How To Get Your Pool Rid Of Waterbugs

pool rid of waterbugs

It’s obvious to find bugs outdoor, but some insects create problems especially when you have a pool. To name some of them that feed on algae are water bugs and microorganism. As water bugs are non-poisonous and don’t bike generally, the pool owners can easily get them removed. The removal process is quite simple and straightforward.

Types Of Water Bugs

Commonly there are two types of water birds found in swimming pools. 1) water boatman 2) backswimmer. The first one is docile, they survive on algae and keep swimming. The second ones are just like the water boatman but are more predatory and feed on other bugs present in the pool.

Both the type(boatman, backswimmer) belong to the Hemiptera order, just like cicadas and aphids. These are not roaches despite being similar to cockroaches in appearance.

Types Of Water Bugs

Water Boatman

A true bug belonging to the Hemiptera is the water boatman. These bugs can swim, fly and have an elongated shape (oval) similar to a boat. For their water-loving environment and to be good swimmers, they are equipped with hairy oar-shaped hind legs.

The water boatman is lighter on the bottom and darker on the top like most water bugs. This is because from above the predators are less likely to see against the dark waters, the dark side of these bugs. Similarly, predators are less likely to see the lightly coloured ventral side of these bugs against the reflecting light at the topwater while coming from below in the water.

To blend with their natural habitat in swamp areas and ponds the water boatman tends to have on their dorsal side mottling. A swimming pool that produces algae is now just another source of food for such water bugs, not the intended habitat.

Water Boatman


The backswimmer is a predator unlike water boatman, the typically docile. It pierces and sucks all the bodily fluid out of its prey. In a swimming pool, they prey on the water boatman but they like tadpoles and minnows to feed on.

The back swimmer has three sets of legs, the first catches prey, the middle holds, and subdue the prey, and for swimming the rear set of legs is used. The best swimmers swim upside down.

The color scheme of bug swimmer as an upside-down swimmer is the opposite of most water bugs. The ventral side is darker in color and its dorsal side is lighter.


How Do Water Bugs Get In A Pool?

Water bugs are good at flying. They can get around and search to take up residence in water bodies. Water bugs prefer pounds and swampy areas. To these critters swimming pools become an area of interest when algae are present.

Water bugs swim in groups and tend to collect on your pool’s surface. Removing them with a net is only a temporary solution as they fly.

How To Get Your Pool Rid Of Waterbugs?

If a lot of water bugs your pool is attracting, algae and microorganisms that exist in your pool is the culprit. To make conditions less desirable for water bugs is regular and thorough cleaning, careful pH, and chemical level monitoring.

You need to remove their food source, to get rid of waterbugs. This means maintaining appropriate levels of chlorine and cleaning the pool of algae for boatmen. And for more pesky backswimmers it just considerably means removing the boatmen.

Skim The Pool With A Net

Most water bugs species and other creatures (undesirable) stay on the water surface. By skimming the pool with a net they are easy to remove. By collecting as many bugs as possible with a skimmer from the pool start the removal.

Clean With A Scrub Brush

In the first place, start removing the food source that attracted waterbugs. To remove algae scrub all surfaces including ladders and the pool liner. Be thorough in cleaning even if no algae growth is visible, there may be other microscopic organisms.

Manually Vacuum The Pool

It is time to thoroughly vacuum the pool once you have scrubbed the surface and loosed surface particles. To cover the entire pool do this by hand. Go manual for the sake of deep clean, but to maintain cleanliness an automatic vacuum can be a useful tool.

Shock The Pool

A big part of the job in a swimming pool that chlorine does is to remove microorganisms and bacteria. In the first place, the reason you have water bugs may be a low level of chlorine. Absence of chlorine is to allow algae to grow in the pool water. After a thorough cleaning shock the pool to eradicate anything left.

Check Chemical Levels

Improper chemical levels as mentioned previously are a culprit in creating favorable conditions to attract water bugs. After the work you have put into cleaning the pool deep, make necessary adjustments and check your chemistry. Check chlorine levels, alkalinity and pH to get proper reading, using a pool water test kit.

Vacuum The Pool A Second Time

Complete a thorough second vacuuming of the pool after the particles had settled timely and the pool has been shocked. Remember that microscopic bits of algae will either get stirred or settle in the water, if you get away with not doing this.

Monitor And Maintain Pool Hygiene

Unless you step up your pool maintenance the problem will reoccur. Check your pool chemistry regularly to make sure and to keep the water bugs away. Practice good cleaning habits. Eradicating their source of food is as simple as keeping water bugs out of your pool.

How To Prevent A Pool From Water Bugs

Cleanup practices and appropriate chemistry are the finest methods to deter water bugs from residing in your swimming pool. Only when there is food, these critters show up, so the best line of defense is taking steps to make less favorable conditions for microorganisms and algae to grow.

Typically algaecides are not necessary but every environment is different. To maintain a bug-free environment a viable option to keep water bugs out of your pool is adding an algaecide.

The Takeaway On Water Bugs

Water bugs are a bit of a nuisance for swimmers but they are not poisonous. They feed on microorganisms and algae in the water, and they come in search of food. Proper chemical balance and regular cleaning will remove algae and other microorganisms effectively from the pool with their food source.

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