Best Pool Heat Pump Buyer’s Guide

Pool Heat Pump Sizing

Getting a good pool heat pump becomes your number one priority when you want your pool to be a warm and comfortable pool. The pool heat pumps lets you enjoy the luxury and comfort of the pool all year round, instead of it being a six month activity.

The heat pumps are different from the solar pool heaters, which generate heat directly. The pool heat pumps are cost effective as they capture the heat to make the water warm. But buying the cost price of the pool heat pump is much more than the solar ones.

That is why you should always do some research when buying the pool heat pumps. Here we have assembled the perfect ones which are not only cost effective but are also operationally excellent. We have selected the top six picks for you based on design features and performance. Our aim is to guide you in making the perfect buying decision.

Detailed Review Of Top 6 Pool Heat Pumps For 2021

1. Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro Titanium 140,000 BTU

The Hayward is a trusted name in the pool heat pump segment. Their designs, build quality and product efficiency are unparalleled in the market.

The Hayward HP21404T Heat Pro Titanium 140,000 BTU is the perfect pool heat pump for you if your pool is bigger. As this produces BTU of 140000 which is best for your pool heating solutions.

It is made to give you a pool all year round heat and warmth, that too for many years with nil issues. It is indeed considered as the crown prince of the pool heating segment because of its efficiency and long life.

The power of 140,000 BTU gives it the power to heat up your pool water to 25°c in a really short period of time.

The product includes stainless steel hardware and titanium heat exchanger which makes it a class apart from the other models. It also has an injection molded UV which is one of a kind. It is a deterioration and rust proof body panel made. For easy to fit design it is given a round shape.

When it comes to the pump it is one of the best in the market and is super powerful. The features do make it little costly and high cost to run, but considering all the plus points in the products it is worth a buy.

High-Grade Features:

  • Very quiet operation

  • Apt for large pools

  • Easy to operate and run

  • Excellent BTU of 140,000

Low-Grade Features:

  • Operating cost high

  • Not suitable for a mid-sized pool(cost wise)

2. FibroPool FH120 for Above Ground Pools (Popular Choice)

If your area of residence is in a colder place where you face regular drops of temperatures as low as 40°F, then the FibroPool FH120 for Above Ground Pools is the perfect product for you.

It has the amazing ability to make your pool water warm and make it awesome for swimming. For ground pools that have a water capacity of 7500 gallons or above ground pools whose size reach up to 12X24 or 18 feet, the heat of this pump works great.

It is very easy to operate and gives excellent output when it comes to operational functioning. The selling trigger which makes it a quick sell is the 120 volts heat pump, which also makes it very popular and eligible for the most popular category.

The pump of this set provides the BTU output of 20000, making it really apt for regions on the coastal regions and can make your swimming pool functional all year round.

This product utilizes GFCI plug and a cord that measures up to 8 foot. It is a very economical pump and is very energy efficient. This is possible because of the titanium heat exchanger and high pressure compressor.

It is made of a high quality engineering build making it really durable and perfect for the job. It is made by excellent craftsmanship which shows in its welding. You also get a cable to expand your cable to shelter from the pump.

High-Grade Features:

  • Very quiet operation

  • Really quick and easy installation

  • Excellent durability and quality

Low-Grade Features:

  • Works excellently only for above ground pools

3. Puri Tech 127,000BTU Quiet Pool Heater

This one is perfect for your residential as well as commercial needs. The Puri Tech 127,000BTU Quiet Pool Heater is a titanium build heater made of superior quality and durable enough to last a lifetime.

The best thing about this pool heater is that it is very silent in its functioning. Which makes it ideal for both house and commercial use. It is suited well for ground pools and large pools which have the water capacity of 35000 gallons.

It uses a voltage of 230 to 208 Volts and 50-60 Amps circuit breakers recommended. It boasts of having heating compressors which would help you save a lot of your hard earned money.

Making wise it is made with enhanced aluminum fins evaporator coil, advanced formulation and an ATT titanium tube. These technologies are not normal but help you save up to $2k in savings each year.

The Puri Tech 127 is entirely made of titanium, that too of commercial grade. The functioning and operating of it is also super easy which includes lockout security and automation friendly systems.

High-Grade Features:

  • Highly Durable

  • Great for large pool above ground

  • Very silent operation

  • Rust proof pump

Low-Grade Features:

  • Non to mention

4. FibroPool FH055 Pool Pump Heater (Best in ease of using)

The FibroPool FH055 Pool Pump Heater beats every pool heat pump when it comes to ease in operating. It has control units which are really user friendly, easy to locate and accessible. Anyone with average sense can operate them and make the pool water warm.

It has a power full motor providing a quick and powerful heating. It has the issue of generating a minute amount of carbon footprint though.

Its build is compact which makes it stand out from the crowd, and makes it a hot selling item. It has a BTU of 55000 which is quite impressive and can easily warm the waters of an in ground pool real quick.

It is also cost effective and economical as it costs you only 25 cents in an hour of running. That would mean that this machine can be effectively run continuously without any major effect on energy bills.

It has received a usage recommendation rating from the US department of energy also, which speaks volumes of its efficiency. It is recommended for both in-ground as well as above ground pools.

It uses titanium heat exchanger which is a revolutionary technology in heating. It also has digital control and display and is highly efficient and durable, and can be used all through the year without any problems whatsoever.

High-Grade Features:

  • 55000 BTU delivery

  • Super easy to operate and install;

  • All weather proof

  • Highly durable

  • Good for in ground as well as above ground

Low-Grade Features:

  • Quite heavy and bulky

5. Hayward H250FDP Universal H-Series

When it comes to electric pool heaters, no one can beat the excellence of Hayward H250FDP Universal H-Series. Also for above ground pool heaters this model is considered the king of all. The popularity of this model can be seen by the number of positive reviews it has got online.

When it comes to BTU this product delivers a massive 250, 0000 BTU. Which gives it the ability to heat any pool of any size in matter of moments and that too with 100% efficiency. It boasts of a rating of 83% when it comes to thermal efficiency.

It uses very less electricity and its nitrogen oxide emissions are also very less, which makes an environment friendly device, a need of our times. It is so easy to install and operate that you need no professional help in installing it and operating it. These options also make it a zero maintenance device.

It consists of polymer header and bypass valve design which gives it the ability to function without any hassles. It is so durable that you can use the machine for many years without any glitches. The product is corrosion free as it is made with copper and nickel also known as cupro nickel. The usage of this element also makes it a long-lasting and quick heating product.

High-Grade Features:

  • Every pool size compatible

  • Cupro nickel makes it resistant to sea and salt water

  • Easy to operate and install

  • Highly durable

  • Quick heating

Low-Grade Features:

  • Very expensive

6. Pentair 460792 Stainless Steel MasterTemp

The Pentair 460792 is perfect if you have a small size swimming pool. It would provide the perfect power needed to heat up your pool and take very less electricity to do so. The BTU produced by this awesome machine is 175,000 that too from natural gas, with a very minute gas bill.

It is also environmentally friendly and energy efficient. It is very easy to use and that is why there are hundreds of positive reviews about this product on this subject.

When it is running at its peak performance it produces 164 gallons of natural gas every hour. This is similar to the gas used by the household’s water heaters. The display provided by this model is really awesome and you can very clearly view through it.

You can increase or decrease the temperature from there with ease. It also has an array of safety features which makes it really a must buy, if you are concerned more about safety. Like when it becomes overheated, it automatically shuts itself. It is also highly durable and can easily function for many years with ease.

High-Grade Features:

  • Excellent safety controls

  • Best for smaller pools

  • Awesome see through display

  • Durable and easy to operate

Low-Grade Features:

  • Quite expensive for the BTU

How To Select The Best Pool Heat Pump?

People who have swimming pools at their house or property want to enjoy it all through the year. It spoils the fun when in winter and cold weather you cannot swim because of the cold water.

But this problem is solved through installing a pool heat pump, which gives you ground as well as above ground pools warm water for swimming all the time. Although installing the heat pool pump solves the problem of cold water, it is also very important to understand your needs and sect the perfect pool heater for your pool. Here are some points which you should understand and analyze before purchasing the pump.

inground pool heat pump

The Pool’s Size:

Whenever buying a pool heat pump the first and foremost thing to look out for is the size of the pool. As the size of the pool decides the type of pool you would be needing. The correct size would ensure that you get the pool heat pump that would heat the pool water at the earliest.

If the pool heat pump is too small, no matter how much time you operate it, the water would never get warm. If the pool is medium or small go for a smaller pump and only buy a large pump if the pool is really large. Larger pool heat pumps can be quite expensive so you should always check the pool size before buying.

The Budget:

The price or budget would always be a major selection factor in any of the purchases and pool heat pumps are no exception. Choose the heat pumps that are suitable to your budget and needs.

The market offers a multitude of selections in pool heat pumps, but out of these many would be too expensive. Identify your needs and then select the model which would fit your budget and also would include all the specifications needed.

The same specifications can be available in two models, of which one may be expensive while the other may be cheaper, so choose the cheaper one. Also never compromise on quality and efficiency over money.

Gas Or Electric Pool Heat Pumps:

As you must be aware the pool heat pumps come in two components: gas and electric. Gas ones are less costly than the electric ones and are cost effective. The electric ones are expensive and are also most operational if the temperature drops below 55 °c.

This is the reason people prefer the gas ones. Although in the long run the electric ones would be more cost effective. SO consider each factor like the air condition and availability of the gas unit before deciding on which one to buy.

The Brand Or Manufacturer:

Like with any popular product the pool heat pumps also face the counterfeit problems. There are thousands of manufactures that sell the pool heat pumps, some are selling the fake ones, which would malfunction within a few days.

So it is important to identify the correct brand and manufacturer. You can identify the real and genuine brands by customer reviews and the efficiency of customer care. You can also chat with previous buyers and check the authenticity of the brand and product.

Here we have selected only the genuine and original brands and manufacturers for you and given you the best choice in selection.


pool heat pump size

As with any machine the pool heat pumps irrespective of any brand tend to have breakdowns and running issues. Sometimes these are used as a stretch for days when it is cold and sometimes in summers they are hardly used, so the machine can experience some wear and tear.

So it is really important to buy a machine which gives you a good warranty. The warranty on the product helps you when the machine goes wrong and saves you from unwanted money loss.

How To Select The Best Pool Heat Pump?

Buying a pool heater can be quite an exhausting task. There would be tons of questions like which pool heater to buy, which one would suit my budget, how to install it etc. This confusion is not limited to new ones alone, even when you are changing your heat pump, still, there are many queries that come to one’s mind.

So here I have prepared a thorough and easy buying guide for your easy reference. So that you get to buy the perfect pool heat pump which suits all your needs and preferences.

The Size Of The Pool Heater:

Pools can come in different shapes and sizes, but the main among these are round and rectangular ones. For round pools that are less than 22 feet in their size only need nearly 80000 BTU and if the pools are wider than say 30 feet then BTU can reach upto 100,0000.

In case of rectangular pools the ones which are in size range of 18X28 feet need a total 80,000 BTU. The same BTU can be utilized for a pool of 18X36 feet if it consists of solar cover. Rectangular pools more than 18X36 feet would need a pool heater of at least 100,000 BTU.

Electric Pool Heat Pump

Electric Pool Heat Pump Reviews

The Life Span Of The Pool Heater:

Well this question has no definite answers. As the lifespan of the pool heater depends upon how it is used and how it is maintained. While the average age of the pool heaters is around 12-13 years, some of them even cross 20 years and more.

However this cannot be generalized as the gas heaters and heat heaters both have different averages when it comes to pool heaters. The gas pool heaters average around 7 to 8 years.

The many factors that contribute to the lifespan of the pool heaters is the location of the place, beach, sprinklers, water type etc. The material with which the pool heater is made can also affect the lifespan of the pool heaters.

The Pool Heater That Suits Your Household Needs:

With so many options available in the market and all claiming to be the best, creates confusion in our minds. It becomes really difficult to determine which one would suit our needs and requirements.

Most branded pool heaters are designed in such a way that they would suit all your needs. You just need to research and see the reviews and find out which brand’s pool heater is best suited for the conditions of your neighbourhood and locality.

Pool Heat Pump Installation

Used Pool Heat Pump

If Gas Becomes Cheaper Do I Need A Heat Pump?

It is a dilemma that many people face, as a heat pump is costlier than the gas ones people incline towards the gas ones. The fact is that although the gas unit heats up quickly, the operation cost for running it is really high. The operation cost can reach up to 5 times to the original cost for a gas heater.

You also need to have a running gas line which costs you more, and if it is not there then you also need to have a propane tank beside the pool. So in brief the heat pump may cost you more but in reality, it is far cheaper than a gas one.

The Customer Care And After Sales Service:

If the customer is not treated properly then there is no use of having a big brand. Poor customer service can ruin the whole reputation of the company, plus it is also not a good experience for the customer.

So before buying you must always look online and offline whether the company cares about its customers or not. Call the company and ask as many questions as you like, all the good companies have given their customer care number on the websites, so you can very well find that for yourself.

Swimming Pool Heating Equipment

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

The Warranty Services For A Company:

Almost every pool heater manufacturing company gives you the warranty on their products. Before buying you can very well check online which companies are giving maximum warranties and decide to buy on that.

The product packaging, as well as the website, has the customer care number on which you can avail the warranty options. The company would send a representative or their contractor for the replacement or repair of the unit.