Best Pool Pumps Reviews Of 2021

Pools and their care go parallel with each other. Approaching summer months and the charm to spend time in the pool is just a dream come true.

But the dust, debris, leaves and more tend to spoil the pool’s integrity. An ideal pool pump works brilliantly to keep your swim pool in the best shape as it is undoubtedly the heart of your pool’s circulation system.

But which is the best pool pump? Is a bigger pool pump better? What matters most is horsepower or the GPM’s?

There is so much to be known before you invest in the best in order to have a durable pool pump that doesn’t fail in the middle and spoils your anticipated event. So many brands, prices, and types ….

We have covered all and made everything clear below. From quietest, most energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and powerful pool pumps, you can select that suits your specific requirements. We have revealed all in every category.

Best Pool Pumps Brands - A Quick Look Through Each Category


Harris H1572730

best variable speed pool pump

  • Easy To Install

  • Strong Body For Longer Life

  • Easy To Clean Filter Basket

Energy Efficient

Hayward W3SP1580

inground pool pump

  • Extra-Large Debris Basket

  • Easy Maintenance Of Pump

  • Heavy-Duty Motor

Cost Efficient

Pentair 342001

pool pumps review

  • High Performance

  • Quick Viewing Strainer

  • Ultralight For Easy To Carry

Most Powerful

Intex 28633EG

best pool pumps

  • Best Brand In Pumps

  • 2,500 Gph Filter Pump

  • Double Insulated Pump


Quietest Pool Pump

For In-ground Pools

high efficiency pool pump

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

The SuperFlo pump by Pentair meets all the criteria that is required by a superior pool, spa or a water feature pump. This offers a quietest operation due to more advanced internal flow design that reduces hydraulic noise.

This single-speed pool pump with 1-1/2- horse power pump is capable to move more water efficiently with lower operating costs. This comes with thick-walled body parts, a heavy-duty 56 square flange motor, and highly engineered hydraulics.

This comes with a see-through lid that makes inspection fast and easy and the oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings. This pump is designed with innovative materials and provides easy, quick start-up with self-priming feature.

This is a super choice as it stands most of the conditions with demanding installation. The product dimensions are 27.5 x 12.5 x 14.8 inches with a weight of 38.7 pounds.


  • Features a high-performance motor.

  • Flaunts of heavy-duty hydraulics.

  • Self-priming feature.

  • Equipped with an over-sized strainer basket.

  • Quiet operation with internal flow design.

  • 1-year warranty.


  • A great pump only the warranty could be a bit extended.

For Above-ground Pools

best variable speed pool pump

Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP

The Harris H1572730 is made with advanced engineering that provides high-efficiency and minimal noise while operation. This is constructed with a reinforced thermoplastic body for longer life and durability.

This costs less than the other brands but still offers splendid results and performance. since they exceed all the CSA and ETL requirements and come with a corrosion-proof construction gives you immense confidence and mental peace.

An easy-to-clean filter basket forms the part of the strainer and the convenient drain plug comes with standard three-prong plug connection on a 3-foot cord.

This possesses internal threading of 1.5-inch and external threading of 2.5-inch. The product dimensions are 22 x 8 x 10.75 inches with a weight of 22 pounds.


  • Provides high-efficiency with minimal noise.

  • Heavy-duty corrosion-proof construction.

  • Durable stainless-steel motor shaft.

  • Equipped with a large filter basket.

  • Meets all CSA and ETL requirements.


  • Good pump but not a power robot cleaner.

Most Energy Efficient Pool Pump

For Inground Pools

variable speed pool pump reviews

XtremepowerUS 2HP Inground Pool Pump

This famous brand assures perfect pool pumps for your pool with a reasonable price tag. These are energy-efficient, reliable, and durable to use. The long-lasting ability comes with the corrosion-proof polymeric material.

The motor delivers high-performance with airflow ventilation for quieter noise along with run-experience that’s pretty smooth. The product dimensions are 14.3 x 27.5 x 10.4 inches with a weight of 38.23 pounds.

Any brand or system you have before this is compatible with all. This also works with solar heating and in-floor cleaning systems. This is extremely easy to install and maintain with a power source type that’s corded electric.


  • Perfect pump at a low cost.

  • Delivers reliable and power packed performance.

  • Self-priming pool pump.

  • Made from corrosion-proof polymeric material.

  • Enables smoother run-time experience.

  • Compatible with different brands.


  • A great one and the users are extremely satisfied.

For Above-ground Pools

inground pool pump

Hayward W3SP1580 Power Flo Pool Pump

The PowerFlo LX pump is a perfect combination of corrosion-proof construction with advanced features and options that keep it the most energy-efficient.

This has actually set the standards when we talk about value and performance. The Hayward brand boasts of providing equipment with cutting-edge technology for over 80-years.

This delivers wonderfully in all sorts of weather and the clear cover lets you to see clearly whenever the basket needs cleaning. The heavy-duty motor offers dependable high-performance while remaining quiet.

This features an extra-large basket that lets you enjoy your pool time more by keeping the maintenance to a minimum. This flaunts a long motor life as it possesses 100% drip-proof, heat-resistant, and double-sized seals. The need to replace it soon is not an issue at all.


  • Designed specifically for above-ground pools.

  • Features a heavy-duty motor.

  • Durable and corrosion-proof housing.

  • Offers all-weather performance.

  • Designed for quiet operation.

  • Drain plug provides easy maintenance.


  • Not as durable as the others in this list.

Most Cost Efficient Pool Pump

For Above-ground Pools

dual speed pool pump

Blue Wave NE6171B Maxi Replacement Pump

This is powerful, and cost-efficient, and shares similar quality like the Hayward, Sta-Rite, and Pentair. You will get years of reliable service as this feature corrosion-proof polymer construction.

The Blue Wave NE6171B is a dual port design for either horizontal or vertical discharge and fits most of the filter systems. This self-priming pump comes with a clear lid that allows easy cleaning.

You can use it to replace your old or any inefficient pump with this water-moving dynamo. This is 110 Volt AC with a 6-ft cord along with an inlet and outlet discharge hose of 1.5” diameter. The pump shows compatibility with most of the pool filter.


  • Durable polymer construction.

  • Self-priming pump.

  • Clear lid allows for easy cleaning.

  • Dual port design.

  • Offers high-performance, is quiet and efficient.

  • Fits most filter pumps.


  • A bit small-sized pump.

For Inground Pools

pool pumps review

Harris H1572747 ProForce 1 HP

This is another pool pump which is made of stainless steel 1 HP motor shaft with a reinforced thermoplastic body. The Harris H1572747 boasts of carborundum and graphite mechanical seals and components.

With its reasonable price tag this is cost-efficient and offers result and performance like the high-range brands. This comes with a see-through, twist and lock lid that allows quick viewing of the strainer.

You get high-efficiency outcomes with minimal noise while operation. The dimensions of the pump are 25 in (L) x 15 in (H) x 11 in (W) and the weight is 35 pounds.


  • Made with advanced engineering.

  • Provides higher-efficiency with minimal noise.

  • Exceeds all CSA and ETL requirements.

  • Features a convenient drain plug.

  • Costs less than the big brands.

  • Comes with a large easy-to-clean filter basket.


  • If warranty could be a bit more.

  • You can’t use this pump with storable pools.

Most Powerful Pool Pump

For Above-ground Pools

best pool pumps

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear - Cartridge Filter Pump

Simply enjoy and remain refreshed this summer by using the Intex 28633EG Krystal that offers 2,500 GPH filter cartridge pumps. The Intex 28633EG is extremely easy-to-use, is the most powerful, and features a one hydro aeration technology inlet that’s fitted inside.

You can replace the old cartridge with a new one every two weeks. This works amazingly with Intex above ground pools. The pump features an air release valve for air trapped inside filter chamber and a sediment flush valve at bottom of filter chamber.

An easy-to-clean replaceable filter cartridge is also included with the filter pump. This also possesses an auto timer with pre-set 2 to 12-hour cycles. Just remember that these may not be compatible with non-Intex above ground pools. The installation is quite easy and you have to just attach hoses and plug-in.


  • Double insulated pump.

  • Air release valve for trapped air.

  • One hydro-aeration technology.

  • Specifically designed for above-ground pools.

  • Comes with a replaceable filter cartridge.

  • Features an auto timer with pre-set.


  • No drawbacks as such a great pool pump.

For Inground Pools

variable speed pool pump

Hayward W3SP2600X5 Super Pump Pool Pump

This pool pump sets the industry standard for dependability, power, and competence. This is probably the world’s best-selling medium-head pump family. This comes with all the quality features that you may expect from Hayward.

You can witness a great experience like a blow up hot tubs when you use this dual speed pump. The extra-large debris basket omits the frequent maintenance hassles and has added leaf-holding capacity.

The exclusive swing-away hand knobs makes an easy strainer cover removal that too without tools. This is available in single and two-speed models that provides a selection of voltage and horse-power options.

The pump comes with a unique service-ease design that offers quick 4-bolt access to all internal components for simple servicing. With the airflow ventilation you get cooler, quieter, and efficient operation.


  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with airflow ventilation.

  • Extra-large debris basket.

  • Exclusive swing-away hand knobs.

  • Unique service-ease design.

  • Designed for inground pools.

  • Easy installation and servicing.


  • If unused for longer duration, issues with motor may arise.

Why Do You Need A Pool Pump?

A pool can get deposits of dust, sand, debris, and leaves over time. There are chemicals too that need to be mixed in the pool. This work is carried by a pool pump as it is the major part of the circulation system of any swimming pool.

The pool system not only clears the debris from the water but also keeps all the necessary chemicals mixed up by the process of pushing water. The pump system works to push water into the filtration system and then back out again.

Selecting the right pool pump system is extremely important as this takes care of your pool and the ones that use the pool.

So, a pool pump is essential to maintain the overall health and pool hygiene. Since, the debris may lead to harmful effects for your skin and otherwise and may affect the pool water clarity too.

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How To Choose The Right Pool Pump?

Before you select the best pool pump for your inground or above-ground pool you need to look at some important questions.

  • What is the pool size?

  • What is the pool type above-ground or inground?

  • Do you want a hard-wired or a plug-in model?

  • What is the horsepower requirement?

  • How much speed is needed for the pool pump?

2 speed pool pump

The Size of Your Pool (in Gallons) Matters

The pool size should be known by you beforehand in gallons. For this a standard pool gallons chart can be used or even a pool water volume water calculator that you will get online.

The total pool gallons should be divided by 8 and the total no. of hours that the pump will take to circulate) to get the flow rate. And the flow rate is measured in GPM (gallons per minute) and thereby the total result needs to be divided by 60 to get the per minute number of gallons of your pool pump.

high efficiency pool pump

Above-Ground or In-Ground Pool: Does It Make a difference?

This is another important thing that needs to be considered before, since this will determine the location of the pool filter.

If the filter intake is above the ground pump then a top-mount pump will be needed and if the intake to filter is at the same level then a side-mount pump will be required.

The sand filters are equipped with top-mount multiport valves and they will need to be top-mounted. Similarly, the DE filters will need to be side-mounted always.

A Plug-In or Hard-Wired Pump?

The voltage needs to be determined which will be 110 to 220-volts in most of the cases. You can either hardwire your pump directly to the power line or an inline can be used that will directly plug to the power.


Another most important thing that needs to be considered is horsepower. The pump you choose should have horsepower that is in perfect combination with the pool filtering system and your pool. So, getting the right size of the pump will lead to time and energy savings.

Consider The Speed

The pool pumps are available with varied pumping speeds like low, medium, and high. The status of your swimming pool will decide the plumbing speed and the power consumption savings that you want.

Three Things That Should Be Known:

  • Less power is used by a fast pool pump.

  • More power is consumed if the pool pump runs slow.

  • They are available in three different speeds: single, dual, and variable.

hayward 1.5 hp pool pumps

1. Single Speed

One of the most common are the pool pumps that come with a one-speed option. The impeller is made to spin by the motor at a single speed and the horsepower cannot be increased or decreased with this.

Running at one-speed all the time will make use of more power consumption and this won’t be the right choice when you are looking for cutting down on maintenance costs as a pool owner. These are even prohibited in some areas like California for saving on electricity usage.

Energy Efficient Pool Pump

2. Dual Speed

You can switch between speeds and run at low when the pool is not being used much and make it run at high when there are peak usage hours.

This type of pool pump offers two speed options: low and high. If we talk about the high-speed then it is similar to that of the single-speed pump discussed above. If you consider the low-speed then it adds a lot of flexibility to the pool pump.

3. Variable Speed

These types of pool pumps are preferred most as they feature a PMM- permanent magnetic motor. This type of system is used in cars too and there is no need for electricity to spin the rotor as everything can be regulated digitally at any speed.

Pool Pump To Swimming Pool Connected

They could be an expensive option but are much more efficient, longer-lasting, and quieter on operation. They are worth the money spent and the motor tends to produce less friction than the other kinds of pumps being used in induction motors.

These provide the largest energy savings and this fact is even supported by the U.S. department of Energy too (saves pumping energy by 50% to 75%).

Do Variable Pool Pumps Really Save Money?

This doubt may prevail in the minds of many that whether variable-speed pumps help in saving or money on energy-costs. You may still be unsure what will be the actual potential savings and are they worth the cost.

The relationship between motor-speed, flow rates, and energy consumption is expressed by the well-known term Pump Affinity Law. You may get some savings directly with the improved motor-efficiency or by replacing your single-speed pump with a variable speed pump.

As the pump speed and water-flow is reduced the power consumption tends to decrease at a nonlinear rate and this is evaluated according to this law.

The chart that’s mentioned below gives a complete demo of how the pump-speed and flow-rates will directly impact power usage. If the motor-speed is cut to half then the flow rate is also reduced to half.

But if it is a single-speed pump then you get a standard 3,450 rpm speed which is non-adjustable even if the flow-rate is required as less as 66 GPM.

The Department Of Energy Has Detailed Nicely In The Chart:


Which Type Is The Best?

Using a variable speed pump will always keep you in a win-win situation than the single or dual-speed pumps. Though it is a matter of personal preference too and you can pick the one you like.

The pool pumps with a variable speed come with a huge “YES” as will let you make any speed adjustments that too digitally, and you will get the largest energy savings too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average life of a pool pump?

The pool pump and its longevity are directly linked with some factors. The size of the pump is small as compared to the pool size, because if pool size is more and the pump is small for work then the depreciation will take place more rapidly. How you use and maintain your pool pump matters a lot. Good maintenance certainly adds life to your machine, as compared to the poor wear and tear. A well-maintained pump can last for about 8 to 12 years. It is advisable to take care of your pump, in order to avoid the break down, cracks, worn down parts and more.

For how long should the pool pump be used on a daily basis?

First of all, a pool pump should be used on a daily basis for proper circulation and cleaning of pool water. One cannot fix this time, as it might have to work more if the pool was overused during the day. An average of about 8 hours is sufficient in routine. These days we have pool calculators also for monitoring the time of the pump usage. It doesn’t require the pump to work for 24 hours a day, but to use it once every day is important. If the pumps are used regularly then it increases efficiency and helps in adding life to your machine., but on the other side overuse is never recommended.

How are pool pumps and electricity bills interlinked?

Pool cleaning requires power and electricity both. The luxury of owning a pool comes with some additional costs. Pool pumps and filter systems need electricity to run them for keeping your dream pool functional. Per hour if we calculate, then the expenditure will come around 26 to 53 cents. But on a personal note, the electricity bills do make it a little expensive affair, but they maintain your pools nicely. One should always use good quality pumps which match your pool size and control electricity costs also.

What should be the pressure of a pool pump?

While talking in general, the pressure of a pool pump is a number which is relative, and not a fixed one. The first time when the pump is installed, that reading can be considered as the pressure of the gauge for further reference. The filter gauge reading might vary for different machines. Still we can consider 10 psi as somewhere near normal, as most of the filters work around 5 to 10 or 10 to 20 psi range. With the correct pressure the cleaning and filtering of the pool can be done properly. Note the first reading of your filter and refer to it every time.

Do variable speed pool pumps help in saving money?

The answer to this is yes. Pools with variable speed pumps cut down on your costs drastically. At least 90% energy costs are cut with this, approximately after two seasons of usage you can easily recover your buying costs also. Variable speed pool pumps are far more useful that the single speed pumps, in terms of efficiency and saving pool costs.

Which is the best time of the day to run the pump?

Even in the daytime a bit of water circulation is important but for best and efficient results night is perhaps the right time. During the non-peak hours, the electricity companies also charge less (between 9 pm and 8 am). Keep you pool looking crystal clear by running your pool pump during the night.

How long should I run my pool pump?

Pool pumps should be made to run about 12-hours in a complete day for best results. We can assume here that the turnover rate of the average pool pump is about 8-12 hours. This way the pool water’s total volume will filter through its system 2-3 times in a 24-hour long duration.

How long do pool pumps last?

The pool pumps tend to last for about 8-10 years. If you hear any kind of noisy/screeching front or any rear bearings then replacing or rebuilding may be the call.

Can you run a pool pump with solar cover on?

Water evaporation and heat loss is prevented during the night by the solar pool cover. Even if your pool is covered with a solar cover it is absolutely safe to run the pool pump as you will not be using it to swim with the solar blanket on.

Are shorter cycles effective for running of pool pump?

Of course, this idea of running pool pump in cycles helps in achieving energy efficiency. This works well along with keeping the water clean and avoids water wastage. You may need a timer for this purpose for making this strategy work well. If the water is not being filtered properly then the duration of cycle should be increased.

The Wrap up

If your pool pump system fails nothing worse can happen than this. We have tried to cover each aspect in our article and we also hope that it has provided all the important information that you were looking for. Ensure to follow the buying tips for taking a wiser decision and the right product will serve you honestly for years. What else is required? Isn’t it!!

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