavy-duty adults

Why did we choose The Intex Unicorn?

This is a sitting pool floats with gigantic sized fun unicorn design for endless summer fun. This inflatable ride-on is a mystical new addition for your pool. Constructed with premium quality vinyl (12ga), thick and soft durable premium raft-grade non-phthalates material with 2 heavy duty handles.

This ride-on also comes with an easy to install repair patch for emergencies. The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



    • Fun and adorable unicorn design.

    • Made with premium quality materials.

    • Raft-grade non-phthalates.

    • Gigantic size.

    • Includes a repair patch.

    • Satisfaction guarantee and refund if dissatisfied.


  • Not suitable for small sized ones.

Double Pool Floats

13. Sol Coastal Extra-Large Inflatable Chaise Lounge Raft

floaties for adults who can't swim

  • Best price: $59

  • Size: 75″ x 66″ x 16”

  • Weight capacity: Accommodates 2 adults

Why did we choose Sol Coastal Extra-large?

This is a jumbo raft which is 6 feet long and 5 feet wide. This is a face-to-face construction for gifting couples and newlyweds. Features built-in cushions for a nap on water. you can enjoy the lounge in luxury and enjoy your favorite beverage with the convenient cup holders that are located between the seats.

The water-dwellers, kids, and adults can enjoy onto the floaty island for fun. This has water-proof vinyl exterior that will make it float easily on water. Includes a patch-up kit for quick fixes.



    • Jumbo raft, and massive float for adults.

    • Floatie for two persons.

    • Lounge in luxury.

    • Constructed with lightweight vinyl.

    • Take this raft on the beach, lake, or blue ocean.


  • Make get holes, care is required.

Party Pool Floats

14. Rafts for River Heavy Duty, Giant Pool Floats

inflatable pool floats for adults

  • Best Price: $1477

  • Size: 144 x 120 x 108 inches

  • Weight Capacity: Heavy-duty raft float handle by many people

Why did we choose rafts for river?

We selected the Heavy-Duty River Raft for adults and a bunch of kids. This features a built-in trampoline that adds fun and you can relax too. This is designed for oceans, large lake floating tubes for adults. A long-lasting multi season use tube that just blows in minutes.

This White Swan Pool is an 8 feet double water tube that provides endless hours of entertainment.This is stable in water and can be easily carried in a duffle bag. Features handles on the sides that makes manoeuvrability easy. You can use a trunk or an average sized car to transport it. Constructed with UV inhibited material.



    • A resort quality swan float.

    • Easy set up and portability.

    • Gets inflated it in just 10 minutes, electric blower included.

    • It can be easily tossed by two people.

    • Long-lasting multi season use.


  • A premium quality top-notch product.

Tanning Pool Floats

15. Swimline Ultimate Super-Sized Floating Mattress

swim floaties for adults

  • Best Price: $55.18

  • Size: 78-inches L x 34-inches W

  • Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

hy did we choose Swimline Ultimate?

Those who want to lounge in absolute comfort then the Swimline’s super-sized mattress will provide you a nice experience. The comfort dimension is enhanced by the fabric cover and there is enough space on the mattress to take turns or move around. Extra head support and comfort is provided by a separate air chamber for the fabric-covered headrest.

A super-strong nylon fabric mattress for tubes and rafts. Super-sized mattress for heavy weight persons and extremely easy to get on and off.



    • A comfortable super-sized mattress.

    • Made with strong and quality materials.

    • Probably the largest in this category.

    • Equipped with extra head support.

    • Easy to get on and off.


  • A minor manufacturing improvement required to get water out of the cover.

What things to be considered before you invest in the Pool Floats For Plus Size Adults?

There are certain credible factors that should be thought of before you invest in the perfect pool float. We are sharing our experiences with you after much research and genuine customer reviews.

The Pool Float Material

Since you floatie will always be in contact with the water or the beach sand then it needs to be made of a super-strong material. There are many materials such as PVC, Nylon, Thick raft etc. that are used to construct and design these beautiful and useful pool floats. Check the material before you buy one. And a non-toxic and odorless product comes with a big yes.

The Pool Float Features

The pool floats feature unique things such as head rests, armrests, cushions, pillows, cup-holders, handles, rope, inner loop for filling water etc. Prior to your purchase you should choose the pool floatie that comes with features you like and prefer. These features accessorize and bring more comfort along with them.

The Pool Float Capacity

The sizes of all the pool floats vary and their weight capacity to hold also differs. Further more there are floats that can accommodate one, two, four, six, and more people. Hence, the purpose you are buying the pool float will dictate the decision you take to buy. You can relax on them alone or spend some time with you family and friends according to the one you choose.

The Pool Float Style

They are differently styled according to your body and weight also. In case you are a person with an average height, or heavy in weight or skinny, then buy the appropriate one. it is ultimately your comfort and ease that matters. So, pick the one that suits your style type.

Your Budget

Though, pool floats don’t come with huge price tags except a few of them, but still it becomes of prime concern when you invest in any product. Check your budget and spend as

Benefits Of Pool Floats For Large Adults That Hold 350-400 Pounds Who Can't Swim

A good water float has to offer so many benefits that you can possibly notice. You may not realize what benefits a good float has, until you have experienced the bad ones. Pool float may be an ordinary thing, and you are rather happy to compromise with a bad one than to buy a new one. But surely there are so many reasons you should do it right away.

  • Comfort: A good pool has a backrest, armrest, good space, footrest, and mesh bed to make your day comfortable. This is the primary benefit of having the coolest floaties for rafts. What the point in stepping in the pool if you don’t feel refreshed up.

  • Stress-free: It makes you relaxed and peaceful, all you have to do is place your drink on cup holders and lie down under the sunshade.

  • Durability: Due to the excellent material used, it is durable, reliable and credible.

  • Fun: Having a pool float is fun, you can use it for parties and call friends for having fun with them. Ideal water floats for adults are the best fun floaties for adults.


First of all, thanks for giving your valuable time for reading the above write-up. We hope that you must be confident now about the selecting the one you had been searching for. ensure to care for the points such as pool float type, style, size, weight capacity, cost and more before buying. Afterall, the whole summer fun belongs to you!!!!!!

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Why do these floaties lose air?

Ans1. When these pool floats are made to come in contact with a bit cooler water then the air molecules tend to become slow. The denser they become with the changing temperature and on an average every 10-degree temperature drop will make the inner tube lose around 1 psi. This is the way they start to deflate on their own.

Q2. Which is the fastest way to deflate a pool float?

Ans2. With the electric blowers and air pumps, the task of filling the pool floats has become much easier. But deflating them may be quite cumbersome or irritating. You can do this with some easy DIY tricks and can stick a straw in the air valve rather than taxing your fingers for quicker deflation.

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