How To Lower Alkalinity In The Hot Tub?

lower alkalinity in the hot tub

Are you unable to enjoy your Jacuzzi ablutions in these extremely hot days? Feeling your skin to be too itchy after the bath? Finding your bath tub too belligerent for your skin? So here are the solutions to get rid of all your issues. You just need to enjoy your hot summer days with the sense of contentment and tranquillity.

Before taking a dip into a hot tub, get relaxed, it is very crucial to keep a check on the quality of water. The bad quality of water not only affects your skin but also the highly expensive Jacuzzi too. So the quality of water is highly mandatory and should be taken quite seriously.

The two important determines to check the quality of the water is pH level and alkalinity. Often these two words are exchanged with each. Before moving ahead, first, let me clarify.

pH refers to the potential of hydrogen or power of hydrogen. It is used to measure the ratio of hydrogen ions (h+) in any liquid or substance. The level of pH is measured on a scale called a pH scale.

The scale consists of numbers 1.0 to14.0 pH below the 7.0 is used to describe any medium which is “acidic” in nature, medium at pH level 7.0 is called as “neutral” in nature and pH level above 7.0 is used to describe any medium which is “basic” in nature or “Alkaline”.

Alkaline And Alkalinity Are Not The Same.

Lower alkalinity in water has undesirable effects like wreaking the surface of the tub, wearing away the metal parts, etc

High alkalinity in water results in green water and low down the ability of chlorine to keep algae in check.

high alkalinity in pool

What Are The Causes Of The Alkalinity Of Water?

The natural source of alkalinity in water is the rock particles containing less or more amount of carbonate, bicarbonate, and hydroxide compounds. Rivers after hitting to such enormous rocks makes these particles as a part of it which further leads to fall or increase in pH level of the water.

Alkalinity is usually associated with the hardness of the water as the primary way for the increased alkalinity is carbonate rocks with the chemical formula of CaCO3, in layman language called “Limestone”

So till now, you have an idea that neither too much of alkalinity in water nor too less level of alkalinity in water is good. So then the next step is how to correct them?

How To Lower Alkalinity In The Hot Tub?

Sodium Bisulphate

It is one of the simplest ways to lower the alkalinity level. Sodium bisulphate is a sodium salt (acidic salt) present in the form of dry granular or in powder form. It is important to add the correct ratio in order to treat the alkalinity.

For example, 1,000 gallons of water by 10ppm, 3.5oz of sodium bisulphate needs to be added. And with the decreasing amount of water, the quantity also goes decreasing.

lowering alkalinity

lower alkalinity in spa

Baking Soda

Take 1oz. Of baking soda in the measuring device and sprinkle it into the hot water. Let it settle down for a minimum of two hours. Later on, on the showers and you are good to go.


One of the most effective ways to correct the alkalinity of water is to add vinegar. Vinegar used in homes (Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar) is also good to go. To lower down the pH level of the water, add four measuring cups directly into the hot tub.

reduce alkalinity in pool

lower alkalinity in pool

Muriatic Acid

It is commonly used at hardware shops. The acid contains less amount of hydrogen chloride. It can be used instead of Sodium Bisulphate as it is way cheaper. The procedure for using Muriatic acid is same as sodium Bisulphate.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind:

Before using any medium either to increase or decrease the alkalinity level, you must have to keep a check on the natural pH level of the water, and then add the solution accordingly.

Use Test strips to measure the level of alkalinity or pH. Even Digital Test Kits are quite useful.

Before mixing any solution, get yourself a pair of gloves as the acid is quite perilous in nature. There are chances you can hurt yourself.

Mix the acid in the small amount first and later on, mix it in the pool. This will make sure that the solution is completely soluble in water.

how to lower alkalinity in a hot tub


So, till now we got to know that pH or alkalinity of water is more crucial not only for your body but also for the bath tubs too. Keep this important information in your mind before going to take a dip into the hot water and relax yourself.

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