Finding the Best Pool Suction Cleaner

If you own a swimming pool, you already know how important it is to keep it clean, and for this task you have a lot of options to choose from. There are many different types of pool cleaners, and each one offers its own pros and cons. The size of your pool and the type and amount of debris you normally get will affect the type of cleaner you end up getting, but it is still good to be familiar with the different types that are now available.


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The basic types of pool cleaners are robotic, which work on their own without any effort on your part; suction cleaners, which use the pool’s pump to suck up debris; pressure cleaners, which use the pressurized side of your pump to force pressurized water into the pool from the pump; and manual pool cleaners, which normally require a lot of elbow grease.


Shaped like a cute blue whale, this automatic pool cleaner is an automatic type that is also available in an aqua-bug design. You can install it in less than 10 minutes without using any tools, and it is both quiet and gentle as it operates. Because it has a bumper ring attached, the cleaner minimizes friction and can easily and quickly move away from walls and sides so that the predetermined steering pattern is not interrupted.

This suction pool cleaner also comes with a contoured head design so that the amount of time it takes to complete its mission is minimal. It is lightweight at roughly 15 lbs. and moves smoothly through the pool so that you hardly notice it is working. It even picks up sand and algae dust because of its unique design and high-quality parts.


  • Great value for the money

  • Works quickly, but efficiently

  • Fast and simple to install


  • Some complaints about the product cutting the pool liner

  • Some complaints about receiving a used unit instead of a new one

  • Some complaints about the product not lasting very long


Available in an attractive blue/grey color, the Zodiac MX6 in-ground pool cleaner is perfect if your pool’s pump is a two-speed or variable-speed pump. It combines cyclonic suction and an articulating turbine blade for very powerful vacuuming and aggressive wall-climbing capabilities to ensure that every last bit of debris is removed. You can also enjoy easy installation thanks to its swiveling hoses that are super-easy to connect.

This pool cleaner comes complete with a 90ᵒ twist lock elbow, automatic weir valve, flow regulator valve, hose protector, hose float, seven twist lock hose lengths, and a warranty card that gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Full-color pictures come with the instructions and make installation a breeze, and even the wheel tracks are made out of a high-quality rubber and not cheap rubber like other pool cleaners offer.


  • A high-quality pool cleaner built for longevity

  • Comes with everything you need to start using it immediately

  • Fast and simple to install.


  • Some complaints that it didn’t work for very long

  • Some complaints about the overall quality of the cleaner

  • Some complaints about its inability to pick up leaves and grass


Researching the best suction pool cleaner often brings you to kits that contain everything you need for successful pool cleaning. The Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit comes with an advanced suction-side automatic pool wall and floor cleaner, along with an additional finned disk to ensure you will always have more than you need to successfully clean your swimming pool.

Made to eliminate small and medium-sized debris from your pool, the G3 even has scuff-resistant hoses so that no scuff marks will ever appear on the bottom or sides of your pool. It works great with low-speed pumps and provides powerful, yet quiet, suction for the most efficiency. It also has a wheel deflector that ensures efficient movement around tight corners.Check out our extensive Baracuda Pool Cleaners reviews for more options>>>>


  • Fast and simple to set up

  • Cleans walls, bottom, and steps of your swimming pool

  • Finned disks maximize adhesion to all pool surfaces


  • Some complaints about firmer objects getting stuck in the plastic tube

  • Some complaints about it not working in tight corners

  • Some complaints about the hose disconnecting while in use


Available in both grey and white, this pool vacuum has a two-wheel drive that can clean pools up to 16’ x 32” in size. The self-adjusting turbine vanes allow for the most power regardless of the flow and even makes picking up large debris very simple. The tire treads are high-quality and, therefore, provide enhanced climbing and obstacle management, and the roller skirt is adjusted so that uneven surfaces get super-clean.

Because this vacuum offers several preprogrammed internal steering sequences, you are guaranteed to get your entire pool cleaned efficiently every time you use it. The tire treads allow for excellent climbing ability and you even get interchangeable hoses to enjoy the best suction power every time. It turns every 8 to 10 feet and can easily accommodate fiberglass, vinyl, tile, pebble, and gunite swimming pools. This is definitely a very versatile pool cleaner that works well and lasts a long time.


  • Lightweight at only five pounds, yet very powerful

  • Works on nearly any type of pool material

  • Extra-long, 33-inch hose for convenience.


  • Some complaints about it breaking shortly after purchase

  • Some complaints about poor customer service

  • Some complaints about continuous jamming


A good cleaner to consider when you’re searching for the best suction pool cleaner, the Zodiac MX8 will not burden the pool system because it operates even at a low flow, thanks to advanced maximum torque. It suctions up large amounts of debris and will thoroughly clean your pool’s walls, floors, and even the waterline, regardless of its shape or size. In fact, it even works well on vertical walls and in tight corners.

If you have a two-speed, solar, or variable-speed pump, you won’t be disappointed with the efficiency and overall power of the MX8. It even connects directly to a skimmer or dedicated 1.5” vacuum line, making it simple and convenient to use. The 36-foot hose means it can accommodate even large swimming pools, and it is an aggressive pool cleaner that is alone in its class.


  • Extremely efficient and powerful

  • Dual cyclonic action for cleaning wider and larger areas.

  • Adjustable intake allows for removal of even large debris.


  • Some complaints about the suction required to get the job done

  • Some complaints about poor customer service

  • Some complaints about constantly having to fix and repair the cleaner


If you want top-notch vacuuming capability, the Pentair K50600 above ground pool cleaner design gives it the ultimate vacuuming power, and there are no gears or wheels to worry about having to replace in the future. In fact, this pool cleaner has only the flapper to consider, and it is this part that guarantees long and dependable service. It even comes with a free skimming valve that automatically regulates the flow of the water to catch as much debris as possible at all times.

With a random pattern coverage, every inch of the pool is guaranteed to get vacuumed, and it even comes with a 32-foot hose for convenience and ease of use. Its design is based on the design used by some of the best suction-side pool cleaners on the market, and its lightweight, 14-lb. size means it will never be too difficult to maneuver. This is a reliable and sturdy pool cleaner that works great in most sizes of swimming pools.


  • Suction is adjustable so it never gets stuck in the pool

  • Cleans even large pools and can even handle sharp corners

  • Very simple and fast to install and use


  • Some complaints about its suction power being weak

  • Some complaints about it leaving larger debris behind

  • Some complaints about poor customer service


  • The size of your swimming pool: there are two types of suction pool cleaners. The first is the manual ones, which are usually used for small pools; and the second is the automatic ones, which are preferred if you have a medium-sized or large pool. You also have to make sure the hose is long enough to reach the pool pump; otherwise, it will not work properly.
  • Determine its speed and efficiency: this includes making sure it doesn’t get stuck in the corners when cleaning, getting one with a programmable timer so that every inch of the pool is cleaned, and choosing one with a super-grip PVA brush if your swimming pool is slippery or made out of fiberglass.
  • Miscellaneous things to look for: these include how much the cleaner costs to operate, how long it lasts, and how complicated the setup and installation are. With pool cleaners, you normally get what you pay for, so it is often best to pay a little more so that you get a high-quality, reliable pool cleaner in the end.
  • Removes toughest of the stains even from tight corners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suction Pool Cleaner

How Do You Install a Suction Pool Cleaner?

Most suction pool cleaners have a hose that is attached to your skimmer or a dedicated suction line. It uses the power of the water being sucked through it to move around the pool and do its job.

How Do Suction Pool Cleaners Work?

Suction pool cleaners suck up small- and medium-sized debris and send it through the pool’s filtration system to get it out of the water. Some are even able to climb walls and steps.

What Is the Difference Between Pressure and Suction Pool Cleaners?

Pressure cleaners use existing water flow on the pressure side to propel the cleaner through the water. Suction cleaners use the pool’s filtration system instead to suction out the debris.

How Do You Increase the Suction Power of the Pool Cleaner?

You can help the suction side by backwashing, because the lower the filter pressure, the more suction you’ll get. Make sure you do not run other skimmers at the same time as the cleaner, because this will result in less suction for the cleaner.


Finding the best suction pool cleaner means getting as much information as you can about each cleaner on the market. You also have to take into consideration your pool’s type and size, along with what type of suction power you desire. Once you learn a little about how these pool cleaners work, it will be much easier to determine the one that will work best for you. Online research helps because it is fast and easy, and it allows you to make the most informed decision in the end.

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