Best Small Pond Aerator 2021 Updated

If you are fed up with bad odor, muck, dying fish, and stagnant water in the pond, then the best solution is to invest in a good pond aerator.

Let the aquatic life survive and thrive!

These small tools not only keep your pool healthy but improve the water quality by encouraging water oxygenation. This is a must-have thing for keeping the aquatic life safe, healthy, and thriving. The pond water may become toxic due to bad bacteria as they give away harmful waste, and an aerator is the only thing that can prevent this.

Like the other things, the ponds should also be taken well care of. They should be appropriately maintained in order to have a healthy aquatic life and, in turn, making the pond environment-friendly also.

The top aerators have been categorized on the basis of floating, solar-powered, submersed, and windmill pond aerators. The best small pond aerators, along with their advantages, a buying guide, and much-asked questions, have been detailed after enough review and research in the article.

Best Small Pond Aerator Reviews : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 Kit

Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 (Double Outlet Aeration Kit)

Quiet To Run

Winter Resistant

High Energy-Efficient

Best Overall

Beckett Corporation SAP1.5 Kit, Solar Air Pump

Beckett Corporation SAP1.5 Kit Beckett Solar Air Pump, Boost O2 in Water


Ideal For Small Bodies

Friendly Power Source

Most Affordable

Custom Pro FT 3500 Floating Pond full Kit

Custom Pro FT 3500 Floating Pond and Lake Fountain Complete Kit

Heavy Duty Rope

Easy To Assemble

Powder-Coated Stand

Top 6 Small Pond Aerator

Floating Pond Aerators

These aerators are designed to add aesthetic and offer aeration that is desired by most of the people. They take the water from the upper feet of the pond and throw it in the air, and then the oxygen is picked up. A cycle is formed, and the circulation returns the oxygenated water back to the pond. Basically, they are used for ponds that have shapes such as oval, triangular, square, or round. And the ponds which have irregular shapes can also benefit from these types of aerators. There may be a requirement for more units for achieving uniform aeration.

1. Custom Pro FT 3500 Floating Pond and Lake Fountain Complete Kit

The Custom Pro FT not only oxygenates the water in the pond or lake but adds beauty and aesthetic too. Along with a 3500 gallons per hour pump, this features a nozzle kit for 4 kinds of fountain sprays with an electrical cord, steel filter basket, tether rope, and heavy-duty float. Four spray patterns are offered by this with the nozzle kit included which make the spray a gusher, skinny trumpet, and in V shaped water patterns.

The skinny trumpet is up to 12 feet tall and the gusher spray is about 18 ft. tall. The varied heights are exhibited by the V shaped displays and this includes a small geyser also. It consumes 300 watts of electricity and display beautiful fountains. While the water falls in the pond the water is oxygenated.

The pump runs on electricity and which is transferred through a long cord (100 ft.), which is plugged into an electrical circuit. An easy to assemble floating pond and lake fountain. The set-up can be done in less than 5 minutes. As the oxygen is added to the water environment the fishes and plants tend to thrive.



  • A great aerator which oxygenates water and keeps the eco-system of pond balanced.

  • All the parts and equipment come with the product.

  • This offers four spray patterns.

  • Adds a substantial amount of beauty and oxygen to the pond.

  • Easy to assemble and set-up.

  • The models are 1900 gph (FT-1900); 6000 gph (FT-6000) and the latest 14000 gph (FT-14000).


  • You may incur few problems after start-up.

Solar Pond Aerators

If you are planning to put an aerator for environmentally conscious locations and remote installations then the solar pond aerator systems prove to be the best. They are designed according to the pond size of various types, like ornamental up to 5-acre lakes. Under standard operating conditions these are designed to run for about 20 hours a day. An effective, low-cost solution which saves a lot of your money than the electric powered ones.

1. Beckett Corporation SAP1.5 Kit Beckett Solar Air Pump

An ideal solar air pump which is used for adding oxygen to water and create a wonderful aquatic environment. They help in balancing the eco-system of the pond which has all kinds of goldfish, Koi, turtles and more and a variety of flora also blossom. The Beckett solar pump is designed specifically to boost the levels of oxygen in outdoor ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and even fishing coolers.

The stagnancy is minimized as the movement of water prevents pond settling.The solar air pump is perfect for small ponds and other small water bodies. The solar panel is of 1.5 watt and this is an environment-friendly power source.This is ideal for places and locations which don’t have the access to standard electricity outlet.

The pump features 6.5 feet of tubing, a power cord of 9.5 ft., solar panel, a diffuser stone, and a submersible pump. The air hose is 6.5 ft. and the nominal voltage is 7.68 V and the nominal current is 195 mA.



  • An ideal and cost-effective solar pump kit for small bodies of water.

  • The solar panel is of 1.5 watt and a power source which is environmentally friendly.

  • Those locations which lack standard outlets, this pump proves of the greatest benefit.

  • These get the complete strength form the sunlight.

  • Includes all parts such as the tubing, diffuser stone, solar panel etc.

  • The nominal voltage is 7.68 V and the nominal current is 195 mA.


  • Product quality issues.

  • Works only when sunlight is present.

Submersed Aeration Systems

These systems are diffused in the bottom and help in releasing oxygen directly into the water. They work at precise locations inside the pond. Though, these aerators can supply oxygen to any pond but work amazingly for long, narrow, and kidney shaped water bodies. If the ponds have an irregular shape, then fountain aerators are not of much use as they are made to sit in center to cover more space.

Then the need of submersed aeration is required for covering the entire pond. Some be some dead zones in the pond and then the submersed systems work perfectly for proper aeration. Both the types fountain aerator and submersible system can be used to beautify and add diffused aeration too. They are a little less expensive than the fountain aerator systems.

1. ANMSALES JEBAO 250Watt OXY-P250 Submersible Aerator Air Pump

A great submersible aerator pump for fish pond, koi pond, and fish tanks too. An air pump pond filter which helps the aquatic life to thrive and blossom. The air pump helps in releasing the oxygen in the water directly.

This can also be referred to as bottom diffused system which is placed in the water at precise locations.Works wonderfully for irregular shaped ponds. This is not an expensive option like the fountain aerators, but a slightly expensive over the solar air pumps. The product comes with proper specifications and details.Though you can assist yourself with videos and manual. The product dimensions are L-27″, B-11″, H-10″ and weighs 7.5 kgs.



  • A great submersible aerator air pump.

  • All the specifications come in the working video.

  • This is an oxygen pump aquaculture with pump hydroponics.

  • The product measures L-27″, B-11″, H-10″ and weighs 7.5 kgs.

  • This releases the oxygen directly into the water.


  • Product durability issues.

2. Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 - Double Outlet Aeration Kit

The Aquascape oxygenates the pond brilliantly and is extremely easy to set-up and use. This is an effective double outlet aeration kit which is available in two and four-outlet options. The discs can be positioned apart at the bottom and the pump in an indoor location which is dry and free of dust or debris.

The product is self-sufficient and has everything which is required, and provides trouble-free functioning for years.The outer housing is strong and the thick rubber gasket helps in reducing noise and vibrations.

Features a wide and stable base which is easy to place.You can keep your aquatic plant and life in it healthier by providing oxygen even when they are not receiving oxygen at night through plants. A more stable and healthier environment is created for fish and plants by the twin-diffuser set. The aeration kit is more suitable for ponds of medium size (up to 5000 gallons).



  • This is a marvelous pond aerator which creates a stable environment got aquatic life.

  • The aerator is energy-efficient and operates quietly.

  • Comes complete with winter-resistant airline, also have preassembled check valves and weighted air stones.

  • Consumes only 6-watts of electricity.

  • The manufacturer gives 3-year warranty.


  • The discs are light in weight.

  • No ability to adjust output on the pump.

Windmill Aerators

They have the ability to provide sufficient aeration throughout the day, and with the diminishing wind in the night hours, a programmed timer can fill the gap. You can add some style and uniqueness to your windmills by customizing them with beautiful colors, logos, art work, and make them more attractive.

This is a better option than the other traditional options. The windmill aerators which are built with the latest technology are effective, efficient, and don’t require much maintenance. The locations where there is dearth of electricity, these aerators work wonderfully.

1. 23' Pond Aerator Windmill - American Eagle - Wind Mill Aeration System Kit

This has sufficient ability to aerate ponds and is the number 1 windmill pond aerator in the world. There are so many reasons to buy this and no reason to ignore this amazing windmill. This comes with greaseable bearings with a modern bellow design compressor. Can you believe that the life expectancy of this windmill is of 10 to 15 years?

This doesn’t require any freeze control, and features a heavier 14 gauge with 4 leg towers.For better wind tracking this has a self-lubricating UHMW block. The quality materials are used for its construction, and also features powder coated steel wheel hub, compressor, tail arm and tower top starter.

The rebar mounting rods are not just hollow tubes but are a solid construction. This has an easy start-up with low wind speed too (3-6 Mph). A product which is build to last with a commercial-grade quality.



  • This is the best windmill aerator in the world.

  • Comes with greaseable bearings.

  • Modern bellow design compressor.

  • The firestone bellow has a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

  • Self-lubricating UHMW block.

  • Powder-coated steel wheel hub.

  • Solid rebar mounting rods.


  • Doesn’t work properly without enough breeze.

Choosing a Perfect Pond Aerator

When you choose the best pond aerator, don’t be in a hurry. A few important things should be kept in mind and should be taken into account for the best aeration of the pool. For getting a perfect aerator the under-mentioned few points should be studied properly. This will help you in determining the best aeration system which is not only good but saves your future maintenance cost as well.

The Size Of The Pond

It is always said that the middle path or everything in moderation is the key to success. By this, here we mean that the oxygen should be provided in adequate amount by the aerator. Lack of oxygen is harmful and so is the excess amount. The size of the pond should be considered before you choose your piece of equipment.

The Depth Of The Pond

Like the size the pond depth should be known beforehand. As, deeper ponds require bottom diffusers and fountain pond air pump work best for shallow ponds. Knowing the depth of the pond holds much value before deciding to buy the best aerator. This way the oxygen will be made to mix properly in the water and will reach all dead spaces too.

The Shape Of The Pond

Before choosing an air pump system for your pond, knowing the pool shape is also vital. As we want all the parts of the pond should be oxygenated, so the shape has to be considered before investing. For the typical ponds (circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles), the standard aeration systems work great, and there are least chances of water stagnation. But if there is an irregular-shaped pond, then additional costs may cost you a bit more for overall aeration.

Summing Up

Select a good pond aerator which takes care of the water life efficiently and effectively. Not only the pond, but the surroundings will also breathe and feel fresh as a quality aerator will keep the pond in the best condition. Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 – Double Outlet Aeration Kit is one of our choicest aerators that performs and finishes its task wonderfully.

Aerator Power

After considering the above three factors, the power of the aerator should be weighted. The aerator you buy should have the ability to finish its requisite task. Some pond aerators can work well for both the small and large ponds, while the others may be fit for one type of pond. One should avoid the overworking of the machine and choose a product which is the best alternative for the pond.

Benefits Of Using Aerators

For supporting the aquatic life, the ponds need to be aerated, and the oxygen levels of water should be raised. Then using a pond aerator is the best solution. The fountain aerators are a good option for symmetrical and small or medium-sized ponds, while the Koi needs much oxygen to thrive and survive, so an oxygenator with more power is required for the same.

The little flow of water has to be increased in the pond for much-needed reasons. Even the ponds without fish require proper aeration in the long run.

Let us take a quick view of the advantages of aeration

Increases Oxygen Levels

On the other hand, the aerobic bacteria feed on organic materials and emit gas which is odorless. This will certainly keep the pond fresh and nice.

The basic motive is to increase the oxygen levels in the pond water, and the fish, plants, and good bacteria tend to thrive and live more comfortably.Without proper oxygenation, the pond life would have become hell and it would stink badly due to the multiplying anaerobic bacteria. These types of bad bacteria emit bad odors, generate hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide, after consuming organic material.

The Depth Of The Pond

Like the size the pond depth should be known beforehand. As, deeper ponds require bottom diffusers and fountain pond air pump work best for shallow ponds. Knowing the depth of the pond holds much value before deciding to buy the best aerator. This way the oxygen will be made to mix properly in the water and will reach all dead spaces too.

Less Mess

The older ponds with time may get a build-up of more nutrients, especially on the pool bottom. This turns into filth and muck, and there could be leeches and foul smell. If ever you get a chance, you would never step up on such kind of muck.Getting rid or preventing the build-up of such kind of grime or debris, the more oxygen needs to be circulated throughout the water.Aeration lets the good aerobic bacteria to form their colonies in the water that eat nutrients and result in less build-up of debris.

Improves Water Quality

The water surface of the pond also appears on foggy and dirty if the debris tends to settle with time. The water flow and oxygen levels are improved by using a good aerator and in turn this improves the water quality of the pond.Ponds weed and algae remain in control if the nutrients they consume aren’t enough after aeration.

Gets Rid of Thermocline

The deep bottom of the pond is colder than the upper surface which is warm. Placing an aerator makes the water mix with both the layers (upper and lower), so that proper oxygenation is done everywhere. The temperature balance will also take place this way in the pond. With movement a lot of good bacteria will travel deep down to the pool bottom.

Reduces Fish Dying

When the levels of oxygen drop in the pond, the fish tend to die often. In case the outside temperatures are cold the decomposition of organic materials emits gases and which tend to get trapped if the pond freezes. This will leave the fish with lesser oxygen and resultingly the fish might suffocate.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Which one is better, a submersible, or a fountain aerator?

Ans 1.If you are buying an aerator for a shallow pond, then the fountain or the surface aerator is a perfect option to go for, while the submersible aerators tend to release oxygen from below the water surface. The submersible ones are great for deeper ponds. It completely depends on the type of pond you have.

Q2. Should I switch off the pond aerator if pool algae develop?

Ans 2.The aerators control and prevent the growth of pool algae, so switching them off should not be the case if the pond develops algae. Turn on the aerator for proper oxygenation.

Q3. How to prevent the floating of the pond aerator line?

Ans 3.When you buy a pond aerator, most of them come with a weighted airline, which helps them to sink. Go for a product that has this quality, and the fishing line weights can be used to force the line to sink. It is recommended to replace the product, which is without a weighted airline.

Q4. Should the pond aerator be made to run 24 hours a day?

Ans 4.It is not essential to run the aerators for 24 hours every day. During the daytime, oxygen is produced by the algae through the process of photosynthesis, while the reverse happens at night, as respiration causes the oxygen levels to fall in the water.

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