How To Heat Your Pool Fast – (Definitive Guide 2021)

No one wants to get into a pool where water is simply too cold to enjoy. Everyone wants the pool water to be always at a perfect temperature. So how to make pool water warm fast ? – heating the pool can be costly, so it’s better to harness power from the sun and use it to warm up the water, as all the sun’s energy is free.

how to heat a pool fast

How Can I Heat My Pool For Free?

Here are Some DIY Ways to Heat Up The Pool Water

1. Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater

With the easy-to-follow instructions you can build floating swimming pool heaters in less than 1 hour. This way you can heat your pool water fast. Easy to make and use and inexpensive. PVC pipe, black plastic garbage bags, pool noodles and duct tape can be changed into an effective heater that warms the pool water to a comfortable temperature.

diy pool solar heating

As they float in the pool, they collect heat from the sun.That collected heat will be transferred to the water below and raise the water temperature effectively.

2. Affordable Pool Water Heater

This idea is perfect to keep money in the pocket and heated water in the pool. Below $100, you can make this easy pool water heater using just a black hose.

3. Black Hoses in The Sun

Black hoses if positioned in the right place can do wonders of heating up the water in the pool. This harvest the energy from the sun and uses it to create the best DIY pool heaters around. Use more black hoses for large pools and less black hoses for small pools.

diy solar pool heater black hose

You can fill up your pool using a long black garden hose.The hose must be in direct sunlight, so that it can absorb as much of the sun’s heat as possible, as black absorbs more heat, this is a cheap but effective way of heating your pool.

4. Hula - Hoop Heater

This is a brilliant idea of using Hula hoops and no electricity for solar pool heating. Take a few Hula hoops, attach polythene films and leave them into the pool to catch sun rays and heat the water. They look like lily pads floating on the top of water.

5. One Hour Heater

You can create a simple pool heater with the black hose and a piece of plywood in just one hour and then you will be swimming in the warm water in no time.

6. Effective Solar Pool Heater

For less than $300 and just a couple of hours of work, you can raise the water temperature of your pool immediately. You require two solar panels 4 feet by 4 feet homemade, which is efficient enough to heat a normal sized in-ground pool.

solar heating for pools

One panel heats a small pool and three panels can heat a large pool. A couple hundred dollars is a small cost to pay to keep the pool water at the correct temperature and they are also fun to make.

7. Water Circulation Hack

By using the pool pump and regular garden hose out in the sun, a circulating system can be taken advantage of where the water passes through the warm pipe and back into the pool. This gives a constant heating effect on the loop.So, this way tells you how to heat a pool without a heater.

8. Trash Bag Heater

The black trashback can hold heat too. Fix one up to Hula Hoop and cut one side of a pool noodle to add buoyancy and here is a super cheap pool heater.

9. Solar Blanket

If the swimming pool is not in use then you can insulate it with the solar blanket and keep the heat in. They are useful overnight and on cloudy days.They are specially designed to let in more sunlight than other covers, so they can help to bring extra heat to your pool.($40 – $200).

10. Solar Pill

It is like a condensed blanket in pill form and is made out of liquid. It will cover the pool and protect it against evaporation, saving water and minimizing heat loss. Solar panels are invisible to the human eye and ultra-thin and non-toxic. One pill treats a 12000 gallon pool for up to 30 days. ($40 – $50).

11.Solar Panels

Solar panels convert sunlight into energy. It is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of heating a pool. Solar panels can also be combined with an electric heating system to add warmth to your pool. If you wonder how quickly to heat a pool, solar panels are the best option. You can combine them with an electric heating system for rapid results .

solar pool heating with panels

The cost to install this heating for pools depends on the size of your pool and number of panels you need. You also need to find out the capacity of the panel. The larger your family, the more energy will be needed to heat the pool. If you want to install solar panels, you need a large surface for them.

This surface needs to be in a sunny spot. Solar panels use Sun’s energy which is completely free but the initial cost of installing solar panels is very high.

Benefits of Solar Panels - Is Solar Pool Heating Worth It.

This prevents the panel from cooling down your pool water.You can use your automated controller for other areas of pool care and maintenance. By adding your pump for filtration system and light or vacuuming system, you can make pool maintenance easier.

The automated pool heater will sense the water temperature as well as the air outside your pool. When the temperature is high enough to warm the pool water, it opens up the valve to heat up your pool. If the weather is cold or chilly, an automated controller will close the valves.

You may use a controller to create an automatic solar pool heater . You can adjust the thermostat in the same way you do it with your water geyser. Once your pool temperature is set, your controller adjusts the water flow into the panel so that you can get the water temperature you want.

Dome Shaped Connectors

Solar dome shaped connectors work in the same way as solar mats. With the dome shape connector the piping is rolled up into a dome shaped. Heating for pools takes place within the Dome. Solar domes take less space than solar mats. 8 ×4 m pool which is 15 metre deep needs only 10 domes.

how to quickly heat a pool

Each dome heats up a large amount of water.For a small pool that is better to use solar domes. Domes are dependent on sunlight. You will use a lot of energy to put water in to improve the domes. Domes are slightly cheaper than solar mats.

Solar Ring Heaters

If you like to use solar energy to heat your pool but you are not ready to buy a solar pool blanket, you can always use solar rings. They are like a solar pool cover broken into smaller rings or circles . They are cost effective in heating the pools. They are also very easy to use. You just have to throw a couple of solar rings into your pool.

how to make pool water warm fast

The amount depends on the surface area of the water. The rings absorb heat while they float. They also connect to each other locking together to heat your pool. This is because each ring has a magnet which attracts them to another. Solar rings can create 21000 BTUs of heat per day.Cost is Dollar $50 – $250.

Heat Pool Water With The Floating Blanket

A floating blanket protects your pool from evaporation. It is made of Vinyl and has air Bubbles to help it float. It will heat the pool water by retaining heat. But it is not safe for children. As the blanket is free floating it can wrap around a person who stands on it presenting a hazard. It is not a good choice of pool heating for families with small children.

How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool?

The question is both simple and complex as there are many things to consider. The simple answer is a basic formula –

Gallons of water (GW) x weight per gallon(8.33 lbs) X degrees desired divided by the BTU output of the heater.

How Long Does It Take For A Pool To Heat Up By The Sun?

How long does it take to heat a pool without a heater?-

On an average the rise in temperature is 2 – 5 degrees Fahrenheit for each circulation of water through the solar system. It takes normally 8 to 12 hours to cycle all the water in your pool so you can expect an overall temperature rise of 5 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit after several days of sunny weather.

best way to heat a pool without a heater

What Temperature Should I Heat My Pool In The Winter?

Solar heating harnesses the sun to get a pool as warm as 80 degrees but not much higher. Heat pumps maintain constant pool temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees. Gas heater quickly warms the pool to 90° or higher.

How Long Does It Take To Heat A Pool 10 Degrees?

If your water is currently at 70 degrees Fahrenheit but you like it to be a minimum of 80 degrees Fahrenheit then 10×1.33 = 13.34 hours of heating before the pool reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


The steps above will help you to know how to heat an above ground pool. If you are thinking of heating a swimming pool for free or solar heating for above ground pool, you will find there are many different ways. Heating a swimming pool can be cost-effective. By heating the pool you will be able to increase your swimming time as well.

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