Jacuzzi VS. Hot Tub | Giving Answer To All Your Questions

difference between spa and hot tub

A common myth held by the people is that Jacuzzi is the same as hot tubs. Soaking yourself into the hot water, surrounded by the massaging jets and wanting to have a chill life away from all your worries would be a great idea.

But if you are struggling to find out the difference between the Jacuzzi and the hot tub and are confused between too. Then, one thing to keep in mind is that Jacuzzi is only one of the brands of hot tubs which are available in the market at present.

The key difference between the Jacuzzi and the hot tub:

Hot tub: Tub containing hot water in it mainly used for relaxing as well as for entertainment.

Jacuzzi: One of the leading brands in hot tubs and other products.

For understanding the hot tubs and Jacuzzi better, just keep reading!

What Are Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs are the large or small tubs or pool containing hot water in it and providing a sense of relaxation, making you keep all your worries aside. Many times hot tubs are usually associated with Jacuzzis, spas and therapy tubs, etc. but they all are different.

A hot tub is usually round in shape (but comes in many other shapes too like rectangular, hexagonal, etc) with the bench seat having nearly 4 to 8 jets around the sides of the tub. Hot tubs are made for self-enjoyment in a peaceful environment as they are free from noisy types of equipment like turbulent bubbles bouncing off the seat.

Jacuzzi Vs hot tubs

Hot tubs can be personalised according to your needs and requirements in terms of size and comfort features.

Various brands provide various models and different types and styles of hot tubs from which you can choose the perfect hot tub according to your need.

Earlier hot tubs were only and only made up of wood but now a variety of materials are used in the manufacturing of the product providing with a variety of features like:

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • LED lighting

  • Mp3 audio system

  • Flat-screen TVs.

  • Massaging jets

  • Sleek acrylic shells

  • Electronic controls

Types of Hot Tubs:

Unicast or Roto-Molded

These are one of the strong and durable tubs including custom seating options. They often are called plug and play options, which further allow you to plug them into a standard home outlet, making them an ideal purchase for both indoor and outdoor options.

what is a hot tub


One of the most popular types of tub presents in the market today for the fixed place settlements. They required proper professional installations. Hence, are not portable. They offer a variety of choices including custom seating.

hot tub vs spa


One of the easy plug and play models which are easy to inflate and are highly durable. They are of the budgeted options but come with limitations like heating problems.

hot tub definition

What is Jacuzzi?

The brand Jacuzzi was founded in 1915 when for the first time one of the seven Jacuzzi brothers invented an underwater pump which can provide relief to the patients who are suffering from Arthritis. The family had known for the innate history of arthritis and the hot tub was made in order to provide hydrotherapy.

what is a jacuzzi

But today the brand deals in providing hot tubs, swimsuits, spa, furniture, brassware, sanitary ware, bathroom tubs and wellness products. Jacuzzi provides latest and modern tub styles, which further inspire many other brands.

With the emerging technology, Jacuzzi brothers made many more changes if compared to the very first tub they made. Later on in the 1970s, Jacuzzi brothers added the filtration and heating system making it the world’s first hot tub.

The continued innovations and expansion of the brand made it a trademark in the brand of hot tubs.

Types of Jacuzzi:

A wide range of variety and style is provided by the brand.

Tubs are available in different sizes as tubs can hold the capacity of minimum of 2 persons till a maximum of 9 persons at a time.

The tubs are designed differently according to their needs. The two major categories for the division of the tub is the requirement for either indoor tubs or outdoor tubs.

The tubs provide various features like:

  • Lounge seating

  • Lighting

  • Customized massaging jet

  • Can be personalized too according to one’s needs.

jacuzzi definition

Common Features Provided By The Jacuzzi And The Hot Tubs:

Jacuzzi is the first and one of the most common and popular brands dealing in the hot tubs. But hot tubs are provided by many other brands too.

Some of the common features which are found in both are:

  • Ample seating

  • LED lighting

  • Waterfalls

  • Massaging jets

  • Electronic controls

  • Multiple colour choices

  • Cushioned headrests

Summarising the difference between the hot tub and the Jacuzzi:

  • Hot tubs are manufactured by many brands but Jacuzzi was the first brand who invented the concept of hot tubs.

  • Many brands in hot tubs provide high-quality features like Jacuzzi provides but in low or under-budgeted options. Whereas, Jacuzzi may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Hot tubs come with some extra features like flat-screen TVs, in-built Mp3 systems. Whereas, Jacuzzi does not provide such features.

  • The hot tubs and the Jacuzzi both require equal maintenance. They need a constant check on the pH level, chemical levels and water alkalinity at least once in a week. But Jacuzzi comes with a detailed manual containing all the necessary instructions required for the good maintenance of the tub.

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