How to Vacuum Pool with Sand Filter?

Since my childhood I was always taught by my teachers and parents, the needs and benefits of cleanliness. Similarly, whether the area on the sides of the pool or inside the pool, proper hygienic conditions should be maintained. It is as simple as that; easy to buy a thing but becomes quite challenging when one has to maintain it. In the same way to own a pool is a charm but great responsibility comes with it. If the pool is not kept clean then functionality of it can be hampered. 

Keeping Your Pool Clean Is An Important Thing!!!!!

Cleaner pools have more longevity as compared to the untidy ones. Swimming is so close to my heart since childhood, being born in a country where summers are more dominant, I was so fond of water sports. Adult or Kiddie Pools are the best source of entertainment for all and the best way to destress yourself and personally burning calories too…. ha ha. A cleaner environment is certainly something which one cherishes. 

how to vacuum a pool with a sand filter

The health aspect can never be ignored, especially when it comes for you and your loved ones.

Proper maintenance can certainly avoid clogging drains of the pool, growing algae in moist conditions and water borne diseases. 

Stay Happy And Healthy In A Clean Pool.

Who doesn’t want to be close to nature? Even most of the Americans these days want their families to enjoy outdoors in their self-owned permanent above ground swimming pools. As a matter of great concern, we as adults often see and feel these days that, children talk to electronic gadgets more. So, swimming is a great way to channelize a child’s energy in a positive way. Don’t you all agree with me? 

  • Infections And More

Any sort of bacteria which builds up in the water can contaminate water to a great extent. Eyes, ears, skin and respiratory track related infections can take place. Once I had a small wound on my knee and it got so much itchy, so be cautious is the need. Skin rashes are the most common of all which can happen to children and adults. 

Its not recommendable to take a dip in a pool which is unclean. So just get assured before stepping into the water that is absolutely clean and safe.

  • Blocking Of Drains

Wherever there are drains, blocking is the most common issue attached to it. This is of serious concern for any pool owner. It can damage a lot of things, from hygiene point of view to burning motors. 

how to vacuum pool to waste

In order to avoid all these unnecessary repairs and damage, proper maintenance steps should be followed timely.

  • Growing Algae

Small plants, usually of green colour that grow in or near water. If the water is unclean then these can deposit in the pool in the corners or near the linings. The market offers some products to eliminate this, but still it is advisable that pool owners should follow regular cleaning procedure.

Which Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner To Be Bought And How To Be Used?

One should opt for a good quality swimming pool vacuum cleaner, a durable one which can be used for a life time. Buying is one aspect and cleaning is another. With a good pool your home and backyard will own a beautiful aesthetic. Pool parties and BBQ’s are added attractions when you own a pool of your choice. It is our responsibility to keep the pool neat and clean. We often go for holidays to different places in different hotels, so it becomes the complete duty of the hotel owners to keep their pool in proper functioning and operating conditions. 

Basic Cleaning Steps To Be Followed

In an inground swimming pool a standardised cleaning procedure is vacuuming it. If we just use automatic pool skimmers, they are unable to do the complete cleaning. If pool cleaner is using a skimmer, then just the things which are floating on water can be removed. Usually, the things which lay suspended in water like leaves, dirt, any kind of debris etc. 

Keeping Pool In The Best Working Order

Timely cleaning of the pool is always recommended. Any sort of waste or dust which is deep inside the pool or sticks in the corners or sides of the pools cannot be removed just by a skimmer. Some cleaners try to brush this sort of waste from sides and floor of the pool, ultimately, resulting in stirring and then collecting them with skimmers. But there is no surety with these kinds of cleaning ways. We cannot avoid the fact that for best results we need to have a vacuum cleaner of utmost good quality. A pool vacuum two-valve setting serves the best. It can be used as per cleaning requirements. Your pool should give a peak performance.

how to connect pool vacuum to skimmer

A clean pool is very pleasing to the eyes and feels great for the body.

 The Best Way to Vacuuming Pool With Sand Filter

Are you wondering how to vacuum an above ground pool with a sand filter? Then for that vacuum possesses a circulation pool pump and the vacuum force present in the skimmer lines is being used. Once the vacuum is generated by the circulation pump then pulling of water with positive pressure into the skimmer lines takes place, meanwhile under the negative pressure the water goes back to the pump. Later on, through the return lines the water is pumped back in the pool through the sand filters. When the vacuum hose is full with water, then there is a skimmer inlet in which the hose is fitted with pressing. After this, the skimmer pulls water with the help of the vacuum tool, sucking up and cleaning of dust, dirt or debris etc. takes place with a moving roller present in the vacuum head. All the vacuumed particles get transferred to the inlet of the skimmer, to the pump and finally to the sand filter.

The Multiport Settings

When vacuuming a pool filter setting can be set on different modes depending on their need and usage. The settings can be done like filter, recirculate, backwash, rinse, waste and closed. Before vacuuming it should be made sure that that the sand filter is also clean and proper backwash is performed as there might be some deposits or remains of the waste. It completely depends on the amount of deposits or dirt in the pool, filtering is sufficient in a residential pool with less of contamination. So, the choice of settings completely depends on that. After filtering of the water, it is conveyed back in the pool with return lines.

Special Cases When No Filtering Should Be Done

There are some reasons when the water should not be filtered back to the pool through the sand filter. The understated points through light upon it: –

  1. In case the pool is unused since long time
  2. A thick layer is formed in the sides or the bottom of the pool of dust, dirt or debris
  3. Chlorination of water kills algae and deposits might be there 
  4. The pool is extremely dirty due to the weather conditions, for e.g. a desert 
  5. If lot of chemicals (flocculent) are used to clean the pool 

how to vacuum above ground pool with sand filter

Filtering during this time is not advisable, it might lead to the obstruction in the filter. The water should never be routed back into the pool through the sand filter in some cases, as they might re-enter the pool making it look dirty.

Set To Waste

When it is not necessary to vacuum into the sand filter, the settings should be set to waste. After doing this the water level of the pool drops drastically as vacuumed water is not returned back to the pool, the vacuumed water goes down the drain. It should be confirmed that after this procedure is completed, the water should be added in the pool for maintaining proper levels. The pool should be filled with fresh water and the levels of pH balance and chlorine should not cross the recommended levels.