How To Fix Unlevel An Above & In Ground Pool With Water In It

An above ground pool gives your family a cheap and simple approach to chill in the mid-year heat. But if on one side the ground beneath your pool is more than 1 inch higher than on the other side, water could slide out of the pool, and the pool walls could weaken and end up inclined to fall, which may cause genuine damage. Thus, before installing the pool, you will need to make sure that the ground is level and compact. Along with this using a small pool heater is a great idea to go for in the winter months.

Note: The ground gets leveled before the pool gets raised. When that occurs and the pool is loaded with water, you can never again level the ground.If you love water sports, check out our guide to the Best Pool Basketball hoops.

Reason of unleveled pool:

There are a lot of things that can make your above ground pool turn out badly installed. Following are some of them:

  • One basic issue is having creases in the pool liner. Another is the point where the uprights of your pool are not vertical or deformed.

  • In any case, the most well-known one is the lack of DIY that makes the ground to be uneven. Your pool base can be unleveled, uneven, off level, unpleasant, rough, or even footprints. As a matter of fact, a few people sidestep the physical labor, but fundamental, the step of getting rid of the sod.

It can be difficult to level ground without digging, but your time and effort are worth it. We want to teach you how to level above ground pool already up without draining.

We can use two methods to level up an unleveled pool i.e. by draining the water and without draining the water.

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Equipment (You might need):

There are a few things you need to level your pool above ground which is mentioned above:

  1. Spirit Level

  2. Hammer

  3. Wheelbarrow

  4. Shovel

  5. Garden hose

  6. Crovel

how to level an above ground pool with water in it

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What To Put Under Above Ground Pool To Level

Before discussing the method for leveling the pool, let’s have a look at what to put under above ground pool to level.

Firstly, inspect the surface of the ground. The lower sides would need to work more. Make sure you check the corners as well as the central part of ground. Remove the unwanted rocks or grass from the ground using a shovel to make it clean.

Take some leveling sand for above ground pool and put it into the lower area of the ground to equalize the level of the ground. Wheelbarrow and shovel will help you carry the sand and smoothing the level of the above ground pool. If you are facing the problem of uneven walls of the pool, you can even take the use of bricks to place it under the feet of walls for maintaining the level of pool.

Tip: Ensure that you work tenaciously and gradually to have a dimension surface; it will influence the durability of your above ground pool.

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how unlevel can an intex pool be by 3 inches

In the event that your pool is off only a couple of inches than it ought to be, you can undoubtedly level it without bringing it down, but it isn’t an easy job. Most expert installers even don’t have a clue how to go about it – so, always remember that.

Detailed Steps of Leveling Your Pool

In the event that your pool is off only a couple of inches than it ought to be, you can undoubtedly level it without bringing it down, but it isn’t an easy job. Most expert installers even don’t have a clue how to go about it – so, always remember that.

Remember that you would need to drain at least a little bit of water as it is tougher to level a fully filled pool.

Consider the steps below to how to set up above ground pool on unlevel ground by draining the water:

  1. Drain your pool (just a little bit) – The first thing is to use a garden hose to drain your pool to a specific level; ideally halfway through. Note that leveling a full pool will be considerably harder than a half-unfilled one.

above ground pool leveling problems

Don’t know how to drain above ground pool? Here you go with the simple way:

  • Firstly, turn off the water fill valve and the pool’s filter.

  • Open the cleaning out port and put the garden hose into the port.

  • Thread the hose to your house back and attach one of its ends to the submersion pump.

  • Place the pump and hose in the innermost area of the pool.

  • The pool will start to drain.

Tip: Don’t forget to clean the hose after using it by inserting it into a clean-out port, as it gets contaminated.

2. Put on your gloves – Put on your gloves and other defensive apparatuses for a strong grip and protecting your hands from any damage.

3. Evacuate the leveling blocks – If the walls of the pool are uneven i.e. one wall is higher or lower than another, evacuate the leveling blocks properly. Remove the leveling sections from under the pool (uprights) on the most reduced side of the uneven pool.

4. Pry the wall up – Pry the pool wall from each base connector to the right dimension using your shovel. You would need to pry up the walls if they are not at the same level.

5. Reinstall the blocks – Return the blocks that you hard evacuated (thump them utilizing your hammer to enter the space).

6. Repeat the procedure – Repeat the procedure around all the low sides of your above-ground pool.

7. Pack earth – Include and pack soil under the pool where you lifted the wall after you’ve finished. You can do this by including soil (use your wheelbarrow to bring the soil) without much stretching.

8. Refill the pool – Lastly, refill your pool and pray that you stuffed the surface well.

Warning: Do not bring down the high part or side of your pool. It is a little complicated. Additionally, don’t try to level a totally off-level pool.


So these are the procedures for fixing an unlevel pool with or without draining it and you can control unlevel pool collapse. Most of the time, unleveled pools should be brought down, properly leveled and reinstalled afterward. This reliably requires additional time, money, and effort in that case.We hope you can now easily level your above ground pool and relax in a leveled pool for a great time.


Q1. What Are Above Ground Pool Levelling Problems?

Ans: Several problems could be encountered when the above-ground is not leveled correctly. For instance, an increase in the water weight inside the pool can lead to worsening of walls and liner. Plus, this is an indication of wrong installed further leading to wrinkles in the liner. If you encounter the site of a leak or skimmer, contact the plumber or an expert as quickly as possible as sometimes the pool might collapse, not only causing property damage but also personal loss of life.

Q2. How To Patch An Above Ground Pool Without Draining It?

Ans: The simplest and easiest way to patch an above-ground pool without drilling is to scrub down your pool’s interior surface. Make sure you do this process before filling the pool with water; This way, when you apply adhesive glue over any holes or tears in your liner, they won’t have anything else sticking them together – making mistakes easier to fix! Don’t forget about wearing gloves, so no one gets accidentally glued at home by accident too (fingers crossed you don’t need to use this advice!)

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