5 Best Pool Cleaner Robot Reviews in 2021

Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth It? The summer season is usually very hot and people want to bathe in pools, rather than the shower, after the end of the day’s hard work. Due to this reason, having a swimming pool in the house has become a common phenomenon in recent times.

However, it is quite difficult to wash and clean a pool on a regular basis. Also, you can never avoid this task because the pool can then become a breeding place for germs, besides being dirty and making it unusable. The task of cleaning is also time-oriented.

This is why you can make use of a device that can perform cleaning tasks automatically. In this regard, you can use a Best Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner, which is designed solely for washing your pool automatically.

Comparison Chart Of Best Pool Cleaner Robot

Dolphin 99996356

robot pool cleaner reviews

  • Incredibly Efficient
  • Advanced Robotic Cleaner
  • No Pre-Installation Needed

Smart Pool NC22

pool vacuum robot

  • Powerful Motor
  • Lightweight Design
  • Quick-Drain System

Hayward RC9740

what is the best robotic pool cleaner

  • Durable
  • Unique Design
  • High Performance

5 Top Rated Roomba Pool Cleaners

inground pool cleaning robot


  • Built with an all-purpose filter canister having 4 times more capacity to hold the debris.
  • Finest quality caddy for trouble-free storage and transportation.
  • Circulates 40 GMP of water for supplementing filtration process.
  • Comes with 31 inch hose feed for maximum maneuvering.

When you decide to purchase the most exclusive cleaner for washing your pool, then you can definitely purchase this Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Polaris without having any doubts. In this device, some advanced technologies are implemented that makes it powerful. It has uncountable aspects as well as benefits for in the ground pool.

The technology that is used here is known as Vortex Vacuum Technology. For this reason, it has excessive power for cleaning and suction is not lost. It features a brush that is pleated and used for scrubbing. This washes the walls, floor and other parts of the pool. Apart from this, it’s reliable as well as convenient to use. Any pool pump that can increase the pressure of liquid is used with this device. Nowadays, it comes with Tail Sweep Pro, which is nothing but a hose having some advanced characteristics and can be used for sweeping efficiently. Due to this, it stops water from spraying outside the pool and keeps the surrounding of your pool dry.

A dual-chamber, provided with this item, allows storage of a lot of debris at one time. It also features a bag that filters the water, with the ability to circulate more than forty gallons of water in one minute. Additionally, Polaris is a great company that has satisfied its customers for more than forty years. This device offers you a warranty for a couple of years. This robot-type cleaner is no doubt an excellent choice.

Best Features & Pros/Cons


  • Polaris 9300 is designed to clean the pool in a reduced time of 1.5 hour or 2.5 hours.
  • It has 4 times more power than other pool cleaners.
  • The 4 wheels make it easy to clean walls, floor, and tiles.
  • Heavy caddy assists in easy storage and transportation.
  • The largest of waste is removed by this stylish pool vacuum robot.
  • It is cost efficient as it delivers maximum efficiency and less maintenance.
  • Pleated scrubbing brush removes tough stains.


  • Maximum performance in less time.
  • Compact and stylish design with a stainless steel chain.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Extracts more debris even from the remote corners.
  • Convenient to store and transport.
  • No more wet floor outside the pool.


  • This product does not have many cons, the only disadvantage is that it has a small opening vacuum port.

robotic pool vacuum cleaner


  • It weighs 47.6 pounds.
  • The cycle time of each cleaning process is 3 hours.
  • 60 ft cable length is attached with it for maximum coverage area.
  • Scanning features helps in scrubbing the dirtiest of spots.

This is another remarkable example of a Top Robot Pool Vacuum Dolphin. The device is appropriate for those pools that are in-ground in nature, as well as have a length that is more than fifty feet. It has capability to wash not only the walls, but also the pool cover and the floor.

The Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaning Robot features some advanced scrubs as well as filters that allow it to complete overall washing tasks within three hours time. There is no hassle in the cleaning process. The work is done with a filter that is of the cartridge-type. There is also an extra filter that is of spring-type. Sometimes, ordinary cleaners are not able to find little and fine particles from debris. But, with the filter of the cartridge-type, the problem can be solved here.

The simplest technology that is used in this cleaner is plug-n-play. For starting this automatic Pool Cleaner, you have to push only the button which starts the machine. No pre-installation is required and overall tasks are done efficiently. The Best Future in Dolphin Brands Pool Vacuum. All the parts of this gadget are durable too. Generally, a caddy is attached with this device that is used as a storage as well as a portable component. The most important fact about the Dolphin Triton Pool Cleaning Robot is its affordability. Additionally, this device carries a warranty of two years.Check out our extensive Dolphin Pool Cleaners reviews for more options>>>>

Best Features & Pros/Cons


  • Removes all the debris in just three hours.
  • Caddy enables for easy transportation of the Dolphin Pool Robot.
  • Can clean pools as big as 60 feet in length.
  • Lightweight and portable make handling easy.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Removes all the algae and other debris.


  • Highly efficient and saves cost.
  • Affordably priced and best for residential purposes with low maintenance cost.
  • 2-year warranty which can be extended as well.
  • Portable design with handy caddy.
  • Cleans all types of pools.
  • Debris never comes out from the filter bag.


  • The only con with Dolphin Pool cleaner is that the length of the wire is very limited, wish it could be increased.

pool vacuum robot


  • The complete cleaning cycle process takes 2 hours with auto cut system.
  • Just weighs 18.35 pounds.
  • 40 ft cable cord is attached to Smart Kleen robotic pool cleaner.
  • Designed to clean 14′ x 28′ x 6′ deep pools.

If you want to buy one of the most advanced cleaners, then purchasing the Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen robotic swimming pool cleaner can be a very good thing to do. This is an example of another automatic Pool cleaners that is wanted by a huge number of customers because of its exceptional characteristics and properties.

The size, as well as the weight of the device, is very low. This above ground pool cleaner is used to wash the floor of your pool. A motor is used with the device that is direct-drive in nature. Due to this, the automatic robotic swimming pool cleaner can wash the cove as well as bottom surfaces of the pool. Programming is implemented in this device in such a way that it can easily change its direction without stopping due to the presence of walls or any resistance.

Nowadays, there are variances in the surface of a pool. It can be concrete, vinyl-liners or even fiberglass. But, this pool cleaning device is able to work on all these surfaces equally. For conserving energy, it stops after working for two hours. A huge number of consumers are satisfied by the device because of its accuracy. With an eye-catching look, this device comes to you at a very low cost. So, this is a complete and convenient package for cleaning your pool and carries a warranty of one year.

Best Features & Pros/Cons


  • Intelligent navigation function for easy maneuvering.
  • Quick drain technology helps in removing light debris.
  • It is programmed for 2-hour auto shut off, thus saving time.
  • It is not at all expensive but makes for an easy purchase.
  • Lightweight with attractive design.
  • The navigation system prevents it from banging in the walls of the pool.


  • Maximum functions at a less price.
  • Light in weight.
  • 1-year warranty of SmartKleen robotic pool cleaner.
  • Auto shut function after 2 hours.
  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Highly innovative navigation system.


  • The Smartpool NC22 Smartkleen Robotic Pool Cleaner is not suitable for big pools and it cannot climb the walls.

pool robot cleaners


  • It has a 50 ft cord enabling maximum access.
  • Hayward Sharkvac weighs 55 pounds.
  • Available in two sizes standard and XL.
  • Dimensions of the product are 24 x 17.5 x 29.5 inches.
  • Innovative design with top positioned filter bag.

It is not always easy to get a high-quality automatic pool cleaner at an affordable rate. But, if you buy this pool cleaner expert then you surely fulfill this point. This is a good example of a standard device at an affordable rate.

The length of the cord that is used in this automatic pool cleaner device is more than fifty feet. As it is slightly heavy, it features a pull-caddy that helps to move it easily. This inground pool cleaner can clean pool that is around forty-feet in length. It has the ability to wash all kinds of surfaces, like gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Sometimes, the water of your pool may become green due to algal growth. There is a special type of material used in its filter. This bag helps the machine to remove pollen, slit or even algae very quickly from the water. The machine is actually designed for washing sloped and the bottom surfaces of a pool. It cannot climb any perpendicular walls though.

The most amazing fact about this machine is that it has the ability to scan the pattern of sweep based on the size and shape of the pool. The technology used in this machine is known as Quick Clean, and it can complete the task within one and a half hours. There is no need for hoses or even extra components for this machine. The product is also very durable.

Best Features & Pros/Cons


  • Top debris storage container for easy removal of debris, no more turning the machine upside down.
  • Reasonably priced along with many salient features makes it an ideal investment for cleaning the pool.
  • It brightens the pool with the help of strong scrubbing brush.
  • The dual function of scrubbing and vacuuming makes the product worth a buy.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • It comes in two sizes that are “Standard” or “XL”, so you can select as per the size of your pool.
  • Hayward SharkVack works great on tiles, in-ground vinyl, and a concrete pool.


  • Climbs the walls of the pool for maximum cleaning.
  • Saves a lot of time because of reduced cycle time.
  • Very efficient in performance, as requires very little energy.
  • The most economical Automated pool cleaner.
  • 50 feet cord leads to maximum coverage.


  • There is one drawback with Haywar SharkVac, i.e. it flips sideways while cleaning the pool, which is very irritating.

inground pool robot vacuum


  • Programmed for 60 minutes and 3 hours work cycle.
  • 55 feet long cord.
  • Super light just weighs 21.5 pounds.
  • Moving parts are made of Acetal and stainless steel.
  • Ground speed is calculated at 55feet per minute.

This is another example of Automatic pool vacuum that delivers well. An advanced technology makes up the machine and that allows tasks to be efficiently handled. In fact, the entire pool can be washed within an hour and a half.

The length of the cord used in this device is 55 feet. Suction or even pressure-type hoses are not required in this machine. The filter that is used in this machine can be reused as well.

The machine can be operated in two types of settings. One is Quick Clean, whereas the other is Full Clean. The first one is usually used to wash small surfaces and takes very little time. The second is used to wash the whole pool and takes comparatively more time. So, you have to set it according to your requirements.

It also has the ability to scan the size and shape of the pool, just like the Hayward Brands Pool Cleaners is the Top Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner in the market. The filter for debris is removable in nature. Therefore, there is no hassle in cleaning this device.

Due to its technology and energy-efficiency, the cleaner has been the choice for many customers. The energy-bill of your house is also kept in check as on completion of the washing cycle, the power is automatically turned off in the machine. In addition to this, there is a warranty of three years. So, this is surely a good selection for cleaning your pools.

Cleaning your swimming pool is an absolute must. However, it can be pretty tedious a task and this is when a Robotic Pool Vacuum tiger shark can be of immense help. The above-mentioned cleaners have all been well known to customers and easily stand out among its peers. Thus, if you are on the verge of getting a cleaner, it is best to get one from those mentioned above.

Best Features & Pros/Cons


  • Energy efficient and low maintenance.
  • An enhanced quick clean feature along with standard cleaning cycle.
  • Cleans corners, walls, floors and steps too.
  • Auto cut off power function.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Gives spotless clean pool.
  • Comes handy for the quick clean up session.
  • Does not get stuck while cleaning or climbing the walls.
  • Never misses corners, extracts all the debris from tight spots.
  • Easy to maneuver even on 60 minute quick clean up mode.


  • The TigerShark sometimes gets stuck on the drain covers and cord also gets tangled.

Choosing The Best Pool Vacuum Robot - Buying Guide

Currently, there are three types of cleaning methods that you can use. These methods include the manual cleaning, professional or commercial cleaning service, and automatic pool cleaning through the use of robotic equipment.

As its name implies, the manual cleaning method requires labor-intensive procedures and tools to keep the pool clean. Here, the person who does the cleaning may use a sweeper or hose for removing the debris near the pool, a leaf rake or telephone for eliminating floating dirt, a tile soap and brush for scrubbing tiles, and vacuum for cleaning the entire pool area.

Commercial pool cleaning service, on the other hand, is highly recommended for large commercial and Olympic-sized pools. Companies that offer this service typically use commercial-grade Pool robot vacuum to provide efficient and precise cleaning of the whole pool area. But because you’ll be asking them to do the job for you, you will have to pay for the labor which depends on the company’s rate.

The third and final pool-cleaning option is by using robotic equipment’s. They may come a bit expensive but are extremely beneficial in the long run. Nowadays, there are several manufacturers of Swimming Pool Cleaning Robot that promise to provide optimum cleaning performance. Some of which are further discussed in the list below.


There you have the complete list of models found in the all best robotic pool cleaner range. Just like other products, make sure to purchase them only from reliable sources in order to fully enjoy the benefits they are designed to give. Thanks for the reading our robotic pool cleaner reviews

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