The Best Softub Reviews 2021

I have butterflies in my stomach, as the eagerness to share the good news with you that I have my private hot tub now, oh! a Softub to be more specific. I am a water-loving person since childhood, and the pools, their fun, and the relaxation attached to them have always attracted me.

I remember we were on holiday in Europe, and that was the first time we came across the Softubs and found out that these tubs are some soulful, great innovation, and fun.

Our whole family loved the Softubs, as the comfort and relaxation provided by them was an experience beyond comparison while we were holidaying. I was so much inquisitive for this hot tub spa that made me go through all the options before I decided to invest in one of these.

The designs are customer focussed, and the company aims at providing the best customer service.

It gives me more pleasure and satisfaction to share the knowledge I received after much research. Furthermore, you can get a detailed impression of the best Softubs, Sportster 140, Resort 300, Legend 220, and select what suits your budget and style.

Best Softub Hot Tub Reviews : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Softub Sportster 140

Perfect For Two People

High Performence


Best Overall

Softub Resort 300

Solar Torch Lights

Most Comfortable

Best Material


Most Affordable

Softub Legend 220

High Technology

LED Lighting

Great Quality

Best Softub Hot Tub Reviews

The Softub Sportster 140

This can accommodate two persons (adults), and one can procure an intimate and personal experience in their backyard or home. The adjustable jets (4), supports minimal customization catering to your specific needs. If you consider the diameter, then it is five feet, and it works amazingly well for people who have property limitations.

The entry-level price makes it much more convenient for the users to own it at an affordable price. The Hydro mate technology keeps it perfectly clean, and the multi-colored LED water lighting adds a lot of charm and mood. These are durable with Polybond foam construction. Have folding lid with locking straps, customizable jets, and more bring a whole lot of convenience and comfort.

Actually worth it!



  • Comfort and luxury at an affordable price
  • Compact and portable
  • Customized jets, folding lid with locking straps, underwater LED lights
  • Polybond foam construction


  • Durability and operational issues

Softub Resort 300

This is certainly huge and the largest among all, as it can accommodate up to six adults. If your search is for a premium product, then this is the best you can try. An amazing one which is 6.5 ft. in diameter. Still small enough to fit in spaces you want. A perfect product for a party or family. This feature extra-depth of three inches than the other ones.

The soaking seat is deeper and comfier for you to experience a marvelous therapy. If you want some relaxation for your soring muscles, then this is the best which has a therapy seat to support you for a perfect soaking position. The jets of the tub are placed strategically, which pulsate along your lower and upper back to give you the utmost comfort.

This is another one which features LED underwater lighting, folding lid with locking straps, and the Hydro mate smart chip patented technology for out of the world performance.



  • A premium tub which accommodates six people
  • The therapy seat is deeper and helps you have a great relaxing experience
  • The jets are placed strategically
  • LED underwater lighting, folding lid with locking straps
  • Features Hydro mate smart chip patented technology


  • An expensive short gadget
  • The warranty isn’t good.

3. Softub Legend 220

This is again a great model of Softub, which has the capacity to accommodate four adults and runs six ft. in diameter. Similar to the Sportster, this one is also portable and comfortable and convenient to set-up and use. These have customizable jets (5) on board, along with easy to adjust features that encourage a perfect position to sit and chill.

The soft material which is used in the construction of this unit brings incredible comfort and relaxation. This also owns padded headrests for you to tilt your head back and lay without feeling any hardness. This gives a feel like you are lying on your bed with a pillow under your head.

The Hydro mate patented technology, multi-colored LED underwater lighting, and the deluxe folding lid comes with security locking straps. The colors in which it comes are appealing too.



  • This has the capacity to accommodate four adults
  • Features five customizable jets
  • The material used is soft and comfortable for you to chill and relax
  • Available in appealing colors
  • LED water lighting


  • No cons as such

Why should we choose a Softub

Energy Efficient

For more than 20 years, the Softubs are pioneers in the heat recycling technology. They have been producing hot spas without separate pool heaters. Unique products that incorporate heater, motor, and pump in a single unit. The excess heat which is generated by the motor helps in heating the filtered water. They can also be termed as the most energy-efficient, as a minimum of energy consumption occurs. The high-density insulating foam Polybond is used, and that makes the blow up hot tub spa the most energy-efficient.


The endless possibilities are redefined with these amazing hot tub spas. The portability, ease of installation, lightweight, and compactness of the tub makes anyone admire it limitlessly.


Do you know? These innovative hot tub spas are designed with brilliance and have the ability to resist any kind of weather conditions. Maintaining a weather-resistant product becomes easier and hassle-free. The Leather Tex and Vinyl is used for softub construction which keeps it secure from cold, heat, rain, or other challenging weather conditions.

Quiet Operation

The use of whisper technology makes them the quietest hot tub spas on the planet earth. This adds much more to your peace and relaxation.


The Softub is made such that it can be installed, carried, and used with the utmost ease. This provides freedom of movement, and innovative foam material makes it comfier. The pre-shaped and restrictive seating gives it more flexibility.

Hygienic and Easy Maintenance

The Ozonator assists in taking care of the water hygiene levels, and very few chemicals are needed to keep the water sparkling clean. The automatic cleaning system takes care of everything when it is related to hygiene.The draining and re-filling of the tub is easy and can be done in 3 to four months.

Stylish with a well-designed lid

Superior quality, state-of-the-art accessories, leather materials, awesome colors, make these tubs a style statement of their own- Exemplary indeed! The lid features locking straps (4), which makes the tub secure and safe. Even if you have kids around in the backyard, they won’t get harmed.


If you are searching for the most comfortable lounging spa of today’s times, then this the best to invest and enjoy. The soft and firm material of the spa encourages the ultimate support and comfort to relax and unwind.

Additional Features

The LED underwater lighting, separate lid cover, customized jets, superior materials, Hydro mate patented technology, attractive colors, and other features add more uniqueness and worth to the hot tub.

Don’t give any second thoughts, and just own a Softub soon. Treat yourself with a dose of relaxation and enjoyment with your friends or family, on holidays, or on weekends.

Don’t miss a chance to pamper yourself!

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