Is It Ok To Swim Everyday

Swimming is one of the popular physical activities people do. It reminds us of summer days. It is a perfect sport that everyone can be part of, at any time of the year. It has no age or time barriers and is affordable too.

is it ok to swim everyday

The Real Power Of This Sport -

It Keeps You Safe – The most obvious reason why everyone should know swimming is to keep yourself safe. You never know when you may be near water or in it. Life has many unexpected things and you should know the basics to remain alive.

Surviving in the water is an ability that most people do not have which leaves 10 people to unintentionally drown themselves every day. Two or three of them are children. So you need not waste your time and start the swimming lessons as soon as you can, for your safety also for the reasons mentioned below which are totally worth the effort.

Burns Calories To Keep You In Shape -

Swimming is the most effective activity to burn every unwanted calorie in your body. About 1 hour of swimming can burn more than 500 calories. That is enough to keep your body fit and lean.

If you try to burn some more energy, experts recommend to try yourself a little more by increasing your swimming speed until the breathing becomes more difficult in this way , your heart rate gets higher and more energy will be spent. For successful results, a normal person should swim at least three times a week for nearly an hour.

swimming everyday

what happens if you swim everyday

Strengthens Your Heart

it is obvious enough that swimming is the best way a person can strengthen and boost their cardiovascular system. Swimming acts like an aerobic exercise and helps you push yourself harder by keeping your breath rhythmical and strong.

Swimming needs your body to use many muscles in order to be executed and it builds endurance also. So give your heart boost and start increasing and defining its work to keep your cardiovascular-related problems in control.

Makes You More Flexible

While exercise machines in a gym tend to isolate each body part , swimming puts your body through a number of motions which helps joints as well as ligaments to stay loose and flexible. You move your arms in wide arcs, your hips are involved because your legs scissor through water and head and spine twist from one side to another.

With each stroke as you reach forward your body is lengthened. In this way swimming helps your body stretch from head to toe. To promote flexibility of the body beyond its natural ability you should complete your workout in the pool with a series of gentle stretches.

swim every day

The water assistance will help you maintain positions related to tricky balance like quadriceps stretch for a long period. Swimming has the ability to work on your muscles persistently, in that way their flexibility increases.

When swimming in a heated pool, specially this ability for muscles to relax and stretch will be drastically higher. Swimming also helps to release toxins from your body and prevents sore muscles the next day.

is it bad to swim everyday

Brings Pleasure And Social Outlet -

Swimming helps your body release happy hormones (endorphins, dopamine,serotonin) and makes you feel more focussed and relaxed. It’s important to know the spending of some minutes swimming in the pool, sea or ocean, now and then. Psychologists say that standing near the water, especially by the sea, makes a person’s anxiety and stress levels decrease.

Imagine the effect that being inside the water has on your physical and mental health. Water has always been the correct way to be around other people and socialize. Jet skiing, surfing, among others, increase a person’s self-esteem and give him the feeling of being more attracted socially.

Works As A Chronic Disease Therapy -

Every water based exercise gives a major help in relieving pains and side effects of chronic diseases. For people suffering from asthma, this activity proves to be extremely beneficial by strengthening the lungs and the breathing control.

Swimming is a perfect exercise for people suffering from Arthritis as well. It not only prevents critical symptoms but also with the hydrotherapy, effective joints become more functional and work better than before.

before and after swimming

Those people with arthritis should combine water based exercises that strengthen and stretch muscles. People with rheumatoid arthritis get more benefits to their own health after joining the hydrotherapy.

benefits of swimming everyday

To Do More With Less Pressure -

Swimming offers something that no other aerobic exercise does. Their ability to work the body without harsh effect to the skeletal system. When your body is in water, it automatically turns lighter. When immersed to the waist, the body bears only 50% of its normal weight.

If immersed to the chest the number will be from 25 to 35% and with water to your neck, the body has to bear 10% of your weight. 90% left is dealt by the pool. This means when swimming you can handle sore joints and stiff muscles, particularly if you are suffering from overweight or arthritis.

Improves Muscle Strength And Tone -

Swimming increases the muscular strength and muscles tone in a great manner as compared with other aerobic exercises. For example when running a jogger takes some laps around the track, the jogger is just moving his body through air.

Similarly a swimmer is propelling himself through water which is 12 times denser than air. So this means that each stroke of the swimmer becomes a resistance exercise and resistance exercises are a great way to gain muscle strength and tone. Swimming improves bone strength also particularly in most menopausal women.

how good is swimming for you

benefits of swimming for men

Help Kids Improve Snoring -

The workouts in pool and swimming not only help prevent asthma attacks but also help in improving overall health condition, according to a new study published in Science Daily. In this study, a group of children followed a swimming plan for 6 weeks and the results shown, that they improved their mouth breathing and snoring significantly. With the breathing techniques, asthma also helps swimmers increase their lung volume and prevent health problems related to the functioning of lungs.

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