How Long Does It Take To Swim A Mile? – (Updated 2021)

It may be surprising for you to know that the current world record for the Mile swim for men’s stand at a time of just 14 minutes 30 seconds and the Mile swim world record for women’s stand at 15 minutes and 20 seconds.

These times come from the competitive swimming Mile, which is hundred and ten yards short of an actual Mile, but it is still very close. Here we will discuss what the average Mile swim time is and how you can get there.

Those who are interested in finding out why a swimming mile is only 1650 yards should check out this article.

how long does it take to swim a mile

How long does it take to swim a mile?

Before looking at some actual results and numbers let’s discuss how long it takes to swim a mile.

This generally depends on how long you have been training to swim, what you were doing in the time that you have been training, how good is your swimming technique and general conditioning, and a few other factors like age and gender.

On an average for beginners it should take 40 to 50 minutes to swim a mile, whereas intermediate swimmers can swim a mile in 30 to 35 minutes and advanced swimmers in 25 minutes or less than that.

The numbers given above are a good start. Try to swim a mile at your next training session or go for a race and see how close you can get. Most of the competitive swimmers are able to swim under 20 minutes when they put in some effort and push through the pain once their muscles begin to burn.

how many laps to swim a mile

Swimmers training at local pools and have built up good fitness and mastered freestyle swimming technique should aim for 25 minutes or just above that, whereas less experienced swimmers could swim a mile in 35 to 40 minutes or a little more.

The beginners can take upto an hour to swim a single mile as they need to take a break here and there to keep going. You have to remember to stay patient with yourself and training, you will improve as your training improves and then you become fitter.

Tip- if you want to swim a faster Mile, then improve your long distance swimming technique.

Average time it takes to swim a mile

Here we will see the average time it takes to swim a mile in different circumstances.Mile swim in a pool takes 25 to 27 minutes average Mile swim time. Mile swim in open water takes 30.02 minutes. Mile swim in the ocean takes 33 to 35 minutes. Mile swim breaststroke takes 45 to 50 minutes.

Now we have discussed roughly how long it takes you to swim a mile based on experience level and some other factors.

To calculate the average Mile swim time, the results from a swim meet found online were pulled up and with the help of some maths and data analysis it was determined an exact average time it took 425 swimmers of age group 13 to 50 and experience levels to swim a mile.

mile swim times by age

This provided room for an accurate estimation for the majority of swimmers since the time comes from a diverse background. The data suggested that on average swimmers took 30 minutes and 0.02 seconds to swim a mile. This could be a good number to aim for swimming a mile if you are having a decent summer.

From that meet the fastest times for the mile swim was 19 minutes and the slowest Times were around 50 minutes. Note that it was an open water swimming meet. Most famous are able to swim much faster in a pool, as the natural waves are reduced, direction loss, and a number of walls to push off from. Thus the average time is to be adjusted for those interested in the average time to swim a mile in a pool.

It should take on average roughly 25 to 27 minutes to swim a mile in a pool. This can be a good time to aim for and most of the decent swimmers with decent swimming technique and turns could swim that time by putting in a little bit of effort.

Tip – To swim faster long distance an easy way is to use a tech swim suit or wetsuit to increase or improve your swimming performance.

How long does it take to swim a mile in the ocean?

Ocean Mile swim is tricky since other factors can affect your times such as waves, currents pulling certain directions, differences in temperature of water, and so on.

Once again using some quick maths and original data numbers to determine a calculated time taken by an average swimmer to swim a mile in the ocean was estimated to be around 33 to 35 minutes, this number can be higher or lower depending on the ocean’s mood on that particular day.

In short the average swimmer takes about 35 minutes to complete one mile swim in the ocean. This time can be higher or lower depending on wave strength and if there are currents in the water on the day of swim.

Average time to swim a mile breaststroke

most swimmers can hold one minute 45 seconds for 100m breaststroke quite easily if they were just swimming at a moderate pace.

That translates to about an average time of just 15 minutes for a mile breaststroke swim. If you swim fast you would be able to hold around 1 minute 30 seconds to 1 minute 40 seconds for each hundred of your Mile swim. This requires tremendous efforts and a lot of fitness and experience.

Theoretically you should then be able to complete a mile breaststroke swimming in 45 minutes or less.

In short, to swim a mile breaststroke the average time should be over 50 minutes with some swimming experience and comfortable pace. If you swim fast it should take about 45 minutes or slightly less.

mile swim times by age

For some, swimming a mile can be a huge challenge, for others it is the easiest thing in the world. It depends on your swimming experience level, your general fitness and conditioning, your swim technique. At the end of the day challenge yourself to push your limits and swim the best time you can. Strive continuously to work hard in training and stay consistent, you will have an impressive Mile swim time before you know it and you can brag about.

It might be a good idea to compare yourself with other athletes of your age and gender in the particular swims. You can adjust your swim distance to get the right time for comparison. Once you get a certain amount of Technical proficiency in swimming, the physical performances are probably pretty similar.

If you put your sole focus on swimming, you would continue to improve. A 1% improvement in the bike is worth more than 4% improvement in the swim. Good swim time is that one which wins your age group. It’s informative and fun to see what good 20 to 30 years old can do.

3000 yards in miles

Swimming helps your body burn calories. So it is the best way to lose weight, to support overall fitness, to support tone muscles and to support your overall health. Swimming needs several muscle groups and cardiovascular systems, it is the best way to create an excellent workout for different individuals.

A mile of swimming is the same as 3 miles of running so better to have a mile of swimming than a mile of running. It will support your cardiovascular with 300 and 1100 percent of the difference. It is a good activity as it supports total body toning. It is the ideal activity to do cardiovascular exercise. A moderate speed swimmer will take nearly 40 minutes to swim a mile.

Swimming a mile is like swimming in 1500 metres. A human that never becomes a competitive swimmer, is able to swim a mine in just 2 minutes. It depends on other variables also. You can swim faster or slower. Many people don’t sprint a mile . For average people to swim a mile depends on how fast they are.

If you swim everyday

To swim everyday is good. If you swim for 1 hour, you can burn nearly 500 calories. A normal person swims at least three times a week for an hour. What you need to do is one mile swim. The best time is before or after work. One mile is not a long distance so you can finish it in less than an hour. For beginners they can swim two to three times per week. Competitive swimmers should perform 5 to 9 times to swim every week.

When you start swimming, your heart rate increases. Your body will move the oxygen efficiently to all your muscles. Your brain will also love swimming. Your blood and Oxygen will make you focus better, more alert and more awake. When you start swimming, it releases endorphins . So you feel good when you swim.

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