How To Keep Pool Cover From Sagging

A safety pool cover can be a great option when it comes to choosing a pool cover as it avoids the whole mess of water bags, duck pond caps wind up above the pool cover after a long winter, and most of all they are much safer than traditional swimming pool covers.

how to keep pool cover from sagging

But before talking about the sagging of pool covers, the question which strikes my mind is ….

Why To Cover The Pool?

There are many worthy benefits related to covering the pool.

‘The reasons are smart and so are the pool covers of modern times.’ 

how to prevent pool cover from sagging

Pool covers help in saving energy, water, and money. It is for sure that a pool owner will think of buying one sooner or later.

Just imagine you own a pool and you have it in your backyard and you are just planning for a party, but suddenly after sometime the wind blows faster and the pool is covered with unwanted leaves, twigs, or dirt. Oh! What a grim look comes on your face? As if some dream shatters. 

So, buying a good quality pool cover is the best option. Sometimes, we just behave unknowingly in life. We should analyze this aspect a little deeper.

Sagging Prevent Pool Cover

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How Does The Pool Cover Help?

Keeps Away Dirt, Waste, Leaves N Trash

An uncovered pool invites more and more waste matter which can just blow with air, making your pool look untidy. It becomes a matter of great concern for parents also as an unhygienic pool can lead to many infections for their kids and themselves. So, the wisest thing is to keep your pool covered for safe and clean use.

Keeps The Water Warm And Comfy

A covered pool retains its heat, keeps the water warm and comfortable for use even in a bit chilly weather. It really becomes a luxury to sit in a clean and fresh pool. Since, most of the pools take heat from the Sun, so covering overnight certainly helps in maintaining a balance.

Low Maintenance Costs

A pool with a cover saves a lot of money as the maintenance of such a pool becomes quite less.

Buying a good quality cover is a one-time investment. It cuts down the costs of heating bills, the chemical costs, etc. 

Lowers Energy Costs 

We can save a lot of energy with the help of this. Cuts short the gas, electricity or solar energy costs, helping you to save money.

The Covered Pool Is Safer

As discussed earlier, the covered pool is safer, as it can prevent anything from falling into it.

As many kinds of covers are available in the market these days, the sturdy covers made of fiberglass mesh are one of the safest. The attachment and installation of these covers should be done properly. They can hold up to 400 pounds per square feet. Though the tarps or solar covers cannot help much in this concern.

Easy To Use And Conserves Water

Saving water is also one of the beneficial things a covered pool can offer. One is totally relaxed from filling the pool again and again. It becomes a lot easier for the pool owners to take care of their pools. If we talk about the cost factor, we should go for a cover which we can afford. If one can’t afford an expensive one, then a simple cover can also help out. So just relax and keep your favorite pool covered when not in use.

By now we are well aware of the utility of a pool cover. A range of covers is available in the market these days. The mesh pool cover, automatic pool covers, child safety covers, leaf pool covers, pool fence, etc.

Below are some of the aspects where the pool cover proves to be helpful:

Minimizes Water Evaporation 

Now, I remember my childhood science teacher, evaporation turns liquid into vapor. Just imagine an uncovered pool will certainly lose a lot of water this way, then covering it, is a smart choice.

Can Cut Down Chemical Use  

Skin rashes, sneezing and eye infections are the most common of all water-related diseases. If the pool stays uncovered, more chemicals have to be added to it. Covering the pool will certainly help in reducing the pool’s chemical consumption by 40 to 60%.

Choosing The Right Cover

Multiple factors are attached to the fact of choosing the right type of covers. The cost factor, size, and shape of the pool, climatic conditions are a few factors that determine which cover to buy. 

We would like to discuss a few covers here:

Mesh Pool Covers

These covers are best suited for the places with cold temperatures. A mesh is attached by sewing on metal grids (supporting them). Sometimes the owners have small children, and it becomes risky for the safety of these children.

In case the child is left unattended, then drowning risks also prevails. Children might throw their toys or other things for fun in the pool, thereby making it messy. The dust and dirt factor also can’t be ruled out here. 

how to keep pool cover on above ground pool

The installation charges of this kind of cover range between $2500 to $4500, which makes it a cheaper alternative as compared to the automatic pool covers. It’s the best one if safety is your prime concern.

On a personal note, I feel, one should go for a good cover as it’s a long-term investment after all.

Automatic Pool Covers

how do i keep my pool cover from sagging?

These pool covers are also available and greatly help in cutting down the maintenance costs and helps in conserving the heat of the pool.

One major factor on which this pool cover depends is the shape of the pool.

In the case of elevations, cuts, tracks, etc. this pool cover is not a good choice. The automatic feature won’t function properly for this kind of cover.

The installation cost range of this kind of cover comes in between $5000 to $15000. A great pool for safety purposes and lowering the cost of maintenance. It’s a durable cover and functions very efficiently for pool heat conservation also.

Leaf Pool Covers

how to keep pool cover on in wind

The leaf pool as the name suggests is a cover that is extremely useful in saving the leaves, twigs, or other debris from falling into the pool.

This pool comes with low price and installation costs ranging from $2000 to $3500.

This kind of pool cover helps in lowering down the maintenance cost, so it feels like a good one to invest in.

Installation Of A Pool Cover Is An Art - Avoid Sagging

how to keep pool tarp from sagging

Lastly, we can say that the pool and its choice completely depend on the conditions and the pool owner. The cost of the cover, size, and shape of the pool are of primary consideration in this case.

Sagging makes the cover lose its size and shape, and the functionality or usage of the cover is hampered and the mistakes are more difficult to rectify.

The installation of a pool cover needs expertise. There are many settings to be done prior to installation, so it is always recommended to hire a professional for this task. If the installation is not proper then the cover might sag making the pool look messier.

Go for a good cover with a professional to install. Pool fencing can also be done in some cases. Avoid sagging and keep your pool spick and span. So, go ahead, buy a good cover, and prevent sagging by maintaining and keeping it in the right way.

After all, safety is first!!!! I hope you all agree with me.

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