The Working Of A Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Explained

What Should The Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Read?

Pool filtering is an essential task. Despite any filter one uses, the basic and common function of any filter is to keep the pool clean and free from debris. The prime job of all the filters is the same. And of all the components for filtering, the pool filter pressure gauge is one of the most important parts of a pool filter system.

Pressure Gauge – A Guiding Gadget

We can consider a pool filter pressure gauge as a guiding gadget for the pool system as a whole. At any point of time, clogging or any kind of leakage can take place while cleaning the pool, so a pressure gauge is an alarm for this. It also makes the user alert when it is time to clean filters.

A pressure gauge is placed right above the pool filter and is something that everyone should know. The overall healthy functioning and performance of a complete pool system are determined by proper pressure in the gauge also. The pressure gauge readings can help us to check and care for our pool. Along with the pool care using small pool heaters can add more excitement throughout the year.

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What Should The Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Read?

pool filter pressure gauge

Understanding It Better

Structurally, a pool sand filter pressure gauge is a small device like a dial. What should pressure be on Pool filter pressure gauge reading 0 to 60 pounds per square inch (psi) help in indicating the normal pool pump pressure. The pressure holding of the pool has to be monitored properly for a healthy pool function.

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The Normal Range

It is very important to know how to read your pool pressure gauges. By reading the pool pump pressure high gauge only, one can find out everything about the filter system. It won’t be of any value if one doesn’t know how to read it.

Now the question arises, what is the normal range? The normal range is a relative number and not a fixed one. The key point to be noted here is that we have to note down the reading for the first time of the gauge and that number could be used as a reference. This number can be noted down somewhere. If in doubt then this number can be confirmed after cleaning the filter or after changing it.

When the pool filter is in proper working condition then the noted number can be used as a check once a week. This way you will have a proper pool maintenance routine.

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what should pressure be on pool filter

Pressure On A Higher Side

pool filter pressure too high

Furthermore, it can be stated that higher pressure doesn’t let the water flow properly through the filter. As a benchmark, anything beyond 10 psi is regarded as more than normal pressure.

The causes underlying this might be different. By this, we come to know that the filter is working improperly.

Either the cleaning is required or pool filter pressure gauge replacement is recommended. Normally, cleaning of the filters brings it back to the normal range.

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Pool Filter Pressure On A Lower Side

pressure gauge for pool filter

This is also a matter of great concern. In case the water is not reaching the filter properly and the gauge reading shows 5psi or less, then attention is required to fix it. There might be an underlying problem, some blockage or any sort of leakage might prevail. The error has to be checked and rectified. There might be some fluctuating problems also. Proper checking around the pump should also be done.

Many times it happens that we are not able to resolve the problems on our own, in such cases a professional should be hired to fix the things.

Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Air Relief Valves

Along with the pressure gauge there an air relief valve also which functions simultaneously to keep a check on the pressure range. Air can build up in your pool system, due to lower levels of water in the pool, or in case the pool is closed for a longer time. There is a provision in the air relief valve which works as an outlet for air when the pump of the pool is switched on.

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pool filter pressure too high

The air relief valve helps the air to escape when the pump is switched on. As the water begins to flow through the system this valve helps in giving space to the air, as the valve is technically designed for this purpose. Till the system reaches the optimal pressure levels this valve supports its proper functioning.

Check The Gauge

After discussing all this one major aspect still remains untouched. Till now we have been talking about the filter or the pump problem areas, but maybe the pressure gauge is required to be fixed.

Think about this, as pressure gauges don’t have a life long durability. There might be cracks on the gauge or the readings might be wrong and the other parameters might be normal. Just a meager amount of $20 needs to replace a gauge.

The pool might be functioning properly but not the gauge, so please keep on checking. Sometimes it might be a gauge problem and not a pressure-related one. Ultimately, it saves your money.

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The Crux

Just a small device like a dial, and how important it is. This pool filter pressure too high gauge is one of the potent features in monitoring the overall proper working of the pool. So, keep checking, keep maintaining as this will greatly help in pool maintenance, saving costs and giving your lovely pool a fresher feel.

Keep enjoying, while swimming!!!!

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