Get Down To The Best And Most Exciting Deals On The Hot Tubs!

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Are you looking for a hot tub just to have a perfect relaxing spot in your house? But don’t know which time is the best time to buy a hot tub?

To be honest, the best time to buy a hot tub can be very subjective depending on some of the factors like the latest innovations, big budget-saving and many more.

But this article will unfold a trade secret that will help you to know the key points of when to purchase a hot tub during the times of the year where you can have the best purchase in the limited money spent.

When To Find The Best Hot Tub Deal?

Before purchasing the hot tub, first, you need to decide your priorities. Rank the following conditions according to your priorities to get the best offer.

  • Best money-saving time

  • Latest styles and design

  • The damaged or the second –and or the pre-owned hot tubs

  • Custom Hot Tub

Best Money-Saving Time:

The best money bargains can be made in the winter season. Of course, money is one of the major factors that are needed to be kept in my mind. Saved money can be used to buy some other luxuries of life.

Buying the pre-owned or the second-hand hot tubs or even the brand new hot tubs could be given on the large discounts offering one of the greatest savings. The time usually begins during the fall to the winter.

best time of year to buy a hot tub

Basically, from September, the shopkeepers or the retailers’ start offering great discounts because chances are that the owners of the tubs are looking for the updated versions of the hot tubs. Hence, I want to sell the previous one.

The other reason for getting the hot tub at a cheaper price is that the real season of the hot tubs has ended as the breaks are over and all are back to their work. In September, store owners are motivated to clean up with the stock as it is often being financed and they will soon start paying interest on what has not been sold.

In order to prevent them from not paying up the interest, most of the manufacturers who want to clear up their stocks introduce the end of the season sale so that they can, later on, introduce the new models. Hence, the greatest savings can be achieved in the winters. Manufacturers offer great deals on hot tubs like package deals, rebates etc.

So, before the winter, be ready with the brand as well as the model you are looking to purchase further and keep yourself regularly updated on that.

hot tub sales

The Latest Hot Tubs:

If you are looking to make a brand new purchase in the newly realized models with high-quality features then surely springtime is the best.

In spring, you will get the most updated, advanced, and newly released models. The clearance sales usually happen at the end of the year, so by the beginning of spring, all the manufacturers come up with their latest models.

One of the cons you might face is that buying a highly brand new model doesn’t have any reviews.

The real customer reviews may provide you with an insight into the pros and cons of the model.

As so, the real pros and cons of the newly updated model can be seen only in the future. And if you are looking for the under budget option, then this is the worst time for you to buy. As the new hot tub models are launched the prices definitely are raised higher if they are compared to the previous old models.

The Damaged Or The Second and Or The Pre-owned Hot Tubs

Depending upon the damage on the product, one can get the fair discount. Sometimes tubs are discarded because of some minor scratches which aren’t even visible to the normal eye. So, these types of deals could one of the greatest saving options.

One major drawback of these deals could be that hidden defeats are hard to know. Not all the stores offer such offers, but make sure you buy such a product from a trusted retailer who may offer you a great deal.

best place to buy a hot tub

hot tub clearance

Custom Hot Tub

If you are looking to get some unique and exciting experience according to your comfort and would like to have some additional features custom your hot tub would be really thrilling and a nice option.

You can custom your hot tub according to taste and style like in which colour you want, design of the tub, add extra features etc and give it a sense of your own creation. 

The option could be a bit pocket exhausting but the best possible time to get it down is in the summer. The time taken to build your own personalised hot tub could vary from 4 to 6 weeks.

The option is well and most suitable if you are planning to add a hot tub in your yard. As, in the open area of the house, you can add the fancy electrical lights and some decorative around. Extreme weather conditions could a factor which can be hazardous to your custom hot tub.


A hot tub requires a lot of investment but it is a great purchase. Just consider the right time to buy one of the luxuries of life and enjoy it for the upcoming years. Prioritise your requirements and choose the best hot tub for yourself.

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