Endless Pool Cost

How Much Does An Endless Pool Cost?

If we talk in general, the cost of an endless pool varies from a few thousand dollars to a hundred thousand dollars. On average, the cheapest model starts from around $6,000. Still, it doesn’t include any other necessary costs like shipping, installation, and others Plus, with numerous add-ons and hidden charges, the prices rise to 60% of the total bill.

Even if you are going for an endless second-hand pool too, you might end up spending around 35 to 45 thousand dollars, including all the charges one is obliged to pay.
But is there any cost you can avoid and get the same pool at a lower price? The answer to this is yes, and to get to know the extra charges you can avoid, consider reading this article till the end.

The Most Important Endless Pool Cost: MAINTENANCE COSTS

Suppose you are purchasing a brand new pool or even a second-hand pool. In that case, some certified technicians are required to help you with the correct and proper installation, ensuring no damages to be encountered later on.

If you hire a contractor technician separately for the proper installation on an hourly basis, then an average cost is difficult to decide. In some cases, it is less, and in some cases, it is relatively high, depending upon the rate in your locality. Whereas, if you choose a designated technician, it might cost somewhere between 28 to 50 thousand dollars.

Although the installation process is reasonably straightforward compared to traditional pools, especially with fiberglass pools, they are far easier to maintain specifically for the long run.

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What Happens Now? Running, Maintenance & Repair Costs for Endless Pools

Now that you’ve bought and installed your dream pool, it’s time to take a look at the long-term costs, that includes operation, maintenance, and repair service charge. An infinity pool’s average essential maintenance cost is between $ 2,500 and $ 5,000, while renovation costs vary by residential area.

Operational Cost for Endless Pools

In general, infinity pools with regular use can cost as little as $ 1 a day or $ 23 a month for energy. Heating and water costs vary by model.
However, many infinity pool owners have made it clear that the heating and energy savings of an infinity pool are significant compared to the cost of a regular pool.
Plus, you can run an endless pool all winter long with no hassle.

How Much Does Endless Pool Maintenance Cost

The general cost of ongoing pool maintenance ranges from $ 200 to $ 800. You can also do most of the essential pool maintenance yourself. On the other hand, mechanical and accessory maintenance could be more expensive and require a certified professional. Pricing is based on the hourly rate in your area.

Endless Pool Repair Cost

If the renovation does not include mechanical repairs, meaning repairs are only required inside or outside the pool, the average cost is $ 223 and $ 991.
However, if one accessory breaks, or if the current mechanism needs repair, the price can quickly rise to thousands of dollars. You will get the exact number by calling the service department of your manufacturer.

The Secret to Cost Control

Keeping some of the tips and tricks in mind, you can save some thousand dollars.
Note: not all things work for all the customers; you can choose the tips and tricks based upon your preference and likings.
Try to look for the simplified, easy, and incorporated methods that can help you to provide a luxurious feeling with a pocket-friendly budget.

The following hacks will help you save some of the installations costs:

    • Use an existing site: Pool components fit easily through a standardized door and stairs. If you have free space to use as a pool area, why not use it? No need to dig or build. Ultimately, you only need one place to install and operate the pool.
    • Go in-ground to above-ground: It is known that installation is more expensive in underground pools. On the other hand, above-ground pools require less excavation, plumbing, and electrical work. If the only reason you wanted an underground pool was for looks, there are ways to get around this. For example, you can build a deck surrounding a pool to make it appear as if it is sinking into the ground.
    • Use standard finish: The standard version is the cheapest option compared to the fancier options. Instead of spending more on the finishing touches, how about increasing your budget on a new bathing suit?
    • Long-Term Savings: One of the biggest concerns with any spa is the running cost. If you use the spa regularly, you will want to save for a long time. Most swimming pools have a service life of at least ten years. Minor price differences can quickly turn into more significant amounts. Consider how you can use heat, water, and energy more efficiently. Maybe a little more today, but the difference will be visible.
    • DIY the installation: Honestly, installing an infinity pool is not that difficult. It’s like putting together giant Lego blocks. If you have any options, installation can be done without professional help.

Creativity Beats it All: DIY an Endless Pool.

Creativity always plays an important role. If you already have a pool in your home, why not try to create your infinity pool?
Listed below are some items you will need for your project and their prices.
Cost of materials for an infinity pool with your own hands


Cost (Low)Cost (High)
Regular Pool (18-ft round by 52-inches deep)
Water pump$300$1,200
Heating System$300$5,000
Elastic Swim Cord$25$180

  • Water pump to keep the pool clean. You can choose a medium speed, two speed, variable speed submersible pump or a high-pressure submersible pump for your pool.
  • Heating system, if you plan to use the pool in winter.
  • Swim string around the ankle or waist for lasting effect without any current generating mechanism.


Compared to the natural infinity pool, the DIY pool has more restrictions. Of course, no underwater training equipment can be connected. Depending on the pool where you have built the infinite system, your moves may also be limited.

However, a DIY infinity pool is more than enough if you are not going for professional training. For example, it will be a great surprise for kids who love water sports.

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