The Best Semi Inground Pool – Creative Installation Ideas of 2021

best semi inground pool reviews

what is a semi inground pool?

As the above ground pools and the in-ground pools are commonly known and used by homeowners. So, a semi in-ground pool is a largest semi inground pool something that can be made to sit on the ground or can be installed half-way or completely submerged in the ground.

They are preferred more, as are durable and robust built. These are less expensive and can comfortably flush with your lawn or patio. They are economical and have a great aesthetic appeal.

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Best Semi Inground Pool Installers

Best Semi Inground Pool

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How to Install A Semi Inground Pool with Deep End & Decks?

The rule of the thumb is that one should go to a swimming pool that lasts for long. You might come across images and witness that some people just install a regular above ground pool in the ground. This shouldn’t be something that you do if you know. If it comes to semi inground swimming pool pricing, excavating and installing then one should go for the best.

The in-ground or above ground pools that have pool walls of panels or slats should be opted for installing in your backyard. Most of the above-ground pools are constructed with one thin sheet of steel that is rolled up. Any surface made of iron is bound to have rust and can corrode easily and posses less strength to hold dirt after losing your pool water. Any leakages can just make your pool collapse if the pool liner is replaced.

The Above Ground Pools that appear like an Inground Pool (Patios, Wooden decks, and Hardscaping)

The main viewpoint is to make the aboveground pool like an inground swimming pool.

how to install a semi inground pool

The 1st Step

2 to 3 ft of the above ground pool should be made to sink into the ground.

The 2nd Step

Pavers should be laid or a semi inground pools with deck can be built from the backfill to the pool top (the height of the pool should match with them).

Cinder block and sand are commonly used for the pool wrap. Adding more beauty to the block by a fabulous patio block or a bullnose coping. A stone veneer is utilized and used for wall dressing. A design that exhibits simplicity and is inexpensive makes your sitting area look adorable.

It’s that’s simple! The entire pool needs to be wrapped or can be made to be a part of a waterfall. The area between the pool and the house can have a patio or a deck that matches the highest pool level.

semi inground pool with deep end

Semi Inground Pool Reviews & Ideas

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An Above Ground Pool buried in the ground

Some of the above ground pool brands are suitable to be attached like an inground pool. The Aqua sort 52 is considered to be the least expensive when it comes to the inground pools.

The pool having strong walls can be easily used and installed as an inground pool. When you want to install your pool completely in the ground then an inground skimmer or an inground pool pump will be required. Self-priming is not a feature that the above-ground pumps possess.

Semi-Inground Pool Brands

Mainly four types of pools are suitable to be installed and used as a semi-inground pool. For an semi inground pool kit, you can use three above-ground models. The top ones are listed here:

  • Intrepid or Oasis – An above ground pool by Wilbar. This can be buried to a maximum of 36 inches inside the ground.

  • Optimum – This is another one made by Wilbar. It is more preferred as compared to the Radiant.

  • Radiant pools – They are of Radiant, and these look beautiful, click to read more about radiant pools

semi inground pool with deep end

The Aquasport 52 is another great one from Aquasport. The LLC and Buster Crabbe Pools.

The Admirals is one more above ground pool from Aquasport Pools LLC. They are supposed to be built with an aluminum deck or a fence. The best part is that is semi inground pool installed with deep end can go decently in the ground.

How much does a semi inground pool cost?

As mentioned in the article above, and stays true that a semi-inground pool is the most economical of all. The Aquasport 52, is supposed to be the most preferred.

  • 24 ranges between 5000 to 6000 dollars (round package cost).

  • The oval package costs around 6500 to 7500 dollars (15×30 to 17×32).

The semi inground pool installation costs for setting an biggest above ground pool in the ground

When it comes to installation costs, it has to be done according to the pool size, the ground depth, the local electrician costs and more. They vary, but if taken into account backfill, electrical, excavation installation or any other plumbing costs, it may cost you around 7000 dollars.

In case you do the installation on your own then you can save s few dollars.

While installing an inground pool by Optimum or Radiant the base of the wall will require at least 1- foot cement to put around. This can make you incur additional costs.

The Conclusion

The pool dealers help in installing the pool, be it by the experts or in the form of guidance if you want to this job on your own. The Aquasport 52 have been dealing with good service and customer support. It becomes very convenient for users to install their dream pool. If you know it does it on your own otherwise hiring an expert is better.


Q1. What is a semi-inground pool’s average price?

Ans1. The average cost can range from 3000 to 5000 dollars. This may vary due to factors such as size, depth, and shape of the pool. The cost mentioned here concerns only for installing pool liner, filter system, excavation, backfilling and building pool set up. Some additional charges might have to be incurred by you for electrical service, landscaping water, etc.

Q2. How many years a semi-inground pool lasts?

Ans2. The premium quality pools such as Aquasport 52 or others can stay as long as 40 to 60 years with you. A rolled wall pool might have a life of 15 to 20 years. In case of a pool liner replacement, life may be less than 7 to 9 years.

Q3. What is the maximum depth that a semi inground pool can have?

Ans3. The semi in ground pool with deep end cannot be put inside. The center can be dished if the pool is round. In case you have a pool wall of 52 inches then you get about 48-50 inches of water. Though, above ground pools have constant depth.

Q4. What is the cost to dig a pool hole for my pool?

Ans4. The depth while installing and the pool size determine the cost of digging. It may range between 1500 dollars to 3000 dollars. This excludes the pool’s backfilling charges.