The Best Solar Pool Lights for 2021 Updated

You can add more glamour and fun to the parties and evening events with the best solar pool lights we have in this article today.

Undoubtedly the good news for you, that the variety you are looking for along with other features in solar pool lights is described and listed wonderfully. If you have a pool, lawn, pathway, or a backyard to decorate, then these lights will certainly add elegance and a pleasant feel to your surroundings.

Since the lights are solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about any electricity bills, and their waterproof feature makes them worthy of being used in all weather types.

The brands are creating light with style!

The durability aspect is very important to consider as some of them will have to face water thoroughly while being displayed in a pool, and knowing every benefit that fits into your area of choice is a must. From colors to qualities, we have done everything to make you comfy while choosing the solar pool lights you want. The categorization which we have done will also help you decide better.

Best Solar Pool Lights : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Waterproof -IP68 Solar Light

Energy Saving

Easy To Blow Up

Long Working Life

Best Overall

Aityvert 42.9" Solar Torch Light

Solar Torch Lights

Solar Powered

Easy Installation

Weatherproof Eternal Flames

Most Affordable

GAME Underwater Color LED


Underwater Pool Light

7 Changing Light Modes

Top 5 Solar Pool Lights : Reviewed

Best Inflatable Pool Lights

1. Waterproof -IP68 Solar Glow Globe,14"

The IP68 Led lights are fantastic, easy to blow, inflate, and they don’t require any batteries. These floating lights are far better than the hard-plastic LED balls, extremely durable, sturdy, which can be tossed around. The best quality they have is being inflatable and floatable, available in a CT800(2 PACK) 14″ is a great one to invest in. You can exhibit a beautiful floating light show in your in your in or above ground pool with the lights that change automatically (red, blue, green, white).

These are energy-saving devices that have a long and durable life. These LED balls are automatic and 100% solar-powered, which stores solar energy in sunlight and illuminate in the darkness. The energy conversion is wonderful which makes direct sunlight into-no electricity required. This works for about 8 hours once charged fully in direct sunlight. The IP68 is weatherproof, waterproof, and dust protected too. The Solar Glow Globe can be applied fully indoors and outdoors. They have the capacity to withstand hard rain, wind at night too. This illuminated entertainment center works perfect for theme parties, yards, gardens, pathways and enhances the festival atmosphere especially during Christmas.



  • These are simple to inflate and easy to blow up with requirement of no batteries.

  • The lights change their color automatically, is a beautiful floating ball lamp.

  • You can have a floating light show in your pool and can use indoors too.

  • IP68 is waterproof and weatherproof with dust protection quality.

  • A device which is energy-saving and goes on for long.

  • They store solar energy in sunlight and illuminate in the darkness.

  • Quality to withstand hard rain and wind.


  • They look beautiful in the darkest black corners.

Best Torch Lights

Solar Torch Lights

2. Aityvert Upgraded 42.9" Solar Torch Lights

These are gorgeous lights with dancing flames and are a safe alternative than the real ones. They look deadly beautiful and cast a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow. They feature an actual height of 42.9 inches and stand tall when installed. Their working time is appreciable, and go on for 12 hours in summer months and 5 hours in winter months on full charge. A bright sunny day just charges these amazing lights within 8 hours.

The daylight sensor is also marvelous and auto on and off from dusk to dawn adds convenience. Like the other LED’s, this one also consumes the sunlight for getting charged during the day and automatically turns on at dusk and turn’s off when dawn. Wiring isn’t a problem as they don’t require any. So easy is the installation that they can be put up anywhere comfortably and the guests can be greeted with warm and welcome glow.

The best part we like about them is that they are weather proof eternal flames, and can handle any kind of adverse weather throughout the year. The company promises to provide you with great customer service and a worthy-free shopping for 12 months.



  • The dancing flames are designed with awesomeness and a safe alternative.

  • They provide a safe, soft and mood- enhancing glow.

  • They have built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery which can give light for 12 hours.

  • Features an on/off system from dusk to dawn.

  • Easy to install lights which require no wiring.

  • P65 are waterproof and durable and withstand all weather conditions.


  • No cons as such, overall a great product.

Best Globe Light

3. Linkax Solar Floating Pond Light

This solar floating night light is exquisite and small and has features that you will just fall in love with it. The Linkax is anti-corrosion, offers a long service life, and one-button switch feature for easy usage. The ring seal on switch works like a cover and keeps it water proof. A high-quality device, which uses the sun’s energy during the day time and the solar panels harness and charge the batteries. In the evening the solar panels don’t produce any electricity for the battery and you can press the switch to light up and just feel the awesomeness at night.

For more awesomeness turn on the pond light switch and place it under the sun, and after full charge the switch should be pressed to light up. The colors also change automatically in the dark and the look beautiful. They just add elegance, mood, comfort and warmth to your garden, pool, balcony, bath tub, fish tank and more. These can be placed anywhere as you want and light up spaces wonderfully.



  • These floating lights are full of elegance and are small in size.

  • Made with impressive features such as anti-corrosion, long service life, high-temperature resistance.

  • These anti-aging lights are extremely easy to install and use.

  • They change their color automatically and fill the surroundings with elegance and beauty.

  • These multi-purpose lights can be placed anywhere in the pond, swimming pool, garden tree, bathtub, fish tank and more.

  • Lights are of superior quality and durable too.


  • Completely depends on solar lights for charging.

Best Battery Powered LED

4. GAME Underwater Show Pool Battery Color LED

The Game Underwater is another solar powered pool colorful battery for delivering fun and festive décor for any above-ground or inground pool. This has 7 changing light modes that shuffle and have the quality to change on their own. The Game Underwater features 7 changing light modes, that shuffle and change automatically. A convenient auto on and off system, which works on the signal of sunlight and turns off during the day, gives light by turning on in the night.

You can use a button to switch it on and off manually, and the life span of the unit is extended this way, for mesmerizing evening light shows. You can get non-stop light for 6 hours without a break, when the LED 7 is fully charged. These are quality lights, available at an affordable price. The range covered is great and is up to 15 feet, which may vary on the pool size, depth and color. They offer a long-lasting service and peace of mind, and is versatile for varied purposes. These lights are designed to give heavy-duty performance, while making your deck or patio look beautiful.



  • Delivers fun and festive décor too for an above or inground pool.

  • Seven light modes for shuffle on their own while in operation.

  • Automatic on and off system, and the range is covered up to 15 feet.

  • You will get a long-lasting service and peace of mind.

  • Heavy-duty performance lights with a limited-edition design.


  • The functional hours are less.

Multi - Color Lights

5. BeTIM Solar Floating Pool Lights

When you are searching for the best floating lights for your adult or kiddie pool or pond then do give a look at these amazing lights by BeTIM. They are awesome and designed with the latest and upgraded features. They are water proof and perfect for any indoor or outdoor applications, and add the festive feel too. The battery bottom box is water proof and rotates smoothly, with no risk of any leakage. The battery is 4.5V, that generates a low heat and low pressure and no worries about over-heating due to its design.

You can install them anywhere and make your reservoirs, trees, pool sides, parks, look mesmerizing. They change color automatically and gives a gentle, comfortable feel with slow flash transformation. Attractive colors like a rainbow glow (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, purple) and make look everything elegant along with enhancing mood. The lights are solar-powered and emits light for about 12 hours after a charge of 8 hours with ample of sunlight. Create an experience in your pool or garden like never before.

The auto on and off feature helps in automatically putting it to the charge mode in sunlight. This turns off when re-exposed to light or when fully charged. Before you install just push the switch button on. Their unique design exhibits a hole on the top that can be easily connected for showing up multiple lights in series when floating on water.



  • They are waterproof and safe to use.

  • Features a battery-box that rotates smoothly with no risks of any leakage.

  • Change color automatically with a gentle and comfortable transformation.

  • The solar-powered decorative light that gives light for 12 hours.

  • Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

  • Features an automatic on/off system.

  • They are suitable for multiple applications like ponds, reservoirs, lakes, parks, curtains, lawns, etc.


  • Changes colorfast, will be better if a bit slower.

As there are many floating solar pool lights on the market, you must compare the different products available so that you can make a better decision. In the following, let’s talk about the different features and factors to check when studying your options.

We Looked For A Few Things For Choosing The Best Solar Pool Lights

We have categorized the best solar pool lights for your convenience and comfort. We hope that it will be easy for you all to make the right decision to buy the right product. Just remember to follow a few of the undermentioned points:

1. Weatherproof And Waterproof

The lights you buy should possess the ability to handle any kind of adverse conditions and other elements. When you are sure about the lights you buy that are weatherproof and waterproof, then you will get peace of mind as the damages will be not a trouble anymore.

2. The Price

It is very important that the lights you select, fit comfortably in your budget. If the Price is to be compared to different types of solar lights, then you will be in a state to narrow down your research and can look at the other factors that may affect your choice.

The rule of the thumb is striking a balance between the Price and the quality both. Since, if you will invest in a product that doesn’t last long then it won’t be more fruitful or beneficial in any way. Do look for the Price but cater to the quality also.

3. Color Choices

After reading about different products, you are aware that the solar lights are available in different color options. You must be fond of some

Colorful Pool Lights

of the colors and combination as per your desires. Look out for them and decide accordingly.

Portable Remote Pool Lights

4. Durability And Quality

The durability and quality of any item you purchase holds a lot of importance. Since the lights are exposed to water, rain, snow, heat etc. quality matters always!

The lights you choose should be able to cope up with all types of conditions which are tough to deal. They should not only look beautiful while floating or displayed in the garden but should be robust and ready for heavy-duty use. While you shop for the best lights, your choice and reviews by the customers should always be tallied.

You can rely on the research results of others also, before you tend to invest in the best. Quality and durability of a product go parallel and should be considered seriously. It is recommended to look for the upgraded versions of the products for optimum results.

5. Easy installation

Always go for such lights that can be installed with ease and convenience. Most of these are floating, light weight and with easy on and off feature, that enables a great set-up in just no time.

6. Versatility

The product’s versatility helps you to display them with elegance whenever and where ever you want. Setting them up from gardens, pools to the trees leaves you with enough flexibility while you install.


We can say that finding the solar lights is just as easy as winking of the eyes. You can decorate your outdoor spaces, swimming pools (inground and above ground), decks, patios, walkways and gardens etc.

Add elegance and festive feel with these amazing solar pool lights. Their eco-friendly feature makes the most unique than the others.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Can the pool lights be stored for winter months?

Ans 1. There is no rocket science to be followed for storing the solar pool lights. The original packing that comes with the product will prove of great use to you while you store them for winter months. Ensure to wipe and clean the lights before you keep them safe.

Q2. Do the solar pool lights have the same warranty?

Ans 2. The solar pool lights of all the brands don’t have the same warranty, and you will have to look for the specifications of every product in order to know their offers and warranties.

Q3. Can the solar pool lights be installed with ease?

Ans 3. These lights are user-friendly, handy and light in weight. You can install and place them with ease and convenience. You can set them up wherever you want and make it sure to switch them on before you display.

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