10 Most Comfortable Pool Lounge Chairs – 2021 Updated

best pool lounge chairs 2020

Staying in the pool on a hot summer afternoon and then relaxing later by the poolside, just Wow! comes out of my mouth. The feeling of relaxation and a cool feel after a swim gives you immense satisfaction and a stress-free feeling.

Now if you want to relax then you need to have the best pool lounge chair, and that should be perfect and comfortable. This article of mine today is all about the best pool lounge chair. A lot of pool lounge chairs with top ratings are available in the market, it might take a little time to choose the best. Let’s go through a few.

Best Poolside Lounge Chairs - Comparison Chart


Keter Set of 2 Pacific Sun Lounge

pool deck chairs

Weather Damage

Open-Weave Design

Stackable Easy Storage


Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

lounge chairs for pool


Portable Design

Lockable System


Ostrich Ladies Comfort Lounge

poolside chairs



High Water Clarity

Reviews Of The Top 10 Poolside Loungers

best pool lounge chairs

The Keter set exhibits elegant lounge chairs and the flowing lines give them a timeless look and add aesthetic to your backyard and just sinks in with the patio design.

These in-ground or above-ground swimming pool lounger chairs are constructed with resin and have a textured design (open-weave rattan).

The chairs are quiet durable and the polyprophylene resin add to its style with easy maintenance. The surface is textured and is resistant to any kind of stains or mold.This one can withstand changing weather conditions.

It can be changed to four different positions for reclining, and can be easily stored by stacking. As this one is a pack of two, so can be put anywhere in the garden, patio, deck or pool side.

This is UV protected and have material that prevents weather damage, fading, unravelling etc.These pool lounge chairs are ready to use, and they require no assembly.The chair dimensions are 77.6 x 29.5 x 15.9 inches. Style + comfort is the quality which these chairs show. A warranty of 2 years along with providing absolute comfort and relaxation in summer.

The Good

  • These pool lounge chairs are comfortable, stylish and durable.
  • They add beauty to your backyard, poolside, garden etc.
  • These are weather resistant.
  • 2 years warranty

The Bad

  • The construction is a bit poor

Best Pool Lounge Chair Reviews

The Best Choice products are an example of creativity with innovation. These are light in weight and easily foldable ones. These are certainly stylish and comfortable.

The seats have been made with mesh materials (weight capacity-250 lbs). These feature padded headrests, that can be removed or adjusted as required.

The easy to carry chairs are also equipped with elastic cords that are replaceable and can be adjusted easily with your body size.

They exhibit enough space for drinks, magazines, phones, tablets and other small items for convenience.The chair measures when open: 32.5″-61″ (L) x 25″(W) x 33.5″-44″(H) and measures 38″ x 25″ x 6″ when folded.

This zero gravity lounge chair suits tour life style. These are again the chairs that don’t require any assembly and available colors are gray, black, burgundy, aqua blue, brown etc. You can just relax and enjoy lying on these chairs while enjoying the sun. The chairs that are extremely light in weight are great to use.

The Good

  • These are light in weight and UV resistant.
  • Headrests are padded, removable and adjustable.
  • Have cupholders and trays for magazines, drinks, phones etc.

The Bad

  • Gets rusted after some time.

lounge patio pool chair

The anti-gravity chair exhibits extreme comfort and is designed wonderfully to suit your patio and pool furniture, camping, and even beauty salons.

This can be used as an office reflexology chair. They have a removable and adjustable pillow, that works well as a headrest that provides perfect lumbar support.

The material used to manufacture this is mesh and is of premium quality, and the steel frame is powder-coated and can be used for a long time.

This one also features angle locks that can provide locking in various reclining forms. From sitting to lying down they are an example of comfort. The weight capacity is 300 lbs and the chair weight being 20 lbs.This one easily adjusts with your body size and comes with easy folding and transportation. These super comfy chairs are UV resistant and have a breathable mesh fabric.

The Good

  • This one is designed for comfort.
  • The steel frame is powder-coated.
  • Made of breathable mesh material that is UV resistant too.
  • This one comes with easy folding and adjustable feature.

The Bad

  • More suitable for small people.

best patio lounge chairs

The Christopher Knight Home chair is another great chair to relax completely on a hot summer noon. The lazy summer days can be full of style and comfort if you have the right chaise beneath you by the pool side.

You can make the moments memorable by lying beside your loved one, and gazing the stars at night.

These chairs are long and stylish, comfortable and affordable too. You can make most out of your summer season, with these Christopher knight home chairs. The best thing is these are easy to assemble and come with easy maintenance. They also boast of durability as are made with aluminum.

The name is as such that you should feel it’s like a king’s castle, without spending much of money. These chairs are attractive and exhibit style. The amazing craftsmanship and these premium quality chairs are made with tough materials. The edges are bevelled and mitered corners that make it look classy and different. The dimensions of this one is 77.6 x 25.2 x 11.8 inches. The weight being 66.1 pounds.

The Good

  • These are comfy chairs with a modern and a luxurious appearance.
  • The right chaise to enjoy on a hot summer noon, or even at night (gazing at the sky).
  • These come with easy assemble and maintenance.
  • Very durable and can withstand weather.
  • This one comes with easy folding and adjustable feature.

The Bad

  • The quality is not up to the mark.

pool deck lounge chairs

The adjustable lounge chaise from Peachtree are contemporary and facilitate a lot of relaxation. The unique design exhibits sleekness and modern design that comes with easy maintenance.

This one suits best for your pool side, be it while reading books, chatting with friends, meditating in hot summer days or spending time with your family.

The backboard is adjustable and can be changed to 5 positions. It feels great to recline down in them in any position, as so comfortable they are. This one is manufactured with PE rattan wicker of premium quality and also have an iron frame. This is chair that is rust resistant, robust and extremely durable with long term benefits.

The cushions are zippered and have ties for making a secure set up. These ones come with easy assembly, approximately 30 mins. It doesn’t peel or mold due to PE rattan wicker. A marvellous product for hot summer days.

The Good

  • They exhibit a sleek, contemporary and a stylish design.
  • Comes with easy assembly and maintenance.
  • This one has an adjustable backboard, that can make you sit in different positions.
  • The cushions are zippered with safe ties.
  • The cushions are zippered with safe ties.

The Bad

  • Sometimes not so comfortable to use.

poolside lounge chairs

This one is a beautiful outdoor chaise with an umbrella, that seems great. Just look at the amazing craftsmanship, so unique is this.

The umbrella completely matches the chaise cushion. Unlike other pool lounge chairs that are made of metal this one is made with wood.

The wood used is completely weather resistant and the canvas on it is sturdy and durable. As this one is made of premium quality, will last for seasons for you to enjoy. This outdoor chaise is by Kid Kraft, and looks good and cool. This chair is a charm for young boys and girls to use.

A very relaxing and a stylish chair. After spending long summer days for playing or swimming, this one can be used to relax and enjoy. The dimensions of this product are 36 x 19.2 x 20.4 inches. The weight of this is 19.15 pounds. This outdoor chaise is packed with details and the assembly instructions are clear and step wise.

The Good

  • A beautiful outdoor chaise by Kid Kraft.
  • The matching umbrella makes it look more unique.
  • Just be a kid and can enjoy after long hours of play.
  • This one is weather resistant and durable to use.

The Bad

  • The service is not good.

lounge chairs for pool

This is again a marvellous outdoor chaise lounge chair, that is very comfortable to use. This one is built with ergonomic armrests and the straps are made of vinyl.

This is manufactured with a durable construction and has versatile functionality. An adjustable pool lounge chair that can set in different positions, and enables you to lay back, relax or nap comfortably.

Backrest and lounge seat. The cushions are attached with self-fastening straps that are easily washable, handwash preferred with soap and water. This one comes with easy folding and can be stored with no hassles. The cushions can be cleaned and maintained easily and are two.

The lounge chaise frame is made of steel and is rust and weather resistant. This is a durable chair with polyester fabric cushions and is built to last for years. The measurements of the product are 64-77″L x 26″Wx 32-45″H, with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

The Good

  • A very comfortable cushioned lounge chair.
  • This one is designed for comfort and ease.
  • Functions with versatility.
  • This one is a durable construction with a steel frame.
  • This is also rust and weather resistant.

The Bad

  • The cushions don’t hold up sometimes.

poolside chairs lounges

A lounge chair that is comfortable and especially designed for women. This one is patented open and also features a close face cavity with arm cut outs that are comfortable for reading or tanning face down. This is supposed to be one of the most comfortable pool lounge chairs.

This is so comfortable that doesn’t let you have any kind of neck or back pain.It can be easily carried with a strap anywhere. This one provides great comfort when we lay on stomach..

Even the breast cavity can expand or contract according to your need. A very portable chaise and is extremely light in weight and supports women of varied sizes while lying in prone position.

TThis one also features arm slots and pillows and weighs 250 lbs.The product dimensions are 72inch L x 24inch W x 12inch H. The LCL maintains a perfect distance from the ground which makes you read comfortably.

The Good

  • A great Ladies Comfort Lounger.
  • This one is light in weight and designed for women.
  • Can provide support to women of various sizes.
  • An amazing beach chaise that enables comfortable reading or even tanning with face down.
  • A portable chair that can be easily transported with straps.

The Bad

  • This doesn’t suit short women.

pool deck chairs

Initially the Patiorama was used for indoor use, but now it has brought outside relaxation in astylish way. This one is crafted with a sturdy steel frame and has a polyethylene wicker that is Espresso Brown in color and gives a whole new look and adds an amazing feel to your patio.

You can switch to multiple reclining positions with this comfortable lounge chair and has the cushions are non-water proof.

This adjustable chair has an extra chair for sofa and is contemporary styled. Patiorama sectional sets as the extra seats can serve so. This chaise set can also be used separately to fill up the outdoor area of a smaller size.

This is equipped with thick (4-inch) seat cushions that are padded with sponge and features back cushions for extra comfort and relaxation. This is very durable and lasts long, and should be stored in a covered area when not in use. Mild soap and water can be used for keeping it clean in order to maintain them well for long.

The Good

  • A very durable, comfortable and a sturdy lounge chair.
  • This is designed wonderfully to give you optimum relaxation.
  • Has an extra chair for sofa.
  • Can be used separately for smaller areas.

The Bad

  • The support mechanism is not so good

poolside loungers

The Christopher Knight Eliana is styled with modernity and comfort and comes in a set of two. A sturdy chair that is built with PE wicker and is wrapped in an iron frame (all weather).

This one is specifically and especially designed for you. The seat covers are manufactured with detail to provide you and your body with the maximum comfort.

This is an adjustable chair that make you adjust the backrests according to your need. This doesn’t require any sort of assembly.A chair that is built with perfect to give you endless moments of reading, relaxing and even tanning outdoors.

Just place it on the pool side and feel the difference. I am sure once you buy these you will crave for more. The weight is 32.9 pounds and the dimensions are 79.2 x 27.5 x 15 inches.

The Good

  • This one is modern, comfortable and a stylish lounge chair.
  • TThis one is designed to suit your needs.
  • No assembly required for this.
  • Adjustable chair that can be changed to positions.
  • This one comes in an iron frame and is an all-weather chair.
  • It adds beauty and comfort to your pool side.

The Bad

  • This one doesn’t last for long.

Tips Before You Choose Your Most Comfortable Pool Lounge Chairs

plastic pool loungers

Possessing lounge chairs for inside the pool is certainly an asset, as it adds so much comfort, relaxation, and fun to your life. These chairs come with many benefits and are available in many types, sizes, and colors. Very first I was confused about which model to buy, then did research to find out the best and convenient one. The undermentioned points are the ones that should be probed in before doing your purchase.

  • The Material: Most of the lounge chairs are built with a similar design that is long, narrow, flat. These chairs are built to provide you immense comfort and relaxation. All the lounge chair models that are made with wicker are much easy to clean and are light in weight with extreme durability. Before buying the material of the chair be at topmost consideration. While the teak or resin chairs are less expensive and are durable. In case you go for lounge chairs of recycled plastic, then they would be heavy or bulky. Though these chairs are sturdy and can support a lot of people, and come with zero maintenance.
  • Long-Lasting: Keep in mind the type of user you’re, whether you’re a heavy user or just normal. Because a chair’s life depends on it. The secret of long-lasting is that choose the pool lounge chair that is best according to your needs. If you want full of feature chair, go for it. If you want simple, then just buy it.
  • Easy To Adjustable: You need your back to rest in different positions because sometimes your back is different than the other person. If it is not adjustable, then you may end up in one position which can ruin your back. You can have severe back pain.
  • Chairs with cushions: Cushions add style and comfort to your lounge. They also add elegance and luxury, and thick fluffy cushions provide extra comfort. The extra pillow is added by some people to provide convenience. Along with comfort, the matching cushions that sink in with your outdoor patio give a balanced and a fabulous look to any of your outdoor spaces.
  • Weight: Along with durability and quality if these lounge chairs are light in weight then its beneficial. The weight of lounge chaise is directly linked with the material used to construct them. A lightweight chair makes it quite easy for you to move and change its position as and when you require, this will take care of your specific needs.
  • Additional features: As one doesn’t compromise on quality, similarly a lot of fun is added with some additional features. So, just look for these added features like a canopy, holders, sliding tray tables, wheels, or designs that come with added seating capacity. The add on features make a chair functional and versatile.
  • All-weather: As mentioned in the article above also the chairs most of them are weather friendly. As these are placed outdoors so they need to be all-weather. It’s great if they are cool to touch even in hot weather. The chairs that are constructed with wicker or teak are good in terms of maintaining cool temperatures, plastic chairs may not remain cool. The outdoor cushions possess resistance against the harmful UV rays. It’s better if you opt for chairs that are mildew resistant and dry quickly as will suit rainy climates. Even when you place them on the poolside, they need to have the waterproof or quick-drying ability as are exposed to topwater.
  • The Purpose: As you are going to purchase a lounge chair, the reason or purpose you are buying it should be clear in your mind. It entirely depends on you whether you want to relax, read, sleep, or get tanned. The comfortable armrests, adjustability, durability, and other features should also be taken care of. They should provide you with what you desire.
  • The price tags: After witnessing the features of so many models, its pretty clear that the high-end models come with a high price tag, though are great in comfort and durability. Different chairs with different price tags are available, and it depends on your budget what you choose. If you don’t want to spend a very high price then go for a pool lounge chair that is affordable and has impressive features.
  • Summing up: Comfort, style, and relaxation, these most comfortable outdoor lounge chairs are a complete package that can provide you with fun and fill your life with moments of enjoyment. Go for a pool lounge chair that suits your needs the best and add elegance and comfort to your poolside outdoor spaces. These are affordable and luxury is just at your doorstep if you buy any one of them. I love to read and relax by the poolside, and these chairs are super cool in terms of modernity along with comfort. If you haven’t bought one, do get it, and I am sure you will be too glad after owning one.


You can choose the best pool lounge chairs from the list mentioned above, on the basis of your needs. Because if you fail to have a good one, you’re going to regret the decision. There are various parameters that you should consider while buying.

So when you make up your mind by seeing the lists, benefits, and factors, then don’t think twice and just buy it. Because they are great items and going to make you live a lot better. Who doesn’t enjoy a poolside on a sunny day? Now hurry and get yourself a one.

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