Best Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot Tub Chemicals

Just to share a fact- In comparison to cold water, hot water tends to invite more bacteria and microorganisms. And when it is about Hot tubs they involve hot water more.

Also alerted by CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) that steamy hot tubs can harbour Legionella bacteria and that could pose a threat to your health too.

This calls for good care!!

A balanced chemistry of water is required to maintain the integrity of your precious hot tub. How satiating it is, when your hot tub/spa/basin is clean, clear, steamy, and invites you like anything….

Hence, for maintaining it well and keeping it away from nasty things you need to check the chemical requirements often. Along with this ensure the normal range of these things too:

  • Level Of pH

  • Sanitizer

  • Alkalinity

  • Calcium Hardness

We have done a perfect list of products on the basis of chemical types such as the cleaners, shocks, clarifiers, balancers, and sanitizers. (Check the relevant products accordingly).

Choose wisely and carefully as a wrong choice could turn out to be dangerous. Keep your hot tub ever-ready by using the best hot tub chemicals.

Best Hot Tub Chemicals : A Quick Comparison

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Top 9 Hot Tub Chemicals

Best Sanitizer:

This is a chemical that works well to disinfect your hot tub/spa by killing bacteria and microorganisms. Chlorine and bromine are two well-known sanitizers for hot tub.

The first one is less expensive but may have a strong odor while the latter is somewhat pricier providing gentle performance in the hot liquid. Ideal sanitizer level: 1-5 ppm (parts per million).

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1. SpaChoice 472-3-5081 Chlorine Granules - Hot Tubs

The SpaChoice sanitizer tops our list as this special formula is made to rapidly melt the microorganisms vanish in no time. The water may contain many contaminants and this formula comprises 56% chlorine, acts actively and effectively for destroying germs and bacillus.

This holds algae away and doesn’t leave any unpleasant odor behind. This is safe and won’t cause any skin irritations. This does not get degenerated by the dangerous sun rays thereby lasts longer.

Usage: These 5-pounds of chlorinated grains are super easy to apply.

Note: About 0.17 ounces of this product offers 1.4 ppm chlorine in a liquid of 500-gallons. A suitable test kit is recommended to adjust the liquid to 7.2-7.8 pH values. All these conditions should be maintained and manual directions should be followed properly.


  • Kills bacteria rapidly.

  • Suitable for eliminating algae.

  • Fast dissolving time.

  • UV-resistant.


  • Minor issue, the container is a bit tough to open.

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2. Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlue

The Clorox XtraBlue is both a shock and a sanitizer that acts wonderfully against algae and bacteria. You can get long-term cleansing with these 6-pounds of chlorine granules and will be left with clear and fresh liquid to soak in.

Be it your home Jacuzzis, hot tubs, swim pools, this works for all without losing any of its properties under the sun rays. The chlorine odor is diminished and you can experience and enjoy crystal-clear water.

Usage: This is absolutely effortless to use and weekly shock can be done by utilizing 1-pound of chlorine per 10,000-gallons of liquid. This melts swiftly, and can be added to the skimmer directly for maintaining hygienic liquid. This way there will be no debris, other pollutants, or algae. Compatible with both chlorine and salt pools too.


  • Can be applied easily.

  • A cost-effective option.

  • Fast dissolving formula.

  • Hot tubs are left sparkling clean.

  • Ideal for sweat lodges and swim pools alike.


  • According to some users this takes time to dissolve.

Efficient Cleaners:

Proper cleaning for each element is what these cleaners aim at. There are specific cleaners for everything such as covers, pipes, filters, and shells.

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3. Leisure Time A Bright and Clear Cleanser

A product absolutely worth your money spent. This is a superior-quality cleaner which is specially formulated for treating hot-liquid basins. This remains an ideal option whenever the liquid remains cloudy or muddy.

The slightest of the crumbs that cannot be generally eliminated are removed by this bright and clear cleanser and this makes it a reliable option to buy and use. The liquid’s clarity is improved as all the harmful elements, pollutants, and grease are removed.

The wonderful cleaner helps aps filters to perform at peak efficiency preventing scale formation. This aims to eradicate intruders and neutralizes them, even can be used with other types of antiseptic agents.

Usage: This contains 8 fl. oz. hot tub cleaning chemicals and compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and Biguanid sanitizers. This is easy to use and utilizes polymer action for removing suspended particles.

The cleaner is designed for hot water applications, improves water clarity, and should be used weekly for continued protection from scale.


  • Created for hot water.

  • Fast action power.

  • Compatible with various sanitizers.

  • Prevents scale formation.

  • Performs efficiently & quickly.


  • May foam-up much if more quantity used.

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4. Oh Yuk Healthy Hot Tub Cleaner

An effectual product that will keep you relaxed and confident as your hot tub or Jacuzzi will remain neat, healthy, and sterile. The lifespan of the pool/spa is also increased as this takes away any sort of impurities and unpleasant odors.

An extraordinary cleaner that promisingly fights against debris, skim, and scums. This diminishes mineral scaling, provides crystal-clear aqua, advanced filtering, and numerous other benefits with lesser froth. Just say goodbye to bacteria, in fact, you will forget it after using Oh Yuk.

Usage: It is recommended that you should put 8 fl. Oz. of cleaner in the liquid. Just a wait of few minutes and this will get dispersed. Later on, exhaust the basin and clean debris-up.


  • Drastically improves water quality and clarity.

  • Removes contaminants and improves filtration.

  • Easy to apply.

  • Fast action formula.

  • Works well for cleaning the piping system.

  • Extends equipment life.

  • Minimizes Chemical use, foaming, and removes nasty residues.


  • A small amount.

Ideal Shocks:

This is an oxidizing treatment that works great to kill all the contaminants in filters, water, & pipes. As these pollutants make the filters and sanitizes less-effective and may cause nasty smells in water.

Whether non-chlorine oxygen or chlorine based oxygen, shocks can be based on both. If your tubs are put to frequent use then shocking is advised weekly, just assure that pH levels are kept balanced.

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5. Oxy-Spa Non-chlorine Hot Tub

This is a mono persulfate oxidizing shock, being the highest active oxygen. The Oxy-spa acts instantly, eliminates lubricates, bacteria deposits, and any other harmful elements.

Keeps the water healthy, and removes foreign components that could be dangerous. Leaves everything neat and clean, allows you to use the basin immediately after the purifying procedure is over.

This does not let any pernicious effects on your body and overall heath. All sorts of cosmetic remains and perspiration will be taken off too. The microorganisms tend to disappear completely and you can rely on this alternative.

Usage: When you buy this you get (2) 1-1/2 lb. bottles (3 lbs. total) and this is easy to use. Use at the rate of 1 1/2 – 2 oz. per 500-gallons of water upon start-up.


  • Easy application.

  • Available in a convenient size option.

  • Features the highest active oxygen.

  • Allows immediate spa usage.

  • Breaks down contaminants rapidly.


  • Just 2/3 rd of the actual packaging, though little is enough and quite effective.

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6. SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock

This is another great product that is a perfect option for eliminating harmful pollutants and impurities. This leaves your hot tub/Jacuzzi disinfected and fresh. This can also be used with varied formulas that could be based on other substances.

Without damaging the integrity this makes the liquid sparkle and removes odors from the water. This shows compatibility with bromine, chlorine, ozone, and ionization systems.

This is pH buffered to prevent changes to the delicate pH balance of your spa or hot tub. You can use it anytime and that too without any side effects.

Usage: All the dangerous pollutants are minimized considerably by this powerful formula. This is based on- 60% sodium and extremely easy to apply. You just need to spread it and wait for it to act.


  • This is pH buffered.

  • A cost-effective option.

  • Compatible with most spa systems.

  • Suitable for multi-purpose use.

  • Chlorinating Spa or Hot Tub Shock.


  • Smell is a bit bitter.

Best Clarifiers:

If the liquid foams and becomes muddy or cloudy because of the pollutants then these clarifiers are applied. The cloudy look may be due to body oils or cosmetics.

Extra small particles turn into clots due to polymers or clarifiers and this allows the filtration to be easy. Grease or oils will be visible on the surface and the elimination will be easier.

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7. AquaAce Spa Hot Tub Water Clarifier

The Aqua Ace water clarifier is a fast acting formula that rapidly clears hazy and cloudy water that will make you enjoy spa or hot tub. This uses polymeric flocculent that helps your filter to remove small particles thereby resulting in clean and clear water.

Shows compatibility with sanitizers like chlorine, bromine, ozone, and biguanide. This product is proudly manufactured in the US. As the small-sized particles are combined into large-sized ones and it becomes much easier to keep your spa clean and clear.

Usage: This clarifier is quite easy-to-use and the 32 fl. Oz. works faster than ever. If the hot tub water is looking cloudy or hazy then this is an ideal solution.


  • Designed to keep your spa water sparkling clear.

  • Fast acting formula.

  • Helps filter to remove small particles.

  • Made in the United States.

  • Compatible with many sanitizers.


  • Works great as advertised, no downsides as such.

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8. Hot Tub Things Spa Clarifier -32 Ounces

The Hot Tub Things (30 years of experience) is a tested and trusted brand of the United States which is committed to high-quality and low prices. They offer phenomenal service to their clients too.

A dose of this spa clarifier will quickly eliminate cloudy water, safely tested to assure quality, and provides guaranteed performance. One good thing we really appreciate about this, it is made with the purest chemicals available and will cause no harm to you.

Usage: After you fill your hot tub or spa then the Spa Clarifier can be added directly to it. The pump should be on high-speed at a rate of 4 oz. per 500-gallons of water. You can use it weekly and for further details refer to the company manual.

Note: This should never be mixed with any other chemical as dangerous reaction may occur.


  • America’s trusted brand.

  • Tested to assure superior performance.

  • Quickly eliminates cloudy water.

  • Made with purest chemicals.

  • Formulated exclusively for hot tubs, spas, pools.


  • Could be a bit foamy as per some users.

Best Balancers:

According to the above term the balancers help in controlling the water balance. This is highly recommended by experts that you should check weekly if any adjustments are needed.

You can do the check by using pH test kits or test strips. Whether you require a pH decrease or an increaser will depend on the test results.

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9. Baqua Spa 83818 pH Increaser, Spa/ Hot Tub Balancer

This balancer helps to achieve a perfect balance of chemicals in your Jacuzzi, hot tub, or spa. The product is especially designed for raising the pH levels in your hot tub. For maximum comfort and protection the pH levels should be maintained somewhere between 7. 2-7. 8 ppm.

The products of this brand guarantee convenience, comfort, and protection. The Baqua is economical too. They are compatible with all biguanide and sanitizer systems. Check the requirements weekly and follow the manufacturer manual instructions for keeping your water safe.

Usage: This includes one 16-oz container of BAQUA Spa pH Increaser. This is chlorine and bromine free, contains mineral salts for a fresh scent, sodium carbonate- 98%, constituents ineffective as adjuvants-2%. Refer for the maintenance dosage from the manual for best results.


  • Designed to increase pH and total alkalinity for spas, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs.

  • Works with all biguanide sanitizer systems.

  • Contains mineral salts for a fresh scent.

  • Safe and reliable.


  • Personal choice may differ but overall a great product.

Shopping For The Best Hot Tub Chemicals: 3 Most Important Things To Remember

best hot tub chemicals to use

1. Amount Of Usage

If you are using your hot tub on a regular basis that you will certainly require something that keeps the liquid absolutely healthy. For e.g. you may need to keep a shock handy if the hot tub is being used often.

You might also require a foam-reducer because the hair and body products usually cause extra lather.

2. Water Supply

Some areas have harder water in comparison to others and this may cause worries about the calcium build-up. So, it becomes extremely important when you check the water chemistry to keep a close watch on the calcium hardness.

You will always require pH increasers and reducers to take care of balancing the pH levels whenever needed.

3. Chemical Ingredients

Strictly check the chemical ingredients before you buy a hot tub chemical as some may not have a recommendation for hot tubs. Sticking to sodium dichlor is fine as trichlor and calcium hypochlorite (chlorine) are made for pools.

The variety of pool heaters is available, making it affordable and easy for you to buy one. They also come with air-source pumps that can do both, heating and cooling if required. A person or a pool owner who just loves to swim irrespective of any weather conditions is certainly benefited by these amazing pool heaters.

Just make your pool time awesome and exciting without worrying about the weather. After considering the various parameters the right pool type should be chosen.


This is a crucial part to keep your hot tub chemistry balanced assuring that water is safe for bathing and won’t cause any harm to your skin. Even a good hot tub chemical will always let your equipment last longer.

Go for a product that is especially designed for hot tubs/spas as they will always serve the purpose you opt them for. Hence, go for the most suitable care goods and enjoy!!

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Which chemicals are needed to keep hot tub clean?

Ans1. Chlorine and bromine are two important sanitizers which are required to keep hot tub clean. You can use these by consulting and following the product instructions from the manufacturer.

Q2. How frequently the hot tub chemicals should be used?

Ans2. You should set the filter cycle for the hot tub every day for about 3-6 hours. As per the label instructions you can add a clarifier, cleanser, or a scum digester every week. Ensure to add one chemical to your hot tub/spa at a time and avoid mixing them. Readjustments can be done weekly as per requirement.

Q3. Can hot tub chemicals be harmful?

Ans3. Hot tubs can give shelter to dangerous bacteria and that may cause skin infections along with other problems. The hot tubs needs to be properly disinfected and chemicals like chlorine or bromine should be added after following the label instructions thoroughly as wrong amounts can end-up in nose, skin, and respiratory irritations.

Q4. Can I make use of bleach to purify my hot tub?

Ans4. This answer comes with a straight “No”, as using bleach may cause damage to your hot tub or basin.

Q5. Are hot tubs a hub of bacteria?

Ans5. If your hot tub is not disinfected properly then there are chances that it may get contaminated with Legionella bacteria. This could turn out to be quite harmful and may give rise to a type of pneumonia, Legionnaires’ disease. Hot water tends to invite bacteria faster, so ensure to keep it tidy and healthy.