How To Make A Pool Vacuum Using A Garden Hose?

How To Make A Pool Vacuum Using A Garden Hose

We buy a pool to make our lives livelier. Owning a pool is just like having a luxury at your doorstep, and so keeping it clean is our duty. Everyone wants to go in a neat and clean pool to get refreshed, don’t you think so?  

But buying a pool comes with great responsibility. From pool cleaning to using portable pool heaters to keep them comfortable a lot is required to be done. Though for its regular maintenance anyone can hire a professional pool-cleaner but that becomes too costly and I have myself felt it so. 

Do you know that pools can be cleaned easily using home-made cleaners? If you too want to know the procedure, then here you go… 

What Do Water Hose Pool Vacuums Do?

Water Hose Pool vacuums or automatic pool skimmers help in cleaning the pool from the bottom. When the pools are being used at home then children often mess up with the pools, apart from that debris, dust or dirt can get collected. Even the inflatable pools get dirty very easily as these kiddie pools are a place for kids to play and have loads of fun in summer. So, the cheapest alternative is the make a homemade pool vacuum, and a how to vacuum pool with a hose provides the best cleaning. A few steps are there with the help of which we can learn to make a pool vacuum using a garden hose at home easily. So, let’s start

Making A Pool Vacuum Using A Garden Hose:

The Things We Require

A Garden Hose

A hose is a flexible soft rubber tube. Every garden hose has two ends, and any device for different functions can be attached to it. They are easily available in the market.

pool vacuum garden hose
how to vacuum pool with a hose

A Vacuum Bag

It is a very essential element of a vacuum cleaner, as without the bag there are chances that the debris can flow back in the pool making it dirty again. A bag helps in creating suction and prevents the waste from going back to the pool.

A Plastic Funnel

If the intake port of the garden hose is small then it takes a longer time in covering a small surface area. So, it is advisable that a 500 ml plastic bottle should be cut at 45 degrees to be used as a funnel.

garden hose pool vacuum cleaners Plastic Funnel
Telescoping Pool Pole

Telescoping Pool Pole

Sometimes we have a lot of floating debris on the pool water, so manual cleaning becomes more important. Every pool owner can use it to clean the pool by skimming the water with this, in order to clean and capture the floating debris easily. These pools come in varying lengths, depending on your pool size. A brush can be used as an attachment to clean the walls of the pool. This pool pole certainly helps the pool owners a lot to keep it clean and tidy.

Steps to Make Garden Hose Pool Vacuum :

The First Step

Depending on the size of your pool an appropriately sized garden hose should be opted for. Some pools are big, and some are small, some inflatable and some permanent ones. Every pool will require a hose of different size, for example, an inflatable pool is not deep, so it requires a smaller garden hose. If you have a pool that is deep at one end and shallow at the other then you require a longer garden hose. So, buy a garden hose as per your pool requirements.

The Second Step

After we decide the length of the hose, it becomes very important to connect one end of the hose to a vacuum bag. As a vacuum cleaner’s essential component is a vacuum bag, so it should be connected in a proper way and in the right place. The garden hose is connected to a valve which fits the vacuum’s bypass, the placement of the vacuum bag will be determined by this. One should opt for household vacuum components for making a perfect home-made vacuum cleaner.

The Third Step

Now, the telescopic handle has to be fitted to the garden hose. The other side of the garden hose should be connected and fitted properly with the handle’s hole which fits the telescopic handle. Sometimes, we might face some problems while connecting the handle to the hose, in that one can try to tie it manually. The proper connection can be done with the help of tying a rope nicely, a knot can be made in order to ensure that dirt doesn’t go back in the pool. 

The Fourth Step 

After the proper set up of the telescopic handle, a firm hold should be maintained to make the vacuum reach to the bottom of the pool. One should ensure that the handle reaches the bottom of the pool. The proper touch on the bottom of the pool will help in providing a good surface area for the hose.

The Fifth One

We should now be alert to scan the dirtiest parts of the pool. A number of times the process should be repeated, carefully and slowly as the garden hose pipe should be able to suck the water timely and properly. Understanding it scientifically a low pressure will be exerted by the vacuum bag, as the suction will create a negative pressure within the garden hose. This way the stubborn dirt or debris which is collected at the bottom of the pool will be sucked by the garden hose, as the pool water will provide greater pressure in pushing the waste.

The Last One

Lastly, after cleaning the pool floor patiently and completely the home-made pool vacuum cleaner can be removed. A lot of calmness is required to clean the pool, as there is always a chance that the dirt might not get mixed back into the pool. In case any water circulation is attached to the pool, ensure to switch it off before vacuuming as it will prevent stirring debris in the pool water. All the things which are tied or attached should be detached properly to the garden hose or telescopic handle, like the nozzle or knot of the rope. In the end, the vacuum bag should be cleaned and emptied properly.

The Functioning Of A Garden Hose Pool Vacuum

On a personal note, I have always been a milkshake lover. Since childhood, I use to enjoy drinking milkshakes with a straw sometimes bubbling it to tease my brother. When I grew up then realized how the milk comes to my mouth while sucking from the straw, a lower pressure is created while sucking and higher atmospheric pressure is outside which leads to pushing back liquid into your mouth. Similarly, a negative pressure is generated by the vacuum bag.

A proper connection is being confirmed between a vacuum bag and an electric motor. A spinning fan helps in sucking the air. The electric motor and the garden hose should be at a reasonable distance from the pool, for proper safety. The size of the garden hose as discussed earlier should be appropriate, depending on the size of the pool. The smaller the intake valve the greater is the pressure. It should also be kept in mind, that no air bubbles should be present in the garden hose. 

Just Closing Up

Private pools are one of the best sources of entertainment and recreation for anyone. Having a pool in your backyard is a pleasant thing and a great asset. The pool cleaning and maintenance becomes easy and cheap with home-made pool vacuum cleaners. Just be relaxed, enjoy your pool time with your loved ones in a neat, clean and a refreshing pool.

Maintain your dream pool in an easy…. wheezy way.

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