Best Solar Water Heaters – Save On Your Electricity Bill!

Your favorite pool and with a warm and comfortable feel, you will feel marvelous and refreshing, I am sure! And this all is made possible with the best solar pool heaters that are designed with intelligent engineering for peak performance. Swimming enthusiasts, home pool owners, adults or kids, can just go for their passion without any second thoughts with these amazing pool heaters.

The sparkling pool, being warmed with the sunrays and environmentally friendly feature gives an upper edge to them than the gas pool heaters or other heat pumps. Few of the best pool heaters are right in front of you to assess and buy the best: 

Best Solar Pool Heaters Reviewed

  1. GAME 4714 Solar PRO Contour Solar Pool Heater

The Game 4714 Solar Pro is one of the smallest, easy to use and an economical pool heater. This can heat pools with a capacity of 10,000 gallons and share a dome design that has the capability to create a “Green House” effect. This lets the heat transfer and requires no electric or gas connections. The water capacity is 1.5 gallons and can heat the pool up to 5 degrees F in 6 days.

solar pool heaters for inground pools reviews

This is arguably the most portable pool heater and can fit into the space required. This one features an intelligent design with curling connector tubes and possesses great heat absorption power according to its size. This one owns foldable legs and is injection molded. This one is an amazing pool heater that extends your summer by creating a maximum solar collecting area. This one boasts of its efficiency, and impressive features being the next generation in Solar pool heating. It is equipped with a 1.5 HP pump and a flow rate of 19 GPM approximately. This ensures compatibility with Intex and Bestway pools and has suitable adapters. This omits the requirement of a bypass and is a worthy cost-efficient pool heater.  


  • This is an efficient and affordable solar pool heater
  • Features foldable legs and is injection molded
  • This is light in weight and compact
  • Creates a ‘Green House’ effect
  • Can heat pools up to 10,000 gallons


  • Not suitable for medium or large-sized pools
  • Compatible only with Intex and Bestway pools

  1. Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System

The Smartpool S601P is a traditional, time-tested and durable solar panel pool heater.

This one works great when all set. This can heat any in ground or above ground pool. The Sun Heater is proudly manufactured in America with a polypropylene heat collector, possesses a direct flow system and each heating tube has one header hole. You can simply enjoy free heat from the sun as this facilitates water flow through separate and individual tubes. This one features solar panels of 80 square feet. This provides a consistent heat to the pool.

in ground pool solar heaters

This one possesses pool accessories and is a perfect one for heating any in-ground pool. The measurements of panel array being 4 ft (W) x 20 ft (L) and can raise the pool temperature by heating 6-10-degree F (4-6 degrees C). The panels help in heating the pool by using the heat of the sun rays that are returned to the pool. The installation kit should be bought for ensuring proper and complete installation. It makes use of tubes and panels to connect it to the pool pump. This one features interchangeable connectors and is supposed to be a great solar pool heater.


  • This one is environmentally friendly
  • Low operative costs
  • Best suited for in-ground and above ground pools
  • Interchangeable connectors provide versatility
  • Can easily raise temperatures up to 10 degrees
  • Direct flow system can be easily connected
  • A time tested one that provides consistent heat


  • Features a large panel size
  • Installation could have been easier

  1. Sun2Solar Blue 33-Foot-by-33-Foot Square Solar Cover

The Sun2Solar Blue is best known for its unique construction, the solar blankets. These are made from thousands of bubbles (tiny) that prove effective in retaining and collecting the heat during nights and chilly days. The refreshing blue color adds to its attraction and keeps the pool warm by using the sun rays. This is the most attractive and adorable solar pool heater. Along with keeping the pool warm this also controls and prevents pool water evaporation up to 95%, and this lessens the loss of water in the environment. You can have more fun while filling the pool less.

swiming pool solar heater

Step in the pool with confidence and ease as the Sun2Solar keeps the pool perfectly warm and is easy to put on and off. You should ensure to put the pool cover back on the water to save the retained heat during the day. The pool temperature shouldn’t drop too much during the night. The square solar cover can be trimmed easily with a pair of scissors and a marker if it appears extra for your pool size and shape. The bubbles should be placed facing down to the water and the additional material can be cut off by using a marker. This doesn’t affect the warranty anyway.


  • The solar blanket comes in an attractive blue design
  • Very effective for keeping the pool warm
  • Prevents water from evaporation up to 95%
  • Can be trimmed for a perfect fit
  • Helps in retaining heat


  • Doesn’t possess quality construction

  1. GAME 4721-BB SolarPRO Curve Heater

The Game 4721 is a powerful solar pool heater and works well for above ground and in-ground pools (Intex and Bestway included). This can easily increase the pool temperature of an 8,000-gallon pool (5 degrees in 4 days). Very durable construction and is made with superior materials that last long. This can hold up against the frequent exposure to the sun as features solar connectors. This is designed in such a curved design that helps in harnessing the maximum solar heat to give the best pool heating facility.

solar power pool heater

This can easily cope up with the changing positions of the sun. It is equipped with threaded ports that facilitate plumbing options. This has adjustable and foldable legs and features a clear cover that helps in locking heat and provides maximum exposure to the sun. This uniquely designed solar pool heater extends your swim months with gradual heating and raising the temperatures of the water by a few degrees. This helps in saving space and providing proper heat. Omits the need of any bypass kit for pumps up to 1.5 HP. This can be joined with multiple units for extra heating. A thumbs up! for this energy-efficient, compact and durable solar pool heater.


  • The unique curved shape helps in absorbing maximum heat
  • This one comes with easy installation
  • An affordable pool heater
  • Works well for above and in-ground pools
  • Comes with adjustable and foldable legs
  • Heats the pool gradually
  • Steel clamps, hoses, and Intex adapters are included


  • Doesn’t provide much heat

  1. BEAR 2-4’x20′ FAFCO Solar Pool Heater

The Bear Solar pool heater by FAFCO is best known for its unmatchable quality and durability. The company is a pioneer in manufacturing and designing the best solar heating panels in the world for years – 1995. Since this is proudly manufactured in America, you can just imagine its quality levels. This great solar pool heater ensures compatibility with your pool’s existing pump, excluding the Intex pool pumps. This can be mounted with ease on the ground rack or the roof of the pool. This pool heater can easily heat (18 to 24’) above ground pools that have the capacity to produce 80,000 BTU’s in a day. This also possesses a bottle of liquid heat and liquid solar blanket. This one weighs 79 pounds and features an integrated valve too.

solar heater for pool

This solar pool heater is an example of supreme technology, superior quality, peak performance along with reliability. A complete package that is truly worth buying. This comes with an easy installation feature (30 minutes) and never disappoints you irrespective of the season or time of the day you use. You can just enjoy the luxury provided by your pool heater, whenever you desire.


  • A pool heater that comes with unmatchable quality and reliability
  • Can be easily installed in 30 minutes
  • Is compatible with your existing pool pump
  • Liquid solar blanket and bottle of liquid heat included
  • Makes the pool worthwhile to use from spring to fall
  • This is proudly manufactured in the US


  • Doesn’t work with Intex pool pumps

The Best Guide For Buying Solar Powered Pool Heaters

When we talk about pool heating and solar pool heaters then these are a far better option than the electric pool heater or gas pool heaters in terms of cost and durability. Though, old solar panels can also be used for heating a pool, going for a new and properly installed pool heater is recommended. Evaluate a few points before finishing your purchase.

  1. The amount of sunlight your place gets where you stay
  2. Any local codes or regulations, if any, to be researched beforehand
  3. The efficiency and size of the heating system you and your pool require
  4. The angle and place where your pool heater collector has to be put should be figured out
  5. Comparison of cost and prices of other variants

This becomes vitally important that your solar panels will receive how much heat, when put to use. As, the solar pool heaters harness the heat of the sun for keeping your pool as an oasis, so this factor becomes of great concern.

Now you must be thinking that it would have been better if you were staying in a place like South California or Arizona and would have benefitted with constant sun rays. You can just keep your worries away, as shaded parts in your backyard will also receive the rays of the sun and work well for your solar pool heater. The quality pool heaters assist in collecting direct and diffusing solar energy. This depends on the pool heaters’ design, efficiency, and collector for the best results.

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Determining Your System Size And Related Factors:

  • The size of the pool
  • Availability of solar energy and its amount
  • Pool temperature you desire
  • The average temperature of the place you reside
  • The efficiency of the system
  • The solar cover you plan to go for or not

The size and system requirements depend on the surface area that needs to be covered by your pool. On an average surface area of 50% is required equivalent to your pool’s size for proper heating benefits. In case you stay in a place that remains cloudy or cool then more surface area of panels is required to be covered. 

Hot places or Northern places often make optimum use of the sun heat for almost six months, but places like Florida or others require large and additional panels for the use year around. The use of solar pool covers help in the reduction of the panel size while performing best. Henceforth, this is a good idea to go for, irrespective of the place you stay.

After determining the pool size the size of the pump has to be considered. In case the pool owner is thinking of switching over from a gas pool heater to a solar one then the need for additional or large pump arises for perfect outcomes.

Finally, come to the cost and installation factor that also cannot be overruled. The solar pool heaters available are very convenient to install and are available at affordable prices. Maybe some expertise and additional costs have to be incurred, but no issues as you are heating up your dream pool and turning it into a beautiful backyard oasis.

The Solar Pool Heater’s Working          

The solar pool heaters work with the help of a flow control valve, solar collectors, filter or a pump. The water of the pool is pumped by a filter and then it makes its way through the tubes of solar collector, gets heated up and is returned back to the pool. The pool water gets warmed for your use while it passes through these tubes. In hotter places, the pool needs to be a little cooled before use, and the system can make this process happen at night also for circulating the pool’s water.

Some of the pool collectors use sensors and water diverter valves. They are efficient enough to change the water’s direction when the collector’s temperature becomes more than the temperature of the pool. While this happens the collector’s temperature and the pool’s temperature tend to be the same and the water is pumped back when it bypasses.

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Different solar pool heaters are constructed with different materials, and the climate of the place you stay will decide the same. Before buying a pool heater check for its material as it will help in performing better.

Panels that feature unglazed collectors are most useful where the grounds don’t have snow in winter. The unglazed panels without glass covering are supposed to be the best, and these also feature a rubber- construction and heavy-duty plastic. The ultraviolet light inhibitor helps in enabling it to be more durable and sturdier. These unglazed panel systems are more popular and preferred due to their simplicity and economical quality. As a pool owner, you can definitely go for this kind of a solar pool heater for optimum results.

The Installation Process Of A Solar Pool Heater

When it comes to installing a pool heater, this can be an easy-breezy or annoying challenge. Though it’s not that complicated a few procedures are required for making the installation a successful affair. The modern-day solar pool heaters are designed with uniqueness, let’s dive into the process:

Step 1

It is very important to make sure that you choose the pool heater of the right size. As mentioned above also in the article a solar pool heater should possess a collector panel that has 50 % less surface area as that of your pool size. The general rule of thumb should be adhered to. So, go for the right sized pool heater to avoid any future hassles.

Go for the best pool heaters after researching and considering the varied factors.

The Pool Types

As the pool types are different so is their heat losing capacity. Henceforth, above ground pools tend to lose more heat than the in-ground ones. Solar collector panels that have more surface area are recommended for pools that need to absorb more heat for keeping warm.

The Efficiency Of The Pump

An efficient pump facilitates more heating in less time by giving its peak performance. The pumps with more running time prove more beneficial and the solar collector with less surface area can be used for returning the heated water to the pool. It’s wise to go for a pump that performs best.

The Solar potential

This is directly related to the amount of sunlight absorption done by the solar panels. While using solar thermal power the pump will consume less energy if the heat absorption power is more. The playback time increases with this feature which is facilitated by a good solar collector. The glazed solar panels are effective and work well in the regions that have winds flowing.

Direct sunlight when it comes in contact with the solar panels, performs best. Hence, a well-lighted area that gets the sunlight in maximum quantity is absolutely ideal for installing them. Some of the pool owners prefer to pace them on the rooftops, there it should be kept in mind that the water flow resistance should be minimized and the wind should be avoided by keeping the panel away.

The collector panel can be made functional by cutting the PVC line after the filter and establishing a connection with flex hoses. The positioning can be done in a flat way or can be tilted in order to have absorption at peak.

After the connection of the solar collector is made with the pool pump. later on, the diverter valve should be installed. The solar pool heaters that are available in the market these days come with water diverter valves. The manual or instructions can be referred to before installing according to the model you buy.

The valves help in making the water flow completely and exclusively through the panel and restrict it when open, thereby giving you complete control to monitor and have the apt temperature of the pool. All the solar pool heating systems come with different construction but are likely to be installed as quickly as in a few hours.

The last verdict

By now you must be clear about the efficiency and benefits of a solar pool heater. You can easily choose a pool heater with the help of the points mentioned in the article above. Get a quality solar pool heater to enjoy extended pool time, while fulfilling your swimming passion. Get your pool worthwhile even in the freezing temperatures. Solar pool heaters work great for this with minimum operating costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Temperature Can Be Raised By A Solar Pool Heater?

Ans1. A good solar pool heater helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature to be in the pool. As it uses the sun’s heat so the temperature may be 78-degree F to 85-degree F. A pool cover certainly helps in augmenting the solar pool heater’s strength along with preventing the heat loss in the night.

Q2. Is It Work Well For An In-Ground Pool?

Ans2. Yes, the pool heaters work well for inground pools. The installation is the same as that of an above ground pool. Though, in-ground pools require larger pumps and the heat loss is less than the above-ground ones. These solar collectors can be easily installed or mounted on the roof or high stories by the pool owners for the best outcomes.

Q3. What Is A Real Solar Pool Heater’s Performance?

Ans3. A real solar pool heater is the one that can provide the maximum heat for the pool by providing 80 degrees f while using the least energy. These pool heaters make the best use of thermal energy with controlled valves and automated sensors for keeping your pool warm. The pool heater that has good absorption power is supposed to be the best.

Q4. What Are The Operating Costs Of A Solar Pool Heater?

Ans4. The solar pool heaters require the least or sometimes zero operative costs, and are supposed to be the most cost-efficient ones. They are eco-friendly and work only with the sun’s heat to make your pool heated up. They cost around 3500 dollars to 8000 dollars, with varying system costs according to their size.

Q5. How It Is Installed?

Ans5. The installation process in detail is mentioned in the above article. The PVC line is to be cut with the filter before installing it. This is simple and can be done with the help of establishing proper connections with the flex hoses, brackets and can be placed flat or tilted for maximum heat absorption.