Best Pool Vacuum Head

vinyl pool vacuum head

A sparkling and enchanting pool carries along with it a whole lot of cleaning and maintenance responsibility.

If cleaning is not your favorite chore then surely these pool vacuum heads will make you feel extremely comfortable while you want to make your pool surface look like a mirror.

These tend to work well for in-ground and above-ground pools alike.

These vacuum heads come in several shapes and sizes, with wheels and no wheels, ABS plastic or stainless-steel construction, etc.

Just hang on!! DO not get confused as we have explained about the features and usage of these vacuum heads in the best possible way after some practical tests on both, home and commercial pools.

So, the dirt, debris, leaves, grout, or grime is just a swipe away with these amazing heads created for your pool vacuum ever.

Pool cleaning and maintenance was never so much fun….

If you are ready, let us start….

Best Pool Vacuum Head - A Quick Look

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Detailed Reviews Of Pool Vacuum Head

Premium Choice

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1. Milliard See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head

This triangular shaped pool vacuum head is quite popular for its various reasons. This vinyl pool vacuum head is designed to withstand bumps, scrapes, and drops.

The Milliard See-Thru features an ABS plastic body which keeps it flexible, durable, and resistant to common pool chemicals. Spring-loaded locking clips form a part of the plastic handles.

Any extension poles can also be attached to it and the nylon bristles present at the bottom remain pretty gentle to the pool surface.

The weights of the vacuum head keep it properly at the bottom and the rubber bumpers provide adequate protection to the pool liners by preventing scratches.

A precise vacuum is provided along the edges and the walls. Truly, a great deal to have.

Recommended for:

This is light in weight and really appreciated by the users suffering from arthritis or any back problems. The see through transparent design makes it extremely easy-to-use.


  • Heavy-duty plastic body.

  • Offers great maneuverability.

  • Easily cleans corners and curves.

  • Ideal for small spas and pools.

  • Balanced weight.

  • Good customer support.


  • Not so suitable for square corners.

Best For Debris Collection

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2. Milliard 14" Spa and Pool Vacuum Head

This vacuum from Millard is a rectangular-shaped flat-edged vacuum with rolling wheels that makes cleaning of the pool pretty convenient.

The handle adapter of the pool vacuum is its main attraction and standard extension poles is what this 14” vacuum intends to use.

Removable spring-loaded locking clips form a part of the vacuum. Adjustments can be easily done to install it with your telescopic pole.

The flexible ABS plastic body offers much comfort to the user. The free-rolling wheels helps the vacuum without scratching the delicate pool surface.

The durable build-quality ensures a performance that’s long-lasting. This cleans the pool debris and dirt perfectly.

Recommended for:

This cleans the pool floor’s finer debris, dust, dirt, and more. People also appreciate its suction qualities which makes it the best pool vac head.


  • Made from durable ABS plastic.

  • Lightweight, bends nicely.

  • Rolling wheels makes the movement easy.

  • Easy to maneuver.

  • Cleans wide areas.

  • You get a reliable cleaning service.


  • Screws and bolts may get rusted.

Perfect For Cleaning Corners

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3. Swimline HydroTools Pool Vacuum Head

This is another note-worthy and sought-after model in the industry. The half-moon shape of this pool vacuum head makes it suitable for cleaning fiberglass and vinyl-lined pools alike.

The vacuum head weighs around 1-1/2 pounds that stays down in the pool easily for good cleaning outcomes. This also features a quick snap adapter which can suitably fit into vacuum poles.

The vacuum head has replaceable brushes that make this half-moon shape vacuum head ideal for cleaning around corners.

The vacuum head includes brushes that are easily replaceable, and efficient enough to clean the surface of the pool without scratching it. Even without wheels this can brush the corners.

The Hydro Tools is compatible with 1.5” or 1.2” vacuum hose. This is a perfect option for cleaning above ground spas and pools.

Recommended for:

A great vacuum head for small or home pools and cleans the corners very efficiently. Probably the best one to remove leaves, mold, algae, and sand.


  • Keeps pool thoroughly clean.

  • Compact yet practical design.

  • Well-balanced weights.

  • Fits most vacuum poles.

  • Durable and long-lasting.

  • Comes with an affordable price tag.


  • Not the most durable one.

Best For Professionals

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4. FibroPool Flexible Pool Vacuum Head

Suitable for professional use, this will help you in cleaning every inch of your pool whether circular or curvy.

This is flexible and works with efficiency and speed. The urethane wheels with ball bearings make the pool vacuum head roll effortlessly, also preventing and protecting the pool surfaces from any unintended damage.

The integrated weights keep the vacuum head merged in the water when cleaning takes place. In return consistent suction is created which makes deep cleaning quite easy.

The suction port is designed to establish a connection with a 1.5-inch hose of standard size.

Extra accessories won’t be required by you. The vacuum head handle also stays sturdy as it’s chrome-plated and a firm grip with easy maneuvering is also ensured.

Recommended for:

The professionals can use this with utmost convenience, and the ones who do not mind a slight elbow grease also use it optimally. This cleans algae and mold along with other nasty things in the pool.


  • Easy to use with wheels.

  • Pliable that cleans corners with ease.

  • Long-lasting and durable.

  • Vanishes the toughest grime and dirt.

  • Comfortable chrome-plated metal handle.


  • Metal pole attachment needs maintenance to prevent rusting.

Budget-Friendly Option

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5. U.S. Pool Supply 14" Pool Vacuum Head

This is another pool vacuum head in the list which is suitable for cleaning above ground pools and in-ground pools alike.

This heavy-duty head works like a pro. Like the others, this is also flexible and you can easily attach hoses of 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ with convenience.

Since this comes with a weighted body so the chances of it floating back is minimal. The length of the pole attachment is 5 inches which helps you to head underwater with ease.

The wheels of the vacuum head make it convenient for pulling it across the surface of the pool.

The vacuum head body is pliable and helps to clean the pool walls and corners with ease.

Recommended for:

An ideal option for cleaning your pool deeply as the wheels allow free and flexible movement across the surface of your pool. The no-drag quality makes it more likeable when you are to buy a vacuum head.


  • Aluminum spring action pole handle for easier use.

  • Quickly cleans your pool.

  • Durable wheels with metal wheel bolts.

  • Strong suction.

  • One year warranty.


  • With time and use the suction power may weaken.

Best For Heavy-Duty Use

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5. ATIE Professional-Grade Pool Vacuum Head

This is a perfectly weighted option constructed keeping professionals and heavy-duty use in mind.

Pool maintenance is made absolutely easy for commercial pool owners and homeowners alike. This can be connected with the vacuum hose of 1.5” without the requirement of any special tools.

Secure contact with the floor can be maintained with the pool floor when you are using the ATIE vacuum head.

The rust-proof, chrome-plated metal handle offers a lot of durabilities. More adjustability is offered by the handles as they can be connected to any standard telescopic pole.

This unique design offers high-end performance.

Recommended For:

This is another one in our list of vacuum heads which is suitable for homeowners and commercial users alike. The unique design of this vacuum head offers wonderful maneuverability which is appreciated by many users.


  • Heavy-duty and wide design.

  • Perfectly weighted.

  • Chrome-plated rust-proof handles.

  • Smooth-rolling and durable urethane wheels.

  • Easy to maneuver.

  • Comes with a versatile connector.


  • In appropriate for treating algae.

  • Proper maintenance is required to prevent rusting.

Essential Things To Look For Before Buying A Pool Vacuum Head

The above list of pool head cleaners isn’t enough though, as there are some more important things that should be kept in mind before you buy them.

Let us a sneak peek at the aspects mentioned below:

Pool Vacuum Head Design

There are different shapes and designs in which the pool vacuum heads are available. Some of the popular among these are triangle, moon-shaped, circular, square, rectangular, etc.

For example the triangular shapes cover most of the areas of wide pools perfectly. They are also able to target the dirty pool corners.

Cleaning with a triangular pool vacuum head becomes much easy and even the square shaped one with wheels allows easy movement.

But the square shaped one is not efficient enough to handle the curvy edges and then the rectangular pool heads come as a user-friendly option.

Width of Pool Vacuum Heads

No brainer, the wider the shape the better it is, but too wide could restrict the pool vacuum head movement. As per the manufacturers, 11” or 12” is the ideal one to go for. This makes a perfect size that ensures efficient cleaning.

Wheels or No Wheels

Wheels do make cleaning convenient and easy as the vacuum head moves faster while inside the water. As discussed above, the shape always matters.

Like a rectangular pool vacuum head won’t be able to reach the hard-to-reach spots easily even if has wheels. Then a triangular one is suggested. Some of the wheels come with a bearing thereby reducing wheel stress and making the entire process easy and comfy.


Most of the pool vacuum heads are crafted with superior quality ABS plastic. Now you must be wondering if all are made of plastic then what we need to check? Of course, you need to see whether it can withstand the severe abuse without getting damaged.

Vacuum Head Handles

The handles of the pool vacuum heads are made of stainless steel or string plastic and both of them have their benefits and downsides. As the plastic handles may crack due to heavy-duty use whereas the stainless-steel have the chances of getting rusted.

If taken proper care the vacuum head handles made of plastic also last long. And these are preferred by many of the users too. But, when strength is on your cards then certainly stainless steel handles come with a big ‘yes’.


If you are owning other attachments for cleaning your pool then the one you buy should show compatibility with the telescopic pole and a standard vacuum hose. The vacuum head should fit in properly and you need to purchase the attachments separately.


The more will be the features, the more will be the price of the vacuum head. You should invest in a reasonable one that fulfils your pool cleaning needs.

The Final Verdict

We guarantee that your summertime will turn out to be a lot more enjoyable and your pool dips will become an enchanting experience, of you clean your beloved pool in the right way!!

Head on with the best pool vacuum head and change the way you swim.

Those sunny days and a sparkling clean pool will take all the stress away and you will believe it was worth all the fuss.

Keep all the factors in mind to keep your pool cleaning chore simple and easy.

Crystal clear waters are right there….you just need to start!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Connect My Vacuum Head?

Ans1. Attaching your vacuum head is no rocket science, rather it is extremely simple. The vacuum head features two separate poles. Where one is to be attached with the vacuum hose and the other with the telescopic pole.

Ensure that you attach both the segments perfectly, and lastly, connect the water intake nozzle with the tube end. Clearwater will be sent from the nozzle through the hose.

Q2. What Should Be My Pool Vacuuming Frequency?

Ans2. If it is summer time and you are pool lover then cleaning it every week becomes very important. But if your pool is not used for longer periods then do not clean it often and rather keep it covered with a pool cover. Hence, the more the frequency of pool usage the more it will call for clean-up.

Q3. In Which Way The Pool Vacuum Head Works?

Ans3. There are the following ways in which the pool vacuum head works:

  1. Firstly, air bubbles will be formed when the water suck will take place when you start and it.
  2. Now the hose will get filled up with water and the air bubbles will go away.
  3. Lastly, the debris or dust will be grabbed by the filter nozzle.

Q4. Do These Vacuum Heads Remove Pool Algae?

Ans4. If it is for one time then the pool vacuum head will remove the algae. But, for a permanent solution, you will need an algaecide for the same. After using an algaecide you can use a pool vacuum head to remove the algae remnants.

Q5. How Long Does A Pool Vacuum Head Last?

Ans5. With proper care and maintenance, a pool vacuum head will last for 2 to 3 years. Here again, the frequency of use will determine the life expectancy of a pool vacuum head. Although, the pole and brush can be replaced separately.

Q6. Is Pool Brushing Between Vacuuming Prove Of Any Help?

Ans6. Of course, you should always brush your pool once a week. This will prevent the building up of any grout or grime on the pool surface. Using a large net for removing branches, large leaves, and debris is also an appreciable idea. These measures will surely make pool vacuuming all the more convenient.