How To Level Ground For Above Ground Pool

Need To Leveling Ground For Above Ground Pool

There is no other comparison than jumping in a pool for refreshment during hot summer days. An above ground pool must be placed on a smooth level surface. Otherwise, it could be harmful to the people using it and also for the liner of the pool. So it is a must easiest way to leveling ground for pool. In this article, we are going to discuss the points on how the leveling ground for the above ground pool.

what to put under above ground pool to level

Initial Preparation:

To install an above ground pool the ground should be chosen wisely. It cannot be under a tree because tree roots can damage the liner of the pool. how to prepare ground for above ground pool, some steps should be taken first.

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  • The ground should be measured according to the area of the leveling above ground pool to prepare that particular piece of land.
  • The chosen place should be covered with polyethylene so that the grass under it becomes dry.
  • Then after putting some water on the area, the grass should be cleaned
  • Again, putting some grass killer can help not growing grass under the pool.Here we are discused about how to level an above ground pool on grass.
  • Further using some pesticides can help to prevent insects. It is necessary because insects will damage the linear and also affect the environment of the refreshing pool site. They can also harm swimmers.
  • Moreover, after doing all these, the ground should be kept empty for a few days. Otherwise, the chemicals used in the ground for different purposes can damage the liner of the pool.
  • Consult with gas, electric, and other utility companies to make sure that there is no line in the yard. Otherwise, it would be dangerous for a house.

Finding The Unevenness:

  • First of all, the chosen ground should be observed whether it is level or not.
  • The higher parts should be lowered to make the ground level than making the lower parts higher by digging the higher parts.
  • To fill the excessive lower parts concrete can be used rather than soil. Because feet can sink into the soil.
  • After filling with concrete and leveling that parts, use some soil over it.

Finishing Off The Leveled Ground

  • Rake the soil to remove rocks, branches, and other debris. The pool liner can get damaged if sharp debris is there.
  • Then the soil should be firmed to get prepared for supporting the pool.
  • After doing so, a lawn roller can be used to level the ground.
  • Using a stake made of wood or using a rod, the chosen surface of the ground can be leveled. Through this, the surface becomes smoother.
  • After doing all these, some mason soil should be used under the surface of the ground pool.
  • The soil should be checked twice to ensure that there is no concrete present. Otherwise, it will damage the liner of the pool.
  • Using a sod cutter the sod should be removed.
  • About 1 feet area should be present outside the pool which should be cleaned.

The Outer Ground Part of the Above Ground Pool

When all the preparations are done to install a pool, the outer part of the pool should also be cleared. There should be some decorations to feel more refreshed because the environment has a great impact on our mind.


The ground for the above ground pool should be leveled through following the above processes to make sure a quality surface for the pool is ready. If the pool is not placed on level ground, one will find himself with an unnatural shallow end to his pool. An unstable pool is risky and can cause injuries to the swimmers.

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