2021’s Professional Pool Water Test Kits

Your swimming pool needs to be tested for safety and maintenance purposes. How relaxing, isn’t it! When we are aware of the internal health of our pool. Its similar to what a human body gets reported after a medical check-up.

These fabulous digital pool test kits are an example of innovation and are by large better than the other swimming pool water test kits. They can also be referred to as electronic pool testers. They are simple and convenient to use and make use of metallic probes and internal software for testing your pool water. Any sort of chemical imbalance of your pool invites algae growth, germs, bacteria and more. Keep your pool water healthy and hygienic with these handy digital monitors.

Best Digital Salt Water Pool Tester

HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester

The HM saltwater pool test kit is a TDS meter that is an economical, convenient, and best pool test kit that is just similar to a pen. This stick is a nutrient tester too and works instantly to check the overall quality of your pool water.

TDS can be understood as total dissolved solids that can make you aware of any sort of salt, mineral or metal in pool water. By just pressing a button, you come to know about the purity level of your inground or above ground pool water (overall).

This is displayed on the screen in terms of ppm (parts per million), and a lower TDS signals towards purer water, if the water has a 0 ppm that indicates that water is pure H2O.

best test kit for saltwater pool

With the help of this you can assess your tap water quality too and you are well informed to change your filter this way. Any kind of biological contaminants can’t be checked with the TDS-EZ. This one is ideal for end users. This proves a great tester for water purification and filtration.

Even this can test hydroponics, aquariums, RO/DI systems, drinking water, pools, spas and more. A highly efficient product, made of plastic, and is so accurate as is designed with microprocessor technology.

The auto-off function is also of great use, and conserves your batteries too. This features a translucent blue housing that exhibits robustness and durability. The hold function helps in saving measurements.

The Best

  • This is light in weight and easy to use
  • A simple test kit, has a holding function to save measurements
  • This features an auto-function off
  • Helps in testing water quality and nutrients

The Bad

  • Doesn’t read temperatures


LaMotte Pro 7- Digital Pool Water Test Kit

The LaMotte 2056, a digital pool test kit that is designed with innovation and features a dual-optic design. This comes with more test factors and is more accurate. Excludes the need of determining look-up tables and the pool water testing can be done with ease. The ColorQ, is a multi-test kit, is unique as features a sps-hand photometer also that can help in reading test factors of 7 types. Various chemicals like free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, Calcium hardness and Cyanuric Acid can be tested with this digital pool water tester. The Pro-7 is considered on the top that the other digital pool water test kits.

spa testing kits

You can just add the reagent, press the button and within minutes the results will appear on your digital display. This uses liquid reagents for testing except for Cyanuric Acid, that requires tablets. The kit comes with a carrying case and water-resistant housing. In case of low batteries, the indicator informs you in time. You can easily go through the directions as they are Spanish, French and English, and are easy to understand. The photos also make the instructions clear and can be kept with the kit for checking and the addition of chemicals can also be monitored.

The Best

  • The product comes with water resistant housing
  • Features 7 test options and accurate reading facility
  • Very easy and convenient usage
  • Comes with a carrying case

The Bad

  • Readings are inconsistent

pHin Water Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs

The pHin water monitor is a hot tub care that is enabled with WiFi and is a smart monitor, with a mobile phone app too. How conveniently it monitors the water chemistry and the temperature also (24/7). Your smartphone will receive notifications too, when any action required. This doesn’t work on any guess work and you get to know about requirements of the specific dosing of chemicals. This takes care of the water balance appropriately, and even the web support enables you to see the list of chemicals. This will prevent your water from being over chemicalised, comes with a one touch facility. You just have an on-demand access with this, get notifications, monitor and add.

pool chemistry testing

This is a flexible pool monitor and can work with salt, bromine pools, hot tubs, chlorine and salt. The pHin is compatible with any chemical brand and features a remote monitoring. You can check your water whenever you want and from wherever you are. This is amazing and gives you alerts and advice too. Your pool’s alkalinity, hardness, Cyanuric acid is also tested by this. A monitoring app service is also attached with this digital pool test.

The Best

  • A flexible water monitor and is compatible with pools and hot tubs
  • A smart monitor and is WiFi enabled
  • This provides you with advice and alerts
  • Features a monitoring app service
  • The pool’s alkalinity, hardness and Cyanuric acid can be tested with this

The Bad

  • Some safety hazards

 6-in-1 Electronic Water Tester – Pool and Spa

The 6-in-1 is computerized pool water testing equipment and is one of the top choices, when we consider reviews also. The number of functions this can perform is unmatchable. It can measure pH levels, pool’s salt content, free chlorine, TDS, and the water temperature. This is a tool that makes you keep your pool in proper working and safe condition. A buffer pack of pH 7.0 is also a part of it and helps in monthly calibration. It requires no color matching and reagents like the other ones. You just can place a sample in a cup, start the tester and everything will be displayed on your screen.

digital pool tester kit

An amazing product by Bluewave (a good company as old as decade). It also features a commercial grade technology sensor, an auto-off feature that helps in saving energy. A convenient pool and spa water tester, that has easy to push buttons (ergonomically positioned) that can make very detail be displayed in no time. The best part is that it can easily save the last reading, for you to compare results. A robust tester with a water-resistant housing. Avoid putting in a cleaning solution and be careful while cleaning it.

 The Best

  • A water tester that is rugged and has water resistant housing
  • Comes with an auto power-off feature and a low battery indicator
  • Has 6 test options
  • Has a large LED display
  • This one is convenient and reliable
  • Also possesses commercial technology sensor and easy push buttons

The Bad

  • The chlorine levels are not shown numerically

Week Star Digital High Accuracy Pocket Size Meter

A tester that is affordable and is suitable for household and laboratory use. This also helps in testing the pH balance of aquarium, drinking water, food projects, pool, hydroponics, spa and more. This is reliable and provides quick reading, measures and displays results simultaneously. Has an LCD display and is very easy to use. You just have to remove the cap and the pH meter electrode should be immersed in the solution. The switch can be turned on for measuring the pH levels. This has a sensitive electrode sensor, that will get you the perfect, accurate and a stable reading. 

swimming pool testing kit

The pH meter is of a wide size and features built in automatic temperature compensation (ATC). This helps in determining the accurate pH value at any temperature range between 0 degrees to 80 degrees. The auto pH meter helps in providing instant pH readings. This also features buffer powders, manuals, pH meter, button cells (5V LR44). The product offers complete customer satisfaction. The storage case is handy and pH buffer powder for calibrating (3 packets). The measurements are 15 x 2. 5 x 1. 3cm/6×1. 1×0. 5 inch and weighs 52 g/1.83 oz.

The Best

  • A reliable product that provides quick reading, measures results, and displays
  • Features an electronic electrode sensor
  • Comes with a handy storage case
  • Convenient to use
  • A price tag that is affordable
  • Features an auto pH meter

The Bad

  • This has durability issues

Test Assured Kit with Digital TDS Meter

A superior quality water test kit that boasts of 10 tests in one. This has the ability to test chlorine, copper, nitrates, nitrites, alkalinity, pH hardness, TDS and more. The Test Assured can be used with  ease and has everything that is required for performing tests. It neglects the need of any lab tests, as gives so accurate and quick results. So convenient that gives you freedom to take test on your own by samples along with rapid results. The product is proudly manufactured in the US and meets the EPA standards and their water quality limits. You can analyse your water completely with this unique one. 

pool chemical test kits 

Along with 10 tests, also includes a TDS meter (digital). The digital test is perfectly calibrated and ensures all quality standards. A product that comes with a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. The refund is processed by the company, in case of any dissatisfaction of the customer. It has a weight of 5 ounces.  A premium quality product that gives you ample satisfaction.

The Best

  • This boasts of 10 tests in one
  • Provides quick and accurate results
  • A product manufactured in the US and meets all EPA standards
  • Has the ability to test chlorine, nitrates, nitrites, pH hardness, TDS and more
  • An easy to use digital meter
  • Features perfect calibration
  • The kit provides complete water analysis

The Bad

  • Not suitable for lead and pesticide tests

 Apera Instruments AI316 Premium Series

The Apera Instruments is a tester that is used as a multi-parameter, that makes you measure and test your pool’s pH, TDS (ppm), salinity(ppt) and temperature too. All kinds of water solutions like horticulture, aquaculture, pools and spas, drinking water, cooling towers, environmental monitoring, water treatments can be done by this. An easy to install and a replaceable product. It features auto calibration (1-3 points), auto temperature compensation (ATC- 0 to 50 degrees). Has a measuring range of 0.01 pH, 0.5-degree accuracy with -2.00 to 16.00 pH, 1% F. S and 0 to 20.00 mS/cm. The premium series also features an auto holding function, easy menu settings, customizing functions of your tester according to your requirements.

pool chemistry test kit

This multi-parameter professional water test kit is dust and waterproof, and omits the hassles. A kit that owns pre-mixed calibration solutions, and is powered by batteries (AAA). Comes with a lanyard with a portable carrying case. this one is CE certified and the screen is large and an LCD, that has 3 backlit colors. It is recommended to use only distilled water for the probe. The smiley face icon is reflected on the screen that gives an indication for recordings. 

The Best

  • This helps in measuring pH/EC/Salinity/TDS
  • Performs quick and in a professional manner
  • A complete kit that has ready-to-use calibration solutions and bottles
  • Features AAA batteries and a lanyard in a carrying case (portable)

The Bad

  • A quality product, no cons actually

Aqua Chek Aqua Chek, Digital Reader

A specially designed digital reader, that reads test strips accurately and is works best for pool and spa owners. This can help you get accurate readings for free chlorine, bromine, pH levels, and alkalinity on tests strips.  Features a large LCD screen, and provides readings as quick as in 15 seconds without color matching (visual). This is light weight, water-resistant, hand held, and the screen makes reading very easy. It includes 25 Tru Test strips and reads only strips of Tru Test. Avoid using it in direct sunlight and doesn’t work on any guess work. for reading the strips appropriate timing should be followed. The product requires double AA batteries for proper operation.

salt water pool test kit

You can easily the chlorine levels in a perfect range along with keeping the pool clean and clear. The tester makes you aware of the presence of free chlorine is enough to kill harmful bacteria or any other contaminants. This is quite easy to operate, and just switch it on and place the strip into the channel’s back end with the pad side down. Once it is done then the strip should be removed immediately for the results to display. In case of any extra water, the removal should be done.

The Best

  • This is a water-resistant housing
  • Large LED display to read properly
  • The potent factors of the pool should be read properly
  • Works best for pool and spa owners
  • Keeps the pool clean, clear and well-maintained

The Bad

  • Too sensitive and a bit inconsistent
  • This has descriptive readings (LO- low, HI- high, OK- ideal)

 MiToo Pool Water Test

The MiToo pool ph tester is capable enough to measure 0 to 14 Ph easily and without any hassles. You get the exact position of your pool’s condition, whatever the case of condition has been previously. You can get it at an affordable price and comes with the best value. This also comes with temperature compensation (automatic). All these impressive features at this value is seriously great. The best part is that it has a large measuring range, though a bit in consistency problems. The 3 different consecutive measurements might confuse you sometimes, but this is confined to a few units only and not all.

pool water testing equipment

The company can boast of its quality control problems that are meaningful. A handy, easy to use and a convenient pool water tester. This one doesn’t top our list but if the price issue is there you can rely on the MiToo.

The Best

  • This pool water test supports large measuring range
  • A very affordable option to buy
  • This features automatic temperature compensation
  • Has the ability to measure 0 t0 14 Ph with ease
  • A great product at a good value

The Bad

  • This is inconsistent sometimes
  • Provides a poor-quality control

A perfect buying guide for choosing the right-Best Digital Pool Test Kit

Before deciding your purchase for the best digital pool test kit just ponder over some of the factors below.

Firstly, you should be well-versed with the ideal limits of the chemical levels that should be present in your pool:

  • The pH – 7.2 to 7.6
  • The Alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm
  • Free Chlorine – 1-3 ppm
  • Bromine – 3-5 ppm
  • Cyanuric Acid – 30 t0 50 ppm
  • The Calcium hardness- 180-220 ppm

These digital testers are capable of providing you with precise readings in an easy way and they are correct as long these are able to read them.

These are very important and the explanation is here under:

If the pool doesn’t possess the correct pH levels then the water becomes acidic and after that the sanitizers are unable to do their work effectively. The ideal range of 7.2-7.6 should be maintained strictly.

When alkalinity test is done it greatly prevents the pH fluctuations.

The best pool test kits come with free Chlorine test. Do you know?  The free Chlorine is the only chemical that acts to keep the pool sanitised. Like the other tests this one is also hold importance for providing maximum sanitisation. Chlorine in excess quantities can cause skin irritations, rashes and make your pool water smell bad.

The CYA (Cyanuric acid) test helps in testing and measuring the conditioners and stabilizers in the pool. This is present in chlorine (commercially available) and is surely a part of any best pool water kit. The disinfecting ability of chlorine is maintained when this element is kept in proper range. Even destruction caused by sunlight can also be minimised by the Cyanuric acid.

Whether your pool water is hard or soft, that is decided by the Calcium hardness test. If the calcium levels are high in your pool then it can cause skin irritation or sore eyes. Softness can make the metal surfaces to corrode. High levels can lead to scale formation inside the pool and pool pump, or on the heating elements.

Convenient to use

If you are a pool owner or home owner then it becomes very convenient to monitor your pool’s health. This also helps you save money and on the other hand it becomes quite important to understand and these digital monitors perfectly and properly. Before you buy, the manual, instructions and reading interpretations should be a part of your kit.

Accurate Results

One should always go for a quality product from a reputed manufacturer and of a time-tested brand. You have free excess to every product review, so go through them. Consult with your friends and family those who have used these.

While you test, side-by-side for comparing the results you can let someone else also check your pool water. That will give you a clearer picture of your pool’s condition.

These digital testers are handy, small, light in weight and photometric and serve great for home testing. One should go for a digital reader that is economical, ignores guesswork and displays quick results. 

The Compatibility Factor

A good digital pool test kit is the one that shows compatibility with all kinds of salt systems. This is an added benefit when they have a digital-screen that is easy to read and provides you with perfect numbers and readings than the traditional coded strips that follow color match. The LCD display acts marvellously for the best and optimum results.

All the above-mentioned factors will surely help in deciding to buy the right digital pool test that will take good care of your pool’s internal health and overall hygiene. So, buy the best and leave the rest!


The Last Verdict

On a final note the products discussed in the article are supposed to be the best digital pool testers in the market. You can choose the one that can help you to keep your pool well maintained and clean. The health of your pool is very important as ultimately it will affect your body and health too.

The best way to monitor and analyse your pool’s health in routine is to keep it well checked with a proper pool test kit. When we live in a digital world, we are glad to use digital testers too. 


Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Do digital pool testers provide accurate results?

Ans 1. The digital pool testers work great to monitor your pool. They have all the facilities and features to read and save measurements. You can easily test and compare the results related to your pool. Though many types are there, but HM Digital TDS-EZ is one of my favorite. They are also accurate to read and follow.


Q2. What are the types of chemicals that a part of the pool test kit?

Ans 2. Many types of chemicals can be tested by these efficient and smart pool tester kits. Mainly they read the pH levels, alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, calcium hardness, bromine and free chlorine. They can test these flawlessly and can alert you for any excess or less amount of chemical present in your pool. As the ideal range of these chemicals is a must.


Q3. The pool water should be tested how frequently?

Ans 3. The pool water should be tested and monitored for about 2 to 3 times a week. As any kind of improper chemicals, the pool water can get imbalanced and can seriously affect the pool’s cleanliness and health. Though different chemicals have different testing time, but on an average 2 to 3 times is sufficient. Like TDS levels can be checked once a month.

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