The 5 Worst To Be Avoided Hot Tub Brands With Their Alternatives

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Most of the people while choosing the hot tub forget about some of the important (to be kept points) in their mind and end up purchasing the hot tub they regret the whole life. Buying a hot tub means buying the happiness and enjoyment of the years.

So it is really important to understand which brand isn’t the worth and their limitations. It is important to enjoy every possible feature the hot bathtub provides if you are spending so much of your money onto it.

One of the common mistakes that people do and regret later on is, focusing too much on their initial installation and buying cost that they forgetting about the upcoming or future maintenance costs.

Choosing the correct brand could be tricky but here are some of the hot tub brands to be avoided and with their best possible alternatives!

Hot Tub Brand To Be Avoided Before Regretting

1. Hot Spring Spas

While buying any product, the three main areas to be checked are good features, high quality and customer service. But sadly, the brand – Hot Spring Spas does not satisfy the customers in these three main areas.

Despite having a good reputation in the market, yet the company is in the category of the worst hot tub sellers. The company lacks customer satisfaction.

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The customers have to be waiting for 2 or months for getting a call from the customer service centre yet the solution to the problem is a bit unclear. The inability of solving customer’s problem is the major reason for the company standing in the line of the worst hot tub selling brand.

The Best Possible Alternative For The Brand Is Life Smart

The company offers the best, comfortable, trendy, and modern hot tubs for relaxing and hot showers. The brand provides highly spacious tubs having the energy-saving and rotating jets to shower like spas. The brand satisfies all the above three mention areas, providing good, unique styles of excellent construction over a sensible price.

2. Life Spas

The brand provides an average level of satisfaction to its customers in terms of both quality and features. But most of the people crib about the terrible eating problems they face while using the hot tub.

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Most of the people also complained about the bad quality of customer service and express their anger over the product too. If to summarise, the brand has no long term benefits. It is good for the short term but in the end, you won’t be happy over the purchase.

The Best Possible Alternative For The Brand Is Goplus

It is one of the finest purchases if you are looking for the under budget hot tubs. Goplus provides a comfy and outdoor suitable design making it perfect for small pool parties. The tubs are so beautiful that the 4 people at a time can enjoy their maximum outdoor spa. The panel at the side of the tub provides control over the heating of the tub.

The product is a great purchase with the high quality and service in an under or less budget option. Even the tub has a removal filter and heating benefits for the shower.

3. Jacuzzi Hot Tub

Yes! One of the most popular brands among the people is in the category of the worst hot tub sellers. Although the brand is great in terms of quality of performance and nice and modern features they provide. But still, it is one of the purchases the people regret buying in the future.

worst hot tub brands

The most common problem faces with the brand is the deterioration of the quality over the period of time like peeling issues and the bad warranty. Some Buyers also review that they have to pay for warranty support. The brand does not provide warranty over many parts of the tuba and most of the times avoid taking the replacements.

Although having a good reputation in the market, buyers aren’t very happy with the product they receive in return.

The Best Possible Alternative For The Brand Is Intex

Intex is the expert of all the other Hot tubs. Nothing could be compared to the relaxation and the comfort provided by Intex’s hot tubs. Most of the designs designed by the brand comprise of high powered shower jets which almost feels like a massaging shower.

The brand provides long term happiness to its customers with superior quality and excellent tub features. The strong and skilled construction with the large water holding capacity makes it an ideal purchase that a buyer cannot resist buying.

4. Caldera Spas

Most of the people strongly dislike this brand and are not satisfied with the features they provide.

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The common problem faced by the customers is the struggle with the jet streams. Plus, the tubs of this brand require constant maintenances and repairs. Even the brand is not at all good for providing good quality warranty benefits.

The Best Possible Alternative For The Brand Is Bestway.

Bestway provides simple and classic style hot tubs with a large capacity of 4 to 6 people who can enjoy the bath at the same time. The brand offers simple, quick and easy installation and cleaning for on-to-on usage.

5. Sundance Spas

The brand is a part of the list because of its exaggerated quality.

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Even being one of the hottest selling brands in the industry, people don’t like its look, colour and the style of the tub. Customers usually come up with problems like fading colors or the issue over the size of the tub.

The Best Possible Alternative For The Brand Is Coleman

The brand provides good air jet spray with the most comfortable and relaxing showers. The design is strong and well constructed and becomes one of the great purchases for a minimum of 4 people to enjoy at the same time. Also See: Best Coleman Hot Tub Reviews 2021 Updated


Don’t go after the name of the brand and regret it later on. Be wise even to choose it with the utmost care that will provide you years of happiness and enjoyment. Hope, this guide will help you out for making a good decision.

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