Pool Maintenance Guide For Beginners – 2021 Updated

The pool you own, the memories you build, the hours you spend in relaxation and fun in it, are worth everything if it is sparkling clean!

Untidy and foggy pools take away all the charm, are unhygienic and unhealthy too. Be it anything, such as your car, home, laptop, computer, or anything; proper maintenance is the crucial thing that is required.

Developing a strong and clear understanding of the maintenance essentials is crucial. Furthermore, the working of your pool should be clear to you, and that will help you in keeping it in the best condition.

Any potential problems can be removed from your pool, and it can be kept in the best condition. After knowing the simple procedure of pool maintenance, as a beginner or an expert, it will hail you a lot of support.

Know Your Pool

You may be puzzled and thinking that there is some separate course for knowing the pool’s anatomy, or need to go for some special training for this. But it is not that complicated; you just have to know the pool basics for the smooth running and functioning of your pool. You will be able to resolve any issues in a better manner if they occur due to any of the reasons.

Basic Parts of a Swimming Pool

The pools of modern times are fancy and can have advanced and additional lighting, heating systems. They may also feature high-tech pool covers, and music can also be enjoyed with underwater pool speakers. Like all the other interior home developments, even the pools are getting more exquisite and stylish.

What a luxury at your door step? But the basic parts of any pool are similar, be it the inground or above ground pool like the Elvis. Routine care is required by the four prime components of the pool for enjoying some cool and good moments.

The pool and its main parts comprise of:

  • The water in the pool.

  • Interior wall or liner of the pool.

  • The filter system.

  • System of skimmers and returns in the pool.

The water in the pool

Be it anyone from a layman to an expert, pool enjoyment is directly related to the water in the pool. An empty pool is of no use unless and until someone is pursuing skateboarding. This is no-brainer as the water you step in and soak yourself needs to be clean, clear, protected, safe, balanced and, free from any sort of pollutants or contaminants.

It is the same for all, be it you, your family or anyone stepping into the pool that it should be perfectly clean. As there are lot of issues related with an unclean pool, especially as it concerns the health of any individual.

You may need to undergo costly hardware repairs, because of corrosion build-up with time in an untidy pool. The rule of the thumb is, a tidy and well-kept pool will serve you long and prevent diseases and any extra-costs which may occur.

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The pool interior

The part of any pool which remains in constant touch with the water most of the time are the pool walls. There pool liner walls may invite mold, algae, debris, if left ignored or unnoticed. These surfaces should also be kept in the best way with good repair for preventing any sort of damages.

The pool filter system

The function of a pool filter is to keep it in the best working order, and this is much similar to what the liver does when you cheat on your diet with junk and oily stuff and the heart does for keeping the blood circulation in good condition. The pool filter keeps the water clean by circulating and protecting it from any harm or contaminants.

You can just check a pool without a proper filter, it will soon turn messier, cloudy, and polluted. Afterall, we don’t want to be a part of this mess for swimming and otherwise. It entirely depends on your pool setup that it is equipped with a sand filter, cartridge filter, diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter, or a salt water chlorinator, in case you have a salt water system.

Pool Skimmers and Returns

The pools are different from each other and so are their related challenges. A good knowledge and a firm grasp of the pool components will help you deal better and make you more confident while you deal all the issues.

Like the filter, the skimmers also play a potent role in keeping the pool clean and tidy. A skimmer can be known as a cleaning tool which is attached to the telescoping pole for cleaning purposes (not a net skimmer). The water is pulled into the filter for cleaning, and the clean water is pushed back and returned to your pool. Like in our body (veins and arteries) also these work at their best if clean and without obstructions.

Proper Pool Maintenance – The Three C's

If you are keen to have an effective and good pool care then three important concepts are here: The pool circulation, chemistry, and cleaning.


Stagnancy of any sort leads to something unpleasant and disgusting. This is similar to that of the pool water too, if it is unmoved and not circulated properly it will certainly turn cloudy and unhealthy. For keeping the pool water clean, clear, and safe the water needs to be circulated properly. Stagnant and still pool water comes with a big no.

For having maximum water circulation on a routine basis, you need to keep the filter system running daily. This will prevent the pool to have cloudy water or algae infestation.

Running the pool water may lead to many kinds of costs, too and you can use it as per your budget and equipment. From a maximum of 24 hours to a minimum of 10 hours a day, the pool filter should be used. This will keep your pool in the best possible condition in routine.

One more thing which is attached with pool filtration is the backwashing of your filter. This means the water should be reversed back by transferring the built-up contaminants and debris to the waste port and then carrying the clean water again to the pool. This should be strictly a part of the regular pool care routine. Like the floaties in your drink, the water will have nothing like this, except the clean and sparkling water. Backwashing will be dependant on the filter type you use, but the concepts tend to remain same.

Note a tip: Adding a small amount of D.E. powder boosts up filtering power. This will clear the cloudy water soon and will help stain the fine particles


Well begun is half done! Proper circulation aids in making the pool maintenance task much easier. But some traditional elbow grease is required for the best outcomes. Few tools for it are here:

Not only the mother nature but all other types of dirt and dust can form a part of your pool, like the leaves, accumulation of algae, frog residues and more. The thought of this makes me feel yuck!! And this accelerates bacterial contamination.

Now you all know that cleaning becomes much more essential and necessary.

A minimum of once in a week is what your pool requires when it comes to skimming, brushing, and vacuuming. Even paste of baking soda also works particularly as a scouring cleaner without damaging your tile or vinyl liner while you brush them. This keeps the dirt and debris away and keeps the pool clean.

Handbook for Pool Care

If you use an automatic pool cleaner, that will save a lot of your pool cleaning time and omit the need of any skimming or brushing. You will have more time at your disposal to enjoy rather than cleaning it.

Simple tips and tricks

You can have some unorthodox additions to your pool.

  • Toss a few tennis balls in your skimmer basket, and they will help in absorbing left over surface oils which may be left behind by cosmetics, suntan lotions and more.

  • A pantyhose can be wrapped with the skimmer basket for more filtration of contaminants.

  • The drains work great for an inground pool for pulling and filtering water.

  • For above ground pool systems, manual pool vacuum is recommended as they lack drains.

  • Though the filters give a little longer solution for keeping pool clean, but flocculants can also treat some symptoms for clearing the cloudy pool water.


A good and perfect water testing kit is the major thing you require. Understanding the water quality and what it has is equally important. This is perhaps the first step for knowing the water chemistry and balancing it further when required.

It may sound a daunting and a task full of complexities when it comes to pool cleaning. But the basic pool chemistry is something you should be aware of. It is not something like testing something or working in a laboratory.

Three parts that play a key role:

  • pH levels: You should be aware of the acid levels of your pool. As the low pH levels are acidic and the high are supposed to be basic, so the apt range is 7.4 to 7.6.

  • Alkalinity: This is like a pH buffer and prevents the high and low when acidic or basic, and the ideal range is – 100 to 150 ppm (parts per million).

  • Sanitizer levels: This is the amount of bromine or chlorine etc. in your pool water. This will depend on the sanitizer you choose.

After knowing the varying levels, you can balance your pool water by adding adequate amount of chemicals. The relevant directions should be strictly adhered to and in no case, it should have a negative impact on the water and people who will be using the pool.

Don't Forget the Shock!

Adding pool shock is also important and that too on a regular basis. Especially after any rainstorm, you can add it to the pool at dusk or night as the day time will make the sun eat up the chlorine.

Tips and Tricks

The pool filter should be kept running for about eight after you shock your pool, as the water needs to be fully circulated for best results.

Maintenance Schedule

For keeping everything well organised and sorted, creating a schedule for maintenance is appreciable. You will be in a position to monitor things properly, and can plan for the next and advanced tasks that will keep your pool in good condition. During the off-season also you can maintain it well for the seasons when you return to your pool. Your entire task will be come simple, straight, and hassle-free.

You can tape in the wall, hang it somewhere, or pin it up the board for easy handling. You can even write the names for sharing your workload, besides each task.

Ready to Swim

How relaxing it is when the pool cleaning job finishes, and you feel rewarded. Don’t take many worries as more time should be spent enjoying the pool and not cleaning it. You will feel extremely relaxed in mind and otherwise.

Understanding the pool care needs, planning accordingly, and then getting the task systematic and without any complications. This will no time make a beginner, skilled, and expert if you follow our pool maintenance tips, tricks, and simple methodology.

Share the most valuable time with friends and family in a clean pool!