Best Intex Hot Tub Reviews 2021

The definition of relaxation is different for all when it relates to unwinding or de-stressing yourself after working for a long and tiring day.

Some of us like to sleep, or read a book, enjoy a glass of wine, go for a long walk, chat with friends, or more. But soaking in a hot tub by choice is loved or appreciated by any of us! Isn’t it true?

And the backyard space of your house becomes the most cherishable, feels like heaven with a fabulous hot tub. Selecting from one of the best brands becomes a priority then, and we have eased your task by introducing you to the standard quality and safest hot tubs by INTEX.

INTEX The Best Leaders

Let us take a view of the brand first.

A brand that promises quality and takes care of the family time you spend is worth your investment. The brand deals with producing almost everything from boats, toys, hot tubs, above ground pools, toys, spas, and more for 40 years.

They came up with their first above ground pool in the year 1997 and that was appreciated by many. They focus to keep you and family engaged and entertained with their marvelous and unique products.

Not only quality, but they are keen for giving you the maximum safety for adults and kids alike. They believe in giving and delivering much more than what a customer pays?

The best part about the company is their mission to reduce their carbon foot print while making products. This brand minimizes the use of fossil fuels and raises the quality standards, that’s a great idea!

Best Intex Hot Tub Reviews : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Intex 77in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

3-Ply Material

120 Bubble Jets


Best Overall

Intex 75 Inch Portable 6 Person Round Hot Tub

Intex PureSpa 75 Inch Portable Bubble Jet Spa 6 Person Inflatable Round Hot Tub

Most Durable

170 Bubble Jets

3-Way Test Strip

Most Affordable

Intex 6-Person Octagonal & 140 Bubble

Intex NEW 6-Person Octagonal PureSpa with 140 Bubble Jets

Stress-Free Spa

140 Bubble Jets

Simple Maintenance

Best Intex Hot Tub Reviews

1. INTEX 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

The luxury of pampering yourself lies here and the INTEX 77, is our favorite pick. You get a lot of pampering and relaxation when you use this fantastic tub along with heated water and soothing bubbles.

A thumbs up for this product, as this is really relaxing and affordable too. If your home has limited space, then also this will fit comfortably.


  • The seating capacity is for four people.

  • This can hold water -210 gallons

  • Max water temperature -104°F

  • Inflated outer diameter- 77″, inflated inner diameter: 57″, inflated Height: 28″

  • Model#: 28403E with 120 Bubble jet

  • Features a built-in hard water system with an insulated ground cloth and insulated cover

  • Handles can be used for transportation and easy to store in the carry bag

  • Comes with digital control-panel

  • Heater power:-1,300 Watts, Heating time: 2°-3°F/hr, Flow rate: 460 gal/hour

  • Bubble air blower power: 1.1 hp

  • Floating chlorine dispenser included and the item weighs: 87.2 pounds.

2. INTEX Pure Spa 75 Inch Portable Bubble Jet Spa - 6 Persons

This is another great bubble jet spa and is similar in features but more spacious that the former. Though it is mentioned that the spa is for 6 persons, but you may feel a few legs touching when sitting close in the spa.

But to be true, you won’t get such large tubs like this in this category for sure. Undoubtedly. This product is a minster indeed and can hold a capacity of 290 gallons of water and a weight of 2400 lbs when full.


  • Seating Capacity is of 6 People, Water Capacity – 290 Gallons.

  • Water Temperature Range – 68-104°F.

  • Approximate Inflated Size – Inner/Outer Diameter: 65″/85″ Height: 28″.

  • Model Number: 28407E.

  • A built-in hard water system.

  • Insulated ground cloth and insulated inflatable cover.

  • Grab handles for transporting.

  • This comes with a carry bag for easy storage.

  • Digital control panel keeps everything sorted.

  • 140 Bubble Jets as compare to the INTEX 77 which features 120.

3. INTEX PureSpa Octagon

This is an octagonal pure spa, and is powered by four water jets for a relaxing massage. Most of the others in this category come with only air blower with air jets, but the octagon has both the systems. This has features which are good if you are looking for


  • Seating Capacity- 4 People.

  • Water Capacity – 210 Gallons.

  • Water Temperature Range – 68-104°F.

  • Approximate inflated size -79″x 79″ Height -28″with 120 Bubble Jets.

  • 4 High Powered Massage Jets with a built-in Hard Water System.

  • Salt Water Sanitation System.

  • Features Insulated Ground Cloth and an Insulated Inflatable Cover.

  • Grab Handles for Transporting and a carry bag for storage.

  • Comes with Digital Control Panel for easy monitoring.

Pros and Cons Of Intex Hot Tubs


  • It is certainly a good deal if you invest in this portable inflatable hot tub. It is a perfect place to bond with your family and large enough to accommodate six people.

  • The anti-puncture intex-fiber makes it extremely durable and this is something we look for prior to buying a heavy-duty use tub. The durable beam construction gives adequate flexibility which can accommodate people on the 3-ply walls also.

  • An amazing tub which self-inflates itself in less than 3 minutes and well-cushioned floor adds more luxury. For emptying the tub, the convenient drain system does the job easily.

  • With the help of touch of the button you can easily control the heating, massage jets, and filtration system.

  • The massaging bubble jets (140 high powered) make you have the feel of a refreshing massage.

  • A ground cloth for insulation, and the cover together help in maintaining its warmth.

  • The filter cartridges ensure a clean and clear tub.

  • The hard water treatment system as mentioned above keeps it soft on your skin and clothes. Prevents pool material damage too.

  • The pool can heat up to 104 degrees and you can set the temperatures according to your choice.

  • The set-up and installation are quick and easy and a maintenance guide helps you in the best way.

  • Floating dispenser keeps the bacteria and algae away.

  • One-year warranty with assurance of quality.


  • A loud bubble system.

  • When bubbles come the heater is turned off automatically.

  • The whole day is required to heat the spa for maximum temperature.

Why Choose Intex Hot Tubs

Get A Stress-Free Experience.

When you soak yourself in the best hot tub, you will feel and get a personalized heating experience every time. This features a clever heating system that has the quality and ability to adjust with your personal temperature preference.

As compared to the other spa sets that get heated too much or too less, this is a tub that will eliminate the need to go for countless temperature setting adjustments. On a personal note, the spa should de-stress you and not make additions to it.

Other than the heat adjustment quality, this owns an insulated cover that takes care of minimizing heat loss. An ideal temperature is provided by this tub and the cover helps to lock the heat and keep it safe.

The outside temperature limit should be a minimum of 50 degrees and as the water temperature reaches 104 degrees F in the tub, and can be increased or decreased to a max of 104°.

Creates Suspended Crystals

The suspended crystals are created with the advanced technology of the intex-spa system, which generates an electromagnetic field that unnerves any kind of calcium or minerals present in the water. Cartridge of the filter holds these suspended crystals for keeping the water soft.

Digital Control Panel

This includes a digital control-panel which activates high powered bubble jets (120). The awesome feeling, relaxing and refreshing massage is what these bubbles provide. You can also control the and adjust the temperature with this digital control panel. The high-quality plastic keeps it durable and safe.

The clear and colored numbers are featured by the panel that provide you an easy access to change and adjust settings as you like.

User-friendly interface keeps you sorted and you can handle it without any hassles.

Hard Water Treatment System

The hard water treatment system keeps the water soft and safe for skin and clothes too. Any damages or harm to your spa system will be prevented and the flow of water will be much smoother, and will add life to your spa which would have otherwise been damaged with hardwater.

Durable Construction

This can withstand heavy-duty use as the material used is high quality fiber tech. Along with quality it provides optimum comfort and relaxation for the amount of time you want. It doesn’t incur any holes as remains puncture-resistant with a 3-ply laminated material. You can use the hot tub outdoors without worries.

Easy To Set-Up And Maintain

This is just like a play and plug system and is fast and easy to install without the requirement of any expert. For having a view of the best instructions, you should check out the DVD that comes with the product. Everything comes included with the product itself.

A product which is easy to maintain and keep clean. it also features filter cartridges (2) which are easily replaceable. You need not call a professional to do the job.

Convenient To Store And Carry

The handles are integrated to provide you with a firm and comfortable grip. The movement is easy even when inflated. You can move it easily in your house as you like. This possesses a carry bag for packing and transporting the spa system conveniently when you travel.


All the essentials come with the hot tub spa which are required. The heater pump, chlorine dispenser, and the cover make everything simpler and easy. The heater pump keeps it warm, and the pool cover is inflatable too. The cover is designed with belts which are durable and features matching buckles which keep it safe and secure. As the diameter of the cover is a little bigger, so you can twist and take it off and on when needed.

The floating chlorine dispenser is used to kill germs, algae, etc. This can be drifted after suspending the right amount of chlorine in the water. Chlorine tablets can be purchased later after you finish the supply which comes with the pack itself.

The Crux

These bubble massage spa sets are brilliant systems that reduce stress and keep you rejuvenated and refreshed. All the accessories which are included with the sets make everything hassle-free and convenient for all who use these wonderful tubs of INTEX. You can feel rejuvenated and de-stressed with these luxury hot tubs whenever and wherever you want.