Best Pool Pole – Comprehensive Buying Guide

Pool Pole

Swimming pools are certainly a long-term investment be it the residential or the commercial ones. Therefore, it becomes paramount to keep it well-maintained and improve its lifetime.

Though we have automatic pool cleaners but sometimes it becomes very comfy and handy to use a manual or telescopic pole for accomplishing routine pool cleaning tasks.

Cleaning pool debris, leaves, dirt, or any other floating items becomes like a breeze if you have the right tool in your hand.

Ensure hygiene, users comfort, and keep the pool accessories protected by using a pool pole that can be connected to a rake, brush, net, skimmer, or a vacuum head to reach to the farthest and the deepest corners.

But you need to have the right information about the factors such as the size, weight, length, adjustability, and quality of the pool pole you invest in.

We have a comprehensive buying guide along with the categorization of some of the best pool poles ever created by the top-line manufacturers.

So, if you are ready, read ahead…..

Best Pool Pole - A Quick Look

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Detailed Reviews Of Best Pool Pole

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1. Aqua Select Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole

The Aqua Select Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole is designed for versatility and expandable to reach 6 – 18 feet.

Storing this pool pole is extremely easy as this has adjustable varied lengths that help you with a wide variety of projects.

This telescoping pool pole is made with high quality aluminum that remains reliable and not flimsy.

The Aqua Select Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole has an outer locking cam with a handle grip that was designed for easy operation. This pool pole is versatile, professional, easy-to-use and compatible for different tool needs.

Created with a self-primer, this formula can virtually be applied on any surface without much preparation.


  • A versatile pool pole

  • Constructed with superior-quality aluminum

  • Compatible fit to other skimmers

  • Includes a cam that locks

  • A reliable brand to invest


  • A bit light in weight than its counterparts

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2. U.S. Pool Supply Professional Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole

This is a two-piece pole from a well-renowned brand U.S Pool Supply. The telescoping swim pool pole functions with an external locking cam and features a blue aluminum finish.

The pole length is easily adjustable from 8 – 16 ft. and the ribbed design is meant to offer additional strength.

You can easily attach it to vacuums, brushes, rakes, and pool skimmers. In comparison to the other pool poles the locking sleeve is pretty convenient to loosen or tighten.


  • Light weighted yet sturdy

  • Works wonderfully when pressure applied when deep cleaning

  • Changing length is breeze

  • Made with quality materials


  • Needs careful handling

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3. JED Pool Tools -Telescopic Pole

This is an improved version of its previous model and the new design includes pro-handle and cam. Like others this can also be easily extended form 8 – 16 inches and this anodized finish pole can fit all types of standard accessories.

The telescopic pole is lightweight aluminum construction yet quite durable. This stays versatile and you can put it to use for netting, brushing, and even vacuuming. Not only the locking mechanism but this is thicker and solid than the other pool poles available.

Ensure that it is stored in a shading spot as this may become hot to touch.


  • Little efforts are needed to lock the slide out pole

  • Smooth finish with a deluxe large external cam

  • Features a great locking mechanism

  • Created with quality materials


  • If left out in the sun for long may get hot to touch

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4. Swimline HydroTools Telescopic Pool Pole

The telescopic pole is blue anodized and manufactured by HydroTools which is easy to manoeuvre due to its lightweight. This features a locking outside cam which comes with an adjustable height of 6 – 11 ft.

The pole is ideal for residential use and gets easily connected to pool skimmers, brushes, and rakes.

Ensure that you do not leave the pool pole submersed in water for longer periods as this may get rusted.


  • Perfect for residential purposes

  • Adjustable form 6 – 11 ft.

  • Can easily tackle the weight of wet leaves

  • Cam locks tightly that prevents slipping

  • Good for sweeping pool or spa


  • Good for light skimming only

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5. U.S. Pool Supply Professional - Telescopic Swimming Pool Pole

U.S. Pool Supply is one of the well-known manufacturers of pool-cleaning equipment. This is an adjustable model that flaunts a professional-build and efficient performance.

One more thing I really appreciate is its ribbed aluminum constriction that keeps it sturdy and long-lasting. The pole stays versatile and can be attached to various cleaning equipment like nets, brushes, rakes, skimmers, etc.

This features an anti-slip cam and a perfect locking mechanism that keeps the pole intact in a desired length. You get all these with an affordable price tag along with a one-year warranty.


  • Pole expands up to 12 Feet

  • Slip Resistant Locking Cam

  • Commercial class pole

  • Versatile pool pole

  • One-year warranty


  • Durability is not as much as others in the list

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6. SwimLine HydroTools Adjustable Pool Pole

This pole offers brilliant adjustability, features a lovely blue anodized finish and also has a locking cam. The pole can be easily extended between 8 – 15 ft. and the aluminum build is reliable and sturdy too, you just need to be wary about rust.

The HydroTools is an inexpensive option and provides efficient cleaning too. This is more suitable for domestic cleaning purposes and attaches decently to your pool brush, rake, or skimmer.

Ensure that you do not use it for heavy loads as this may break or get damaged.


  • Superior quality and durable

  • Great for domestic use

  • Locks tightly

  • Anti-slip grip


  • Good for light skimming only

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7. Aqua Select Telescoping Pool Vacuum Pole

This is another adjustable option which is economical to buy. The Aqua Select is crafted to suit a huge palette of tools and like others this is also an aluminum construction. The ribbed design promises extra durability and strength.

The inner diameter of the pool pole is of 1” and this is much sturdier than its counterparts. This also attaches to its many pool accessories.

If you buy this then you are not left with any worries of the pole being flimsy. This is expandable, retractable, and comes with a comfy handle grip.


  • Versatile product

  • Universal accessories attachment

  • Manufactured for easy use

  • Extra strong, ribbed construction


  • Great product at a reasonable price with no downsides

What all to look for before buying? – The Best Pool Pole

The following things should be kept in mind before you invest in the best pool pole.


This aspect goes for any product type be it the pool pole or any other item you invest in. Go for the one which is lightweight yet sturdy, and a slight flex is also an additional benefit.

Normally, the pool poles are made with aluminum, are lightweight and strong. Anodized aluminum is a great choice as this shows resistance to corrosion and rust thereby adding to its durability. A handle stays robust with a superior ABS material.


For a long-lasting option, a pool pole needs to be strong and thick. This way it won’t bend or break due to any reasons. As mentioned above also, anodized aluminum construction is a better choice.

A ribbed build and anodized material keeps the pole reliable adding to its longevity. A product with a warranty is a good choice and select a brand that is well-built and lasts long.


When picking the perfect pool pole, strength is another aspect that can’t be ignored. The pole you choose should be able to handle all sorts of cleaning tasks inclusive of vacuuming, skimming, along with bearing the pool water pressure and the debris weight and that too without breaking.

A flimsy and thin object will break and bend easily, hence a certain thickness level is very essential. A robust locking cam that offers tight set-up of pieces is also an additional benefit.

All these qualities will ensure that the pole is quite sturdy and reliable.


The pole length you choose will depend on the type of your pool. Though the pool poles are available in varied lengths and adjustable options come with a big welcome. You can easily extend a pole with a good length to the farthest corners and pool depths that you require.

The telescopic poles are designed to retract and extend with ease.


The ones which are discussed above are the following pool pole types:

  1. Manual Pool Poles
  2. Telescopic Pool Poles

Apart from the above two mentioned there are automatic pool poles too which are designed to establish a connection with pool pump inlets and feature propellers/paddles for propulsion in the water.

There are self-contained pool poles too that are solar-powered and auto-floating.


For every pool owner, a pool cleaning pole is a blessing and an immensely useful tool.

The best pool poles are not only robust but work efficiently with maintenance accessories. Do follow all the aspects mentioned in the buying guide as this will help you choose right. The pool will remain sanitized and free from harmful bacteria and algae too as these splendid tools are created so.

Make your pool cleaning fast and easy!!!!

With our pool pole reviews and buying guide, finding the best pole for your swimming pool should be easy. Once you have it, pool cleaning and maintenance will be fast and easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Why is a pool pole needed?

Ans: Though your robotic cleaner or pool filters perform the swim pool cleaning task brilliantly, some manual cleaning is always needed like the removal of debris, stones, bugs, leaves, etc.

With the help of a pool pole you are able to clean the farthest and deepest ends of your pool. You can comfortably use a pool net or a pool brush pole which will prove extremely handy overall. Strong poles also function nicely as a pool vacuum or pool skimmer for removing the sand or dirt from your pool.

Q 2. How can I make my pool pole more durable?

Ans: You can extend the life-span of your pool pole by using, storing, and maintaining it well. You also need to put the pressure on the pole in the right way as using it heavily may break or damage its integrity.

Leaving it out in the sun is also not recommended as the sun’s UV rays could turn out to be degrading. It is recommended to rinse it well, especially after it is used in a salt water pool.

Lastly, dry it up, and store it properly in a retracted form.

Q 3. Which is the best pool pole to buy?

Ans: This depends on your pool preferences and liking that which pool pole you select. All the products mentioned in the above article are great ones but you need to check their specifications in order to get a sturdy pole that offers the best cleaning outcomes.

For e.g. a deeper pool will require a pole that possesses a good length, is adjustable, yet light in weight.

Q 4. How long do these pool poles last?

Ans: If you maintain well then the pool poles may last longer and stronger. Ensure you take good care while use and after use for satisfactory results.

Q 5. Which material is the best for a pool pole?

Ans: Ribbed aluminum pool poles are not only lightweight but robust too. Before you buy a pool pole just ensure that it is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and has a great grip that doesn’t slip. For more details you can refer above in the buying guide.

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