Pool Heaters Installation & Replacement Cost – A Definitive Guide

A heater lets you enjoy your pool into the cool months and late at night. The biggest cost factor is the climate. For example, a large heater burning more fuel is required in Minneapolis, MN than in Phoenix , AZ. So you should contact a professional first, who could help you in finding out the best kind of heater that suits your budget and local climate.

To install or replace a pool heater costs an average of $ 2,755 with the range between $ 1,798 and $3,972. The labour cost alone is ranging from $500 – $1500 in the majority of cases. Solar heaters and heat pumps hit the high cost at $ 2500 to $ 8500+ with gas and electric types ranging at $1000 to $6000. The running of the heater costs an additional expense of $100 – $600 per month, depending on the type.

How Much Does A Pool Heater Cost To Install?

To install a pool heater costs from $1,000 to $8500 depending on the source of fuel. The type of heater you select greatly influences your cost, both up front and overtime.

Average Total Installation Costs Range:

  • Electric resistance heater – $1000 – $6000

  • Gas heater – $1500 – $ 6000

  • Heat pump – $ 2500 – $ 7500

  • Solar panels – $ 2500 – $ 9500

Pool Heaters Installation & Replacement Cost

Your climate determines the fuel you choose and the size of the heater. It may make sense for someone in Miami, Los Angeles for Phoenix to install a solar heating system, but it is less for Northern states like Oregon or Minnesota that gets less sun. Cold air temperatures mean you need to burn more fuel for a longer time to keep the water warm.

gas pool heater installation cost

Propane And Gas Pool Heater Installation Cost

  • Unit – $1000 – $ 4500

  • Labor – $ 500 – $ 1500

  • Total Cost – $1500 – $ 6000

Many homeowners select the gas heater. This heater uses either propane or natural gas. If you are having a natural gas line, the heater can be attached to the existing line, if not you can use a propane tank. The installation requires copper or PVC plumbing, venting and electric wiring.

It is the best choice for isolated properties or land without existing lines running. They heat water quickly than any other type of heater so it is the best choice for cold climates found in Northern and mountain states.


  • Low installation cost

  • Work quickly

  • Thermostat gives you complete control over temperature


  • Easy to forget to turn off these heaters

  • Monthly cost is expensive

Solar Pool Heater Cost to Install

  • Unit – $ 2000 – $ 7500

  • Labor – $ 500 – $ 2000

  • Total Cost – $ 2500 – $ 9500

Solar pool heating systems may cost $9000, simple floating boosters may run as less as $ 50 and work well in warm climates like Arizona, Florida and Southern California. Solar heater is the most cost effective method for heating but works only well in areas which get direct sun.

solar pool heater installation cost


  • Little to no cost to run

  • Lasts for 15 to 20 years

  • Low maintenance

  • Environmental friendly

  • Energy efficient


  • Will not work if they do not get enough sunlight

  • Not fit for Northern and mountain States

  • Heats water slowly

  • Panels are unattractive

  • Purchase and installation is expensive

pool heater pump cost to install

Pool Heater Pump Installation Cost

  • Unit – $ 2000 – $ 6500

  • Labor – $500 – $ 1000

  • Total Cost – $ 2500 – $ 7500

Heat pump extracts heat from the air, meaning it requires less energy than gas or electric heater. It will need a dedicated circuit unlike solar and gas units. Heat pumps may also add a couple weeks to either end of the pool season when temperatures are colder. They are quite efficient, despite the large circuits running them.


  • Clean Energy which releases no greenhouse gases

  • Energy efficient and economical

  • Per month cost is less to run


  • Slow than gas models

  • High upfront costs

Electric Resistance Pool Heaters Cost

  • Unit – $ 500 – $ 5000

  • Labor – $ 500 – $ 1000

  • Total cost – $1000 – $ 6000

Electric heaters work properly when the temperatures exceed 55 degrees. For cold climates you need to choose gas or shut down the pool for the season. Because it uses a large amount of electricity, it needs its own electrical circuit, like a heat pump. This type uses resistance coils for heating. They are great for warm climates and small pools in spite of taking longer to heat up the pool.

electric pool heater installation cost


  • Do not emit air pollutants

  • Less expensive to purchase and install

  • Rely less on external air temperature


  • Requires large amount of electricity

  • Operation is expensive

Pool Heater Installation and Replacement Cost Factors

There is a range of outside factors that influence the cost of your heater –

  • In ground or above ground

  • Size of the pool

  • Installing new hook ups and running lines

  • Heater BTUs required

Remove Old Heater

To remove the hold heater expect to pay $25 – $50 . Most pros include this into cost of installing a new one or they do it free with the installation of a new unit.

Pool Heaters Installation & Replacement

Size Of Pool

It varies by climate but you need nearly 50,000 BTUs for every 5000 to 10000 gallons of water. For colder climates double the number, even for those using the poles in winter. You can use a smaller heater, if you are ok with long time to heat it up or you have plans to use a cover or solar blanket.

Existing Hookups

Having existing HookUp can cost $500 – $1500 of the final price. Whether you put gas, propane or electric in, you require utility lines to run along with pipes connecting the heater to water. If you switch from one to another type then you may require new utilities.

  • Installation of gas lines – $350 – $800

  • Installation of electrical circuit – $500 – $ 2100

  • Installation of water lines – $350 – $1900

As each heater works differently, per month cost to run them varies. There are additional factors that influence monthly cost –

  • Installation of gas lines – $350 – $800

  • Installation of electrical circuit – $500 – $ 2100

  • Installation of water lines – $350 – $1900

pool heater Installation Cost

To Keep Heating Cost Down with a Pool Cover

Pool covers reduce the heating cost by 50 to 90%. If you keep it covered at night during the day, when it is not in use then it helps to keep water warm. Using these covers require no operating cost and increase the water temperature by 10°.

Few options are –

  • To install a pool cover costs $ 650 – $2200

  • A solar blanket costs $50 – $500. The cover is of air filled bubbles which retain the heat from sunlight and transfer it to water below it.

  • To build pool enclosures cost $500 – $14200. It is an excellent addition for cold climates. It makes your outdoor pool an indoor one.

Cost to DIY Install a Pool Heater vs. Hiring a Pro

When you install a pool heater yourself, you save from $ 300 – $ 1000. It is a simple process, if you have the correct hookups.

Installing new gas, electrical or water services to your patios or outdoor living area should be done by the pros. Incorrect installing the heater can lead to a broken heater and water damage. Better skip the headache and call a professional pool heater installer.