Best Residential Diving Board 2021 Updated

Pools are loved by all, be it the adults or kids of the family. All those homeowners who possess their private swimming pool appreciate adding more fun and thrill to it.

Don’t you agree with me?

Adding a beautiful and sturdy diving board for your domestic pool will do all the work. Many of us are scared for our kids to enter the pool, but these residential diving boards are constructed perfectly for this special purpose.

The exact reason we have made this informational guide is to bring you nearer to the reality of some of the best brands of the market. We have wonderfully categorized the diving pool boards according to their types, and mentioned the best of all right here:

Best Residential Diving Boards Reviews : A Quick Comparison

★ Premium Choice ★

Fibre Dive Replacement Diving Board, 8 ft

S.R. Smith 66-209-268S2-1 Fibre-Dive Replacement Diving Board, 8-Feet, Radiant White

  • Non-Slip Tread
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

★ Best Overall ★

Flyte-Deck II Stand & Diving Board

S.R. Smith 68-209-7382 Flyte-Deck II Stand with 8-Foot Fibre Dive Diving Board, White

  • Salt Pool Friendly
  • 250 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Scratch Resistant Acrylic

★ Most Affordable ★

Cantilever Jump Stand & Diving Board

S.R. Smith 68-209-5982 606/608 Cantilever Jump Stand with 8-Feet Frontier III Diving Board, White

  • High-Grade
  • Heavy-Duty Metal
  • Powder-Coated Stand

Top 5 Residential Diving Boards

Diving Boards

The main thing which is discussed in this article are these diving boards. These are flexible boards and have to be placed on stiff stands for encouraging a great dive. The material used to construct them mainly comprises of wood or aluminum. A reasonable amount of spring is provided by these boards and the swimmer gets a bounce before he dives in the pool.

1. S.R. Smith 66-209-268S2-1 Fibre-Dive Replacement Diving Board

The S.R. Smith 66-209-268S2-1 is a sturdy and durable replacement diving board with a matching tread. The diving board features a non-slip quality which provides you with maximum safety. This Fibre-dive board retrofits onto the Flyte-Deck II and U-frame style stands. This is constructed with stainless steel hardware which resists corrosion. The steel hardware comes included with the board.

Before you invest in this make it sure that the pool matches the board requirements, and the exceeding limit is absolutely fine. Using a board that is a misfit for your pool and this wrong combination may lead to serious injuries or even death.

We are not writing to scare you but to make you aware that you go for a perfect product. In case of replacement it should done with the same brand or the manufacturer for best results.


  • A perfect board for light and moderate use for residential pools.

  • The board measures 6′, 8′, and 10′ with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

  • Features a matching and non-slip tread for maximum safety.

  • The board should be compatible with your pool size.

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel hardware is included.


  • The board may get cracked.

2. Inter-Fab DB8BW Diving Board Replacement for In-Ground Pools – 8 ft.

This Duro-Beam diving board fills you with ample of confidence when you are planning to dive in your precious pool. this is one of the to-notch products available. This is manufactured with two extra thick Douglas fir laminated wood core runners.

For superior strength and durability, the outer coating is done with fiberglass and resin, which works as a protective layer.For added safety the outer-shell is incorporated with a durable UV protected acrylic with an anti-slip sand tread. The Inter-Fab comes with stainless steel hardware along with pre-drilled two holes.

These is available in varied colors of white, gray, tan, and blue (with white top tread). All colors sink with top tread in and look appealing. This can manage a weight limit of a maximum of 250 pounds. Specially designed for light to moderate use on residential in or above ground swimming pools. The comprehensive assembly, installation video proves of great use when you need instructions and guidance in a proper manner.


  • A Duro-Beam diving board.

  • This is fiber glass reinforced for superior strength.

  • The weight limit is 250 lbs.

  • A ready-to-use board with tip end and waterfalls.

  • Non-fading and skid-resistant acrylic surface.

  • Three-year warranty.

  • The product should be installed strictly adhering top the safety.

  • guidelines accorded by the manufacturer.


  • A marvelous product and better than the OEM board.

  • No cons as such.

3. Inter-Fab DS6BW Diving Board Replacement for In-Ground Pools – 6 ft.

This is another brilliant board from Inter-Fab which is 6 ft. and constructed with a wood core of 12″ Douglas (fir laminated). For superior strength and protection this is protected with an outer coating of fiberglass and resin.The board’s outer-shell consists of an anti-slip sand tread surface with durable UV protected acrylic for additional safety.

This wonderful diving board features three holes which are pre-drilled and made of durable stainless-steel hardware.This is intended to be used on duro spring diving stand of 6-foot only. This is available in four cool colors such as white, tan, gray, and blue (with white top tread).

The Inter-fab comes with complete manufacturer instructions (view a comprehensive assembly), with installation video, and is proudly made in the US. This should be installed with strict correspondence with the manufacturer guidelines and specifications provided.


  • Non-fading, skid resistant Acrylic surface.

  • Fiberglass reinforced for superior strength and durability.

  • They prove perfect for any in-ground pool which shows compatibility with the board size.

  • Three-year warranty.

  • Available in four soothing colors.

  • Should be installed in accordance with the company instructions and product specifications.


  • The predrilled holes should match the configuration, and this will simplify your installation process.

Diving Platforms

The diving platforms are basically stiff boards which offer no bounce and are placed on stiff stands. There are swimmers which don’t require any kind of thrust which the flexible boards like the above mentioned in the article offer for diving purpose. They are suitable for the swimming pools which don’t support the right dimensions like the flexible boards require.

1. S.R. Smith 68-209-7382 Flyte-Deck II Stand with 8-Foot Fibre Dive Diving Board

S.R. Smith, a company that boasts of its wonderful contribution for 80 years which has added enough thrill to the ones who have used their diving boards. The Flyte-Deck II can be considered as the best-selling model of the company. They add much aesthetic and elegance to your backyard as the availability is in seven beautiful designer colors. They are undoubtedly durable and provide many years of service without any hassles.

A product of high-quality. High-grade, slip-resistant, sanded tread for optimum safety. This comes in three varied sizes of 6′, 8′, and 10′, and this can be matched with the right combination for your pool. this can handle a weight-capacity of 250 lbs.

The instructional diving video available with the product is of great use and the skeletal frame of the board is made using hand-laid fiberglass and resin roving over twin-laminated wood runner. The board features an acrylic outer-body with an anti-slip sand-treated surface with pre-drilled holes (two) which makes installation as easy as a breeze. The different colors are white, pebble, pewter gray, silver gray, taupe, and gray granite.


  • A perfect board and sand combination.

  • Features a powder-coated steel base.

  • This supports up to 250 pounds.

  • The outer surface is scratch and fade-resistant.

  • This is salt pool friendly and provides maximum safety.

  • S.R. Smith a brand which is renowned and contributed for 80 years.

  • A pool industry professional can be contacted for assistance while installation.

  • The pool requirements should be met and this should be ensured.


  • Features a weak trampoline.

2. S.R. Smith 68-209-5982 606/608 Cantilever Jump Stand with Frontier III Diving Board

Another premium quality product from S.R. Smith which includes a jump stand and a diving board. Comes in beautiful colors which blend with your backyard décor.

This is a well-built board which will last for years, is made of powder-coated steel and scratch-resistant acrylic. The board possesses slip-resistant sand tread, high-grade quality, with optimum safety. The instructional diving video makes all your queries clear and makes your dive safer, and easier.

The Cantilever jump-stand offers much diving fun with the Frontier III board. This is designed specially for light to moderate use on swimming pools, and only for residential purposes. The wide laminated wood core runner extends along the entire length of the board. You can have many years of recreational enjoyment as this is sturdy, scratch and fade-resistant with an outer-surface of durable acrylic.


  • The product has a powder-coated stand for increased corrosion resistance.

  • 316 stainless steel hardware for added corrosion resistance.

  • High-grade, slip-resistant sand tread for maximum safety.

  • Available in designer colors to match your pool slide and backyard decor.

  • Comes in beautiful colors which will blend with your backyard and add grace to it.


  • A little springy.

  • Not a good option for salt pools.

Choosing A Perfect Diving Board For Residential Purpose

As one always does, before buying a product gathering a bit of research and knowledge is must. Henceforth, after knowing about the detail about the best residential diving pools some more points which should be considered prior to that are listed here:

Measuring the pool dimensions

Before you start your search or research in the market or online, the dimensions of the pool should be measured perfectly and properly. This is one of the most crucial factors which requires much thought and action, as the brand you choose should meet your pool requirements for safety and security. The deepest end of your facility requires much attention.Knowing your pool dimensions beforehand will bring more confidence in you while you determine your choice.

The Board Type

All the types of diving board options are mentioned in the article like a diving board, a diving platform and a flexible jump board. The simple diving platforms are the one which don’t require any spring action, on the other hand a flexible jump board is used by professionals’ swimmers.
A simple diving board is good for residential use and it requires very little spring that enables you to have a successful dive. These are safer and easier to use for domestic pools.

The Brand

Deciding the type of board, you want is a simple task, but choosing a brand may be intimidating. You may have some more questions or queries in your mind and the different brands may confuse you with offers and features.You are free to seek some advice from the expert reviews of the users of the boards online or from your friends, near and dear ones.

Weight Holding Capacity

A board which doesn’t possess adequate weight holding quality, then it will get crack or will not last longer. It becomes necessary to buy a board which can hold a lot of weight and is constructed using durable and high-quality materials. The boards which we have discussed have the ability to hold 220 lbs. to 250 lbs. Go for the one which has great weight-holding capacity.

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Some Additional Tips

  • You should be aware about the depth of the pool, for safety purposes.

  • Verifying the requirements with national standards of your country is must (for US, verify with APSP or ANSI).

  • Your pool deck should be firm and solid, as the board has to be attached there. Just check its construction and get it set accordingly.

  • Knowing the weight of the potential divers is must.

  • You can do a good comparison of all the available brands of the market in accordance with your findings.

  • Color and design should match and add aesthetic to your backyard. Since, you are spending then an appealing product will be more worthy.

All the above factors will help you in the best possible manner to choose the best one you are longing for. The rule of the thumb is more fun and learning while you dive in your lovely.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. What are basic deck requirements for installing a diving board?

Ans 1.It should be ensured that all the state standards and codes should be met strictly.For installing a diving board for residential purpose, the requisite dimensions are 8 x 4 x 6 inches. In case of any queries it is better to consult a professional for all parameters, and that can be matched with your product you are going to buy.

Q2. Is there a difference between a diving board and a jump board?

Ans 2.The diving boards which have been focused in the article come with no stand and the bounce is provided by them as per their construction. While the jump boards come with a stand which have spring in them. They are more apt for professionals’ and the former boards are for domestic purpose.

Q3. Should a professional be hired for replacing a residential diving board?

Ans 3.It is wise to consult a professional before you install or replace your diving board. Above all it is the matter of safety of you and your loved ones. An experienced professional will determine the pool size, depth, and requirements properly before the job is done.

Q4. How can I select the best diving board for my pool?

Ans 4.There are many brands in the market, but the best ones can be chosen if they fulfil their quality, compatibility, size, durability, and other requirements perfectly. You can refer to the buying tips which have been mentioned in the above article in detail.

The Last Words

Not only the adults of the family but the kids also love to dive in a private pool in the backyard. You can confidently choose and use the diving board of your choice and the one which serves as the best alternative according to your needs.

Your complete process for investing in the best diving board will be less dauting and confusing if you go through all the guidelines provided in the article. S.R. Smith brand and their products are all-rounder and one of our choicest picks as they are best out of all. Others which are mentioned are also supposed to be some of the worthy brands.

Just dive with thrill and add more chill!

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