Best Pool Shock

pool shock treatment

Before you dive in for a swim in your pool, you need to ensure that you experience it well!!

Simply pool sanitization won’t solve the purpose as the pool water needs to be absolutely healthy, clean, and safe (for eyes, skin, hair, etc.). Hence, for crisp, freshwater, the most important thing is shocking your pool.

Pool shocks are nothing but granulated oxidizers that are available in numerous types for recreational water management.

A wrong choice could turn out to be harmful and may lead to serious health issues.

For a good pool, spa, or hot tub the bacteria, algae, and other harmful contaminants need to be kept away.

Pool shocks should be selected according to your pool type & size, shock type, and preference.

But which is the most appropriate one out of so many options available. Let us explore all the possibilities….

Best Shock For Your Pool: A Quick Comparison

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7 Best Pool Shock on the Market

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1. In The Swim - Chlorine Pool Shock

This pool shock is well-known for its power-packed chlorine shock treatment which is great for regular maintenance.

This is appreciated by users as rapidly eliminates algae, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants from the pool water.

Hence can’t be denied that it is liked by many people. One more advantage of the pool shock, it can be used for maintaining all pool types.

If you are buying In The Swim, then you are investing in a reliable product.


  • Enables quick sanitizing

  • Restores clarity well

  • Reliable and super easy to use

  • Suitable for all pool types


  • Unsuitable for green water

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2. Clorox Pool&Spa Shock- XtraBlue

The Clorox Pool&Spa is one of the best choices for vinyl liners as this sits perfectly without causing any sort of destruction.

This works tough but the best part is it doesn’t increase the pH level, does not fade liners but just augments the pool filters performance.

One extraordinary feature of this shock is that it comprises crystals that work great in removing bacteria and algae. This certainly gives your pool a clean and sparkling look.


  • Multi-functional pool shock with algae-fighting crystals

  • Kills bacteria and prevents green, black and mustard algae

  • Improves filter performance

  • Reduces chlorine odor and eye irritation

  • Easy open, easy pour bottles

  • Creates crystal clear water


  • Comprises of copper algaecide

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3. Leisure Time RENU2 - Non-Chlorine Shock Treatment

The RENU2 by Leisure Time is an extremely effective shock treatment that kills algae, makes your pool appear sparkling clean, eliminates odors, and contaminants.

This destroys microorganisms, deodorants, oils, soaps, and prevents pH fluctuations and chlorine build-up.

You will love this chlorine-free pool shock due to one additional benefit, its compatibility with chlorine, ozone, bromine, mineral purification systems. Even your pool’s filter performance is also improved by this.

This chlorine-free pool shock is also designed with a free sanitizing system. This system can help improve filter performance while keeping your pool clean by removing odor.


  • Most affordable in the list and effective too

  • Doesn’t contain chlorine

  • Destroys microorganisms, soaps, deodorants and oils

  • Buffered to prevent pH fluctuations

  • Quick dissolving

  • Ideal for hot tub and spa maintenance


  • Slightly less active than its counterparts

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4. Pool Essentials Shock Treatment

Pool Essentials being one of the well-renowned pool shock brands works as a suitable shock treatment for your above ground pools. You can use it for other pool types too.

This fast-dissolving formula kills algae and helps in eliminating contaminants without bleaching your pools.

The shock treatment is easy-to-use and a skimmer can easily pour it into the pool or you can even apply it directly without causing any harm to the pool.

The product contains 48.6% more chlorine in comparison to the other brands and can be used regardless of the sunlight or time of the day.


  • Fast-dissolving

  • Fast-Dissolving, Easy to apply

  • Clears cloudy water

  • Reduces chlorine odor


  • Not so suitable for vinyl liner pools

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5. HTH 52008 - Pool Shock Super Shock Treatment

The pool shock treatment is uniquely created for Intex Pools and will not over-stabilize your pool. This is sold in a pack of 6 and gives effective results in just 24 hours after application.

This kills and removes unsightly green, black algae, and bacteria. For making your pool look sparkling clean this fast-acting and fast dissolving formula works brilliantly.

This is compatible with salt water systems too. This shock system is fast enough to deal with contaminants and restores clarity.


  • Crystal clear water in 24 hours

  • Won’t over-stabilize your pool

  • 6 count value pack

  • Kills bacteria and algae

  • Fast acting and fast dissolving

  • Restoring clarity quickly

  • Perfect for Intex pool


  • Pool may remain slightly cloudy sometimes

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6. HTH 42014 - Chlorinating Tablets Swimming Pool

This pool shock solution is another one on the list that works great to kill bacteria and algae in any pool type. The HTH 42014 comprises 52% chlorine and this is so powerful that you need to add it to water only once a week. You should place a tab in the pool skimmer, floater, or feeder for simple, DIY pool care.

Without any worries, you can add this to your saltwater pool. When you use it just add it into your pool’s deep end. For optimum results, you require to wait for about 24 hours, and later you can swim with no issues.


  • Aptly sanitizes and protects your pool water

  • Ideal for saltwater systems and Vinyl pools

  • Dissolves nicely for a steady solution

  • Comprises of 35-pound pail of chlorinating tabs


  • Keep it properly to prevent breakage

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7. HTH 52009 Super Green - Blue Shock System

If your swim pool is affected with green algae then the HTH 52009 Super Green- Blue Shock System is an ideal option for your swim pool.

This is created with an increased amount of chlorine ensuring that your pool appears clean and blue.

The shock system is extremely easy-to-use and can be poured in the pool directly using a skimmer. This only functions if your pool includes a vacuum.

However, it only works if your pool is designed with a vacuum. This comes with a two-step system to remove algae and bacteria from the water. You get crystal clear results in just a span of 24-hours.


  • Pool care for green pools, fresh & saltwater systems

  • Kills all algae and bacteria

  • Can be applied to your pool with a skimmer or directly to the water

  • Easy two-step system

  • Works exactly as its name


  • Not designed to work with pools that cannot vacuum to waste

Selecting the Best Pool Shocks

Some vital factors cannot be ruled out before you buy the right pool shock for your pool.

Let us run down those points quickly:

1. Pool Type

Even if your pool shock contains strong chemicals this won’t affect your pool much or cause any problems.

But if you do not want that the vinyl liners of your pool get faded then any pool shock treatment that contains chlorine should be avoided. The smartest choice here would be a non-chlorine pool shock.

But if it is a fiberglass pool then you need not worry as any pool shock will be suitable for such pool type due to the reason that these pools are extremely tough and won’t be affected by any tough product.

2. Pool Size

The quantity of shock you will need for your pool will be dictated by the size of your pool. For an estimate, for every 10,000 gallons you will generally require 1 lb of a shock every time you use.

In case of some stronger shock treatments you will be needing a small amount only of the shock you use without effecting the overall results.

3. Pool Shock Types

There are some small differences in the pool shock types, though basic work of all of these is to shock your pool.

Let us know about the three main types separately:

Calcium hypochlorite

This consists of 65 – 75% active chlorine, which works strong and is suitable for almost any pool type.

It is advised that you should shock your pool in the evening as it shows sensitivity to the sun. Using the pool for swimming the next day is the most appropriate thing.

Sodium di-chlor

For maintaining your pool regularly this stabilizer ingredient-Sodium di-chlor is certainly an ideal option.

This shock type dissolves a bit slower in comparison to the calcium hypochlorite, and can be poured directly into the pool without the need of mixing it with water.

You can feed it via skimmer too.

Potassium peroxymonosulpate

This pool shock comes in a non-chlorine category and a really fast-dissolving one, the best part is you can use this pool shock at any time of the day without worrying about the sunlight.

Quickly after pouring it your pool is ready for swim.


We hope you are left convinced with our choice of the best pool shocks. Selecting one apt product for your pool is essential for all the necessary salinization, safety, and appearance reasons.

Though all are great in their own way but one pool shock is our favorite i.e. In The Swim – Chlorine Pool Shock. Even the users love to use this chlorine pool shock.

One more we appreciate is the Clorox Pool&Spa Shock- XtraBlue due to its open and pour bottles.

You can even go a non-chlorine choice for your hot tub, pool, or spa.

Just mix it, shake it, and feed it in your pool water!!

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. What Time Should I Shock My Pool?

Ans1. The time of using pool shock depends on the type of pool shock. Evening time is best suited for using a chlorine-based pool shock. As day time the sunlight minimizes the chlorine level and this won’t prove good for pool water.

But for a non-chlorine shock, you can use it at any time of the day.

Q2. Is Chlorine And Shock Similar?

Ans2. For pool sanitization, shock and chlorine share similar active chemicals. However the stronger is the shock in comparison to chlorine. The shock helps in raising the chlorine levels in your pool faster and the chlorine in turn keeps the pool clean, clear, and healthy.

Q3. How Often Should I Shock My Pool?

Ans3. You can choose an ideal frequency of pool shocking and that’s once in a week. This could be twice a week also if the pool is put to use frequently.

But if there are many swimmers, lots of rain, or stubborn algae then go for it daily for health and hygiene reasons.

Q4. Can I Shock My Pool Directly?

Ans4. Different brands offer different pool shock types which need to be used differently. You can use a non-chlorine shock or a lithium-hypochlorite shock without using water and by adding directly in the pool.

But using a shock with water is a safe thing and should be practised for best outcomes. This way the shock will dissolve faster too.

Q5. How Long Should I Wait To Dip In The Pool After Shocking?

Ans5. You can swim in your pool after shocking it if the chlorine level is about 5ppm. If you have a sensitive skin and are extra cautious for your health and skin then waiting for 24 hours is recommended after shocking your pool.